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This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between characters portrayed and real persons alive or dead is entirely coincidental.

This story contains scenes of sexual activity including between adult males, and between adult males and a late teenage boy. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now. By continuing to read on, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story

This story is copyright to Arapiles, 2019.

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This is my first story for Nifty, so I apologise for any newbie errors. There will be three chapters in all for this story and this is the second. One to go. For anyone still reading, yay for you!

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I was feeling a little disgruntled for reasons I couldn”t quite pinpoint, so I headed to my favourite places to put me back in a good mood. Braving the queue at Woodfrog I managed to grab the last croissant despite the disgusted look from a young mother behind me. She was dealing with a couple of kids including one young girl who looked like she was about to cry as I clasped the bag containing a small mass of pastry goodness.

Somehow unable to stop myself I handed the bag to the little girl as I passed, winning a smile from her mother and a gasp from the girl.

“What do you say Samantha?”

“Thank you mister…”

She said it in the singsong way of kids in primary school, and I chuckled a little as I left. I had become unused to caring about shit for so long, and the pathways felt almost good getting a workout now. Perhaps I had the boy to thank for something other than the tingle in my rear and the tip of my cock.

Now I only had my coffee, but still, it was good coffee. I headed for St Kilda beach, finding a spot on the boardwalk near Luna Park and taking my seat to watch the waves. The ocean was grey, and the day was too, with clouds scudding across the sky promising more rain this afternoon. Somehow sitting on the beach like this I didn”t care. It had always been my retreat, even from David, and he knew to leave me here to have my “me” time and contemplate the waves.

“Hello. Little bird told me I could find you here…”

The kid sat next to me with a satisfied sigh and a flick of his hair, and then he reached for my latte. I didn”t resist, too surprised to see him to respond, and he gulped down half my beverage with a satisfied slurp followed by wiping my delicious froth off his grinning mouth.

“Fuck you!”

He managed to look a little contrite, but only a little.

“Awww! You have to buy me dinner first.”

It seemed he was still as unrepentant as ever.

“I was enjoying that.”

“Yeah, I”m not surprised. Tastes awesome!”

“I was planning on enjoying it more?”

He seemed to realise then, gave a little embarrassed shrug, and handed me the cup. I had enough left for a sip basically, and I scrunched the takeaway cup and frowned.

“Awww mate, you need to turn that frown upside down.”

I slapped the back of his head, and he let out a grunt of surprise, but recovered quickly to flash a grin.

“So, most noble lord, are we going to sit here freezing our tails off all day?”

“If I decide to, yeah!”

As much as I loved sitting here alone, it was better with company if I was in the right mood. Somehow, I was in the mood, thanks to the boy. Wonders never cease.

“I think I”m going to snap my nose off…”

“Get over it. It”s not that cold.”

It really was pretty cold, and a Southerly was blowing right off the bay. It whistled through my hair, bracing and harsh, but I liked that. I picked up a stone and threw it into the waves. The boy gave a laugh and picked up his own. He let out a grunt as he heaved it, and it skipped along the grey water before sinking well out to sea.

“Not bad Andy…”

“I have my skills Nige. What about yours? Not much at skipping stones I see…”

“I”m a property developer. Oh, you laugh, I can see. I learned from David, and he was one of the best in the business. Half of Inkerman Street is down to him, pulling it back from the brink of decay and making it a good place to live.”

He snorted then, and his eyes turned dark.

“Dunno. I thought it looked pretty good before you yuppies got your paws on it…”

“How would you know kiddo? One of these stupid misguided kids all full of earnest well intentioned crap. I bet your teachers fill you with so much shit…”

I was getting heated now. Oh, I knew he had a point, and that was the point. He had found one of my weak spots, and I responded with vitriol. It irked me he could find that spot.

The boy had his hands up in supplication now, and his face was suitably sorry.

“Ok, ok, forget I mentioned it. Jeeze, such a touchy one mate. Chill my friend…”

“It”s good enough for you to try to sleep in my skip. Good enough for you to want to sleep in my place even…”

He nodded and looked away. I bit my lip, angry now that I had hurt him.

“I didn”t mean…”

“Yeah you did, and you are right. What right has a homeless boy got to hang shit on you or where you live, or your lover. Tell me, about your guy, David. You talk about him a bit, but not in any detail, is that because you can”t remember or don”t want to?”

“Shit boy, you go right to the point. Well, we met around here actually. I got an internship in his firm, pretending I had experience in property management when I didn”t. He saw through me, but he didn”t mind, and then he found my ass too good to resist as well as my other skills. We were lovers for years there while nobody in his company knew a thing. Even when he fucked me in his office over lunch and coke.”

“I like Pepsi more myself.”

I couldn”t help it, I laughed like a mad cunt. He looked totally lost.

“Sorry boy, seriously though. Coke…cocaine…shit, your generation are dumber than I thought. I thought you lot knew everything from fucking Wikipedia.”

“Laugh it up rich boy.”

“Sorry, I know I shouldn”t feel superior, especially about that. We had a good time, all things considered, but it faded fast. We became best mates but not lovers, and then when he got sick, I was part nurse at times and part mother.”

“Oh? What happened?”

“He got AIDS, not surprising I guess with how many twinks he fucked in the back rooms of every club in town. Never was careful my man, especially when he had some nose candy on board, it was part of what attracted me to him of course, that sense of danger and absolute confidence. I wanted to be like that and turned out I wasn”t.”


Now I looked at him closely. Seriously kids these days.

“Fucking hell kid. If you are going to turn tricks in St Kilda, please tell me you are taking precautions. I know AIDS isn”t the scourge it was in my day, but fuck it is still bad even now. You have to be careful, even if your generation think it”s been cured. It hasn”t. I lost half my friends in the late 80″s and into the 90″s, so many funerals. David”s diagnosis came up in “92, and he lived for fourteen more years thanks to the meds, but he was never quite the same. Don”t take it for granted.”

He looked genuinely shocked, and I suppose getting a safe sex lecture from an almost 50-year-old was probably not what he was used to. Still he should have been getting it before now.

“Surely your teachers have given you all the stuff you need to know.”



It was his turn to laugh now. I shook my head and muttered at the stupidity of the Christian right. It was worse than I thought.

“Mate, their idea of sex education is telling us not to do it. We don”t take a bit of notice. Shit, I don”t take notice of any of my teachers.”

“Why am I not surprised…”

“Except Miss Naylor. She is good…my English teacher. She gets me, I think. She even tells me I am a good writer. I”ve been writing poetry for her…”

He blushed suddenly and picked up another stone to send it across the waters. I liked it though, seeing him open up a bit. There were depths here, even under the coarse exterior of the boy. It made me feel good about helping him at least. Perhaps there was something here to work with. And if I felt I needed some justification for my own behaviour, perhaps I could find it too.

“So mate…are we going to walk into the ocean or some shit, or can we get off this uncomfortable wooden bench before my ass freezes off?”

I felt he deserved a slap on his pert ass for that. He just wiggled it at me and gave me a mocking grin until I slapped often and hard enough to be heard across the bay. That got his attention, and he gripped his rump and made a regretful moue with his delectable mouth.

“Oww…that hurt!”

“Well, come back with me and I will kiss it better.”

That got him moving, almost faster than I could follow. I smiled the whole way home, feeling more alive than for the longest time.

He hesitated before coming in though, looking up and down the street.


“No…just, am I really allowed to stay?”

“Yes, as long as you remember my conditions.”

“Hmmm your cock only then. I can live with that. And I will try not to steal your Gray Nicolls.”

It hit me then, in ways that really gripped me tight. Was that how it was? Had I bought the boy with a bed?

Inside the door I pulled him into my arms and pressed my nose to his.

“No, that”s not how it is Andy. You don”t have to do anything. Just be safe, that”s all I need…”

My words were cut off by his mouth. He opened his lips and rubbed them on mine, stilling all words or even thought. A delicate hand rubbed over my groin, finding my cock already semi hard and stroking the tip through my pants until I moaned.

“What if I want to?”

He took my hand and led me up to the top floor. I was barely inside the bedroom before he had stripped my jacket and shirt, and I felt the soft warmth of his lips covering my chest in kisses. He found my nipples one after the other, first just rubbing his lips over the tip, then using his tongue, then suckling like an infant. I was groaning hopelessly lost.

On his knees he looked up at me, eyes glinting with that mischief, and he slowly slid my zipper down and reached in to pull out my cock. I tried to stop him, but he batted my hands away easily, and soon I found myself gripping his hair and easing him down my length while I let out sighs of pure need. Those soft lips could be so very hard when they gripped my shaft, and he slid down so slow, all the way to my groin and back, his mouth lighting a fire in my loins that demanded attention.

He was in a playful mood this Saturday afternoon though. At the very moment I was about to lose it, he stopped, and lifted his mouth off me to blow warm breath on my aching tip. I let out a scream and tried to push him back onto me, hands wrapped in his long blonde hair, but he resisted with a wink of contempt. The little fucker…

“You cum when I say mate…”


Blissful return, his mouth covering my length with liquid heat again. His hands were in the game too now, cupping my scrotum and squeezing gently. I was dripping copiously, and he kept up the teasing, drawing it out like an expert.


He gave me that look again, and kept right on teasing with his tongue lapping just under the tip of my cock. I let off a deep heartfelt groan and let him do his worst. I just wasn”t about to stay quiet.


His hands curled round to cup my ass, and he stroked my cheeks before spreading my cleft wide and edging a finger deep into my crevice. Then I felt his hand leave me, and almost yelled, then felt it return with force as he smacked my left cheek. Then I did yell, and shot a line of pre.

The look in his eyes was pure molten evil.

He moved me until I was on my hands and knees, cock slapping my belly, hand rubbing my cleft. I moaned, pushing back against him, remembering David”s teasing. He would make it take an hour, and when I was done…

He knelt behind me, and I felt breath course down my cleft. Then a tongue, urgent and hot, lapping. I reached for my cock and he slapped it away with a growl that went straight into my perineum. What he could be with a little training…

“You are mine now mate. And you seem to enjoy it…”

He took başakşehir escort an age, alternating licks with stroking, playing with my needy cock, kisses, until I babbled and begged. He ordered me to spread my ass, something David did when he was in the best of moods, one to make me scream. A hand slid across skin, my perineum, my pucker, down to my scrotum and back. I was so close.

He slid fingers into me then, slow, with a hand on my cock, the two hands in different modes, one stroking softly, one roughly ramming into my body. I came, emptying my body, spurt after spurt until I collapsed on the bed, my whole body shaking. It was wonderful, and it was troubling. I looked back to him, still not fully undressed, and stared.

“How did you know I like it like that…?”

He gave a sheepish grin and hid behind his blonde forelock

“Me mate…he kind of liked that too.”

I lay down still panting, and he resumed undressing me. I forgot I was still wearing my pants and boots, now only dimly aware as they were stripped from me and flung against the wall.

Lying back, sated and quiet, I watched him undress. He was beautiful, there was no denying that. While I mostly liked my guys with a bit of bulk, the lean body of the boy was fascinating and alluring in its own way. His toned pectorals and abdominals, his full cock and heavy scrotum, and his beautiful tanned skin. Brown and yellow, earth and sand. A beach boy, and one at home in the bedroom too.

Naked, he let me watch him now. I enjoyed the show, seeing him harden, the swaying length of his cock filling with blood until the full majesty of his erection was apparent. It throbbed, and it jerked, and he jacked himself all the while watching me. My own cock responded, and I was hard as a rock despite my recent shattering orgasm.

Smiling he walked over and straddled me, facing my feet while I watched his movements uncertain what he planned. He inched forward until his rump was over my mouth and his hands gripped my hips.

“Now kiss it better, like you promised at the beach.”

Mouth buried in his cleft I savoured the taste and scent. He was potent, the musk almost overwhelming me. I had to lick…his soft taint looked so good. I sniffed it first, smelling teenage stud, and then let my tongue lap at the velvet smoothness until I found a muscled ridge and a tight pucker that clenched at my touch.

“Now eat me out…”

He resisted, and I kept pressing until he opened suddenly and let out a deep sigh of contentment as my tongue sank into his burning depths. He tasted good, musky and funky, and I reached for him now gripping his muscled thighs and pulling him down harder onto my mouth. Every lick and thrust brought fresh cries and made my blood boil. I wanted, but the boy was in control.

Now he reached to tease my cock even as he rode my mouth. I was in agony, writhing under him like an eel.


I wanted to beg again, but I couldn”t be heard with my mouth buried in boy ass. He knew what I wanted though, I knew. He gave a little laughing cry and began stroking the full length of my cock while he wriggled his ass on my tongue.

“You think you are worthy of this ass mate?”


“Hmmmm…nice and hard too…”

He slid backwards a little, enough to give me the chance to draw breath, and turned. His cock bobbed right in front of my face now, the piss slit leaking.


I didn”t know where this dominant stud had come from, but it made me weak at the knees. He had me totally under his spell now, hands gripping my shoulders, unable to resist. He moved his hips slowly until his head was pressed to my mouth.


I hastened to obey. First by lapping at the precum pooling at his tip, then by taking his head into my mouth with difficulty. He used my mouth as I had used his, but he had a lot more meat behind him and I struggled to take it.

Just as I was beginning to panic he pulled off and inched back along my body again. Soon he was poised over my groin, and I felt his pucker gripping the tip of my cock. Now I knew I had to intervene again, and I gripped his tip and squeezed.

“Andy…at least put a condom on me…”


“You know. A rubber. I mean it, I”m trying to be good, and after David…”

“Huh…you think you”re gonna shoot too fast mate? I doubt it after I drained your balls so good before…”

I gave him an impatient look and pointed at the bedside drawer. He sighed and took out the box of condoms and the lube. To his credit he rolled it on easily though and applied a nice thick layer of slickness.

“Now can I fuck?”

“Please, be my guest, you can….AHHHHH!”

The feeling of his ass taking me was incredible. I just lay back and let him fuck me like that, working his pliant ass down my length until I was buried to the hilt . He closed his eyes then, cock swinging up to slap his belly, and lifted off until just the tip was inside him, then he opened his eyes and looked into mine and drove all the way to the hilt. I saw his expression, no pain, only pleasure, and melted completely.

“Oh God I think I love you Andy…”

His breath caught, and he stopped for a long heartbeat, but shook his head and continued. His easy rhythm was beguiling, almost but not quite pushing me to the brink, the clench of his hole tight and sure. I reached for his cock, wanting a hold of that magnificent flesh, but he batted my hands away and when I tried to insist, he gripped my wrists and leaned over me pushing me into the bed while he rode my cock.

“No…not for you…”

“Please, you demon boy…MPGH!”

Kisses, sweet and raw and rough, tongue duelling with mine and then deep in my throat. He fucked my mouth and my cock, a sweating mass of testosterone and muscle, and I let him, bathing in the sensations and the erotic perfection of this moment.

When I came it was sudden, an ache that became a burn and I filled the condom as he rode me hard slamming his ass down on my hips. When I finished, he kissed me deep and sensually, then suddenly I felt his hands grip my shoulders and I was turned on my belly with ease.

“Now it”s my turn…”


His cock nudged under my ass, the wide mass of his tip feeling impossibly large.

“Use a condom!”

“Fucking hell mate…”

He had the sense to obey though. I looked over my shoulder, watching him slide the little latex sheath onto his length, then the glint of lube as he coated his cock. It looked even bigger now, and I swallowed in fear and desperate aching need.

“Now relax mate…”

I tried. He straddled my hips, then moved his knees inside mine, spreading my thighs and opening my ass for plunder. His body rested on mine, chest on my back, mouth on my neck, and he licked and nibbled my ears and blew hot breath on my ear.

“Just a hot fuck mate…just one hot fuck…”


He took me roughly, and completely. I was stuffed with cock, and he didn”t wait to give me time to get used to his size, pulling back and letting the head pop from my hole and resting it against my clenching pucker before driving to the hilt in one punishing thrust. I screamed, and he pulled my mouth around to kiss me and my scream was lost in his throat and again as he bucked his hips and his head spread me wide and rasped along my sensitive tunnel like sandpaper.

“Just a tight hole…nothing more. I”ve had plenty believe me…”

I tried to protest but his kiss was like a death grip on my mouth and all I could do was whimper as he fucked me harder and harder. His body slammed against mine, demanding my total submission, and I gave it reluctantly but completely. He bit my shoulder and I shook as he pounded into me. I felt my cock stir, rubbing against the fabric of my soft sheets under his assault, the tingle growing into an ache.


He went rigid, and his body slapped against me one last time. I felt him buried to the hilt, a slight heat deep in my ass. He came hard and collapsed on me, breathing steadily.

“I”m sorry Nigel.”

Before I could stop him he pulled out, and I let out a cry at the rough pain of his head leaving my hole. He stood beside my bed, unable to look at me, and reached for his clothes dressing awkwardly with his cock still hard and still covered in latex.

“Andy, please, what”s wrong?”

“I”m sorry Nigel, it wasn”t supposed to…I wasn”t supposed to…”

“Please, I”m sorry, don”t go!”

He ignored me, pulling his jeans on with much fiddling to get the buttons done up. He pulled on his rugby top and stood with arms folded looking down on me. He refused to meet my eyes as I propped myself up on my elbows and tried to reason with the boy.

“Andy, you did nothing wrong, if anyone did it was me…”

“No…you don”t understand. I wasn”t supposed to…I can”t. I just can”t. I have to go…”

“Please promise you will come back?”

He shook his head, tears now forming in his eyes, and he turned and ran down the stairs, his feet echoing on the hardwood. The door slammed, leaving me alone, perplexed, and sore of ass and cock. It reminded me of my twenties.

“What the fuck?”

I was still there staring at the empty doorway when the doorbell rang. I pulled on some boxers and headed down with a smile, expecting to find the boy had changed his mind and determined not to let him go again until he sat down and told me what was wrong. Instead I was confronted by a big comfortable looking cop holding a box of pizza and a six pack of beer.

“Hope I”m not intruding…”


“Oh I get it, blondie is here…”

“No as a matter of fact, he”s left and…”

He stood awkwardly in the doorway, trying not to look at me while I gathered my thoughts. When I took the pizza and the beer he brightened a bit, and as I walked up the stairs to the kitchen he followed with his impressively stolid tread a jazz counterpoint to my more delicate feet all the way to the landing. When we reached our destination, I looked him over, noting the big body, the sturdy belly, and his kind smile. I lost it then, completely. I pulled him into my arms and shook.

“Errr…something wrong?”

“Just hold me Matt. Just fucking hold me ok?”

“If that kid has done anything bad I will fucking kill him so help me…”

“Matt, just shut up and hold me.”

He did, thankfully, one hand rubbing my back, the other on my head. I loved that.

“My partner is checking up on him, by the way. She started off in missing persons, so she knows all the stuff. She had the contacts there, so I thought I”d leave her to it. Remarkably determined is Kelly, but I guess girls are like that.” He was an unreconstructed male sometimes, Matt. He had attended training for it a few times but getting him to abandon his innate sexism was taking about as long as it was for the force as a whole. I rolled my eyes and found a smile.

“Are you still pissed off at having a woman as a partner?”

I knew it irked him a little, and he stiffened at my question but resumed his attentions. I sighed in contentment as he continued his work on my shoulder.

“Nah, she”s good. Says very little, but gets the job done. Just don”t know how she would go with an armed offender bearing down on her. Probably fold her hands over her eyes and pray.”

That got me laughing, and I needed it too. It seemed to amuse Matt too, and I pressed my mouth to his as he chuckled.

Then his lips met mine, and they opened, and I felt the heat of his kiss. I responded, hungrily, and without restraint.


The boy had relit the fire. Now I was in danger of it getting out of control, but I didn”t care. It had been too long. I gripped the comforting bulk of a big cop rump and squeezed.

“Not jealous of the boy are you Matt?”

“Of course I am you fuckwit. Do you know how long I wanted this again? How much…how much I missed you?”

I opened my eyes and looked into his deep brown pools. Hurt, anger, love, lust, all warred for prominence in those depths. I closed my eyes and ignored the problems for now.

“Please fuck me Matt…”

And if it was an unusual command to give an officer of the law, I felt at least I could count on him to do it thoroughly. Feeling his arms around me gripping tight, I sighed and relaxed into his embrace, knowing I was right.

I lay there in the afterglow, my body covered in sweat, wrapped in his arms. He felt sturdy, like a supporting bulwark against a raging sea. I never knew cops could have so many uses.

“Hmmmm sweet mate.”

Nuzzling against his body we spooned for a long time, as I reacquainted myself with his body. His fat cock was still buried inside me, slightly soft but still sturdy too, like the rest of him. His gut felt good against my back, halkalı escort almost as much as the feel of his cock spreading my hole and the rough feel of his coarse mat of chest hair on my skin.

Then there were the arms and legs. Both like tree trunks, I felt his arms around my flanks almost crushing me but in a good way. His forearms wrapped me in a protective cocoon, hands clasped around my chest, and his thighs enfolded mine. I was wrapped like a Christmas present in a cop wrapper. All he needed was a bow.

“Better even than I remembered.”

I smiled at that, the idea that he had retained an image of what our fucking could be like, and the thought that I had somehow exceeded expectations. Always leave them wanting more was David”s favourite saying. I had proven a bad pupil after all.

“Not bad for a copper Matt…”

He responded to my teasing by giving me a sudden thrust of his cock. I yelped as he slapped my prostate just right, my own cock springing to life again somehow after far more orgasms than I was used to for a long time.

“Bloody civilians…”

“Then arrest me Sergeant, for insulting police…”

He went one better, handcuffing me to the bed. I had police fantasies since the early days with David, and it terrified me and aroused me to new heights. Laid on my back, with my arms shackled to the bedposts, I was completely at his mercy, and harder than ever before.

My man knelt between my legs, and lifted my thighs easily, wrapping my feet together in the hollow of his back just above the hollow of his spine, and he slid his cocktip against my leaking length. The feel of his skin drove me wild, and I wanted more and told him so in no uncertain terms. The cop was in charge though, and he just grinned and kept about his casual demonic teasing as if I had never opened my mouth.

I was begging by the time he had rubbed my scrotum into a frenzy with his cock, and nudged under it to press against my aching pucker but never quite entered. I felt him spread me then withdraw, over and over, and I writhed in my bonds and begged and pleaded and felt his hand grip my cock and jerk me to the edge and leave me there, helpless, needy and dripping, and he finally entered me with just the fat head of his condom clad mass. He used his head to batter a way inside me, always slowly though, always taking his time. This one liked to take his time, no place for the wild rush of adolescent anguish, just a long slow and thorough fucking that built inexorably.

Laid over my prone form me looked into my eyes, hands on my shoulders like claws digging into flesh, and stared into me as he pounded my depths. I needed his hand on my cock so much, the pleasure building but stalling over and over, and I swore at him like a dockworker calling him a cunt and a bastard and begging him while he ignored everything and just kept fucking me with the same steady rhythm.

The twinkle in his eyes told me he saw something, and I felt it too. The burn began to build, finally, too much to contain. I screamed as I shot, coating my belly in cum, and he began to thrust wildly, eyes now closed, head against mine as he sought his own end. His gasps and cries felt so good, as I held him now, my body quiet, orgasm drained, while his was just getting going. I felt his cock inside me, twitching on the brink, then the final hard spasm of climax, accompanied by a deep growl of release.

Afterwards we lay like that, sweat on sweat, skin on skin, mouths together kissing easily, until he rolled onto his side, his cock pulling from my raw hole with a regretful plop. He managed to get the condom off and deposited it on the bedside table, and returned to the spooning that had started this again, but this time with his cock now satisfactorily soft nudging into the cleft of my ass and coating my rear in the remains of his orgasm.

He did finally release me, after much coaxing and for a moment I thought he would leave me handcuffed forever. I didn”t realise he had an evil streak, or a sexy streak. I was learning.

“So am I better than blondie?”

I wondered how long it would take. My cop was competitive after all.

“Pretty good…though he aint bad for a boy.”

The snort was eloquent, and he tweaked my nipple. I pushed it into his hand, wanting more, but instead he teased the tip, and I felt my nub swelling from his attentions. It was distracting, but pleasant.

“What is it about him that made you go so stupid Nigel? I know, I know, I have no right to ask…I”m just curious is all.”

Nuzzled into his arms, I guess I felt I could talk for once. The memories came easily as the regrets once did.

“A few things I guess. For one, he reminds me of me a bit.”

“Come on, you weren”t on the streets…”

“No Matt, but not far off. My dad was a loser, and he knew it, and when he found I was gay, it gave him someone to blame. I ended up with an uncle and aunt with no money, which was fine because nobody in my family had any anyway, but it was tough. I got used to having nothing, and being nothing. I wasn”t on the streets, but it was close, and when I ended up with David, it was a kind of an arrangement at first.”

“What do you mean?”

I closed my eyes and remembered. It was not pretty.

“I basically conned my way into a job and bought it with my body. I may not have been turning tricks Matt, but it was only a matter of degree. I was just luckier than Andy, that”s all.”

“I didn”t realise…the way you talk about David, I thought he was the love of your life.”

I smiled at that and pulled him closer to me.

“Matt, not everything is black and white like you are taught in the academy. He was the love of my life…he was also a guy who liked using a young vulnerable guy for sex. Its not mutually exclusive. Back when I was young, it was not an easy life at all, and you made compromises a lot. That is the other thing I guess; he reminds me of David a little. At least how he fucks.”

The cop grumbled deep in his chest and licked my shoulder. I let out a sigh and backed against his groin, loving the feeling of a soft cock for once. The teenage boy”s stamina was a bit wearing I had to admit, and somehow the easy intimacy of feeling his soft length against me was a pleasure. No needs now, just sharing, and enjoying it.

“Things are better now Nige. We have come a long way.”

Now it was my turn to grumble.

“Has it Matt? Like it has for Andy, getting thrown out of home? Or for you…are you out at work? Why not? Bet they know anyway, but you just don”t talk about it so they don”t have to face it. And have you asked yourself why you are still a Sergeant and not a Senior Sergeant after all this time when less qualified colleagues have gone past you?”

“Hey! You don”t know shit mate…”

“Oh, I know I”m no better. I don”t make a fuss, don”t make a scene, don”t make anyone at work face the reality of who I am. I”m part of it too.”

“So what is the answer oh wise man?”

“I don”t know. All I know is that we are still the problem. Maybe not as bad as during the 80″s and 90″s when half my friends died and people wouldn”t rent to gays because “fags are a bad risk” or they thought you could catch AIDS off toilet seats. Everyone is all so very enlightened now, except we are still the problem, not the people who hate us. We dance around it, accommodating the dickheads and the mouth breathers who hurl abuse and vitriol because heaven forbid if we ever make them feel bad about being homophobic shits, and instead we internalise it until we hate ourselves almost as much as they do.”

I was on a roll now, and shaking, and my cop held me to his body and stroked my back to calm me. I wasn”t for calming, even as good as it felt.

“So what”s the answer Nigel?”

“I don”t know. All I know is, I can”t blame that boy for who he is. And I can”t blame myself for feeling drawn to him. I”ve travelled in his shoes too long, and if I seem to have done better, it”s a matter of degree.”

“Maybe we are just stronger. No matter what we have thrown at us we come back again and again, despite them. Love finds a way…even to you.”

“Maybe Matt, but some days I wish we didn”t have to be so strong.”

“What”s the other reasons…you said there were a few?”

I had to laugh a bit then. My officer was a persistent questioner. I hated to think what it would be like being a suspect in his sights.

“My first love…crush…nah, love…was a young guy in school, a football nut hoping for a career in the VFL. He didn”t have blonde hair, which is just as well because Andy is even sexier than Peter was and I could barely keep my hands off Pete, but he was my idea of perfection. I still have a soft spot for footballers, ever since.”

“Now the truth comes out…just another footy player obsessed gay guy…”

It sounded a bit bitter, and I knew I was treading dangerous territory, but if we were to have a future it needed to be dealt with, so I persisted.

“Not obsessed Matt, but I will always feel a bit of a tingle around guys who look like that, the bodies, the sense of ease. Call it memories of lost loves…and there was no way it was going to work with Pete. He was straight as they come, and despite how much he played around with me and I loved the easy physicality of our relationship, I knew I would only mean so much. He would let me bring him off with my hand, and suck his nipples, and even holy of holies give him a blowjob, but we never kissed and I knew we never would. This was about getting off, not love. Ironic that I only found that love with David once we stopped fucking. Maybe you can”t have both?”

I felt a kiss on my neck, in places that sent shivers along my spine, and hands rubbing my chest. Matt seemed to relax a bit.

“Well, as long as I am not competing…and I am not right?”

“Matt, I don”t know what this is, and I don”t know where we are going. But I don”t think I could ever feel about the boy the same as I can about you. Just understand why I can”t not care about him either.”

He digested that for a while, and then got out of bed with a sigh. I knew I wasn”t being what he needed, but it was early days for me. This was still uncomfortably new.

He was heading for the bathroom when he tripped over something, swearing eloquently as he nursed his ankle.

“Fucking shit…what”s this?”

I saw he had the boy”s backpack in his hand. I didn”t realise Andy had left it, and the fact he had gave me a little warm feeling I tried to ignore. It meant he would come back, and I knew that was something I should regret but instead welcomed.

The cop was going through it now with the thoroughness of an investigator. I had to admire it, even as I felt in a way he was violating a privacy I should be helping maintain.

“Jacket…some random junk…hey, what”s this? Fuck…I remember these…”

He had found the stick mag too it seemed, and I found myself suddenly a bit jealous watching my new lover admiring naked guys quite so openly. His leer was all lust, nothing else, and it made me question just what I was doing given how much that made me mad.

“Weird thing to have, didn”t know kids these days still had them…”

“It”s an old edition, I know because I had the same one I stole from a gay bookstore in Commercial Road.”

“Bad Nige, I should arrest you. Hmmm…something in this side pocket…”

He drew it out into the light and looked it over carefully. Something small and leather. He tossed it to me.

“Well…I must admit I thought the name was a fake, but at least his first name seems right.”

The article turned out to be a wallet, handmade in leather, with the name “Andy” stitched into the front. Crude but somehow homely, it was a touch of personality that made me ache for the boy a bit more in the end. I could see him making it in class while dreaming of a future that would be very different to the one he was experiencing.

“No ID or anything…boy packed light it seems.”

“Matt, we have to do something…”

He held up his hand with a resigned look.

“I know. I talked to someone in social services. They can look at crisis accommodation, maybe setting him up with financial support. Unfortunately, parents are allowed to kick their kids out, though it should be fucking illegal. Anyway, I have to get ready for work oh man of leisure…time for a quick shower.”

I lay back listening to him in there, the cascade of water over that big body, still tingling from what we had been doing with that big body just before and going back and forward on what I was doing. Did I have feelings for him…enough to be good for him as he deserved?

“Cheer up Nige…you will get to have my cock again if you want.”

I didn”t realise he had come out, wrapped in a towel, but not for long. He dressed şirinevler escort efficiently, and I decided to join him, ignoring the sticky remains of cum all over me. I could at least walk him to the door.

Once we got outside though, I knew something was wrong.

“What the fuck is that…?”

We both heard it, noises from the garage next door. The door was open, the sounds were increasingly disturbing, cries, slaps, more cries. And I noticed a certain van parked in the street.

With a frown I beckoned to Matt.

“Follow me…”

In the semi dark I could still see what was going on, and hear it, and even smell it.


“Nah fucking take it you slut. You like it anyway…”

“No…not so rough, you promised!”

There was another loud slap, and I saw a meaty hand collect a boy”s ass hard enough to hurt. The boy was bent over some boxes, and the guy had his overalls down.

“Such a slut…knew you would love this…”

“Please, please not so rough…”

The boy was shaking, and I realised I was feeling enraged.


I charged in and pulled the man off, slamming a fist into his stomach. He didn”t even flinch.

“Wha….what the fuck? Jealous are you mate? Wait your turn….oooof!”

I was saved by a cop. My Matt had gripped the guy”s wrist and pulled it up and round behind his back and slammed him into a wall hard enough to drive the breath from his lungs. He pressed a mouth to the tradie”s ear and whispered loud enough to head though.

“Now you listed good cunt. If you are lucky, I will not arrest you for anything and everything I can think of. Fuck off, and never come back, and I will stick to that. Touch the boy again, and you are fucked.”

“Hey, who do you think you are…AHHH!”

The cop gave an extra twist and the man screamed in apology. Now we were getting somewhere.

“Sergeant Donaldson, Prahran Police. Number 313546, and as of now, I have your number too mate. Be smart or be dumb, I don”t fucking care, just choose.”

It seemed he chose smart. The man left with a backward glance and a scowl but he left. I tuned to the boy.

He was sitting on the floor now, crying, but he had his pants up at least. I sat beside him and let him lean his head on my shoulder.

“I told you not to do that Andy…”

“I know. Guess you have to throw me out now.”

He said it so matter of fact, like he intended it to happen. I shook my head and sighed.

“You are one stupid shit boy.”

“He is right. I am just a slut.”

“Nigel…a word.”

I followed the cop outside, where he was looking agitated.

“Nige, I had a call. It”s Kelly, my partner. She found something on the boy, but she won”t tell me what it is. I have to go mate, or I will be late, but promise me you won”t do anything silly. Promise me ok?”

I didn”t know what he meant exactly, and maybe he didn”t either. Did he mean I shouldn”t do anything with the boy because he wanted me for himself, or because of worries for my safety. Or maybe both?

“Matt, I can look after myself…”

“I mean it Nigel. I don”t trust him. Don”t let yourself be taken in or fooled into trying to reclaim your lost lover.”

I bristled then and gave him a look.

“Thank you, Sergeant. That will be all.”

He looked hurt and a little defeated, but he nodded and walked away.

“Goodnight Nigel. Please…for me.”

I watched him go before returning to the boy. He was shaking, curled up in a ball. I sat beside him again and cuddled him. His mouth was bleeding I noticed, and I found a handkerchief in my pocket and managed to staunch the bleeding.

“They always know how to hit just right. Dad did too, when he wasn”t drunk. He got me a whopper when he kicked me out, right on the mouth. Bled for hours.”

“Andy, please…just rest.”

“Nah, can”t rest here mate. Hate places like this. So dark and cold, feels like the building is going to crush you under its weight.”

“So why did you come in here?”

“Felt like the right place for what the guy wanted. He wanted it rough, and he wanted it to feel like I didn”t want it. And I didn”t care anymore.”

I stood and wandered round the garage a bit, seeing if he had left anything. No sign though, he had everything he owned on him or in the backpack. It made me hate his dad a little bit more.

The garage was filling up, so it seemed like Ryan was close to moving in. Boxes, even a motorbike. I didn”t know the guy rode, perhaps a midlife crisis. There was also a small hatch open, leading to a storage area behind the garage built into the hill behind our townhouses. I wondered if he had as much space there as me?

I was about to look when the boy suddenly shrieked.



“Just…bad things. People have bad things in places like that sometimes.”

“Afraid of spiders or something Andy?”

I was making a joke of it, but the boy looked genuinely terrified. He must be still badly affected by his run in with the tradie.

“Come back next door. We will get you cleaned up.”

He followed me reluctantly I thought, but he followed me. All the way to the top floor, where I instructed him to strip and told him to get in the shower. I needed a wash too anyway, and I followed him in ignoring his look of surprise.

“Turn on the water.”

While he shook I washed him all over, soap and loving hands hopefully curing as much damage as I could. I managed to untangle his hair and get all the grime off. He stopped shaking, and just stood, mouth under the water, basking in the warmth. Then he finally spoke.

“Please Nige. Please make me feel better…”

“Andy, no, I…”


His hand closed on mine, and guided it to his length. He had hardened, and now it pulsed in my grip like a living thing and I felt his pulse through the flesh.


I could not resist, to my shame. One hand on his scrotum, the other on his cock, I tried to undo the hurt. Concentrating just under the head, just like Peter loved, and treating his balls a bit rough also like my David enjoyed, I gave him the best I could, kissing his back and watching the pleasure take over from the pain. He leaned on the tiles, then he groaned and shuddered and painted the wall of my shower in cum and fell back into my arms with a grin.

“You”re good at this mate…”

Lying in bed together afterwards, I did have a moment of embarrassment though. I had forgotten about Matt”s spent condom, and it took me a moment to realise what was happening when the boy reached for it and took a sniff.

“Hmmm…cop milk eh?. Nice…”

“Sorry, I mean…”

He gave me a squeeze, but his eyes looked sad.

“It”s ok. Believe me I”m happy…you need someone like him mate.”

I found myself spooning for the second time that night watching the trees outside my window gently waving in the winter wind and the gentle rise and fall of a boy”s chest as he slept. I knew I couldn”t sleep, and I didn”t care, but I did have images of a cop and a boy in my mind tormenting me with choices and demands.

As a person, I felt unequal to the task of making good decisions, but I knew I faced them anyway.

The boy stirred around dawn, and not easily.


“Shhh go to sleep.”


He was awake suddenly, and his eyes were wide with pain and terror.

“Got to go…”

“No, wait…”

“My head hurts so bad…and I”m so cold…”

He did feel it too, shaking in my arms and cold to the touch. I wanted him back in bed, but he ignored me and dressed with difficulty.

“Andy, promise you will be back.”

“Yeah, right…please, I just have to go…”

I handed him the backpack, and he took it with a sad smile, hauling it over his shoulder.

“Sleep mate…you need it too.”

I took his advice for some reason, not waking until 8 am and a pounding on my front door.

“Open up!”

Heading downstairs, I was unsurprised in a way to find it was Matt. I was surprised at his expression though, and the fact he was in uniform, and the fact his partner Kelly was with him.

“Nigel, is the boy still here?”


He barged past me, heading upstairs. I was left down at the door with a mild looking policewoman who was smiling at me pleasantly.

“Hello, I”m Kelly.”

She looked about thirty, but I was no judge, with light brown hair in a bob and a very pink nose. She had glasses, smart and square framed, kind eyes, and a look of surprising calmness about her. She was not how I imagined.

“Can I get you a coffee constable?”

“No thank you sir, just…”

“Where is he!”

The cop was back, and he was not happy.

“He left about 6 and headed off. I don”t know where.”

“Shit…Nigel, you have to come with us.”

Now I was gobsmacked, and it took me a few seconds to get my mouth into gear.


“We need to talk…about the boy. And I need you to come with us to do that.”

“Aren”t you like on company time or something?”

“This is company business. Follow up on a theft, and other things…”

I mulled that one over in the cop car, feeling the dread fall over me like a dark and shitty blanket. Kelly drove, quite well I thought, and Matt just sat and fumed internally, his eyebrows the only external sign of his disquiet. We headed not for the station though, but into the city towards the docks.

“”A” division headquarters. Missing persons is located here.”

We pulled into a vast underground garage filled with cop cars and killed the engine. With increasing fear I followed them down controlled corridors past uniformed and plain clothes officers scurrying officiously even on a Sunday morning. I guess crime didn”t rest.

Coming to a door, I waited with them until we were buzzed through, and found a young-looking woman with a severe expression and deep green eyes on the desk who immediately broke into a beaming smile as soon as she saw the policewoman with us.

“Kelly! That was fast…”

Kelly looked just as happy, her body language more effusive than her voice.

“Always Heike. Always for you…now, can you let us in?”

I noticed her leaving a bag on the counter for the tall lady, and my nose detected pastry. The universal currency of the constabulary it seemed, but the gesture made me soften towards the policewoman even further. Nobody leaving pastry for the unheralded denizens of this bunker could be bad.

We were led into shelves and then a compactus, and I was a bit surprised.

“Seems a bit hard to get at for someone missing only a little while. Do you bury all your missing persons cases like this?”

Heike gave me a withering stare and turned to the policewoman, who looked at her partner.

“Nigel, it”s not a recent case.”

“What…” so he had done this before it seemed. Maybe he was more experienced on the streets than I expected.

“How long has he been doing this?”


My cop held a file, dusty and surprisingly thin, and looked anywhere but at me. The records officer seemed to be impatient and piped up in the face of silence from her colleagues.

“Sir, I believe you found the…err…individual in question?”

“Yes, in a skip to be precise.”

“Good, I like precision.”

Yes, I had no difficulty believing that. She seemed that sort of woman. It was written on her face.

“Sir, the file involves a missing persons report for an Andrew McNaughton of Ringwood, and the details match those given by the individual who allegedly stole your property…”

“No allegedly, but fine, go on…”

She blinked, and seemed annoyed, but excited enough to forget it.

“Allegedly. No crime was proven, thanks in no small part I hear to you dropping charges, but I digress. The details given match those of this file, so it seems the individual at least had knowledge of this case.”

“That seems an unnecessarily formal way of saying it. What are you driving at?”

Matt gave a sigh and looked at me keenly. “Nigel, the case file…the boy in question went missing in 1982.” The cop finally found his voice, deep and rumbling and in no way reassuring. I thought I must not have heard.

I blinked, looked at them in turn, and coughed.


Heike nodded officiously. “Yes. According to this sir, Andrew McNaughton has been missing for thirty-two years. If he is who he says he is, your thief should be forty-nine years old.”


We stood there while the records officer looked pleased, and I contemplated what this might mean. I had to admit, none of the alternatives were making me feel any better.

“Nigel, we have to find him. He may have some information that will solve this old case. He seems to know something.”

I heard him, but I also could see. In the file there was a picture, of a boy in school uniform looking awkward and hiding behind his blonde forelock. A blonde forelock before a tanned face with big blue eyes. I swallowed hard.

“Yeah, we have to find him.”

But inside, I feared that like nothing else on earth.


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