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Lia, My Housekeeper

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It was her tits that I noticed first, I am sorry to say. I was a married man, happy and comfortable in my life. I loved my wife, I loved our life and I had no intention of ruining any of that. That all changed when Lia walked through my door.


It was my wife’s idea to hire a housekeeper. I had grown up poor, so the idea would never have occurred to me. Helen, my partner for seventeen years, however, had come from money. She had had a housekeeper growing up and thought that it was time that the two of us gave it a go.

“I’m not sure,” I said. “Seems like a lot of money to pay someone for something we can do ourselves.”

“Johnny,” my wife said, “that’s the point. We *don’t* do it ourselves. We are both so busy that the house gets neglected. We live in a mess and then we have to make these huge efforts to clean up. We resent it, we fight about it, and I’m sick of it.”

She had a point. Things had been tense around that time, with many squabbles and outright fights between us. Often they stemmed from disagreements about whose responsibility was what little chore around the house.

We had both gotten very busy. Helen had been working her way up the corporate ladder of a major clothing retailer for years and now had a very high paying, very stressful job. She worked long hours and travelled for her job quite a bit.

I, on the other hand, worked for myself. I bought and sold luxury cars. I had a steady group of rich customers who would pay me to hunt down specific cars for them. The other side of my business was going to auctions and bidding on nice cars that I thought I would be able to flip for a profit.

I had fallen into the work years ago and before long was making very good money at it. It was always feast or famine, some months nothing coming in, other months I would make tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I liked the work, I liked the freedom, I liked the risks and high stakes, and of course it meant I always had a hot car to drive around.

This all meant, however, that between us we had little spare time to take care of our house. So she had a point. Originally I thought that she wanted someone to come a couple of times a week and that was fine by me, but it turned out she wanted someone live-in.

“We have the money,” Helen argued. “And we have the space. She can stay in the spare room in the basement. This place needs more than an occasional visit. It’s too big for that.”

Helen was correct there as well. As time went on and our financial situation improved we had upgraded our homes. From our first apartment to a small condo, to a simple townhouse to the place we lived now, a large, five bedroom home in an established old neighborhood of the city.

We had never had children. Helen had wanted to focus on her career and I had never been bothered about it, so the house was far too big for us. Some evenings, when Helen would work late, I would wander through our tastefully decorated but empty rooms, wondering why we had all this space.

While we discussed I looked at my wife and a thought occurred to me. Maybe, with the pressure of having to take care of the house being removed, we could reconnect. Helen was still beautiful at 39 years old. Her dark hair had a few grey ones, and there was a slight crinkle around her eyes but other than that she was still very attractive to me. She kept herself in shape, and her breasts were always on the smaller side, preventing the worst of gravity’s pull. Her face was oval with an olive complexion, and her green eyes were as piercing as always.

I had also kept myself in shape. I was 42 and it took more work to upkeep myself than it once had, but I did my best. We had a small gym in the house and I enjoyed running when I could make the time. I was five foot eleven, with broad shoulders and while not ripped, I had a decent body. My blond hair was cut in a trimmed barber cut, though my beard had begun to show some white hairs.

Helen claimed to also be attracted to me but, by that time, we had stopped having sex as much. My libido had never slowed and in fact it almost felt as if it had increased but hers had diminished greatly. I was lucky if I could get her to fuck me once every two weeks. And when we did she never seemed into it.

I had confronted her about it and she had admitted that her sex drive was barely there anymore. She felt bad about it but it seemed like nothing we did could increase it. I had all but given up, relying on porn, fantasies and daily masturbation sessions.

Thinking that it might help in that regard, I agreed to the situation. Helen’s arguments made sense, and I definitely did not want to take on the cleaning, so we reached out to a friend who connected us with someone they said could be trusted into our house. She was apparently the younger sister of their own house keeper, who was, by their accounts, amazing.

We negotiated a salary (I felt like we were offering too little for someone to take on the role but I was told it was the running rate) and arranged for her to move in the next week.


I istanbul escort was at the kitchen island, drinking a cup of coffee, scrolling through my phone, answering client emails when The new housekeeper arrived. It was a Sunday so Helen was home, which was nice, but I knew that before too long she would be ducking into her office to work.

She was, however, making herself available to introduce herself and show the new hire what would be expected of her. My wife was making sandwiches for the both of us when our doorbell rang.

“Oh,” Helen said, smiling. “She’s here!” She checked her watch and smiled to herself. “And she’s on time. That’s a good sign. I’ll let her in.”

She hurried down the hall, out of my sight, to our door to answer. I could just hear out a brief conversation but could not make out the words.

I was distracted anyway because I had just received an email I had been waiting for, a list of all the cars going up at the next auction, and was scanning it to note the ones that would be worth bidding on.

“Johnny,” my wife said, getting my attention from the phone. “Meet the new housekeeper.”

I glanced up and my eyes went wide.

As I said earlier, it was her tits that I noticed first. She wasn’t wearing anything particularly revealing, just a simple white blouse with small black buttons, but they were impossible to miss. They were very large on what was a slight frame. She only had the top couple buttons undone but even then I could see that she had an impressive cleavage. They filled the top, pulling against the buttons leaving small gaps between them, revealing nothing but teasing me with the idea of what was under there. I could make out the faintest bumps where her nipples lifted the fabric. I wondered whether they were hard. I swallowed, then realized that I was ogling a woman right in front of my wife.

I moved my eyes away from that rack and took in the rest of her. She was shorter than Helen, standing maybe five foot three, and had full hips and, I discovered later, a round ass. Her waist was slim, giving her an hourglass figure. She had a bag over her shoulder and was pulling a small suitcase on wheels behind her.

She was Asian, with long black hair, with highlights dyed into it, and dark eyes. Her lips were plump, looking kissable. Looking like they would form perfectly around my cock. From the moment I saw her I wanted to fuck her. I shook my head, embarrassed at myself thinking like a twenty year old boy, not the man I was. She looked up at me, smiling just slightly.

“Johnny, meet Lia,” Helen said, beaming.

“Hello, sir,” she said. “It is nice to meet you. Thank you for hiring me.”

She had an interesting accent that I couldn’t quite place. It was different to any other Asian person I had met. It almost had a hint of British to it.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, smiling and crossing over to her, taking her hand and shaking it. It was small and soft. Her nails were painted a light pink color, I noticed. Where my mind was at that moment I could not help but imagine it wrapped around my cock.

“Oh,” I said, smiling at her, “You don’t have to call me sir. You can call me Johnny.”

“Oh,” she said. “I am not sure. I feel better calling you sir. If that is alright?”

“You can call him anything you want. Isn’t that right, Johnny,” Helen said, frowning at me behind Lia’s back. She obviously wanted this to go well.

“Ah, yes. That’s fine. Whatever makes you comfortable,” I said. I was already uncomfortable with having what was basically a live-in servant. Having her call me ‘sir’ only made it worse. Still, I did not want to make her uncomfortable so I decided to go with it.

Helen spent the next forty minutes talking with Lia, showing her lists that she had printed of tasks to do around the house. Setting up schedules, and providing her with a credit card to use for purchases and shopping for our groceries. Lia, it turned out would also, on the days she was working, cook our meals as well. She would have two days off a week, Saturday and Sunday which would be hers, with no obligation to us.

While they talked I watched her, my eyes wandering over her. I knew that I was being a creep but I could not help myself. Every inch of this young woman called to me. It was like her breasts wanted my hands to grip them, fingers to sink into the soft flesh. Lia’s hips looked like they needed my hands to grip them, holding her in place as I plowed into her.

I overheard the conversation between the new housekeeper and my wife and learned a few things about our new employee. She was young. 24 years old, she said. She was from Malaysia. She had been here for three years. She was looking forward to staying in our home and taking care of us.

Eventually all the bases were covered and Lia had had her new roles laid out for her. I had gotten plenty to look at and file away in my mind for later re-visiting. If Helen was interested I would fuck her later, but guiltily knew that I would be thinking about Lia the entire time. avcılar escort If Helen, as she usually was these days, was uninterested I would jerk off with images of Lia’s perfect body in my mind.

“Johnny,’ my wife said, but I did not really notice. “Johnny!”

I snapped my head around to her.


“I asked if you would show Lia her room? I have a call I have to make. I’ll be in the office.”

“Oh,’ I said standing. I walked over and picked up her suitcase and started towards her room. “Sure. Lia, Its just down here. Its in the basement, but the window is a decent size. Its not too gloomy.”

Lia smiled slightly and followed me as I led her down the hall to top of the stairs.

“I am sure it is fine, sir. You have a lovely home,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said. “I guess.” I always felt awkward when someone complimented me on that. I didn’t build it and Helen had done the designing. I just felt a bit guilty for having enough money to afford it. I led her down the stairs, past the large space that was the TV room/ exercise room. On one side was a sectional couch set before a large TV and my gaming system, and on the other side a spin bike, a treadmill and some weights. I used the things fairly regularly to keep myself in decent shape, and Helen used them every day.

Down a short hallway was the laundry room, which I pointed out to Lia, as well as a closed door that led into the spare bedroom down there. I pushed into it, and walked to the queen bed and dropped her bag on top of it.

“It’s pretty basic but feel free to make it your own,” I said, as I began to turn. “There is a bathroom with a shower down the hall…”

As I finished turning my eyes widened. Lia, moving very quietly, had crossed the room and was standing very close behind me. There was only a very little space between us and I took in a sharp breath as I registered this fact. She was looking up into my face, her face very still and hard to read. Her eyes were very dark and it felt, for a moment, as if I was falling into them.

“Umm…” I stammered, “Ah, I guess…”

She interrupted me by placing her hand on my arm, just above the crook of my elbow. My arm jerked a bit in surprise but she kept her hand there.

“I just wanted to thank you, Sir,” she said, looking up at me. “I am very happy to have this job. I promise to be everything you need.”

She couldn’t know what she was saying. What I needed at that moment was to grab her by her arms, pick her up and throw her down on the bed just behind me. I needed to tear her top open, sending buttons spraying across the room, releasing those big tits. What I needed was to fuck her as hard as she had ever been fucked.

I swallowed past a lump in my throat and coughed slightly. The room was small and I had to move a bit closer to her to move around her. I needed a bit of space from this interaction to calm down and stop thinking like a horny teenager. Lia did not give any space as I moved so as I did so, her chest brushed against mine and I could feel her hard nipples run across my chest. I thought perhaps I heard a small intake of breath when we touched but I could not be sure. My blood was pounding in my ears and my cock was already hard, pushing out a bulge in my jeans.

I finally moved past her and walked quickly towards the door, which I now noticed that she had shut behind us.

“Thats great, Lia,” I said, turning the knob and stepping out quickly. “I’ll see you later.”

“Yes,” she said smiling at me as I left. “Perhaps I will try out that shower before cooking you supper, sir.”

I looked over my shoulder and saw her standing there, and shaking my head at the lust I felt for her quickly left and closed the door after me.


I did not know what to do with myself. I did not have much work to do that afternoon, and I did not feel like watching anything on TV. Helen was busy with her own job, in her office, once a dining room at the front of the house. I looked into the room and she had a headset in, on some conference call. She waved at me but was focused on work.

I considered going downstairs to work out but the thought of Lia, just down a short hall, naked and showering, was too much. I knew that I would not be able to get any kind of workout in.

I sighed and went upstairs to my own office, a spare room on the upper level. It was a smaller room. A different couple would use it as a nursery probably. I had a small couch on one wall and a solid, antique wooden desk that crossed the room facing the door. There was a chair on the door side of it for when I had meetings there, and I had a comfortable leather chair on wheels on the other side, so I could sit and look out into the hall. I had my laptop open on the desk as well as paperwork.

I sat down and drummed my fingers on the top of my desk. I was already bored. A moment later I stood up and crossed the room, closing the door. I went back to my desk and sat behind it, and pulled up my favorite porn video site.

I scrolled quickly past the landing page before typing şirinevler escort into the search bar. First I searched ‘Asian’, but there were too many options and not what I was looking for. Then I typed ‘big tit asian’ and this was more like it. I scrolled through videos until I found one that caught my eye.

The actress did not look very much like Lia, but she was close. She had a similar body type. I clicked on the video and put my headphones on. It was a pretty good video. There was no story or anything. Just this actress and a big cocked white guy. She sucked him off and tit fucked him.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my still-hard cock. It was 8 inches and the girth filled my hand. My foreskin still hid most of the purple head but I could see the gleam of pre-cum on the tip. I began to slowly stroke myself, letting the skin drag over the head, revealing it, then covering it. I was taking long slow breaths as I got deeper and deeper into the video.

The actress was now bent over the arm of a couch and the actor was sliding into her. My hand was speeding up. I was not interested in making this last or edging. I just wanted to knock one out and then get over this lust for Lia so I could function normally in my own home.

I suppose it was a mistake to put in headphones. I never really worried about it before that. Helen would very rarely leave her in-home office and if she did she would leave me alone with my door shut. She would assume I was working and did not want to be disturbed. I failed to consider that our new housekeeper might not realize this.

I was focused on the screen, the video of the asian girl getting railed, and I did not hear if there was a knock on the door. Nor did I hear, or notice, the door open, I was so transfixed, cock in hand, jerking myself quickly.

It was a movement in the corner of my eye that caught my attention. I yelped, I am sorry to say. A surprised cry came out of me as my head swung over and saw Lia in the room, standing there watching me jerk myself off. My eyes were wide and panicked. Without thinking I turned slightly in my chair, swiveling it so that I faced her, my naked cock hard in my hand pointed right at her. My hand froze and my heart was pounding in my throat. I could hear the actress moaning and grunting through the headphones that were still in my ear.

Lia, on her behalf, just stood there, looking at me, seemingly focused on my cock. She looked just as fuckable as she had earlier. Her hair was wet from the shower she had just had. She was wearing a white tank top and I could see red straps to her bra running over her shoulders just outside of the top’s fabric. Despite the layers of bra and shirt I could see her nipples straining out, hard. She had also changed into shorts, so I could see her smooth legs. While I looked at her, frozen and embarrassed I watched her lick her full lips.

My hand had frozen in place, clutching myself. My cock was just as hard as it had been and it was throbbing, needing release. Lia and my eyes locked and I swallowed.

Why had she not said anything, I wondered. Why was she not running out of the room, running to my wife who was just a level away. She was not saying anything. Just standing there four feet away from me looking at me gripping my shaft.

I am not sure what possessed me. It was definitely not common sense. Keeping eye contact with the asian beauty in front of me I pulled my hand down, a slow stroke, pulling the foreskin back revealing the purple head now slick with pre-cum. She did not react so I pushed back up. And down again.

There was something so erotic about stroking myself while this woman I had just met watched me. She gave very little away. Her slightly plush cheeks were perhaps a bit flushed, but I could not tell if she was aroused or embarrassed. Still, she was not complaining or leaving or asking me to stop so I continued, a lust filled madness temporarily robbing me of my common sense.

I continued to jerk myself while Lia watched, speeding up, but not rushing like I had been. My breath was heavy and I could see her own chest rising and falling, seemingly in time to my strokes. My entire focus was on her. I pulled the headphones out of my ears, not wanting to be distracted by the video of the woman getting fucked. I pushed the laptop closed as well as I jerked off for my new housekeeper.

I could feel my climax coming and decided to chase it now. My hand sped, the foreskin a blur as it rubbed back and forth over the purple head. Lia’s lips parted just a bit and her small tongue ran across them. I thought how nice it would be to cum across those lips, spraying them with my cum.

I felt the tell-tale tingling at the base of my cock, my ball sack tightening. My breath caught and my body tensed as I crossed that edge and, groaning, began to cum. I had not thought this through. I had not prepared. There was no tissue paper to catch my seed. My jaw clenched and I moaned as I released, spraying a thick spray of cum towards Lia who gasped a bit as she watched me. This climax had been building since she walked in the door and it was a heavy one. She was about four feet away and the furthest globs of semen landed just a foot away from her on the hardwood floor. I grunted another spray, this one less powerful than the first. My eyes re-opened and I saw her standing there, mouth open, fixated on my cumming cock.

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