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Late Night

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It’s been a hell of a day today. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, managers are flying around the office everywhere, consultants are stressed out, and I’m stuck in the middle. The only one in the whole building who seems to be immune to this hive of activity is you. Normally, there’s a few minutes throughout the day where I can sit quietly and watch you, when no one notices. They probably think I’m drifting off in to space, and really, I suppose, I am. As a resource manager, my desk is higher than everyone else’s, so I can look out and see what’s going on, keep an eye on the floor, but it also provides me the perfect opportunity to keep an eye on you. You are a couple of rows back, slightly to my right, turned ever so slightly towards me, the perfect angle to observe you.

Usually, I take a few moments in the quiet period to rest my elbows on the table, cup my chin in my hands and stare off vaguely in your direction, letting my eyes trace the curve of your butt, the roundness of your shoulders, the stubble that occasionally covers your chin making me want to rub my hand across your cheek to feel the bristles. I stare at you, and for a few moments, imagine that I can have you. I am getting off track here, but you are terribly distracting.

Today, however, there was no time to look at you, which shows how busy I was. It’s the end of the day now, and most of my harassers have left. People are slowly filtering home, and I am on the late shift, so I’m going to be the last one out. It’s late, so late almost everyone is gone, but you are still there. You stopped on your way past earlier to let me know that you were working on a special project, that you were staying late, which is not unusual. Your smile relaxed me a little, and some of the day’s tension slipped away.

It looks like you’re wrapping things up now, tidying up your desk, pushing in your drawers. I check the clock, and there’s only 15 minutes until we close. I breathe a relieved sigh. “Someone’s had a tough day!” Your voice always sends little tingles canlı bahis down my spine. I hadn’t even realised you were behind me. I turn my head to look at you as you walk around and pull up the chair besides me. “Wanna tell me about it? I bet I can make you laugh and feel better.”

So, that’s how we ended up being the only two people in the building. You were right, of course. Now I definitely feel better. You’re telling me some story now, and I know it’s interesting, but I just can’t stop staring into your eyes. They’re a deep brown, intelligent, with lighter flecks in the irises. I don’t even realise that you’ve stopped talking and asked me a question until you wave your hands in front of my face. “Earth to Amy!”

I jump, surprised and embarrassed at being caught. I mumble an apology. “I was, you know, miles away, sort of drifted off.” You laugh, “Drifted off into my eyes?” I feel my cheeks heat and can’t reply. I jump out of my chair. “Um, I guess I should be going now, you know, it’s getting late and all that.” I grab a pile of papers and head towards the storeroom. “It’s ok, you can stare into my eyes anytime you want. As long as I can stare back at yours.” I look up at you, and you have a cheeky grin on your face. I roll my eyes at you and continue into the storage room, bending down to put the papers in the filing cabinet.

When I stand up, you are right behind me. So close, I can feel your breath hot on my cheek. It’s then that you whisper in my ear “You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” Just like that, my pulse quickens, my mouth goes dry, and my knees feel weak. You hear my sharp intake of breath, and grab hold of my wrist, turning me to face you. Before I even have a chance to think about what’s happening, your lips close down on mine, driving all thoughts from my mind. Your mouth is hot, your lips soft but firm, and your tongue gently explores my mouth, driving me crazy.

You pull me close to you, pressing our bodies together, and fire starts burning deep inside my belly. Now the initial bahis siteleri shock is over, I’m kissing you with full force, letting my tongue tease yours, enjoying the sweet taste of your lips. Before I know it, my back is against a wall, you’re pushing against me, and I can feel my soft curves yielding to the hard contours of your body. The intensity increases, and I feel your hands starting to roam about my body, feeling the flatness of my stomach, curving in over my waist, your thumbs brush my breasts as your hands move up, then back down. My hands are on your shoulders, I can feel the hard muscle beneath your shirt that I always suspected was there. Your arms aren’t thick, but they’re well built, and my hands are taking all the sensory pleasure they have to offer.

My hands travel back up, and I do something I’ve always wanted to do, run my hands through your hair. Meanwhile, you’ve reached one hand around and are cupping my butt, rubbing it firmly, while your other hand is making fast tracks towards my breasts. As you run your hand over them, a sigh of pleasure comes from my throat, and thus encouraged, slowly unbutton my shirt.

The feel of your thumb rubbing over my nipple is exquisite, and my mouth breaks away from yours, gasping at air. Your lips, determined not to be deprived, travel down my neck to the base, where you set about driving the nerves in the hollows of my throat crazy as your hands keep stoking the fire in my belly by stroking over it and my breasts. Unable to keep control of myself much longer, my hands reach down and pull your own buttons apart.

You pull your lips away from me long enough to pull my shirt off, quickly followed by my bra, then crush your naked chest against mine, delighting my already sensitive nipples as you once again plunder my mouth. Without warning, you tear away from me, but within seconds your mouth is on my nipples, one then the other, making me sigh and moan deliriously. I can feel the dampness in my panties, and know that I want you now like I’ve never wanted anyone before. bahis şirketleri My hands find their way to your belt buckle and pull it undone.

You sense the urgency of my wanting you, and lift your mouth back to mine to be devoured hungrily. You push my skirt up, your fingers finding their way around my black lace g-string to my shaved pussy. You groan in appreciation, and I can tell by the bulge in your pants that you like it. I finally succeed in getting your pants undone and slide those along with your silk boxers to the ground. Your hard cock is standing straight out, almost pulsing with life, and I ache to have you inside me. In what seems one fluid motion, you lift me up onto a nearby desk and push my skirt up over my waist. My panties are no obstacle, you push them down and step between my legs, which instinctively wrap around you as you push in.

You sliding into me feels so good I almost come right there, but once you’re buried to the hilt in my pussy you stand still for a moment, eyes closed, muscles tense. Our arms wrap around each other as you start pushing into me, hard and fast, passion overriding slow and sensual, making me gasp with each thrust. I’m sliding backwards on the table, and soon you need to put your knee up to keep driving into me, intensifying the sparks that fly through me.

When I come, I explode like a volcano, feelings like hot molten lava shoot up from my stomach and cascade down over my body in waves, making me writhe around you. You push me down so I’m lying on the desk, then, lifting one of my legs over your shoulder, pull your other knee up onto the desk, driving into me with all the fury of a thunderstorm. One of your hands is propping you up on the desk, the other roaming free around my body, and I come close to orgasm again. I feel your body tense up as you also come closer, and your release hits me like lightning, making me come with you, the spasms of my pussy milking your cock for all it’s worth. It feels like the longest orgasm ever. Spent, you collapse on me and we lie entangled on the desk, trying to get our breath back.

When we finally get up, you dress me tenderly, doing up my buttons, stroking my skin. You kiss me deeply, and, gazing into my eyes, ask “Well, do you feel better?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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