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Home For The Holidays Ch. 02

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I awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. My eyes were barely open and all I could think was that my room-mate was out all night, and was trying to get in early in the morning but forgot his key. Then I heard the knocking again and mom’s voice, saying, “Are you awake, Danny?”

It was then that I realized where I was; I wasn’t in my dorm room at all. I had spent the night sharing my sister’s bed and having the greatest sex of my life with her. I still find it hard to believe! I took a quick glance around the bed, and room in general, to make sure everything looked in order. We were far enough apart to appear innocent so I answered, “Yeah, mom, come on in.”

Mom could see that Chrissy was still asleep so she whispered, “It’s nine o’clock; I don’t know if you set an alarm but I thought you might want to get up soon. Dad and I are going to take grandma and grandpa to the diner for breakfast; did you want to go?”

“Nah,” I replied, as Chrissy began to stir, “we’d never get showered and dressed in time anyway. You go and enjoy yourselves; we’ll fix something here after we get up.”

“Okay… by the way, the turkey’s in the oven and needs to be basted in about an hour.”

I told mom I’d take care of it and threw off the blanket before getting out of bed. I felt a bit confused about the previous night. I mean, my sister and I had experienced such fantastic sex as a total surprise and it felt great. But now, I didn’t know how I should conduct myself with Chrissy. I mean, do I hold her and kiss her and whisper how terrific it all was, like I might do with some girl from college that I spent the night with? Or, should I just act cool and try to downplay it? Was she going to regret it now that it was over and be pissed off at me?

I went into the bathroom and relieved myself before turning on the shower and letting the water get hot. I stepped inside the tub and felt the spray pour down over me; man, did that feel good! I turned myself around so each part of my body received the hot streaming water.

Suddenly, the shower curtain parted and Chrissy stepped into the tub with me. She nudged me aside and let the water run all over her body, and the long brown hair flowing down around her shoulders, before grabbing it in both hands and neatly arranging it behind her back. She then stood in front of me, wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me close, tilting her head and planting her soft, full lips on my mouth.

We kissed for a long time before she broke it and backed away enough to look in my eyes and say, “Danny, if what you gave me last night was brotherly love, I think I’m gonna move to Philadelphia!”

Well, so much for wondering what direction our relationship was going in. I had to chuckle at her use of the “City of Brotherly Love” to make her point. I told her, “I don’t know what to say or how to explain what happened last night.”

She thought for a moment, then replied, “Danny, I don’t know how it happened either, but I do know that we both enjoyed it and I don’t think either of us regret it. So, let’s not complicate matters by trying to analyze it, okay?”

With that, she grabbed the soap from the wall ledge and handed it to me, saying, “How about washing my back, bro?”

I took the soap and worked up a good lather as Chrissy turned her back to me and I began spreading it over her skin, starting with her neck and shoulders and traveling down her back to her butt. I marveled at the beautiful shape of her ass and thighs. My cock was beginning to stiffen at the sight of her wet, naked body. She then turned to face me again and asked, “Wanna do the front, too?”

I gently ran my soapy hands from her neck, over her upper chest, and then around the sides of her gorgeous breasts before placing both hands over the front of her tits and feeling the nipples with the palms of my hands. I looked straight into her eyes as the water dripped from her forehead past her lashes and down her cheeks; my hands traveled lower, rubbing the lather over her taut stomach.

I stood back a bit and eyed her magnificent body, her full breasts glistening with the soap film and water droplets. Even without makeup, her face was beautiful, like that of a glamour model; I said, “Chrissy, you are the most amazing girl I have ever known!”

My cock was rock hard by now and my left hand rested on her waist as my other one gripped the soap and dipped lower, completely covering her pussy and rubbing the lather into the trimmed patch of hair above her slit. The wet bar of Dial suddenly slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor of the tub. Chrissy turned around to find it and then bent over to pick it up. I stared down at her butt and said, “Whoa…hold that pose, Chrissy.”

I took my hands and parted her beautiful ass cheeks slightly. Just below her bung hole, I could see the tender folds of her labia and I moved them apart with my fingers. My hard prick was sticking straight out and I moved forward a bit so my cock head was able to enter her wet snatch. Chrissy stayed bent over like that as I eased my shaft all the adana escort way into her warm pussy, the hot shower water beating down on her back.

I was all the way into her tight love tunnel and fucking her with slow, even strokes as I leaned over and reached under Chrissy’s body to grab her tits; they hung below her chest and swayed forward and back as I humped her from behind. My cock was fully enveloped by the walls of her vagina as I slid it back and forth; it grew harder with each push. I squeezed her soft, full breasts and played with the nipples as Chrissy started fingering her clit. I continued to increase the speed of my thrusts and I knew she was getting close to her climax.

“Ohmygod, Danny… I am SO READY… I’m going to cum… right… NOW!”

Chrissy started breathing really hard and fast, squealing uncontrolably as the rush overtook her and her legs weakened. The intense feeling centered in her groin quickly traveled in a wave throughout her body. She held out her arms to support herself by leaning on the edges of the tub as the feeling slowly subsided and she began to regain her composure. She needed to stand up so I pulled my slipperly rod out of her hole and began stroking it slowly as her breathing returned to normal.

We were starting to run out of hot water by now so I turned both handles off. Chrissy moved the shower curtain back enough to enable her to grab a towel so she could dry her face and eyes. I then noticed that she hadn’t closed the bathroom door when she entered the room but mom and dad wouldn’t be back for a while yet; the diner was always crowded for breakfast on holidays. Chrissy turned to face me now and noticed my hard-on still sticking straight in the air.

“Well, we can’t leave THAT unattended now, can we?” she asked, as she squatted down in the tub and held my cock in both hands, the tip of it aiming straight at her face. She began jerking me off. A soap film mixed with her cunt juices now and coated my prick, creating some foamy lather.

“I want to watch you shoot off, bro; let me know when you’re ready.”

I didn’t think Chrissy would take my cock in her mouth with all that soap on it but I was just happy that she’d bring me off. Her left hand massaged my balls as the other one continued to slide up and down the length of my shaft; some precum was oozing out the tip by now. The feeling started building inside and I knew it wouldn’t be long; I began humping my pelvis back and forth as Chrissy’s hand moved faster over my sensitive glans. She gently squeezed my balls and I felt the impending start of my eruption; the tip of my cock felt like it was going to burst.

“I’m gonna cum, Chrissy… I’m gonna shoot any second,” I told her. I looked down to see her head tilting back slightly and her mouth opened wide.

Chrissy watched intently as the first shot sailed nearly ten inches through the air before entering her mouth, the tail end of the rope dripping from her lower lip. The subsequent shots were less forceful but I pumped stream after stream of warm, white cum between my sister’s full, hot lips. She managed to get at least part of each rope on her tongue, the rest dripping down her chin. When, at last I was finished, Chrissy licked her lips, sucking as much semen as possible into her mouth before swallowing my load. She then wiped the remainder from her face with her fingers and sucked the creamy jizz from them, one by one.

Suddenly, we were both startled and Chrissy quickly stood up as we heard a voice from someone standing at the open bathroom door.

“Well, I was coming over to fix you two breakfast, but it looks like you’ve… EATEN already.”

It was Aunt Joan, our mother’s sister, who lived about a mile away. I figured she and Uncle Joe would be coming over later for Thanksgiving dinner, like they did every year, but I didn’t expect to see her so soon. Aunt Joan had a reputation for being the black sheep of the family. I had heard she was a pretty wild child in her younger days but we had always gotten along well with her. I said, “Gosh, Aunt Joan, I hope you won’t tell our folks about this… I can explain…”

Aunt Joan stepped into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, tossed it to me and said, “Danny, you don’t have to explain anything to me; you’re both old enough to make your own decisions. Besides, your Uncle Joe and I have sown quite a few wild oats of our own so I would be the last person to question your actions. I’m sorry if I intruded but your mom called me this morning to say they were going to the diner and I volunteered to stop by and fix you guys some breakfast. I guess neither of you heard me come in the house but I called a few times before walking in to see where you were. Why don’t you finish in here and get dressed and I’ll start mixing up some pancakes in the kitchen.” She then turned, walked out of the bathroom and left Chrissy and I staring at each other.

Chrissy wrapped a towel around her body and went in the bedroom to blow dry her hair while I brushed my teeth and shaved. By the eskişehir escort time I got to the bedroom to get dressed, Chrissy went back to the bathroom to brush her teeth. As I began to get dressed, I passed Chrissy’s open suitcase and noticed a familiar circular-shaped container near her hairbrush and comb; it was a package of birth-control pills. “So,” I thought to myself, as I picked up the container, “I guess she IS on the pill and I don’t have to worry that I knocked her up last night.”

I tossed the container back where I got it but it hit the handle of her hairbrush and the case popped open. I reached in to grab it and close it again when I noticed there were no pills missing. I began to think, “Was this a new package? If so, where was her old one; I looked and didn’t see any more. Shouldn’t she be using these if she’s not having her period? She hasn’t had her period in the two days I’ve been with her. Hummmmmm… was she REALLY on the pill? Maybe she had been on the pill and decided to stop now… while I’ve been filling her with my sperm.” I placed the pack of pills back in her suitcase.

Chrissy walked back into the bedroom, saying, “Hey, bro, ready for breakfast? Come on, let’s go.” And as quick as all that, she was out the door and on her way to the kitchen.

I finished putting my shoes on and by the time I got to the kitchen, Aunt Joan was putting the hot pancakes on our dishes and had filled our mugs with fresh coffee. Chrissy was already pouring the warm maple syrup over the golden brown cakes as the soft yellow butter began to melt on top of the stack.

Aunt Joan sat down as we began to eat and said, “So, I guess I interrupted a special thing you guys have between you. I don’t mean to be nosey but… how long has this been going on?”

Chrissy and I glanced at each other and I spoke up, “It’s just something that started last night, actually. I don’t know if you’d understand, but it just sort of HAPPENED.”

Aunt Joan laughed and looked at her cup of coffee, thinking for a minute. Then she said, “So, you don’t think I’d understand? Well, I’m going to let you two in on a little secret, considering that I now know one about you both. You see,” she began, “your Uncle Joe and I have been involved in ‘swapping’ for quite a while; maybe you’ve heard about ‘swingers’, married couples who exchange partners from time to time?”

Chrissy looked up, a chunk of pancake on her fork, and asked, “You mean… you’ve been having sex… with other men… and Uncle Joe knows about it?”

“Yes, and he’s been having sex with other women. And not only do we know about it, we’re often in the same room at the same time,” Aunt Joan added.

“How did THAT come about?” I asked.

“Well, it all started when we went away to a resort in the Pocono’s, for our tenth anniversary. They had a nice restaurant there and, after all the dinners were finished, a three-piece band came in and played music for couples to dance to while they had drinks. It was kind of an older crowd so they played mostly slow songs and a few fast ones. The lights were very dim and it was kind of romantic, designed to let everybody get in a good mood and go back to their rooms each night for some good sex, I guess.

After Joe and I had finished a dance, we were sitting at this little table, sipping our drinks, when a couple from another table came over. They asked if we wanted to dance, but they wanted to switch partners; you know, the guy, Dave, wanted to dance with me and Joe would dance with his wife. They were kind of good looking and seemed pretty cool so we looked at each other and said, ‘why not?’

Joe told me later that the other woman, Sandy, whispered in his ear after a minute or two, ‘you know, you could dance closer to me; I won’t bite.’ Joe was attracted to the woman; she had a great body, a low-cut dress and large tits but he said, ‘well, wouldn’t your husband mind if we get TOO close?’

The woman said that they found it exciting to dance close with a member of the opposite sex who was NOT their spouse. She said it would arouse them and that they’d be really horny at the end of the night and it added a little spice to their marriage, enhancing their sex lives. After they went back to their room, they would tell each other exactly what was said, the sexual innuendos and flirting, the rubbing together… everything. The funny thing was that Dave was telling me the same story while WE danced.

Sandy asked Joe, ‘Would you mind if Dave danced really close with your wife?’

Joe thought for a moment and replied, ‘No, not really.’

At that, Sandy whispered to Joe, ‘Slide your hand down from my back and place it on my ass; then look over at Dave and your wife.’

Joe decided to go for it; he moved his hand down onto Sandy’s butt and pulled her close to his body. Joe’s erection was growing between them and poking into Sandy’s groin. He looked over to see Dave with his hand on MY ass, pulling me closer to him; Dave’s cock was rock hard and pushing at my clit through our sakarya escort clothing as we slowly rubbed ourselves together to the music. I had to admit, it certainly was stimulating doing this with a stranger, not really knowing what would happen next.”

“Wow!” I said, “then what happened?”

“We sat down after dancing a couple of numbers and Sandy and Dave told us they often went out together and looked for other willing couples to dance with. We talked about the different feelings people get from being with someone other than their partner of so many years,” Aunt Joan told us.

“So,” I asked, “How did this develop into swinging or swapping?”

Aunt Joan continued, “The next night at the resort, we met Sandy and Dave again, danced with them a bit and then they asked us up to their room. They said they had a large suite with a wet bar and, if we wanted to, we could dance to a CD player they had up there. Being the open-minded couple that we are, we went up to their room.

Once we got up there, we were seated on a nice sofa in a sitting room just off their bedroom and Dave made us some drinks. We danced a couple of slow songs before we all sat down and talked. It was then that they made their ‘sales pitch’. They told us that they belonged to a swingers club where the members often swapped partners for the purpose of having sex. They told us that if we were interested in trying it, that we should start by just ‘making out’ for a while with each other. If we found that exciting and we didn’t get jealous that our partner was kissing or being touched sexually by someone other than their spouse, then we might want to pursue it further.”

“So, you tried it with Dave and Sandy?” Chrissy asked.

“Yes, they left us alone for a few minutes so we could talk it over. When they returned, we told them that we’d like to give it a try. Dave put on some slow, soft music and we began dancing again, only this time, Dave and I went into the bedroom while Joe and Sandy stayed in the sitting room. The rooms were actually connected with a wide archway so we could still see each other.

While we were dancing, Dave began to massage my back and shoulders and we started kissing; I put my hand down and was rubbing his hard cock through his slacks. Before you know it, we were playing tongue-tag and feeling each other up like two teenagers after a high school prom. Pretty soon, he had my dress hiked up in front, panties pulled aside and a finger in my pussy. I unzipped his fly, pulled his stiff boner out and was sliding my fist up and down his thick prick. He had already started to leak some precum but I brought my hand up to my mouth and added some saliva to the mix so it would slide back and forth more quickly and easier.

As I was jerking Dave off, I turned my head to see what Joe and Sandy were up to. In a matter of minutes, she had Joe’s cock out and was whacking him off while he had her large tits out of her dress and was sucking on her deep red nipples. Joe reached around Sandy’s back and lifted up her dress; she wasn’t wearing any panties. I could see his hand playing with her ass before plunging deep beneath her. As she spread her legs a bit, he could actually rub her pussy from behind. She was really hot then and asked Joe to bring her off, so he sat her down on the edge of the sofa. She leaned back and spread her legs wide and he started to eat her out. I kept looking over until he finally strummed her clit with his fingers and she came all over his face.

By that time, I was humping Dave’s hand with a couple of fingers up my cunt and having my own orgasm; I held on to Dave with one arm while I continued to play with his stiff cock with my other hand. As soon as I had cum, I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his hard prick in my mouth. Joe and Sandy had gotten up and walked over to watch me deep throat Dave. Sandy asked if she could have the pleasure of tasting her husband so I popped Dave’s dick out of my mouth and we traded places. Dave reclined on the bed and Sandy’s head was bobbing up and down on his stiff cock as I turned my attention to Joe.

Joe hadn’t cum yet and was sitting on the other side of the bed with a woody pointing straight at the ceiling. We began to kiss as I fondled his erection and I could taste Sandy’s pussy juice on Joe’s lips and tongue. It didn’t turn me off and I actually got super horny at the thought of all this sex in front of nearly total strangers. Joe laid down on the bed next to Dave and I squatted above him, straddling his lower torso with my legs on either side. I slid the crotch of my wet panties over to one side and lowered my twat onto Joe’s hard cock. Sandy looked over as she was blowing Dave and watched as Joe’s dick slid up into my cunt.

The sight of Joe and I fucking just inches away from his face must have been too much for Dave and he started to grunt, humping his loins into Sandy’s face, cumming down her throat. I was raising my bottom up and down, squeezing my cunt muscles around Joe’s prick, but looking over and watching Dave’s cum oozing out of the edges of Sandy’s mouth as she sucked him dry. Joe saw this as well and moments later, he too let out a loud moan and began shooting his cream deep into my vagina. I continued to ride his cock until I felt it soften and shrink a bit; at that point, I lifted myself off and looked down to see his cum dripping out of my pussy, all over his leg.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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