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Lessons in Living Green

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Welcome to my 2014 Earth Day contest entry! I hope you enjoy it. It’s relatively short, under 3000 words. I hope I did a satisfactory job at describing a fun couple. Please vote if you enjoyed it. Comments are always appreciated, too!


Amber didn’t say “Hello” as she carried her grocery bags to the counter, though she walked directly past Greg. He used the dining table as his desk and his fingered banged on his laptop’s keyboard. He appreciated her respecting his space and not breaking his concentration until crossed through the living room a second time and flipped the switch on the TV’s surge protector, turning off the TV. Merely turning it off wasn’t good enough for Amber. Plugged in but turned off, the TV still sipped power. “Hey, I was watching that!” Greg immediate protested, surprised she would turn off the TV without comment.

“Watching or listening?” Amber asked, hands on her hips as she stared down Greg. He had seen that look in her eyes before and backed down.

“Listening,” he admitted. “But that still counts as using it, doesn’t it?” When Greg had asked Amber to move in, he hadn’t asked her to change his lifestyle, too. “The background noise helps me stay focused.”

“That was Netflix, right?” she asked, sliding up behind him. Greg felt her breasts pressing against his shoulder and wondered if women knew guys always noticed when that happened. “May I?” She brushed his hands away from keyboard. She opened his browser, signed into Netflix and his movie resumed precisely where it had left off. She brought his work was back to the foreground while the movie played in the background.

“Sounds better on the TV,” he grumbled.

“Earth killing better?” she asked, rubbing against him and he knew it wasn’t an accident when her firm breasts had first pressed against his back and shoulder.

“No,” he admitted. Amber kissed his neck before heading back to the groceries and finding sin number two.

“You left the microwave plugged in?” she asked, sounding pissed.

“I warmed up yesterday’s leftovers,” Greg sighed, hoping for bonus points for using leftovers instead of throwing them away. “And I like seeing the clock.”

“The stove has a clock,” Amber said, unplugging the unused appliance. Greg left the table and visited the bathroom. He didn’t need another lecture about energy vampires.

Once they began saying “I love you” to each other, it didn’t make sense to live apart. Two weeks ago, she had moved in with him and they were still in that awkward adjustment period. Only her lust for hot sex rivaled her passion for saving the Earth. Greg had thought he was living rather green. He recycled. He worked from home, so he didn’t have a morning commute. He turned off lights when he left rooms and had long since switched to energy saving light bulbs. Once Amber moved in, he quickly learned how much room for improvement he had.

“You didn’t flush, did you?” Amber asked when he returned. He smiled, knowing he had gotten this one right.

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow,” he said and helped her pull groceries from her reusable shopping bags made from hemp.

“I’m going to turn you green, yet,” Amber said before rewarding him with another kiss on the back of his neck. “I bought you bacon.”

“Real bacon?”

She reached around his waist and rubbed his crotch while nuzzling against him. “It’s real enough, isn’t it?” she asked. Greg didn’t answer. “Aw, come on,” she said, feeling his firmness growing. “It’s not as if we’re vegetarians.”

“You’d like to be.”

“No way,” Amber purred as Greg’s prick growing harder. “I like meat too much.”

Greg stayed in front of the counter and enjoyed Amber’s tiny hand caressing his private parts. She nibbled on the nape of his neck and didn’t stop until he was completely hard. He knew she was manipulating him. He knew she was using sex as a carrot on a stick. Now that she had combined sexual correction with sexy rewards, he worked harder to please illegal bahis her.

“You feel so good,” she whispered in a soft moan. Her breath felt hot against his neck still wet from her kisses. His needful cock strained inside his shorts. Maybe she would reach her hand inside the waistband and give him more of a thrill. Amber was more than overt sexuality. She was pretty, exceptionally intelligent and indulgent of Greg.

She didn’t complain about his addiction to computer games. Hell, most of the time she sat next to him and half watched him play while she read or worked on her tablet. When she moved in, she didn’t redecorate his house with her stuff. She asked which drawers she could have. In the bathroom, she kept her make-up, creams and other girl stuff pushed neatly to one side of the small sink area. She cleaned up after herself, too, which was important to him.

“I love that I can do this anytime I want,” Amber sighed, still pressed against his back and groping his front. “I love how hard you get.”

Living together requires a combination between accepting differences and making compromises. Greg couldn’t compromise his need for clean. Stray crumbs left over on a countertop drove him crazy. Why couldn’t someone grab a paper towel and wipe up their mess? How difficult was it to make a bed every morning? Two minutes was all it took and the bed would stay made the rest of the day. He took a lot of ribbing over his neat-freak ways. He wasn’t OCD, just meticulous and anyone living with him had to accept that part of him.

“I got waxed yesterday,” Amber told him, her hands still on the outside of his shorts. She giggled when his cock jumped at the news. “Mm, I think someone likes that idea.”

“You know I do,” he groaned, unsure how much longer he could endure her intimate caress. “Can we…?” He didn’t need to finish the question.

“I don’t know,” she said between a few more kisses just beneath his ear. “You did leave the microwave on today. And then there was TV, too.”

“Just those two things,” he said, spinning in her arms. His hands slipped down her tiny waist and around her body until he cupped her tight, tiny ass. He pulled her against his hard-on as they embraced. Amber had her quirks, too. The biggest was her insistence that everyone had an obligation to do their part to save the Earth. He did pretty good most days once he learned there could be penalties for getting it wrong.

“I’m really horny,” she purred, grinding against him. They kissed and one of his hands slipped between them to cup her breast. He found a stiff nipple and she moaned as he gently rolled it between a finger and thumb. “Turn off your computer and lets go to the bedroom.”

Greg smiled. He closed the lid of laptop, forcing it into hibernation mode. Before Amber had moved in, he never realized his laptop had eco-settings, too. Amber had sat naked on his lap and shown him the deeper settings of his laptop while he had groped her. She changed when the computer went to sleep mode or hibernation, explaining how hibernation was as good as turning it off. She had also assured him it was okay to leave his laptop plugged in while he was using it as long as he remembered to unplug it overnight.

They went to the bedroom, collapsing in a heap of tangled arms and legs on top of the soft comforter. Their kisses were deep and soulful as their hands tugged and pulled at each other’s clothes. Greg was full of need and ached for release, but not before providing Amber with hers. He pulled off her shirt and bra and visited both her breasts with his eager tongue before tracing a wet line down her body. He hooked his fingers inside the waistband of her yoga pants, grabbing her thong at the same time and pulled. He smiled as he looked up at her smooth, puffy womanhood and he knew she needed this as much as he did. He parted her thighs and attacked.

Greg approached eating pussy the same way he approached writing computer code, different situations required different illegal bahis siteleri answers. Some days he would tease Amber by gently sucking and nursing on her pussy lips for a long time before his tongue would focus on the bud of her clitoris. Other times, he would give her a combination of inner and outer licks and delight in how she would squirm. He never forgot he had two hands that could roam her body or help between his legs. Seeing her soft flesh bare and so freshly waxed made him want to linger on her outer lips. He wanted to suck and nurse on her puffy outer lips and enjoy the silky, hairless smoothness. His instinct told him that’s what she expected. That’s why he changed it up. He splayed her pussy lips and placed his tongue directly over her clit.

“Oh fuck!” Amber shrieked, sounding delighted and surprised. “Yes! Like that!”

Greg pressed his face tightly against her bare pussy, licking and lapping at her sex. He drank deeply, enjoying the taste and smell as he rocked his head from side-to-side and coated his cheeks and chin with the essence of her womanhood. He loved eating pussy and loved eating hers most of all. Maybe it was the all-natural diet she maintained, he didn’t know, but he loved how she tasted. He bided his time as he gave her the most intimate kiss he could do. He watched her pretty face between the swells of her breasts, saw her watching him and he watched as pleasure forced her eyes closed. He felt her body tensing and knew she was close. That’s when he grabbed both of her nipples. He could be harder, firmer on her nipples as her orgasm arrived. He pinched and rolled the twin nubs of sensitive flesh and watched as she bucked, cried out and thrilled with her climax. He gave her a few more intimate licks before crawling on top of her.

“So good,” she purred, kissing him without concern for where he had just been. She pushed him backwards. Greg rolled with her, on to his back while she kept her lips against his. Orgasms energized Amber. She climbed on top of him. “I need this,” she said, stroking his hard cock for a moment before her eyes slipped away from his face. She looked at the nightstand, her eyes tracking something distracting. Greg turned his head and saw the problem. “Really?” she asked, her voice changing from sexy to sharp. “Really Greg?” She pushed off of him, climbed off the side of the bed and snatched his phone charger from the wall. “Do you know how bad that is?”

“Baby, it’s a charger, that’s all,” he said, feeling his heart sinking.

“Feel this,” she said, handing him the charger. “Want to guess why it’s warm? Because it’s been pulling electricity.”

“Yeah, but come on, it’s just a phone charger,” Greg replied, worried his mistake would cost him an orgasm. He was in Amber’s danger zone. He saw the look on her face and knew he had given the wrong answer. Even when her face softened unexpectedly, he remained suspicious. He was right to worry.

Amber sat on the edge of the bed. She looked lovingly at his cock as she caressed him. “I was really hoping to feel this inside me today.” Her caress was purposeful. She wasn’t just touching him because she cared about him, she was stroking him, purposefully moving him closer to his orgasm.

“I promise I won’t forget again,” he said, afraid he knew what was next. She shook her head with a sad look on her face. “Fine, then maybe I can just do without an orgasm,” he offered.

“No, I don’t think that works. You know I don’t like withholding orgasms from you. That’s not my style.”

“Really, it’s okay,” he said with an eager smile. “It’s better than, you know, the other thing.”

“Do you really want me to stop?” she asked wearing a sly smile. She leaned over and licked his hard cock. “Doesn’t that feel good?” she asked.

“Yes,” he squirmed, his cock throbbing with need.

“And if I don’t get you off, what’s going to happen?”

“Nothing,” he promised.

“Really? I mean, if you want to jerk off, I’ll watch you. canlı bahis siteleri You know how know how much I like watching you do that.”

“It’s better when you do it,” he said, feeling his resistance slipping away as his passion grew.

“It was your rule, remember?” she added, though she didn’t need to remind him. Greg had had a rule about living with a girl and Amber had been the first woman willing to abide by his rule. He had spent too many lonely nights (and days) jerking off. In his mind, why have a live-in girlfriend if his sexual needs weren’t being met. It was an idea he applied in both directions. His girlfriend should never feel the need to masturbate, either. He wasn’t ignorant. He knew that sometimes it felt good doing it alone. But shouldn’t those times be saved for when a partner wasn’t around? If she was at work or if he was out of town, it didn’t matter. Masturbating was better than cheating. But if he was home or she was home, why should they do it alone? The arrangement was simple, if someone wanted an orgasm, and the other person was around, they were required to be part of the fun. Maybe all they would do is watch. Or, maybe they would help. Or maybe they would join in. To him, it didn’t matter and when he had announced the rule to her, Amber had gleefully signed onboard. Even better? She liked watching him do it. Better yet? Only twice had she only watched. As he had expected when he thought up the rule, sex begat more sex and his rule had brought them closer together as a couple.

“I know it was my rule,” he admitting. “I’m saying, I can do without until we make this better. I know I screwed up a couple times today.”

“A couple times?” she asked, playing with him. He knew she was toying with him. She gave him a few licks of her warm, wet tongue between tender caresses. He was excited and near the edge. “The microwave, the TV and now the charger?”

“But I did good things, too,” he moaned. “I didn’t flush and I ate leftovers for lunch.”

“I know and our Green Mother and I appreciate those things. But, well, you know how important recycling is to me.” She gave him a delighted smile. Greg groaned, knowing what was next before she climbed farther on the bed and pushed him. He didn’t fight the way she urged him to curl into a ball with his legs over his head. With his ass in the air, she licked the remarkably sensitive flesh behind his balls. Before Amber, he never knew how good it could feel having a warm, wet tongue caressing the backside of his balls. Her hand remained on his hard cock, stroking and caressing it as he stared up at his manhood. “Feel good?” she purred.

“This is so wrong,” he complained, his voice soft and ragged with his need.

“Open wide,” she giggled. Amber pressed against his backside, helping his stay curled into a ball as if he was trapped in the middle of a somersault. His hard, aching cock was aimed at his face as her hand worked him over with a milking stroke. Trapped against her body, he couldn’t move as she began caressing his balls. It was too much for him to take. She opened his mouth as his orgasm drew near. She picked up the pace on his swollen cock, rubbing, jerking and pulling on him faster and he came. His pent-up need erupted from his cock and splashed against his chin, inside his mouth, across his cheek and nose. “You have to get it all,” she smiled, using her finger to scoop the ropey strands of semen off his face and into his mouth. He kissed her finger, licking it clean.

Amber moved away, allowing Greg to stretch out again as she cuddled against him. “I hate that,” he grumbled.

“But our Green Mother loves when we recycle,” she cooed and noticed a lingering droplet oozing from the tip of his cock. She scooped it up with a dainty finger and fed it to him before replacing her finger with her mouth. “And I like how you taste.”

“I like how you taste, too,” he said, meaning her pussy.

“Want to taste me again?” she asked, squirming against him.

“Yes,” he said and he began kissing down her body once more. He would give her another orgasm and that would get him hard again. Then they could fuck. He had paid his penance and knew tomorrow he would be more careful. For Amber and for the Earth.

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