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Leila’s Descent Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Reminder that this story series is a fantasy. All characters are of the ages 18 and up. It contains unconsensual sexual activity. If you are uncomfortable, please find another story.


“Hey Leila, could you come up? I need help with something,” my brother had called me from his room.

I was sitting on the couch, cross-legged, and watching my favorite Netflix show. My name is Leila Sciera. I am of average height, standing around 5 feet 3 inches tall. My eyes were a faded green, with dirty blonde hair and light, fair skin. I had a well-rounded ass that caught the attention of some boys at my school, and my breasts were large and squishy. I had a slight athletic form, thanks to my time playing soccer in middle school.

“Coming!” I called back to him, reaching for the remote. Pausing my show, I hopped off the coach and started walking towards the stairs.

Today was a typical Sunday afternoon. My parents were out shopping, leaving my brother and I alone at home. I wore a thin black shirt that stopped short over my flat stomach, with no bra underneath. This meant that my nipples were partially poking through the cloth of my top. Along with that, I wore a short, pleated white skirt that stopped midway along my thighs, with no skirt underneath. I had omitted my undergarments since wearing them at home made me feel uncomfortable and partially restrained.

Plus, I really liked the fresh air I was receiving around my pussy.

Lightly jogging up the stairs, I stepped over to my brother’s room and peeked in. My brother, Kean, was standing there. He was a few years older than me. He was tall, standing nearly six feet in height, and had a lean musculature. He had long, wild hair that was a dirty blonde, with light gray eyes, and had slightly tanned skin.

“You need something Kean?” I tilted my head to the side, gazing at him. He was standing there, looking me over from head-to-toe. He wore a white tank-top, showing off his arms, and light gray shorts.

“Yeah, I need you to help me get something,” He explained, still looking me over with his expressionless eyes. I could see something starting to push against the crotch of his shorts, but he quickly turned away and pointed to his bed.

“One of my tennis balls accidentally rolled under there,” He murmured, “And I didn’t want to move my bed since it kept my bookshelf in place against the wall.”

“So, you want me to get it for you?” I fully stepped into his room, standing next to him to gaze at his bed, “Why couldn’t you do it yourself?”

He lowered his hand and looked down at me. However, his gaze landed on my breasts, and I could feel a heat rising in my chest. My black shirt suddenly felt tight against me, and my nipples began to tingle, slowly perking up.

“Well, you see, I’m too big to reach under my bed,” He looked up at my face and smiled at me, “And you’re pretty small, so I think you can… Help me.”

I sighed, and started heading over to his bed. I was slightly annoyed that he called me over for this when I was enjoying my show. Getting down onto my knees, and hands, I bent down slightly to peer under his bed. I heard a light gasp from behind me, and I looked back at my brother. He was staring at me wide-eyes with a large tent in his pants.

“What?” I asked him, arching an eyebrow.

“Nothing,” He quickly replied, and turned to his door.

I blinked a couple of times, and then turned back to his bed. It suddenly hit me that because I was not wearing any panties and wore my skirt, Kean had a perfect view of my ass and bare slit.

Heat quickly rose up from within me, and I contemplated on whether or not I should stand back up and excuse myself to put something else on. However, a part of me sort of liked the idea of having something stare at my exposed, bald pussy. A tingle rose up from within me, racing all over my body. My nipples were fully erect, pushing up against my shirt, and I could feel my pussy swell.

I’ll just get the stupid ball and get out of here, I thought to myself, choosing to remain rationale. Lowering my head, I peered under my brother’s bed. Unbeknownst to me, he had softly closed his door and locked it, leaving us two alone in his room.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark, bursa escort I looked around for a tennis ball. However, I could not find anything, except for stored away board games and a pair of skating shoes.

“Hey, Kean, what tennis ball are you talking about?” I called, reaching under his bed to push the board games aside to see if what I was looking for was hiding, “I can’t seem to find-“

I felt a warm breath wash over my bald pussy. I froze slightly, holding back a surprised gasp as my pussy tingled.

“What- Kean?” I began to pull my head out from under his bed. That was when I felt hands grab either side of my waist, and something hard and stiff push against my bottom.

“Damn Leila, you’re packing some crazy assets,” Kean murmured, as he leaned over me, pressing the tent in his short against my ass. His fingers dug into my sides, squeezing my soft flesh.

“Kean!?” I exclaimed, my eyes wide as I tried to look back at my brother. I squirmed, trying to shake myself free from my brother’s grip and push myself out from his bed. However, in my fetal-like prostrated position, I was pressed against the ground with my head still partially under his bed. His body, specifically his crotch, was pressed against the back of me, keeping me from pushing myself out.

“Leila,” My brother groaned as my squirming caused me to rub my bare ass against the tent in his shorts. He started to press it more against me, rubbing it up and down along the crack of my ass and just barely touching my pussy.

I gasped, freezing up as I felt something wet and sticky glaze itself across my bottom and pussy. I could feel that his shorts were still on, but the part that rubbed against me was extremely warm and wet.

“Kean- Kean, stop it. Please,” I called to him, trying to push back against him and unintentionally rubbing my ass against his hard-on even harder, “Stop. This isn’t funny. I don’t want to do this. Let me out.”

But, it was no use.

“Oh my God,” Kean groaned, and he slowly moved his hands along my upper torso, feeling every bit of my shirt-covered stomach and chest. His hands arrived on my breasts, and he gently squeezed them. He continued pressing his hard-on against my bottom, this time against my bald pussy. The wet and stickiness of his pre-cum that leaked out from his shorts began to drench the outer lips of my clit, and the heat spread across my crotch.

“Kean- I- KEAN!” I yelled at him, still struggling. But, now, my attempts to fight back started to become unfocused as my pussy responded. Heat flowed from my inside, and the tingling in my pussy became stronger. I was starting to feel horny, and my wetness started to arrive.

“Kean… Stop this…” I gasped, closing my eyes as I felt his tented cock press and rub against my now soaking pussy. I kept telling myself that this was wrong and disgusting, but my body betrayed me even more as I slowly spread my thighs.

At this point, my brother had slipped his fingers under my shirt. My body tingled at the touch of his fingers as they rubbed across my stomach, feeling every bit of my smooth skin. They explored further up, until his hands cupped around my breasts and gently squeezing them.

“So fucking soft,” He murmured, feeling my erect nipples with his fingers and lightly pinching and kneading them. I let out a soft moan, before suddenly tensing up with my eyes opening wide.

“Kean, let me out,” I pleaded, trying once again to escape, “Please. This is gross. I don’t want to do this.”

However, my attempts were in vain as my body began to succumb to the pleasure that I was inevitably feeling. I was no stranger to masturbating, having only done it a couple of times whenever I was allowed to be left alone at home. I was only used to rubbing my clit with my finger while squeezing my boobs, and had occasionally ridden a pillow.

However, this was something new to me.

I felt one of my brother’s hands retreat from my breasts and out from under my shirt. It was soon followed by his other hand, leaving only his crotch to keep pressing me down. Yet, I was unable to realize this as an attempt to escape as my pussy grew wetter and wetter, numbing the thoughts in my head and allowing my horniness to flare up even more.

I bursa escort bayan felt Kean’s hand slide under my skirt, cupping itself over my left ass cheek. He gently squeezed it, with his thumb pulling the inner side of it to spread it apart. I let out another moan, and then groaned from frustration and annoyance. I wanted to fight back against him, but I couldn’t seem to find the will to fight back against myself.

Suddenly, I felt something strange happening against my ass. At this point, my pussy had become a waterfall, with the fluid streaming down the inner sides of my thighs and dripping onto the floor. I could feel my brother fumbling with his shorts with his other hand, but I couldn’t understand what he was doing as he kept humping me with his soaked, tented hard-on.

And then, my brother had pulled his shorts down just enough to reveal his cock. I felt it sprung up like a stiff rod, with the head pressing against my pussy lips. I moaned again, this time a little louder as I felt the intense heat and the smoothness rub against my soaking clit.

“K…Kean…” I croaked, trying one last time to plead to my brother, “S… Stop this… You… Ohhhh…” I moaned again, closing my eyes as I felt him rub his thick cock against my lips. He groaned, and his hands soon returned to my waist.

“Fuck, Leila,” He breathed, and I could feel something splatter against my back. It was his drool. “You feel so fucking good… I need to use your pussy. I’ve been waiting for so long for this…”

“W-What…?” I called, my voice barely even audible. I couldn’t even focus on what he was saying, but something in the back of my head was trying to snap me out of my horny daze.

“Here goes,” He whispered, before lining up his cock against my pussy. He slowly pushed against me while I unconsciously rubbed myself against him. The head of his thick rock spread my lips apart and glided into my inner pocket with ease, all thanks to with how wet I was.

“Ohhhh… Oh my god… Fuck…” He groaned, and I let out another moan before suddenly realizing what was happening.

“Kean- Kean, listen to- Ohhhhh fuck!” I tried to stop my brother, but he suddenly jammed his entire member into my pussy. I let out a high pitched moan, and I arrived upon my first orgasm of this moment. I shuddered against my brother while still head-under his head.

He’s… He’s inside of me! I pressed my face against the carpeted floor, gasping as I could feel all eight inches of his cock fill me. I could feel it throb within the inner walls of my pussy, its heat mixing with my own alongside his precum and my fluids.

I was a virgin, only having the experience of masturbating with my fingers and using my pillow. My first time ever being penetrated was by my older brother, and I had no say in it whatsoever. Yet, I couldn’t find it in me to fight back.

Kean began to slowly fuck me, gently pulling his thick, throbbing member out of me with only the head still in, before plunging it back into me. He was savoring the feel of my pussy with every thrust, allowing me to feel the full size of his raw cock.

“Leila, you feel so fucking good,” He growled, which surprised me enough to partially snap back into reality, “Your pussy it so fucking tight… But, oh so fucking wet.”

“Kean, I’m your fucking sister,” I called to him, fighting back another moan. My body was extremely sensitive now as it was trying to calm down from my earlier orgasm, “We can’t do this. What will mom and dad thi-“

I was cut off as he suddenly picked up his pace, slamming into my body with animalistic hunger and power, causing me to yelp.

“They won’t know,” He growled at me again, gripping each of my ass cheeks with his hands and spreading them apart, “As long as you don’t say shit to them, I’ll keep fucking you.”

His words came as a shock to me, but the feeling quickly dissipated as his powerful rod rammed in and out of with ferocity, causing electricity to course through my body. His balls and thighs slapped against my ass as he pounded me at a quicker pace, and I could hear a slight squelching nose from my soaking pussy being drilled in by his cock. I couldn’t form proper thoughts in my head as I started to reach another escort bursa orgasm.

“Ah- Ohh- Oh my God-” I cried into the carpet before lifting my head up and sticking my tongue out, “Ohhhhh!” I shuddered as another orgasm rippled through me. My eyes rolled back slightly, and I started moaning and gasping out loud.

Now, I couldn’t even care about what was happening. The urge to fuck and orgasm violently took me over. I didn’t care if my brother was fucking me. The feeling was so amazing.

I gripped the carpet tightly with my fingers and rested my head on its side on the floor, letting drool spill out from the corner of my mouth. I pushed my ass back against my brother as he rammed into me, trying to get more of his cock deeper into me. I pressed my tits against the floor and rubbed my covered nipples across the carpet, causing them to tingle and ache for someone’s touch. I continued gasping and moaning, reaching out with my tongue and swiping it at the carpet. I could feel my juices splatter against the back and sides of my thighs all thanks to my brother’s cock and balls splashing my pussy fluids everywhere every time he thrusted.

“Fuck… I’m… I’m gonna cum…” Kean groaned, squeezing my ass cheeks tighter.

“Wh-Wha…?” I gasped, not fully understanding what he was saying. His pace had gotten desperate, and I was starting to reach my third orgasm.

He’s going to what…? I closed my eyes again, trying to focus on whatever thoughts I had left. Did… Did he say cum…?

“K-Kean… Kean…” I gasped, opening my eyes and lifting my head up slightly, “Kean… What- Ah- Whatever… You do… Ohhh…” I reached back with a hand, trying to reach for my brother’s as it gripped my ass.

“Don’t… Don’t cum inside… Please…” I brushed his hand before my hand fell back to my side, weak from the pounding I was receiving,. “Pull… Pull out… Before you…”

He suddenly rammed his cock into me one last time, pressing his crotch against my now reddened ass. I could feel his hot, thick, throbbing member reach deep into me, stuffing me. And then, he unloaded his sperm into my pussy, filling me whole. That was when I arrived at my third orgasm, leading out a loud cry of a moan that echoed throughout my brother’s room. My body shuddered violently as the inner walls of my pussy squeezed on his cock while he continued to shoot his load deep into me. I could feel the liquid flow through within my inner pocket, mixing with my juices.

After a couple of seconds, my brother humped me a few more times, running his slowly softening cock along the inner walls of my pussy. I could feel his thick sperm coating itself along my insides before splattering out from my lips and onto the carpet. My head lay on the floor, my fingers digging into the carpet and my drool streaming out. I was breathing heavily, slowly calming down from my back-to-back orgasms and the fucking I had endured,

My brother slowly pulled out, followed by more sperm dripping down onto the carpet from my still sensitive cunt.

The front door of our house swung open, and my parents stepped inside.

“Leila, Kean, we’re home!” My mother called from downstairs. My eyes widened and I quickly pulled my head out from under the bed and sat down. Sweat glistened on my forehead and neck, and drool stained the corner of my mouth. I could feel my brother sperm slowly dripping out from my pussy, staining his carpet floor.

Kean stood, pulling his short back up. The front of them were stained with his precum and cum. He stared down a me for a couple of second before leaning forward.

“Not a word to mom or dad,” He whispered to me, reaching out with a hand to rub it against my back. I shuddered from his touch, still feeling sensitive and heated from what happened.

I closed my eyes and looked down as he straightened and grabbed a fresh pair of pants from his closet before quickly heading to the bathroom. I took a deep breath, sliding both of my hands over my crotch, before pressing my thighs over them. I sat there for a couple of minutes, the sounds of my mother and father bringing in groceries from the car being drowned out by a ringing in my ears.

I need to take a shower… I pushed myself up to my feet, not registering how weak my knees were. I slowly stumbled out of my brother’s room, using the wall to lean against as I guided myself to my room.

My fluids continued to run down my legs, occasionally dripping onto the carpet floor.

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