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Hot Tub Seduction

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“Al, this is only the third time meeting with them. Is it too soon to seduce Clair and Chuck?”

“She’s the shy one, yet she giggles at our innuendo even without drinks. He’s been flirting with you from the start, so it’s time to test the waters. If they aren’t ready, we’ll apologize for misunderstanding. If they are, we party! Your crop top, ribbed tank with the huge arm holes should be a great teaser if your sexy legs in those wide legged shorts don’t make him hard.”

“What about you in your tiny dark shorts? When you get hard, your bishop escapes the legs and winks at our victims.” The twinkle in her eye told me she was once again looking forward to a shy woman’s reaction to my sneaky snake exposing itself. “They already return our bawdy stories with their own. They can be daring; let’s escalate. Deep breath. Ring the bell.”

“Wow! Look at you guys, dressed to bar hop? I may need to change, but I think Clair is OK. Certainly for an Indian Summer afternoon of soaking in the hot tub. Come on in.” Sue gave Clair a ‘thumbs up’ and I gave her a wolf whistle as they hugged.

“Us dressed? Clair, those tall blue pumps are killer. The belt matches them nicely on your tiny white tennis skirt. That bright, white, sleeveless, button down blouse with so many open buttons looks so sexy. I can’t pull that off -maybe I will later- because of my small tits. The blouse would slide right off them. Your tits fill it nicely.” That was so subtle, Sue. Calling their undeniable attention to your tits and hers. Sue lifted Clair’s arm and pointed as she turned her toward me, “See? Even these huge arm hole works for you. The fullness, roundness and softness of your tits are seductive without exposing your nipples. I can’t go out in mine since my tits are fully exposed from the side if I wear that.” She turned to let Clair see her exposed tit while blocking it from Chuck. Her crop top rose to expose the gentle round bottoms of her tiny tits and Chuck licked his lips. Her tease was already working.

We were all silent for a moment until Clair whispered a reverent, “I see. Yet you wore that here. Are you trying to seduce my husband?” she grinned.

“Yup. As much as you are trying to seduce mine with those sexy legs on stilts and the open blouse. By the way, you didn’t mention a hot tub so we didn’t bring suits. Does that mean we won’t need any?”

Why are you challenging her so early? “Umm, Sue, why don’t we close the door and grab a drink before you start flirting?” I teased. Clair closed the door as Sue hugged Chuck and lightly kissed him on the lips. Not to be outdone, Clair hugged me, crushing her big, soft, warm tits against me, and let her kiss linger on my lips in response. I like where this is going. “We’ll figure out the swim suits later.”

Clair lead the way to two facing sofas, swaying her sexy hips in just the right way to make my mouth drool and my dick throb. When Sue sat facing Chuck, her tan shorts flared and she left them gaping. Chuck commented, “Have you lost weight? Or are those shorts too big on you?” Since I could see the sexy dimple at the top of her legs, I knew he could see higher than that. His eyes stayed locked on her groin as beautiful Clair returned with a tray of drinks and snacks. She fluffed her tiny skirt and sat facing me. Even with her knees touching, I could see her blue panties matched her shoes. Is that a new fashion requirement?

Clair leaned forward to lift her glass and one big tit nearly fell out. Only her obvious hard nipple stayed hidden and anchored her luscious mound. Her knees also separated as she moved and exposed more of the blue panties. She stared at my shorts the whole time and made my snake slither. I began to wonder who was seducing whom. When I briefly glanced at Sue, I noticed she too was locked on a swelling groin—Chuck’s. He was staring intently up her shorts. She asked him, “See anything you like, Chuck?”

“Yes. Yes I do. I don’t recall ever seeing fuzzy brown panties before now. I’d love a better look. Clair is showing Al hers, why don’t you show me yours?” His dick throbbed blatantly.

“Sorry. Did you think this is a free show? A long look at my fuzzies will cost you both.”

“OK. I see you are both enamored with my wife’s sexy, toned legs. Did you know she was an Olympian in swimming and skiing? You should feel her muscular legs. Yes. I mean it. Honey, stand and show them.” Her mouth dropped a bit then pursed as she held his stare for a moment. She slowly put down her glass; her knees fell apart; she came and stood between us. “Check her calves. Firm, shapely and strong. Keep some pressure on as you slide up, past her knees. Feel those strong thighs and look at how well sculptured they are.”

I knew Sue was enjoying the show. She slid to the edge of the sofa, legs apart, giving Chuck a clear view up her shorts as she stroked Clair’s sexy leg. My bishop was throbbing at the edge of bursa escort my shorts the higher I felt those well-toned thighs. When Chuck told her to raise her tiny skirt so we could see and feel her strong quads all the way to her hips and dense gluts, my snake lifted my shorts enough for a brief peek out. She gasped with faked innocence. I wrapped both hands around Clair’s incredible thighs; stared at her smooth, dampening panties and swelling camel toe before exploring her thigh dimple and bumping her steaming pussy. Already breathing hard, she gasped again and stepped back, then dared to step forward against my hand.

Sue’s chest was also rising and falling rapidly. Chuck’s hands were on her thighs, under her shorts and obviously rubbing her pussy. I wasn’t sure if his “fuzzy panties” remark meant she didn’t wear panties again. She fixated on his thick cock lifting his khakis and let him grope her as I fixated on Clair’s swollen and wet labia. For several minutes, the only sound was our deep breaths.

Clair’s legs abruptly tensed; she held her breath and shuddered slightly before falling back onto the coffee table with her legs apart, her skirt on her waist, one tit completely exposed and her face flushed. Sue stepped away from Chuck and the three of us stared at the prominent and growing wet area clinging to Clair’s blue-tinted camel toe.

“Well, it seems you broke my wife,” smiled Chuck. “She always looks so radiant when she cums. How did you do that without fingering, eating or fucking her? Now you know she’s not as shy as she pretends. Is that enough for a prolonged look at Sue’s fuzzies? Clair showed you her tits before and let you rub her to climax, but she loves it when she can flash people her bare pussy too as long as it’s an accident.” My eyes bulged as I looked at my wife and she pretended innocence. Sue does the same thing, but rarely goes commando since that is not accidental.

When Sue moved back and sat without comment, Chuck wondered aloud and concerned, “Have we gone too far too soon? Let’s have another drink then go for the hot tub.” Watching him take charge of the seduction felt strange. If he only knew we usually did the seducing. The turn about was interesting as we pretended to be the ones needing a little prodding. I wondered how far this obviously horny couple would go. Two drinks later, he took his sexy wife by the hand saying, “We should get ready for the hot tub with a quick shower. Give us a minute and we’ll look for suits for you since you seem to need them.” Subtle. I didn’t correct him.

When they left, Clair with an exaggerated swing in her hips which let us see most of her mini panties and clenching cheeks, Sue giggled and I suppressed a laugh. “How much longer will they believe we are the shy ones?”

Two minutes later, Chuck boomed from down the hall, “Hey guys, come on back here before we start the shower.” Was this it? We stood in the empty room and I kissed Sue deeply, then risked their popping in on us by wrapping her top past her tit and nibbling on her hard nipple for several seconds.

Following Chuck’s voice led us to their bedroom and the master bath’s open door. We stopped in the doorway and stared with barely contained grins at the unexpected, yet not surprising sight. They were both standing in the tub, curtain completely open, fully naked and facing us. “Sorry,” he said. “We don’t have swimsuits for you other than these birthday suits.” Both flourished their bodies with grins. How daring. “We hope this doesn’t embarrass you, but we prefer to keep all lint out of the tub anyway. If you can handle it, why don’t you join us in here so we can all rinse off at once?”

Time froze as we took in the naked sights. Sue locked onto his thick, yet semi rigid tool and heavy balls. Though I noticed them too, my eyes bounced from Clair’s bright eyes, wide smile, big, yet non sagging, luscious tits to her open and spread pussy. My dick throbbed at each repeated scan. As she slowly rubbed her swollen clit and reddened labia, I heard a deep voice ask, “Well, are you joining us or have we shocked you into leaving? I suppose you can just stand there and watch us, if that’s your thing. We’ll give you a great show.”

Just quick enough to turn and catch Sue pull her top over her head and pause with her bared tits dancing, I had her answer. I peeled off my shirt and dropped my shorts to confirm I was indeed commando. Within a second, Sue pushed her shorts off and proved to us all that her ‘brown fuzzies’ were a brown landing strip above her naked clit and vulva. She stood and faced the others akimbo long enough for us all to see her labia swell and pull away from her stiff clit. Chuck and I licked our lips and our cocks throbbed at the invitation.

We climbed into the tub and hugged each others’ naked partner. Both women adjusted both cocks up, against their bellies and squeezed. Chuck started the hot shower and we took turns under the water bursa escort bayan with the other partner lathering, rubbing and cleaning us. Clair took her time ‘cleaning’ my cock with her hands and mouth. She licked and sucked me in deeply, hummed and fingered my ass until I came in her throat as our spouses watched. “In case we’re keeping score, we’re even now,” gloated Clair. “I loved feeling you pumping and cumming in my throat. There’s no way Chuck can do that.”

Sue slowly jerked Chuck as she watched us. His thick cock became a huge club when it pointed slightly up. “I hope you intend to copy that performance,” he teased. “We know your health screen is clean, as is ours, so we have no limits,” he winked. After soaping and rinsing him as he pulled her hard nipples, she knelt and sucked his helm into her mouth. His massive cock wouldn’t fit beyond his bishop. I had my finger deep in his wife and circled her tall clit. Her eyes closed, but I watched my wife try to suck him deeper when I wasn’t looking at Clair’s beautiful pussy.

Learning from Reggi’s father’s massive snake and a few earlier huge cocks, Sue knew not to try gulping them since one sent her to the ER to unlock her jaw. Instead, she wrapped her tongue around his glans and pressed the nerve bundle attached to his helm. As she cupped and stretched his sagging balls, she hummed and he thrust his hips at her. One high note later, he filled her mouth and hair with thick cum.

Watching him spurt on my wife drove Clair past the brink and she shuddered on my hand. Waiting a few seconds until she began calming let me watch and feel her powerful clenching. Just before she was totally recovered, I thrust three fingers deep into her soaked pussy, wrapped my lips around her tasty clit and sucked or lapped her divine elixir. She yelped, tensed and came again so hard that I had to push her against a wall to keep her upright. “W-w-what was that?” she gasped. “That’s new to me, but you’ve obviously done that before.”

Chuck had three fingers in my wife’s pretty pussy, one finger in her tight ass, and his mouth on her clit as I answered. “That was a good start, Clair. You are beautifully responsive, as is my horny wife. I have two more practiced moves to show you that make most women squirt even if they never have before.” Sue began moaning before Clair could respond. “Why don’t we dry each other off and put your King size bed to good use?” Clair turned off the water as soon as Sue climaxed on her husband. Obviously enjoying my wife’s musky perfume, he wiped his fingers across his mouth and nose before drying her.

He lied on his back, massive cock pointing straight up and inviting someone to ride it. Clair lied next to him, head to toes. I immediately saw a safe, oral daisy chain and directed Sue to sit on his face; put Clair’s practiced mouth on his giant cock; lied so my cock was in Sue’s mouth and my mouth was on Clair’s pussy. Heaven! “When we each manage another orgasm, you may choose varied fucking or watch as I try to make Clair squirt.”

Without a second’s delay, Clair nearly shouted, “SQUIRT, SQUIRT!” Chuck said he wanted to see me try since she never squirted before. Sue smiled knowing that my R&R move had only missed once with any partner. Her pussy began making lusty, squelching noises in the darkened room as Chuck deeply finger fucked her with vigor. When I matched his tempo in his wife, her sensitive pussy synchronized with Sue’s slappy sounds and their moans soon matched the suffering bed springs. That never fails to amuse me, though it isn’t a constant feat. Just listening to the sounds of sex and the intoxicating aroma is a mellow high, greater than any pot brownies can achieve. We listened and gently stroked ourselves until both women gasped out of control and came together. As they began to calm, Chuck and I drank their heavenly, intoxicating nectars.

Just before Clair recovered, I got on my knees between her sexy legs and spread them wider. After taking a second or three to admire her beautiful pussy, which was nearly as classically sculpted as Sue’s, I spread her labia and inched my cock close to it. Chuck and Sue came closer and watched me rub my helm only between Clair’s inner, pink, steamy lips. My bishop tried dragging me into the welcoming pussy and succeeded, with her hip thrust, in drawing half my length into her where I held firmly and sighed in a low groan with her. Her heat and strong muscle grip drained my brain. My eyes rolled back, my resolve melted. Only Chuck’s gruff comment, “That’s it? Your big move is fucking my wife?” Sue answered for me with a finger across his mouth since my voice cracked and faded.

Pulling out of that divine pussy was as hard as I ever experienced. “N-n-no. I didn’t intend to enter her this soon. She is as irresistible as my wife, but with more grip. No pussy has ever demanded my cock like that since my first time. You’re a lucky man, Chuck. N-n-now before she escort bursa recovers completely, let me show you this.” With a sudden flurry, he flipped Sue on her back, legs on his shoulders, his hands pulled her upper thighs against him. His massive bishop broached Sue’s willing pussy as he spread her hard and rubbed her clit with each thrust.

As I watched him barely penetrate my wife, I began my “lesson.” “Know that I don’t advertise this so this is privileged info. Make sure you have no hangnails or sharp cuticles before you finger your partner. After you make your mate cum at least once, before she recovers completely is the best moment to do this as it is also best for many multiple orgasms. Begin arousing her gently since she’s probably still sensitive. Phase 1: Rub the inner clit in the side walls of her vag with two fingers. Yes, it goes that far down. Anatomy lesson to follow another time. Pay attention to how wet she is and how the inner/lower clit swells. Gently circle her clit nub with your thumb, don’t press directly on it yet. If her breathing gets too intense, slow down to take her down a bit.

“Phase 2: Once she’s breathing regular yet deep, rotate your fingers up and spread them. Feel for the textured roof of her vag and find her G-spot, but don’t touch it. Press along both sides of it to gently stretch it. When the breathing gets deep and fast, slow down again. The delay is key, just as when they make us cool down a few times before climaxing increases the intensity and volume of our climax. After a couple of delays like this, she’s ready. My trick is to involve the lower clit, the clit nubbin (glans), sphincter and the G-spot at once. You can imagine how powerful that is.

“Phase 3: When ready, push your middle three fingers in her vertically, like this, and crook the fingers slightly. Point the fingers down sharply so the index finger knuckle rubs along the sides of her clit nubbin in and out, for now. The finger tips will rub the inside wall. Keep your thumb up like this and use it to gently circle her swollen clit by only pushing the hood aside. Let your pinky rub across her rear sphincter as you stroke her. This is the least responsive at this time and tricky to involve so let it go if it’s too awkward. Hit all three with each in stroke and rub under her clit during the out stroke. Now the clincher.

“Phase 4: During the out stroke, rotate your hand, maybe pivoting your palm on the edge of her vag, so the finger tips now point UP. Remember and visualize where her G-spot is and start by gently pulling your index finger along side it. She will probably lurch at that. You need to judge how sensitive it is. When she is more aroused, the G can take more pressure. Pull out to the finger tips, rotate down and repeat Phase 3, then 4. There’s no need to rotate your fingers up in each stroke as long as you rub along her G gently. You should see and feel an intense reaction as she tries to cum but is interrupted by the changes and shifting arousal focus.

“After a few R Sue just smiled as she recalled the effect of R&R. Clair was too involved and breathing too hard to listen. “With a little practice, you can choose when she comes. Check your watch. I’ll let her cum in exactly two minutes, hopefully with a good squirt.” Clair’s cum face was more intense now than before, teeth clenched, eyes squeezed tight, neck taut, so I knew she was on track for a big one. As I stepped up the rate and pressure, her body flushed pink then crimson from clit to breasts to her jaw. I silently counted down the last ten seconds on my hand and by mouthing. When I mouthed “one” I gave her G a slight upward press and she screamed on orgasm, shuddered and with each stutter, a small stream shot out of her glands and onto my waiting mouth and face. Chuck popped out of Sue and leaned in for a taste of his wife’s squirts.

“It smells and tastes different from her usual cum and it’s thinner. Is that normal?” Chuck asked with a little fear. I assured him it was and smiled as I pointed to his still wife. When her shudders ended, she passed out for a few seconds. Sue and I were beaming, but Chuck was still wide eyed as his wife was came to.

“Oh, that was nice. Too bad I didn’t squirt for you. Sorry. Why are you all staring at me?” I pointed to her flushed body as the pink faded. Chuck pointed, soundless and shocked, with a shaky finger.

“Umm, honey, you soaked the sheets when you squirted, and you passed out. I guess at the peak of your orgasm. Look at my face and his. That’s your squirting on us. Taste us.” Turning to me he said, “You bastard! You made us push you into caving in as if you were the shy ones. You, you conned us into doing what you wanted. Didn’t you? The rumors we heard about your having a sex group are true then? You obviously have done this before.”

“Yes. Clair, you came hard and squirted. Since you didn’t record this, I guess I’ll have to do it again. But not today. That was too intense to repeat too often. As for you, Chuck, yes we are usually the seducers. It was fun letting you seduce us with your gorgeous, sexy wife and that monster cock. Do you even have a hot tub? Or was that part of your seduction?”

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