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Incestuous Medicine Day 09

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Big Dicks

Author’s Note: All characters depicted within are at least 18 years old or older

WEATHER: “Local schools are opening up today as we begin another school year. Let’s hope they have air conditioning as this heat wave continues on with no sign of letting up.”


I woke up to another Earth-shattering orgasm. I had to put my pillow over my whole head as I screamed out in obscene moans for fear of waking everyone in the house up.

Once I came down I only vaguely remembered my dream. We were at the table again, the whole family. Rob was moaning because of how horribly his erection was hurting him. Finally he ripped it out of his pants and forced me to fuck him right on the table in front of everyone.

I remember loving every second of it too. Especially when Rob was forcing me. Which I thought about in the shower while I wallowed in guilt and shame. But I think I liked the idea of being “forced” into something like fucking my own son because it took all the responsibility off of my shoulders. I decided it was wrong no matter who was doing what to whom. But something else in the dream worried me, and that was Rob’s erection aching. Which made me realize something else…

I’m a bad mother for missing his sessions yesterday, I thought bitterly as I shut the water off.

I still dreaded having to be there again. What if I sucked his cock again? So I didn’t go to Rob right away to wake him. It was far too early anyway and he needed his sleep for his first day of school for his senior year. It was just the right time to talk to Pam though as she left for work at 5:30 and would be up now.


I was up, but I didn’t actually have to work that day. I’m just normally an early riser. I think because school started that day Nancy just forgot I had the rest of the week off, leftover from our vacation. It’s cool though, I was up having coffee in my kitchen when she came in through the back door, and walked past the jacuzzi on my indoor porch to come in the room.

“Good morning, I thought you’d be doing yoga right now.” Nancy said as she came in. She was wearing one of her many horribly unattractive outfits.

I explained to her I wasn’t working so I woke up a bit later than I normally did.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot.” Nancy told me. “I want to talk to you about something though.”

“Okay, shoot.” I told her. I assumed it had something to do with Rob’s condition.

I was right, “I didn’t force Rob to get sperm samples yesterday,” Nancy explained, “so I don’t think he got them. It’s very important I do that…”

“But…,” I put in for her.

“But, I mean, I made out with him in front of you yesterday and-“

I interrupted her, “Didn’t you say that turned you on?” I laughed as Nancy scowled at me, “It seems you have a bit of an exhibitionist side of you.” This thought kind of turned me on, not that I’m much of a voyeur, but the thought of watching Nancy do something naughty like that in front of everyone…Jesus Christ, it was hot! But, I reminded myself, this is only about busting Nancy out of her self-imposed, sex-deprivation chamber, not about getting her to fuck her son so that I could watch… Again, I’m really not that sexually depraved or anything and used to have a fairly active sex life, but things got kinda busy, and now I’m thinking thoughts like these…

“Yes,” Nancy shook her head, “I mean, NO! I’m not, I just keep feeling my head go all aflutter whenever I’m around him. It’s like you pointed out when you were teaching him, whenever I look at him it’s like I’m trying to fuck him with my eyes. All I see is the man he’s becoming… and the man he already is!” She took a breath, obviously trying to calm down herself before she got too turned on.

I decided to push her, “Not to mention that enormous cock!” I said, “It’s like you said on the phone, sister, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen!”

Nancy rolled her eyes, “don’t remind me.” She said, but I could tell she was only getting hornier at the thought, “I just want to be a good mother. And I have to make sure he masturbates to get his sample twice a day. Just as I have to watch him just to make sure he doesn’t chafe. Just as I have to make sure I don’t ever do anything with him that isn’t as a mother ever again. Which is impossible! All I see is this manly, sexual side of him now! This whole thing is impossible! What the fuck do I do?!”

I had to do something I didn’t normally do before answering Nancy, I had to think for a moment, “hmmm,” I hummed pulling off my best thinking face, “well, what if we both do the session with him today. You’ll watch him to make sure he doesn’t chafe. And I’ll watch you to make sure you behave? What do you say?”

Nancy didn’t really like that idea but she also didn’t have a better one.


“Okay I’m up!” I shouted, but was surprised to see it was Aunt Pam who was doing the shaking. Mom was standing behind tempobet yeni giriş her though.

“Sorry,” Pam said sweetly, “but we were trying to get your session out of the way. We never collected your semen yesterday so we’re going to have to be extra adamant this week to get all that cum out of your balls!” As she was saying this she was leaning forward so her boobs were practically in my face. I gulped.

“And this will be the last time,” Mom said, crossing her arms angrily, not realizing this made her large boobs stick out as she inadvertently lifted them with her arms. “Because you’re going to find a girlfriend today at school. What we taught you yesterday should ensure that.”

I cringed, truthfully, I was so horny throughout that family meeting/game thing, I don’t think I was listening to anything anyone said to me. I did get to briefly make out with both my hot Mom and my equally sexy sister Violet though. Which led to me jerking off six or seven times in the shower as my cock would just not go soft after that. This disease, or whatever it was I had, was a strange one, that’s for sure.

“Come on,” Pam said as she removed my blanket, “oh wow!” She then said as my cock, hard with morning wood, was way out of my boxers and stretching up almost to her face.

I noticed Mom staring at it as well as Pam. Both women were licking their lips and were lost in thought as they considered my cock.

“Sorry,” I muttered as I sat up and removed my boxers entirely since it didn’t matter. I was going to be naked in front of them anyway, “should we just do this here?” I asked.

Pam stood upright though her cleavage was still apparent even when standing up by how far her boobs stretched her t-shirt out. “That,” she said, “would be up to your Mom.”

Mom was chewing on her lip, an action that I found to be particularly sexy, I thought. But I thought everything Mom did was sexy lately. “Hmmm?” She said, Aunt Pam’s statement brought her out of her thoughts.

Pam repeated my question.

Mom glanced around my room. Same as it always was, my chair in front of my TV, my loveseat and dresser against the wall, bookshelf, dirty clothes on the floor. Mom seemed extra excited about this for some reason.

“I’ll get a cup!” She said excitedly as she sprinted out of the room.


What am I doing? I thought to myself as I went to grab one of the medical cups. Then I thought, I’m going to watch my son jerk off in his room! How sexy! How perverse! How depraved! How… wrong! I thought as I realized my lust was taking over my thoughts again. But I have to do this or I’m a bad mom! And if I do this I’m a bad mom anyway! AH!

I felt so conflicted but I went back to Rob’s room. When I walked back in the room, Pam was talking to Rob about something normal as if he wasn’t standing naked with a humongous erection sticking out of his midsection.

“Okay Rob, we’re ready.” I said as I placed the cup on the floor in front of him.

“Wait? What are you doing?” Pam asked as I placed the cup on the ground.

“Rob cums a lot,” I said, too horny to censor myself. “And only a little cum needs to land in the cup. This is how we were doing it in the shower when he jerked his big cock before you came home from vacation.”

Pam was giving me a funny look. I feel like I was practically drooling standing there with Rob’s hard dick a few feet away from me. Pam shrugged and said to Rob, “okay, Robbie, jerk that ‘big cock’ of yours.” Mimicking how I talked when she described my son’s penis, making me scowl.

Rob started jerking his cock automatically faster than a jackhammer, “Rob! Stop!”

“Huh? What?” He said as he stopped jerking his thick meat.

“You have to slow stroke, remember?” I explained.

“Sorry, but it’s like I said before. As soon as I start my whole brain just wants to cum and that’s all I can think about.” Rob looked in my eyes, pleading, “could you help me again, Mom?”

I blinked, I felt my pussy throb, I asked, “is that an order, son?”

“Umm…uh?” Rob said obviously unsure what I wanted. I mean, I was unsure what I wanted in that moment as well…

Pam stepped between us, “no, you’re Mom isn’t helping you again. You know she loses all control around you.”

“I knew that?” Rob said even though I told him a few days ago, but I guess when all the blood is in his cock, one thicker and longer than my forearm, there wasn’t a lot left for his brain and he couldn’t remember things so well.

“Yes,” Pam said, “and your Mom isn’t going to do that. So I’ll have to.”

“What?!” I said, not loudly, just angrily, “you most certainly are not!” I was very stern, but really I was jealously thinking, if I can’t jerk Rob off, Pam shouldn’t be allowed to either!

“Nancy,” Pam said to me, “obviously, somebody has to do it since Rob can’t do it on his own without losing complete control. It’s part of his condition and I’m sure if you tempobet giriş called Dr. Xania she would tell you the exact same thing.”

I wasn’t sure about that and was thinking about giving her a call even though it was still extremely early, but I was then worried that Violet or Alice might wake up to catch us. “Fine,” I said after a moment, “But this will be the only time because it’s Rob’s job to find a girlfriend today.”


I smiled at Nancy, then I smiled at Rob. Then I got on my knees and gripped that amazingly huge cock in both my hands.

“Oh my God!” I said as I gripped the massive thing and started slowly stroking it as was prescribed by the doctor. “This is such an amazing cock! God, what if it was in my mouth! Or my pussy! Or my asshole! I wanted to fuck it! I want to suck it! I want-“

That was when Rob started cumming, I had a feeling my dirty speech would have an effect on him. But something I didn’t expect was his cum getting in my mouth. I closed my mouth as Rob proceeded to cover my face in cum, and I tasted him. “MMmm,” I moaned, it was the best spunk I think I’ve ever tasted, and as I swallowed it I felt my pussy pulse, I felt my body getting hornier by the second, and then, without even thinking about it. I put my mouth over Rob’s cockhead and started sucking the sperm directly out of it.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” I heard Nancy shout but I didn’t care. And as I swallowed, getting hornier and hornier as I did so. I started ripping my clothes off, fully intent to fuck Rob as soon as he finished cumming down my throat, but Nancy suddenly tackled me.

My mouth came off Rob’s cock as he kept cumming and cumming all over both of us. Nancy was livid and yelling even as Rob’s sperm got all over her back and legs, “What the fuck are you doing?! The reason you did that was so that I wouldn’t and you’re just as bad as I am!”

“Nancy, stop, we’re getting cum-covered…” I pointed out as I struggled, feeling like we were teenagers wrestling in our room again, but this time with a huge cock spurting semen all over both of us.

Nancy looked down at us then, noticing all the sperm clinging to our bodies, she looked up at Rob, who was no longer cumming but his cock was still rock hard. Nancy groaned in frustration, she grabbed the cup from the ground, which actually did have a little sperm in it even though both me and my sister’s bodies had been in the way. She grabbed it and stormed out of the room.

I was still horny enough that I considered for a brief moment fucking Rob anyway, but knew that would only piss Nancy off further as I started moaning as I fucked him and there was no way I could hold back on that amazingly large dick. I just told Rob to go take a shower, and went back to my house, walking through Nancy’s kitchen with sperm all over my face gave me a naughty thrill, but Alice and Violet were still asleep then and didn’t catch me.

After I calmed down in the shower (by finger fucking my horny pussy until I came), I saw exactly how Nancy kept losing all control around her son. I had almost done the exact same thing after all. But it also made me think that if I pushed Rob to be more confident, Nancy would be powerless to resist him and would be able to nothing but leave that horrible sex-free cage she’s locked herself. I began scheming on what I could do with Rob after school that day…


I didn’t know what really happened. I get so lost when I’m jerking off and cumming that I was only vaguely aware that Mom tackled Pam as I came on both of them and I honestly didn’t know my cock had been in Aunt Pam’s mouth for any length of time at all. My pleasure was that great.

Anyway, the first day of school wasn’t really that interesting. I took a shower and played video games for the rest of the morning. I heard as Violet and Alice got up and took their showers as well. And Mom went downstairs and made breakfast. We all ate together, Mom acted like nothing was different, and Mom left for work just before the bus got there.

We rode a smaller bus than what others might have to their high school. But it was just because there’s only a few students from the outskirts of the city that needed to be taken to the school. It’s basically me and my two sisters. Jade, my best friend who was also friends with Violet, and Luna, who was Alice’s best friend.

There might have been one or two other students who road our bus too but I don’t remember as we didn’t talk to them.

I had planned on sitting with Jade and maybe asking her to be my girlfriend and then explaining how I needed to cum twice a day and maybe she could help with that… Or something. But it just made me nervous before I sat down next to her. And then Violet sat with her before I could and they talked about sports on the trip to school instead. Then Alice and Luna made fun of me the whole way there. But, truthfully, Luna had always been kind of a bully tempobet güvenilirmi to me. It probably helps that I don’t fight back. Neither of my sisters told their friends about my condition though, which I was grateful for.

At school, I thought maybe I’d find some time alone with Jade in one of our classes but was upset to find out that she’d taken all the same classes that Violet did. You see Violet, Alice, and I try to go separate class periods so we didn’t have to see each other as much because we could always hang out at home. So if Violet’s schedule was the same as my sister’s, the only time we could see each other is lunch, which would all be together with Alice, Violet, and Luna and I didn’t have the confidence to ask Jade to step away for a moment so I could explain how I needed a girlfriend and I wanted her to be it.

Umm, my other classes I hardly remember. The problem was that there’s so many pretty girls in my grade that my cock was rock hard basically all day, my brain throwing every sexual image my way as I watched the young women’s bouncing, young breasts or their tight shapely asses. I was especially having a hard time during my first and last period class.

First period was taught by a newer teacher named Beatrix Smith who I’d never seen before but I guess she was there last year too. She was dressed professionally but had the body of a top-tier model. All I could do in class was stare at her enormous breasts with tremendous cleavage, and her heart shaped ass as she wrote things on the white board. I had to hold my books in front of my crotch as I left the room, having not listened to a single thing Ms. Smith had said.

Last period was chemistry and taught by a woman named Suki Roberts who was born and raised in Japan and America so she spoke both languages fluently but married an American. She was also incredibly hot with large breasts and a great ass and the cutest face even though she was at least twice my age.

So, what I’m trying to say, is that the first day of my Senior year of high school I spent with an erection in my pants practically the whole day and I didn’t learn anything at all because I was too distracted by all the sexiness around me.

I went home on the bus alone because Alice, Jade, Violet, and Luna were all going to some sports meeting or something. Violet liked sports and so did Jade but I think Alice only joins because Violet wanted her to and Luna only joins because Alice joins. That’s just my theory though, I’ve never really cared before.

So usually on Monday Wednesday and Thursday throughout the school year the girls would go to sports and I would have a few hours to myself when I got home as Aunt Pam usually kept to her own house or out by the pool until my mom got home from work around the same time my sister’s came back from sports.

But that day, when I got home, Aunt Pam had her massage table set up in our living room, was wearing a robe, and said to me as I came in, “I thought I would teach you how to give a massage.” She explained to me, “and maybe you can start giving massages to your mom after work.” She then took her robe off and let it drop to the floor revealing that she was naked underneath.

I blinked and dropped my bag in surprise, partly because I saw that Aunt Pam’s pussy was shaved, the first cunt I’d ever seen in person, and it was my beautiful aunt’s… “ummm, what?” I stuttered, my mouth staying wide open after I pronounced the last syllable.


I giggled a little at Rob’s expression but then walked towards him, swaying my hips sexually as I did so, and put my hand under his chin to close his mouth, “Sorry if being naked is shocking,” I said with another laugh, this was amusing me but also greatly turning me on, “I just figured everyone keeps seeing you naked, Rob, I might as well even the playing field.” I got on the table, face down. I grabbed a nearby towel I put there earlier, and draped it over my ass so Rob would at least be slightly less distracted, “Start with my back and work your way down.”

Rob started rubbing me directly on my shoulder blades, which wasn’t particularly comfortable, “No, Rob, don’t worry about my bones, this is all about relieving tension in the muscles. Here,” I said, reaching behind me to take his hand and move it slightly down my body a little, “follow the curves of my back.” Rob gulped as I said that and let go of his hand.

But he didn’t move. I could tell he was nervous and unsure. “Rob,” I said, uncharacteristically serious, “you’re going to have to start believing in yourself. I know you’re nervous and I know you’re having a hard time because of your condition, but I think both you, and your mom for that matter, need to get used to more touching and things of that nature happening. Your condition isn’t just going to go away, and your mother needs you to be more confident,” I added as I remembered how Nancy kept saying things like “is that an order?” like she said that morning, “Nancy has been in this ‘anti-sex’ mode for so long that she needs some help being pushed out of it. And I think, somewhere in her brain, she knows that.”

Rob seemed confused, I rolled my eyes at him, “You aren’t listening are you?”

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