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How did It Happen? Pt. 02

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“Please Daddy…” she pleaded.

My cock gave a savage jerk. It was so obscene and so wrong. Why did my body want this so badly? Abby groaned feeling my cock pulsing between her fingers, and at that fateful jerk, she rubbed the head of my penis against her flower. Switching her eyes from mine, we both looked down to where our sex met. I closed my eyes and shuddered, my shoulders began to shake and my resolve began to crumble. Abby was so wet; she was ready for me. The heat I could feel against my tip was intense and at that moment it began to dawn on me that I wasn’t going to stop her, or myself.

We were so close and her smooth, firm legs began to snake over mine as she grasped my shaft a little harder and it pulsed in her hand making her inhale deeply. Abby lined me up and moved a fraction, my very tip gently parted her petals. She grasped the back of my head with her free hand, raised her lips and met me half way. As our lips touched, she angled her hips and suddenly I was pushing into her with no resistance. We moaned into each other’s open mouths. Abby’s slender arms wrapped themselves around my back, her legs clamped me, pulling me deeper still. Abby was slick and there was little or no friction at first. I’d never felt such pleasure. She was like molten velvet. She gripped me tight, both inside and out, but we stayed motionless. Panting. Our hearts thumping against each other’s chests.

“Yesssssss” Abby hissed as I finally reached my full depth. I was gone. I couldn’t have stopped then. Pure animal instinct took me. I kissed Abby hard and pulled my hips back before thrusting forward driving the breath from Abby’s chest. I slowed before I bottomed out. Again, I pulled back, slower, and slowly slid into my daughter again.

Abby screwed her eyes shut; her mouth formed a little ‘O’ as she made small whimpering noises in time with my continuing thrusts. I closed my eyes and surrendered entirely. My hips flexed and drove my swollen member into Abby’s deep treasure again and again. Every time our pelvises met, we paused for a split second to grind. It was like we’d been making love for years. She seemed to instinctively know when to thrust up to me. She knew where my most sensitive spots were. Her fingers caressed the back of my neck, the side of my jaw and fluttered down my spine. I gasped and shook with pleasure.

I alternated between holding her close and raising above her on locked arms. I thrust hard into her, stopped and placed my hands on her shoulders gripping tightly, whilst I caught my breath. Abby tried to thrust at me, fucking herself onto me. She gripped my arms, digging her nails in to my straining triceps. I’d never seen a woman so lost in the moment. She was crazed, panting and mewing in frustration that I’d stopped. Had she really never had sex before?! I hadn’t felt a hymen break when I pushed into her, but that could easily have been explained, I was sure she must have discovered the joys of masturbation.

I gazed in wonderment, her forehead beaded with small droplets of sweat, sticking strands of her fringe above her eyes, which tried to search for mine. When we did lock eyes, I saw her deep need. She quickly slid her arms around my neck, and in that moment of connection, pulled herself up to meet me. She hungrily kissed me. She felt my cock jerk inside her and mashed her lips against mine as I willingly responded in kind.

We passed into a frenzy. We were nothing more than animals then. She was simply there for my pleasure then, and I was nothing more than a hard cock to her. The man in me would say I fucked her hard, but the truth was that she queenbet güvenilirmi fucked me just as hard. She held me tightly and I pounded into her. She met every thrust with one of her own. We were like colliding vehicles. Every time we clashed together the bed creaked bashing the head wall.

Gone were the moans of pleasure. It was a waste of breath. We were panting, growling and snarling at each other.

Time distorted, flowing like molasses. But even so, we couldn’t have kept it up, I was no longer a young man, my stamina began to fail. I began to realise I’d have to stop, my breath coming in great ragged gasps, heaving my chest as sweat dripped onto Abby’s hard body, mingling and flowing into her own.

We started to lose rhythm. I needed to stop, but Abby whimpered, fucking herself onto me. I held on and suddenly she emitted a guttural groan, her head whipped back and she went entirely rigid. Her pussy clamped my cock painfully hard, ruining any pending orgasm I’d hoped to feel. I gasped, as my daughters whole body trembled and shook. She held her breath until finally, with an explosion of air she reached a crushing climax.

Abby dug her nails into my flesh and wailed. The force of her orgasm was so intense that she pushed my member from her. I held her tightly as she sobbed and panted through another wave, before she went limp. I gently lowered her to the mattress, laying her head on the rumpled pillow below.

Abby was spent. She turned to her side and folded her knees up, wrapping her arms around herself. She chewed her lip as small tremors thrilled her body.

I could only watch in wonderment. I’d never been so privileged to see such an orgasm before. I’d softened to a semi state and suddenly the day’s events caught up to me. I was too exhausted to register the horrid social taboo which we’d just broken. I simply lowered myself next to Abby and spooned behind her, my flaccid member snuggled neatly against the cleft of her bottom. I fell into a dreamless void moments later.

I woke groggily. My senses disorientated. Flashes of the previous night careened across my mind and I smiled involuntarily. I was still confused though, I remember the sex, but in my dreamy state I couldn’t quite picture who with. My member throbbed, from the memories and I could feel the warmth around my cock. I went to wrap my hand around my shaft, the pleasure I felt intensified. As my fingers reached to stroke my engorged shaft, my fingertips brushed hair and my knuckles bumped solid flesh. Not mine. My eyes snapped open, I glanced down and held my breath.

Blonde hair bobbed gently over my pelvis. My penis swelled as my brain registered Abby’s lips grazing my sensitive tip. She didn’t take me deep, just slowly enveloped my glans. Her tongue caressed me and I couldn’t hold back a groan, as she retracted her moist lips. She glanced up at me. Big blue eyes stared worriedly at me for a moment as she froze, her lips still, just, connected to my tip. Our gazed locked, Abby almost imperceptibly moved her tongue. I never took my eyes off hers. I was entirely captivated as I felt her oh so soft tongue brush my most sensitive area.

I should have stopped her then, but I couldn’t. I felt paralysed. I watched this beautiful woman wrap her fingers around the base of my shaft. I felt her squeeze me and she pulled me toward her, sliding her lips around my glans again. I trembled, totally in her power. The sensations were overwhelming, the previous night had been animal lust, but what Abby was doing to me now was gentle, considerate and loving. The realisation that she was queenbet yeni giriş doing this just for me, for my pleasure washed over me.

No-one could have lasted, and I felt the tingling in my perineum. I tensed, not want to cum in Abby’s mouth. I wanted to warn her, but I could do nothing but utter guttural noises. Instead, I fluttered my hands uselessly as my hips tensed and the heat raced into my testicles. Abby gently sucked me still gazing directly into my eyes. The sensation built and built till I couldn’t hold any longer. I swelled, screwing my eyes shut. A deep moan from my stomach escaped, I went rigid and stopped breathing. When I exhaled suddenly, my orgasm started.

I’d never felt anything so intense. Blotches appeared before my very eyes, I flung my hips upward and the first bead of cum appeared just as Abby released my pulsing cock from her glistening lips. Her hand still circled my shaft, and I grasped her fingers hard. I forced her hand up and down. She rapidly understood my need, and took over stroking me quickly. I groaned loudly, quivered and came. I came hard. Harder than I’ve ever orgasmed before. I twitched, throbbed and pulsed. I could feel the unbearable heat erupting from me. Abby worked my cock as I gasped and shook.

I cracked my eyes open in time to see another spray of cum erupt from me. Abby was staring open mouthed in shock, fixated on my trembling member. Another geyser poured from me, cascading over her thumb. I arched my back for one final excruciating pulse, before I collapsed, sucking in air.

Abby gently stroked me, her hand sticky with my mess. I gulped air, trying to avoid unconsciousness. I could have surrendered to sleep there and then. I felt Abby snuggle in next to me, her hand still resting on my spent penis.

I moved my head slightly, forced my eyes open.

“Baby… I…” I began

Abby said nothing, she just grazed her fingers across my cheek, and kissed me gently, silencing anything else I might say.

I closed my eyes and surrendered to her sweet lips.

I must have dropped off. When I opened my eyes again, the sheets next to me were empty, but warm from her body heat.

My senses returned to me. I heard running water.

A creeping dread filled my chest. I had fucked my daughter.

“What have I done?!” I whispered to myself in panic. I sat bolt upright, clutching the rising tightness in my chest. Panic gripped me, and a tear streaked unbidden down my cheek.

I put my hand over my mouth, and my shoulder shook as I tried to stifle my sobs.

That’s how Abby found me. She breezed in with a tray of carefully made breakfast, stopping dead in her tracks as she watched her father breakdown.

I couldn’t stop it. The pressure built up till the tears flowed freely, the crushing despair descended, threatening to smother me. I couldn’t breathe.

Abby quickly put down the tray, tea spilling across the lovingly prepared toast. She straddled me, wrapping me in her arms. She held me close, silently pulling my head to her breast. She rocked me gently making shushing sounds.

We stayed like that for what seemed like ages, her holding me while my sobbing died away and my tears dried up.

I felt exhausted and dirty. I tried to pull away and Abby loosened her arms, kissing me sweetly on the forehead. She swung her leg over me and got up. Reaching for my hand, she pulled my listless arm insistently.

I looked up at her for the first time since my shattering orgasm earlier on. She smiled tightly, nodded and I let her pull me off the bed. She led me through the door, into queenbet giriş the bathroom.

I offered no resistance as she ran the shower, and gently manoeuvred me into the lukewarm water. It shocked my senses as my body tried to adjust to the temperature. I huddled under the spray, wrapping my arms close around my body. I turned to keep myself warm, the water slowly coming up to temperature, flooding my hair and running like a waterfall across my face. I sensed movement, and watched Abby through heavy lidded eyes. She quickly peeled off her panties, kicking them into a corner and shed her thin top, exposing her perfect nakedness. I shuddered, aroused, despite myself.

Unabashed, Abby stepped into the cubicle with me. Droplets and fine mist deflected from my skin to hers. She reached blindly for a bottle on the nearby sill. I stood very still, the water beginning to refresh me and sharpen my senses. I so wanted to reach out to her, to touch her, trace the rivulets of water streaming between her breasts. Abby took the initiative, unsnapped a bottle of shampoo, squeezing a small amount into the palm of her hand. She rubbed her hands together and reached for my scalp, she stopped as she caught my eye, her hands frozen inches from my scalp for long enough to give me a warm smile, before she ran her soapy fingers into my roots, tussling and rubbing the shampoo deeper into my hair. Her touch was electric, she worked her fingers gently and I shuddered from the sensations. It was, and remains, the single most erotic moment of my life.

Her breasts brushed lightly against my own chest; her face so close to mine. She ran her fingers over every inch of my scalp. I closed my eyes in sheer bliss, my arms finally awoke from their slumber and I placed my fingers just above her elbows, beginning to stroke her slick skin.

She manoeuvred me into the shower spray, soap subs cascaded over my face. I opened my mouth to breath, and Abby stole my breath away, her lips locking softly with mine. I groaned in surprise. Her hands snaked across my shoulders, whilst mine moved to the middle of her back and split, one travelling north to rest on her neck, the other south to caress the base of her spine.

All the panic and anxiety melted away. I was consumed with her kiss. The lust from the previous night wasn’t present, replaced instead by a slow, tender kiss. Finally, we broke for air, the beating water steaming around us. I rested my forehead against hers, our noses just touching. I could feel her hot breath on my cheek.

“Abs…we…” I murmured, trying to shake my head, summoning up one last reserve of resistance.

“I know” was all she said.

We held each other for a long time. Neither wanting to let go, revelling in the sensual comfort of skin against skin.

As if by unspoken, mutual consent, we gradually broke apart. Both of our gazes fixed on the floor. Abby backed out of the shower, not looking directly at me. She swiftly wrapped a bath sheet around her naked body. I surprised myself at how disappointed I was that she was now covered. I watched her, flick her hair out, and gather the ends in another towel, curling and wrapping it around her head.

Her shoulders were tense, she hesitated, then made her way to the door.

“Abs!” I called. She quickly glanced back at me, worry etched on her face.

“I love you Abby” I stuttered.

Abby’s smile radiated warmth, relief seemed to flood her eyes.

“I love you too Dad” she said happily, before disappearing around the door frame.

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behaviour in real life.

I changed this story quite a bit from my original material. I hope you like it, I certainly enjoyed writing it! There’s at least 5 or 6 more parts to re-write, which I hope to get round to in turn.

Leave some feedback if you’re feeling nice.

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