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His Baby Girl

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“Baby, I’m home!” James called out as he stepped through he front door. He had been away on a business trip to Texas for the business company he owns. He was only 42, but his company has already developed all over America. It doesn’t hurt that he’s quite good looking as well, with a body that will make a thirty year old jealous. Being away for almost two weeks, he’s anxious to see his only daughter, Amanda.

Eighteen-year-old Amanda was doing her homework in her room, thinking that her daddy will only be back that weekend. She ran downstairs after hearing her daddy’s voice, still wearing her school uniform.

“Daddy, you’re home! I thought you said you’ll only be back this weekend?” Amanda said, hugging her daddy tightly. James laughed, gently moving his hands up and down his beautiful daughter’s back. “Well baby, I thought I’d give you a nice surprise. Are you happy, my darling?”

Amanda nodded her head excitedly, happy to be in her daddy’s arms. She had always thought her daddy was handsome, especially after hearing her friends said that James was a DILF. She had also seen her daddy’s naked body after accidentally looking into his room after she heard some moaning. That was the first time she had ever seen a man’s cock and gosh, it’s huge! She has since masturbated with the image of daddy in her mind. Nobody else can ever compare to him.

James was happy to be back home at last. He had divorced his wife after learning that she was only with him for his money. Amanda is a splitting image of his ex-wife, Cynthia. She had left when she was only two months old. Hugging her in his arms, he can feel every trace of Amanda’s teenage body.

“Mmm baby, when did you grow up?” Amanda giggled as James asked. He can feel his cock lengthening in his pants as Amanda laughed. Shit, James thought, this will be awkward if Amanda finds out about the problem in my pants. He slowly let go of Amanda. “Baby I need to take a shower after that horrible flight. You know how much I hate flying,” James groaned.

Amanda thought for a little while. “Daddy I’ve got a great idea! I could join you and we can have a little us time in the hot tub! Please daddy, can we?” Amanda asked, pouting. James immediately thought about that lips around his cock. He had originally planned to masturbate in his bathroom with the image of his daughter sucking him, but he couldn’t refuse his daughter anything. “Sure baby. Why don’t you go change and I’ll meet you at the tub.”

James sighed, seeing Amanda run back up the stairs in her white shirt and dark blue short skirt. No chance now, buddy, he thought looking down at his crotch. James bent down and picked up his luggage, making his way up the stairs to his room to change.

Meanwhile, Amanda was in her closet digging for her white bikini. The rest of her bikinis was too small for her 34b breasts. Her breasts had gone up a cup over the winter and now summer break is coming. Hmm, I’ll have to go shopping for more bikinis and bras soon, she thought. She changed hurriedly, not wanting her daddy to wait for her long.

James was already in the hot tub when Amanda arrived. He saw her clad in her bathrobe, smiling at him when she noticed him in the tub. Amanda took off her robe, revealing to her daddy that she was wearing a tight, white bikini. James groaned softly as he saw Amanda in her bikini, an image that has been in his mind ever since he bought the bikini for her a year ago.

Amanda stepped into the warm water and sat beside her daddy, leaning her head against his strong shoulders. “I missed you, daddy.” James lifted Amanda in his strong arms, letting her sit on his lap. Amanda squealed in surprise, giggling as she hugged her daddy. “I missed you too, baby girl.”

“How is school today, honey?” James asked. “It’s as boring as usual,” Amanda sighed, snuggling up to we daddy. James touched Amanda’s knee, “Do you have any boyfriends?” Amanda laughed, thinking about her only boyfriend, which was her ex now. “I don’t have one now daddy.” James frowned, “I thought there was a Mick?” Amanda mersin escort giggled in James’s embrace, “His name is Mike, daddy, and we broke up a couple of weeks ago.”

“Aww baby, I’m so sorry to hear that.” James felt his daughter shrug, “It’s okay daddy. He was too clingy especially after that night.” That sentence made James curious. “What night, baby?” Amanda blushed red, mentally chiding herself for not thinking before she spoke. “Umm daddy I need to complete my homework.” She tried to get out of her daddy’s lap, but James tightened his hold on her. “What night, baby?” That night was the night that Amanda gave her virginity to Mike. She was very sure that Daddy will be very angry if he knows about this. She was daddy’s little girl, she didn’t like to make daddy angry.

“Amanda, if I have to repeat my question again, I’m going to be really angry.” Amanda knew that when daddy called her by her given name, she wasn’t suppose to be messing around anymore. She decided to tell her daddy the truth. So she told about the night that Mike popped her cherry in his room when his parents were not around. When he finished her story, James’s face was hard to read. ‘Were there other nights?” Amanda decided to tell the truth. She talked about the other two times where she and Mike had sex in his car. She was in tears when she finished her story. “I’m sorry daddy. I really am.” James was heartbroken to see his baby in tears but he needed to do something. He realized that this was his chance if he ever wanted to fuck his baby girl.

He looked at his daughter sobbing in his lap. How much he wanted to hug her and say that everything will be all right, but he can’t do that if he wanted things to progress between the two of them. He glanced downwards and saw Amanda’s white bikini, which had turned translucent with hard nipples poking through. His cock lengthened in his shorts as he took in the sight. He looked at her panty-clad pussy and realized that she must have shaved.

He grabbed hold of Amanda’s arm and pulled her out of the water. Amanda gasped in shock at the James’s sudden roughness. “Daddy let go of my arm, it hurts!” James was silent as he dragged Amanda into her room. He threw her on the bed, Amanda looking at her daddy in shock. Slowly, she sat upright. James admired his daughter svelte body in her wet bikini. “You disappoint me, Amanda. I thought I could trust you! I did not raise you to be a common slut, fucking boys in the backseat of a car!” Her head lowered in shame. She was ashamed of herself, of disappointing her daddy.

“I must punish you,” James said. He thought for a while before talking again. To Amanda, the silence was the longest time ever. “Get up.” Amanda stood up, wondering how her daddy was going to punish her. James sat on the bed and pulled Amanda across his lap. Amanda was shocked. Her daddy wasn’t going to spank her was he? She wasn’t eight years old anymore.. Then she remembered some of her fantasies which included her daddy spanking her. Oh no! She mustn’t think about such things now, her daddy will really think that she’s a slut!

While Amanda was deep in her internal ramblings, James had already pulled her panties down to her thighs. What a nice ass his baby girl had! It was definitely a wonder why she had only lost her virginity a few months ago. Surely there were many teenage boys who wants to get into her pants! James fondled her ass for a while.

SMACK! He spanked her bare ass. Amanda screamed in shock and pain as her daddy continued to spank her. “Don’t you dare try to cover yourself!” James shouted as Amanda’s hands reached behind, trying to protect her reddening ass. James grabbed both her hands and held them over her head.

He continued to spank her watching her ass turn a fierce hade of red. James felt his cock grow bigger under his baby girl’s stomach. Amanda bit her lip, trying to stop the moan that was coming out of her mouth. Her daddy will be so angry to know that his baby girl was enjoying the punishment he was handing out kocaeli escort to her. Amanda’s pussy started to leak as she become horny. She felt her daddy’s cock grow harder under her stomach. Her eyes widen in surprise, is daddy enjoying this too? James caught Amanda in surprise as he spanked her left thigh. She gasped out loud as James spanked her other thigh. “Please daddy, I promise I will be good in future. Please stop spanking me.” James ignored Amanda’s pleading and continued to spank her. He pulled her panties off her long legs and pushed it into her mouth, muffling her pleas. Her groaning could still be heard though the make shift gag in her mouth.

With nothing obstructing him now, James spread Amanda’s legs wide apart. He looked at her wet pussy. “You little slut! You’re leaking down here!” Amanda blushed as she heard what her daddy said. James smirked as he realized his spanking turned on his daughter. ‘I think you’re enjoying this a little too much slut,’ James pushed his daughter away and stood up. He rummaged through the drawers and found some scarves. He used them to tie Amanda’s hands and legs to the bedposts, making her spread wide open. James looked at the inviting sight of his daughter, looking back at him with a little fear and anticipation.

There was no other words to describe Amanda’s state, but horny. She had been so turned on when her daddy was spanking her, especially when her daddy spanked her thighs. She had wished that her daddy will spank her pussy. At first, Amanda was shocked that she had such thoughts but she was too turned on to care about anything. She was a little disappointed when James had pushed her away. She thought her punishment was over but little did she know that her daddy was just beginning. She felt her juices leaked out of her when her daddy tied her up. This was exactly like her fantasies, where daddy would tie her up and have his wicked way with her! When James stood up, she was so afraid that James would just leave her there unsatisfied. She couldn’t even touch her pussy and make herself cum. She kept thinking back to her daddy touching himself in his room and her pussy would leak some more. Amanda became more and more frustrated as she waited for her daddy, but she had no choice. In fact, the waiting just fueled her desire.

She looked a little fearful but her wet pussy betrayed her. He smiled and walked over to her, running a finger along her pussy. Amanda moaned through her panties, closing her eyes. James smirked, ‘You’re a little slut, are you?’ Amanda opened her eyes, her eyes darkened with desire. James took a scissors from the table and snipped off her bikini top. Her breasts bounced free, her nipples hardening even more.

James dropped the scissors to the floor and grabbed Amanda’s breasts with both hands. James kneaded her breasts in his hands, hearing Amanda moan. ‘You like this, baby girl? You like your daddy grabbing your breasts like that?’ James whispered in Amanda’s ear, grabbing her breasts harder. She moaned in response. ‘Answer me, slut!’ Not knowing how to respond with her mouth, Amanda nodded her head vigorously. James smiled, ‘That’s a good girl.’ He pinched her nipples hard. Amanda arched her back moaning out loud.

James bent his head, sucking a nipple into his mouth his hand rolling the other nipple. Amanda raised her hips in anticipation. James climbed on top of Amanda and continued his assault on her breasts, pressing his covered cock on her pussy. Amanda moaned as she felt the hard length against her pussy. ‘Slut, I can feel your wetness through my shorts. You must be so wet hmm?’ Amanda answered by grinding her hips on him. James growled and pinched her clit. She squealed in surprise. ‘Like this, baby girl? I can do so much more than this you know.’ James smirked as he saw Amanda’s eyes darkened when she heard him.

James pulled out Amanda’s panties from her mouth and kissed her roughly. Amanda gasped into his mouth when James pushed two fingers in her suddenly. “Mmm baby girl, you’re samsun escort so tight. I can only imagine how my cock will feel like in there.” Amanda raised her hips, trying to get his fingers to move. “Please daddy. Please.” James smirked, “Please what, baby girl?” Amanda looked at James desperately, “Please move your fingers daddy. I need you to move please daddy.”

James smiled at his daughter, moving his fingers slowly. Amanda sighed, moving her hips in rhythm with her daddy’s fingers. All of a sudden, James withdrew his fingers. Amanda sighed in frustration, glaring at her daddy. James laughed at her impatience and pushed his fingers into Amanda’s mouth. She sucked at his fingers greedily, imagining that it was her daddy’s cock. James, surprised at her urgency, pushed off his shorts with his free hand and pulled his fingers from Amanda’s mouth.

“I think you’re ready for me now, baby girl.” Amanda bit her lip and glanced downwards. She gasped in surprise when she saw how big his cock is. It was nearly ten inches long and as thick as a coke can. Mike was only half as long and daddy was so much thicker. “Daddy, you’re so big!” James laughed at the innocence of his daughter, “Don’t worry baby. You’re going to enjoy this.” With that, he pushed into Amanda. She screamed in surprise as he stretched her pussy. James groaned as he felt the warmth of Amanda’s pussy covering his cock. ‘Baby, you’re so tight. Mike wasn’t that big, was he?” Amanda shook her head in response, her eyes clenched close.

James was jealous of Mike. He had been dreaming of deflowering his baby girl himself for so long now, but that little bastard got to it first. If he weren’t so sure that Amanda would most certainly be unhappy about it, he would tear that little bastard’s limbs apart. He was distracted from the thought as he felt Amanda’s hips thrusting up towards him.

Amanda gasped as she felt her daddy’s cock shift in her. James placed his hands on Amanda’s hips, holding her in place. He pulled out and gently pushed in again, making them moan together. He thrusted gently a few more times, driving Amanda insane with the slow speed. “Please daddy, please move faster.” Hearing her pleas, James increased his speed. He began thrusting in her as fast as he can. “Ahh daddy! Oh god yes! Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl!” James thought he couldn’t grow any harder but he did after hearing his baby girl talk like this. “You’re mine! You’re mine forever!”

“Yes daddy oh god yes! I’m yours. I’m your little slut. Yes fuck me!” James thrusted harder and faster, feeling Amanda’s pussy clench around him. “Yes slut, fucking cum all over my cock!” he pinched her nipples, making her scream. “Fuck yes oh god I’m cumminggggggg! Oh god I’m cumming all over my daddy’s cock mmmmmm!”

James pulled out of Amanda after she came, untying her from the restraints. “Come on baby, get on all fours on the bed.” Amanda hurriedly flipped herself over, eager to please her daddy. James smiled, pleased to see his daughter’s eagerness. He lined himself behind her, leaning downwards to whisper in her ear. “You were tight before. By you’ll be even tighter his way.” Upon finishing his sentence, James pushed himself into Amanda’s awaiting pussy. He groaned at the feel of her pussy surrounding his cock again and Amanda screamed at the invasion. He started thrusting in her mercilessly, ignoring her screams. He could feel himself on the verge of cumming but he wanted Amanda to cum again on his cock. “Come on baby. Cum for me again. I know you want to. Cum for me and I will reward you with my cum in your pussy.” Amanda moaned, moving back and forth in time with her daddy’s trusts.

James pushed a finger in Amanda’s asshole. She screamed at the sensation while James reveled in her screams. I’m going to take you here soon baby girl, James thought, but not tonight. He removed his finger from her asshole and punched her clit, his other hand grabbing her breasts. “Cum for me, slut!” Amanda shuddered at the sensation and came again, squirting all around. James couldn’t wait any longer and sprayed his cum into Amanda’s pussy.

James rolled off Amanda, not wanting to crush her with his weight. She collapsed on her bed, a panting mess along side her daddy. She turned to face James, who stroked her hair and smiled at her. “Baby, we’re going to have so much fun together.” Amanda giggled, nodding her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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