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Kayla and Her 10 Perfect Toes Ch. 02

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“So,” she said as she finished licking up the last drops of my cum from her toes. “Your bedroom or mine for round two?”

“I’ve got a better idea,” I told her.

I quickly gathered up a couple of blankets, the half finished bottle of wine from the coffee table and led her out the sliding glass door. Hand in hand we walked down to the fire pit, Kevin and I had built on the beach, the summer before.

“This is perfect,” Kayla exclaimed as I set to making a fire.

Once I had the fire burning, I turned around and was momentarily shocked to find Kayla, standing on the blanket completely nude. The light from the fire danced over her naked skin.

“You like?” she asked, self consciously.

“Very much,” I assured her.

“Not too fat?” she asked. “I’m about 15 pounds heavier than I want to be.”

“You’re perfect,” I told her as I stepped closer.

A wave of awkward rushed over me for a moment, causing me to stand in front of her like an idiot.

“Take off your clothes,” she prompted me.

She giggled as, when I pulled my shorts off, my hard cock slapped against my stomach.

“I guess you do like,” she smiled. “Now first things first…Kiss me.”

Our bodies pressed together, we shared our first kiss. Her full lips were as soft as I’d always imagined. My tongue gently parted her lips. Her skin, felt like silk against my body.

Breaking the kiss, I worked my way across her cheek and down her neck. She ground her hips against mine every time I brushed over an especially sensitive spot. She moaned as I flicked my tongue over, and then took one then the other nipple into my mouth. She jumped when I licked a ticklish spot on her tummy.

She placed her hands on my head as I knelt down in front of her and dipped my tongue into her cute little belly button.

“Please…” she moaned, pushing my head lower. “Lick my pussy.”

Kayla reached down and spread her pussy lips for me. She was soaking wet; I slowly ran my tongue the length of her lips before concentrating on her clit.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “That feels good.”

I eased two fingers inside of her while flicking my tongue over her hard little clit. It wasn’t long before her knees started to shake.

“You’re gonna make me cum….” She panted, grabbing the sides of my head as she thrust her hip towards my mouth. “Yeah….Right there….I’m cumming.”

Her body shook intensely, her pussy clamped down on my fingers and a flood gate of juices splashed from her, soaking my face and hand. She ground her pussy into my face until she finished cumming.

“Wow,” she sighed, sitting down on the blanket. “That felt good.”

She leaned over to kiss me. She lapped up her remaining juices from my chin and around my mouth before forcing her wet tongue into my mouth.

“I should have warned you,” she told me as our lips parted. “When I cum really hard I squirt…. A lot.”

I shrugged my shoulders a bit.

“I hope it didn’t freak you out,” she continued, then reached out and ran her toes over the head of my rigid cock.

“Not at all,” I assured her. “I think it’s hot.”

She shifted her body until she was lying beside me, wrapping her soft hand around my shaft, she slowly stroked me.

“It freaked me out the first time it happened,” she admitted, with a chuckle. “It was

“How did the guy react?” I asked.

“I izmir escort bayan was alone.”

Images of Kayla rubbing her pussy… I my mind I could hear her moaning, see her body starting to quiver then tense as her orgasm took over her body releasing a spray of pussy juice…My cock throbbed in her hand.

“You like thinking about me rubbing my little pussy, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“You want to know something?”

I nodded again.

“From the time I learned to get myself off, I usually think about you. To answer your next question…At least twice a day for the last 15 years.”

My cock throbbed again. Actually that wasn’t my next question, but it was pretty cool to know. She gradually picked up the pace of her stroking.

“Usually?” I asked.

Being a guy, I was interested in the other things that got her off.

“Oh…does it hurt your ego that I think about other kinky things when I rub my pussy?” she laughed, stroking even faster.

At that point I had to know. So, of course I asked.

“One of my all time favorites is imagining someone watching, or better yet walking in on me, seeing me fingering myself. Having them sit on the edge of the bed, just watching me make myself cum. Another…and I blame you for this one, is going shoe shopping. I’m in a short mini-skirt and no panties. The idea of watching the salesman react as I lift my foot, so he can help me into the shoe, and he sees up my skirt makes me incredibly horny. I would have him get me another pair from the back, just to see his hard-on tenting the front of his pants.”

My cock was leaking so much precum it looked as if she’d poured baby oil on it.

“You keep this up and I’m going to cum,” I warned her.

“Well,” she grinned, seductively. “If I slid you inside of me right now, how long do you think you’d last before cumming?”

She leaned down and swiped the head of my cock with her tongue.

“Not long,” I groaned.

“If I got you off now, would you be able to get it up again and fuck me?”

“I don’t think that will present any problem at all.”

She made me promise. I of course, did.

Once that was settled, she surprised me by climbing up, straddling me and pressing her dripping pussy directly on my rigid shaft. She then slowly and deliberately started rocking her body back and forth, gently grinding her clit on my cock. The light from the fire framed her body against the night sky made the scene even more erotic.

“So you like hearing about what gets me off?” she asked quietly.

“Yes,” I panted.

“Want to hear my dirtiest fantasy?”

I nodded.

“This one started when I came up here last Christmas. Denise and I were shopping together. With no kids or husbands to slow us down, we got all the Christmas gifts bought in record time, leaving us with most of the day to ourselves. So we went clothes shopping. The stores were jammed, so we ended up sharing a dressing room. The first thing she tried on was this gorgeous evening gown. I was fine as she took off her blouse and jeans. But it really got me when she took off her bra and I saw her standing in front of me topless in a skimpy little lace thong,” she paused and ground down on me a little more intently. “Have you ever seen her naked?”

“No,” I answered.

“Her body is incredible. Her boobs are so full with the perfect escort izmir amount of bounce. She must have been hitting the tanning booths, her skin looked so soft and smooth, my panties were absolutely soaked, it was all I could do, not to reach out and touch her. She slid the dress on and turned her back to me so I could zip her up. The smell of her hair turned me on so much, I was a wreck. I actually had to restrain myself from kissing her when she turned around.”

“Damn,” I muttered, mostly because I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

I could tell, from the way her stomach started twitching, Kayla was well on her way to another one of her earth shattering orgasms.

“We spent the rest of the afternoon together, trying on clothes in front of each other. There were a few times, I was sure she could smell how aroused I was.”

She stopped telling her story to let out a long slow moan.

“That night, I could hardly pay attention to eating dinner, dinner conversation…pretty much anything. It’s hard to describe, I wanted to get off so bad, but I didn’t want to sneak off and give myself a quickie….I wanted it to last, to really give myself a chance to get off big. So finally, everyone headed to their bedrooms. I was staying in the room you’re in….”

Her story was driving me crazy. Images of Denise naked and Kayla, her husbands’ sister, drooling over her raced through my mind. Only two things kept me from blowing my load over both of us were, one, I wanted to hear the end of the story and two; her pussy was so wet there wasn’t enough friction to make me cum.

“The moment I got into the room, I got naked. My panties were so soaked they were stuck to me. I peeled them off, got on the bed and started rubbing my clit…”

She paused for a moment and climbed off of me. The cool air hitting my cock made me shudder. Kayla reached down, took my hand and brought it to her mouth. She kissed the tips of both my index and middle finger before taking them both in her mouth. All of her teasing had my body so hyper-sensitive, my cock jumped as she swirled her tongue around my digits.

Once my fingers were wet enough, she trailed them down her body. She moaned as they brushed over her hard nipple, down her belly and running through her pubic hair. She lifted her body a bit then slid her wet pussy down on my fingers.

“I want to cum this way,” she purred. Then she asked; “Do you want to hear the rest of it?”

“God yes!” I exclaimed.

Her pussy juices had lubricated my cock so well, her hand slid almost effortlessly up and down my rock hard member.

“Ok where were we?” She asked rhetorically. “So there I was my legs spread so wide I had a foot hanging off each side of the bed. I reached between my legs and started rubbing my clit…It didn’t take long until I got bored with that and wanted…no needed to do something a little nastier….”

I hooked my fingers and applied a little more pressure to her g-spot. Judging from how she stopped mid-sentence and the way her pussy clamped down on my fingers, told me I’d made a wise decision.

“Fuck…I love feeling your fingers inside of me,” she panted. “So I brought my legs up higher, hooking my elbows into my knees, another one of those things that makes all those years of yoga classes worth it. I rolled my body up enough so that I was pretty much looking at my pussy. izmir escort I had two fingers of one hand buried deep inside my pussy, with my other; I started rubbing my clit like I was trying to start a fire. The whole time, I had my eyes closed and was picturing Denise. In my mind we were still back in one of the dressing rooms, she was completely nude sitting on the little bench, while I was on my knees with my face buried in that shaved pussy of hers.”

She started rolling her hips in a circular motion as she spoke. I could tell she was right on the edge of cumming again.

“It didn’t take long at all before I came so hard it almost hurt. My body thrashed, I could hardly breathe….The really cool part was I actually squirted all over my own face and into my mouth. It was a real gusher.”

Her breathing started getting ragged. I reached up with my thumb and let it brush against her clit and I finger fucked her pussy. Her moaning got louder and her pace on my cock got faster…It wasn’t going to take very long for either of us to cum.

“After I caught my breath, I realized I was still really horny. I moved to my hands and knees….Picturing Denise in front of me, letting me eat her pussy while my fingers slid in and out of my pussy. I imagined eating Denise while a guy fucked me from behind.”

I must have given her a strange look. She caught on to what I was thinking.

“Actually it was you fucking me from behind…Not Kevin….Fuck you’re sick…It didn’t take long to cum that way either. I sprayed all over the bed, pillows, and my legs and even got some on the wall.”

With all of her confessions, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and pulled her back on top of me.

“You want your cock inside of me,” she stated, rubbing the head of my throbbing penis against her slit.

I hardly had a chance to nod, when she slid my cock deep inside of her pussy. We both moaned in unison as she leaned forward and ground her clit on my pubic bone. I reached down and clamped my hands on her butt cheeks, lifting her up then slamming her down as hard as I could onto my cock. She leaned even further forward, her soft lips meeting mine, we moaned into each other’s mouths as our tongues swirled and twisted together.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Your cock feels so good.”

I had never been with a girl who got as wet as she did. I could feel the juices pour from her, coating my cock, my balls…even down to my asshole.

Feeling the need to switch positions, I pulled her off of me and rolled her onto her back. With her legs on my shoulders, I quickly plunged my rock hard cock back inside of her.

Her tits bounced and shook each time I slammed my cock into her pussy. She reached down between her legs, rubbing both her clit and my cock as it slid in and out of her. She placed her other hand on my shoulder. Each time I hit an especially sensitive spot she would dig her nails into my arm.

Suddenly Kayla’s body started to quake. Her nails dug deep into my shoulder.

“Oh God…” she cried out. “I’m cumming!”

If I hadn’t seen her squirt before, I would have sworn she was peeing on me. I felt the white hot heat of her juices pour over my cock and balls each time her pussy pulsed.

It all proved too much for me…With a deep moan, I started cumming, filling her wet pussy with my cum.

I collapsed next to her on the blanket.

“That was incredible,” Kayla stated, leaning over to kiss me. “Better than I’d ever imagined.”

Holding her close, feeling her soft naked body against mine, we both drifted off to sleep.

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