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Ivar and Sigrid

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Sigrid stirred, her muscles aching from head to toe. What had she been laying on, stone? Her nose confirmed such before her eyes even opened. Wherever she was, it was earthy with a heavy musk that came only from furry bodies and wild animals.

Opening her eyes, she took in the mossy ceiling of the cave. Beneath her was a pile of furs that looked as if monsters had ripped them from their owners. She noticed that she was naked, save for her mother’s wolf head necklace, with a fur blanket covering only her lower half. Not that she needed a blanket in the warmth of the cave.

Her body creaked as she sat up. Why was she here? Glancing around, she saw wolves- ordinary mountain wolves as well as large hybrid-form werewolves. All were either sleeping or laying out in grass just beyond.

Slowly it came to her; Sigrid had gone to the ruin of her family house to meet with a werewolf who said he might know her brother. She had joined the large male the previous night during the full moon and had let her inner beast run wild with the pack. At the time, she had been preoccupied with the red haze of the hunt. Now that she was awake…

Sigrid looked around her and sniffed. Rising to her feet, she became aware that she was the only one in human form among the lot. There were a few who watched her with intense red eyes. Her keen nose picked up on their feelings of suspicion, as well as some with amorous intent.

She sent a warning growl promising a fight if any of them tried.

The ones who wanted to mate wrinkled their noses in wolfish laughter. A fight with a spirited female would make the mating more fun. Still, they lowered their heads to rest on their paws and made no effort to harass her further. However, one did roll to his side to show off his, admittedly impressive, manhood.

Ignoring them, Sigrid picked through the sleeping wolves hoping to catch some sign of her brother. Did she remember what his wolf form looked like? Would he even smell like himself? She hadn’t seen him since she was a child- fourteen years had passed since their village had been sacked and burned. Fourteen years while she believed him to be dead.

‘Please…’ she begged whatever gods listened to her. ‘Please let me find him.’

A sleepy huff drew her attention to a hybrid wolf with fur that ran dark brown along his spine, to gold, to cream on his paws and undersides. He slept on his side and breathed deep, making his leathery black nostrils flare. Approaching the werewolf, she saw stripes of bare flesh where he had been scarred, with a few marking his face.

Sigrid’s heart thundered in her ears as she reached out to stroke the bristly fur along his cheek. “Ivar…?”

A pit of grief dropped in her stomach when his eyes opened, bleary with sleep. They were the deep red of blood- not the stormy grey-blue she remembered her brother having. There was a brief look of annoyance when he glanced up at her before he blinked, and recognition brought him to full wakefulness.

He didn’t speak, but his ears moved back and forth as his nose frantically sniffed the air. Propping himself on his forepaws, he nosed her before his ears fell flat, and a high whine keened from his throat. Behind him, his thick bushy tail thumped happily against the packed earth of the cave floor.

Sigrid couldn’t help but lean into him when his head bumped against hers, and she allowed him to lap at the tears that flowed down her cheeks. Part of her cried for relief to have found her beloved brother, but another ached to see adiosbet yeni giriş how far he had fallen. She wrapped her arms around his thick, furry neck and held him close as he continued to investigate her.

“Sigrid.” Ivar’s voice was deep and chesty and sounded like he hadn’t used it in years. “Sigrid, is it really you? Mother’s necklace- Please….”

She leaned back and cupped his muzzle in her hands. Her thumbs stroked along the tawny-colored fur along his cheeks and replied, “It’s me… Ivar- Ivar, your eyes. Why–” Her voice caught in her throat.

His ears pressed guiltily to his skull. “I- When the village had been attacked, I lost myself. I fought with everyone to be sure people could escape, then I tried to find our sister and mothers- and you, of course. Ma, I found her dying with her stomach ripped open. I guarded her until she drew her last breath. When I tried to find you and mother… you were nowhere to be found. Myra and I fought. I had hoped- but she didn’t have you and we fought, that was the last time we spoke. I was very angry. I couldn’t–“

They were silent for some time. Around them, the other members of the pack stirred and stretched, but brother and sister remained. The thick air of the cave made it hard to breathe.

Rising to her feet, Sigrid paced as she tried to understand. Her heart ached- She felt like a fool for hoping her family would return to normal when she found her siblings. It should have occurred to her that normal died when their village burned. Her mothers were gone, her sister was off somewhere else, and her brother turned to the beast. She was left just as lost as she had been when she was a little girl.

“Sigrid,” her brother’s voice was soft.

She sniffed and wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I just- I don’t understand.”

There was a pause then she heard him stand, his voice now rumbling over her head. “Would it make you happy to see me as I once was? I will do that for you.”

She didn’t turn to face him but nodded.

Then she heard him take a deep breath, followed by the pained sounds of him shifting out of his hybrid form. Still, she didn’t turn; It would have only hurt more to see him in pain as his body contorted into a shape it hadn’t been in for almost two decades.

It wasn’t until a rough hand touched her shoulder that she looked. Her heart gave an odd flutter- one similar to what she felt upon first seeing the woman who waited for her back home. Only this one fluttered from her chest to her belly in a way that made her dizzy.

Her brother was just as tall as she remembered- everyone in their family had been tall aside from her. She had to look up, or else she’d be staring at his chest. He was thin, trim with strong muscles under his pale and scarred flesh. All of him was covered in golden-brown hair- thick waves on his head and scraggly beard, to his chest, forearms, and-

She blushed and made herself look up from his groin into his tired face. Ivar smiled down at her through his beard; soft wrinkles that crinkled around his eyes made him look twenty years older than her rather than ten. His red eyes watched her with love and admiration, suddenly reminding her that she also stood naked before him.

They were looking at each other in a way that made her stomach turn into a ball of nervous energy. Sigrid stepped closer and placed her hands on his chest and the side of his face. He was warm beneath her palms and the hair soft.

“Do I look like you remember?” adiosbet giriş Ivar asked as he leaned into her palm.

Sigrid gave him a faint smile and placed her other hand on his cheek. “You look tired, brother.” She rubbed her thumbs along the line between beard and skin, still feeling that strange elation as he cupped her jaw.

“I am…” his expression fell slightly to one of contemplation as he looked her over once more. “You. You’ve become a woman.”

She felt herself blush. Sigrid stepped closer until she was almost flush to him and rested her forehead against his shoulder. “Woman is a bit of a stretch, I think. There are days when I still feel like a child.”

Ivar chuckled and wrapped his arms around her. “You’re very womanly.”

His calloused hand rubbed across her shoulder, brushing her long hair away from her neck. His fingers traced along a scar that stretched along her shoulder blade to her spine. She shivered and pressed closer, so their hips were together, and she felt his member flex between her legs.

Both of them took a breath at the feeling, but neither moved. Sigrid closed her eyes and took in the sense of her brother’s warmth. She spread her arms to wrap under his, so her small breasts melded against him. The arm around her waist held her tight as he nosed along the curve between her neck and shoulder. Between her legs, Ivar’s erection grew until it throbbed in a way that made her adjust her stance, so she was more open for him.

Ivar rocked his hips, so his cock slid along her slit. His throat buzzed as he let out a deep groan. “You’re so warm. We shouldn’t-“

Releasing her waist, he grabbed one of her legs and lifted it to his hip. They gasped at the contact. Their eyes met, grey-blue and blood-red, in a mutual exchange of love and lust for seconds before Ivar descended upon her and kissed his sister passionately.

Her arms moved to wrap around his neck as she met his kiss. His hair caught in her fingers, locking him close as lips and tongues met in a desperate dance. Strong fingers dug into the muscle of her thigh and shoulder. In moments between kiss and gasp, she could hear the slick sounds of Ivar stroking along her sex, coating his length in her juices and poking at her entrance.

Perhaps this should have disgusted her; Lying with one’s sibling was frowned upon no matter what culture you were in. This certainly wasn’t how she expected the reunion to go. But Sigrid moved with her shoulders, and with Ivar’s careful steps, she had herself backed to the wall of the cave. With one final shared look between them, Ivar pressed his forehead to hers and slowly slid himself inside.

Sigrid had been with plenty of women, so she was no stranger to sex, but this was a first for her. Nothing larger than her, currently forgotten lover’s fingers had ever been inside her. While the lady knight had strong fingers for the task, they were nothing compared to Ivar’s cock.

While not long, he was thick with a defined head that pressed along her sensitive inner walls in a wholly new way. He filled Sigrid more and more with each thrust of his powerful hips, all while taking care to allow her to adjust. The air of the cave softly echoed with the quiet, slick sounds of him sliding in and out coupled with their pleasured gasps and moans.

Once he was buried fully within her, Ivar held her leg with one hand and rested the other forearm against the wall. They breathed together, neither moving as her body adjusted for him. He leaned down and adiosbet güvenilirmi kissed her softly.

“I’ve never felt anything so warm,” Ivar said with a sigh. His eyes locked on her as her head leaned back against the wall. He pulled out then pushed in to the hilt in one stroke, making her gasp. Then he forced himself in her again and again.

“Ivar. Ivar!” Sigrid’s fingers gripped the back of his head. She yelped when he leaned in to bite her neck as he drove into her with vigor.

Ivar gripped the underside of her thighs and picked her up to get a better angle. He carried her to a pile of furs and grasses. Keeping her legs up, he pounded into her with short quick strokes. He watched her squirm beneath him. Droplets of drool fell from his lips onto her breasts.

She could feel him deep inside her; it was like he was trying to push himself into her womb. When she cracked an eye open, her brother’s red eyes held an almost feral expression. Ivar bared his teeth, and he growled with each thrust. It was different from her placid knight; she was passionate but never showed a passion like this.

Sigrid’s face and chest flushed. Something inside her was trying to bubble to the surface- she wanted Ivar ultimately. She couldn’t imagine being without him now that they’d found each other. But what did having him completely mean now?

Reaching up, Sigrid pulled her snarling brother down to a kiss. Both of his sturdy arms planted on either side of her head. His body pressed into hers, but he didn’t slow down.

Sigrid’s nails dug into his back, clawing down to his rear. His tongue licked along her teeth and lips, then up to her ear where he growled, “I’m so close. Sigrid, let me cum inside you. Let me put pups in you.”

The thing she had begun to feel finally snapped at his words. Her body trembled, and she felt her orgasm overtake her before she could answer. All of her muscles tightened around him, making him groan in her ear.

His thrusts picked up in pace, and he pushed deeper into her with short drives. “I love you, Sig. I’ve missed you so much. Let me keep you, make a family with you again.”

“I love y- you too, Ivar,” she whimpered. “Please-!”

Ivar’s arms wrapped around her head and held her tight. His hips pressed into her, and she felt his cock spasm as streams of thick cum spilled into her.

His body trembled with little spasms until he finally collapsed on top of her. Hot breath warmed the side of her face as her brother panted with exhaustion. Sigrid couldn’t help but smile as her own muscles began to relax. With a bit of effort, she managed to release him long enough to run her fingers through his sweat-soaked hair.

Ivar sighed against her skin. Then he adjusted himself to rest on his elbows, his eyes meeting hers with tired lust and love. No words were spoken between them, but he leaned down to kiss her as he continued to slowly rock his hips into hers.

“Give me a moment,” he whispered when they parted, “then I want you to roll onto your hands and knees so I may take you as a wolf would take his mate.”

Sigrid couldn’t help but look at him, shocked. “Again? So soon?”

He gave a gentle chuckle and brushed the hair from her face. “I know you don’t mean to stay here with me. So I mean for you to leave this place with a pup in your belly. A reminder of me until I find you again.”

Sigrid couldn’t help but blush. It was such an embarrassing thing for him to say, yet strangely arousing at the same time. She traced her fingers down the dip in his spine and along his jaw. He leaned into her touch before kissing her palm.

“I’ll find you again once it’s safe,” she whispered. “We’ll be a family again.”

“Good,” Ivar said with a grin. “Now, on your knees, little one. I want to feel you again.”

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