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June Seeks Satisfaction

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“Come on Ed, can’t you at least try?”

“Honey I am trying, there’s nothing left you’ve drained me.”

Here I was lying on my back with my wife straddling me, my dick now soft after cumming still inside her and she’s begging for more.

“When we were young we used to go two or three times a night and now I’m lucky if I get three times a week.”

She was right and I knew it but that the price you pay for getting old. I even tried to get a scrip for Viagra but my doc said my heart couldn’t take it. June kept at it as she kept me tightly gripped inside her she continued to ride me but it was no use I remained soft.

“Well if you can’t please me I guess I’ll just have to get me a younger man on the side.”

The thought of my wife fucking someone else was a fantasy I’d had for years but of course, I’d never brought it up. I could feel myself stir inside her and she noticed it as well.

“Ooh, what’s this, does your peter like the idea of me doing some young stud?”

We began to fuck again as she talked of her unknown lover and how much he would fuck her. Now we have done some mild role-play in the past usually as me playing a sub. My wife never seemed to care for it so we seldom did it. However seeing it had turned me on she got into it. She grabbed my nipples in both hands and pinched them tightly.

“Yes honey you need to find a real man who can pleasure you like you deserve.”

Saying this took my wife over the edge and she came in waves, over Beylikdüzü escort and over again. I was right behind her shooting deep inside her.

She lay on top of me in a pool of our combined sweat, too tired to get off. I stroked her hair wet and hanging down as I kissed her neck.

“June that was so hot, I haven’t been that excited in I don’t know how long.”

She rose up to look at me,

“You liked that didn’t you baby, I know you like to play those games but usually they don’t do much for me but I did get off on it.”

“What if I wasn’t playing, I mean what if I was serious about you finding someone to help pleasure you?”

“Yeah, well where do you think an old lady like me is going to find this young stud? And if you think I’d let you go find some woman on the side, you’re crazy. You know I’ll cut your dick off if I ever catch you. “

“Are you kidding, honey you’re more woman than I can handle why would I want anyone else. Listen you are still hot and I know there must be thousands of guys who would just love to get the chance to be with you. Haven’t you heard of MILFs or cougars, come on middle age women are a hot commodity these days.”

We lay together until we fell asleep and when we woke up, we took a shower together. As I was scrubbing my wife’s back for her, I decided to push this as far as I could. After her back, I sat on the shower floor and began to scrub her legs and when I got past her thighs she opened her legs and I put my Beylikdüzü escort tongue inside her. I next put her clit in my mouth as the water ran on my head I gave her another orgasm. She held my head to her and I continued to please her until she came again.

After getting dressed in our pajamas, June went to make dinner and I sat down at our computer to look up some websites to show my wife. I Googled ‘Cuckold’ and even I was shocked to find over three million results. I clicked on six or seven sites and then bookmarked the more interesting ones. When June walked in to say dinner was on the table I asked her to take a quick look before dinner. I noticed as she looked through the first site she began to breathe heavier and I put my hand inside her nightgown, on her thigh and gently caressed her.

“Ed is this what you want, to be my cuckold to sit at home while I go seeking pleasure from another man?”

“Yes dear it is what I want but only if you want it too. Your satisfaction is my desire, nothing else matters.”

I now had my fingers inside her folds feeling her wetness. I began transferring her juices up to her clit causing her another orgasm. She instructed me to pull my PJs down and then sat down backwards impaling my erection inside her. She continued to browse the websites as she rode me. She stopped got up turned around to face and then sat back down on my dick.

“You know Ed I’ve cheated on you before.”

I looked at her in shock but I asked Escort Beylikdüzü her to tell me all about it.

“I wished I had known back then you wanted me to cheat it would have been a lot easier. You remember when I worked all those late nights and weekends a couple of years ago, well I wasn’t working. This guy from work kept coming on to me, then to shut him up I went for a drink after work, and somehow we ended up in a motel. It was new and so exciting that we did it again the next night and then again all day Saturday.”

She told me to hurry up and cum because she wanted me to eat a cream pie like she saw on the computer. And that is just what I did deep inside her; she then stood on the chair and then sat on my face. Before I came, I thought this would be sexy but somehow after it didn’t seem like such a good idea. June didn’t care what I thought about as she rubbed her cum filled slit all over my face until she came again and then finally sated she got off and sat in my lap. Our dinner was cold but we didn’t care and my wife kidded my about having dessert first.

So, this is how our sex life has been for the last three months or so. It’s still in the role-playing stage as we fuck my wife teases me by threatening me that she is going to cuckold me. It has greatly increased out sexual enjoyment and so far, I’ve had the stamina to keep her satisfied. As far as where do we go from here I can’t say. At first, I wanted her to do it but now I’m afraid to rock the boat, she seems happy, I’m really happy, and who knows what would happen if she actually brought a man into our relationship. She keeps asking me if I want it and I keep telling her only if it pleases her. If she goes through with it, my only fear would be losing her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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