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Life as a Sub Ch. 01 Pt. 10

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Chapter 1 – Part 10

I was grimacing out of discomfort. I looked down to see my hard cock sticking out over Claire laying between my legs, squeezing one of her breasts, while her other hand played with her pussy. She continued to mercilessly suck on my ball.

Sinsa stood up, then bent over next to me, lifted Bobs cock and sucked on it as she cupped his balls in her other hand. And there, right in my face once again, I was presented with his two large saliva covered balls.

Being subjected to my first pain and pleasure emotion, I was also feeling a little embarrassed as well. The way Sinsa was holding and offering Bob’s impressive manhood to me, reminded and made me even more self-conscious of my little ball being tortured right now.

They already had me believing that Bob’s cock and balls were far superior compared to mine, especially when Claire was able to show Sinsa just how easily she could take my ball into her mouth.

I sort of knew this was coming, mainly because I had made the bold move to come to this party in the first place. I always had that feeling inside me that at some point, I was going to be revealed as a beta male, and now it was all becoming very real.

Claire, gave my cock a quick stroke with her fist, and thankfully releasing my ball, started licking that bit between my ball and my bum. I decided that this is what I have to put up with at swinging parties. To be accepted, I had to go with what I was told and made to do.

Clive had warned me that some embarrassing things might happen as part of the evening’s play, and that it was normal for swingers’ parties. But, this was an overload of accepting sexual identity and, as I felt Claire resume sucking and pulling my ball, it was actually a barrier in my mind that had been completely demolished.

Claire continued stroking my cock, thankfully giving my ball a rest as she alternated between sucking my ball and licking that bit of skin leading up to my bum hole. But it still felt like she was trying to stretch my ball from my body and it was very distracting when she did it.

Trying to pay attention to Bob’s cock and balls being thrust and wiped over my face, I was a lot gentler with Bob’s balls. I leant forward to lick their shape and let my tongue feel their weight inside his tight crinkled ball bag.

I was paying my respects to his balls, when Sinsa let his cock fall from her mouth and let that thick hard meat smack me in the face.

Bob grabbed my head and held me with both hands as he guided his cock to my mouth. Once I had a firm sucking hold of his cock head, he started slow hip movements to fuck my mouth.

Meanwhile, in the background, I could hear others playing, because I could hear Sally cumming, and shouting over and over again, “Yes, yes, oh god, mmmmmmm, yes.”

Claire let my ball plop free from her mouth, and then she blew on it. OMG I could feel my ball bag tighten bursa escort bayan and shrink into a crinkly pouch as I felt her cold breath down there. She then moved to licking underneath my ball all the way round to my clean fresh hole. I nervously clenched as I felt her tongue lick and circle around my bum hole.

I just can’t describe the amazing feeling I was getting, but I was very nervous. I didn’t know if I should unclench, and just relax as she touched me there. What was I supposed to do? Her tongue felt so weird wiggling over my crinkles and directly touching my hole. And then there was the thought that I was going to fart. OMG please don’t do that, I said to myself.

My mind was trying to focus on giving and receiving but I was totally oblivious of how close Bob was to cumming. Granted, something tasted different in my mouth as I sucked him, but I was just lost in the whole runaway of feelings I was being bombarded with. I just didn’t think anything about it, until it happened.

Bob pulled out of my mouth, held his cock in his fist, groaned, and jerked off his cock directly at me. I closed my eyes as his first big thick spurt splashed on my chest just under my chin. His second big spurt got me directly on my chin and dripped down to my chest just under his first shot. His third and fourth spurts hit me again in the chest adding to the wet smelly mess that covered me.

What the hell. I felt absolutely dirty and so embarrassed. A man had cum all over me. This was out of order, just no excuse, but, it was strangely compelling. I had just witnessed up close, and we are talking eye level close, just how a man’s cock spits out cum. I had of course, watched my own cum shoot out of my cock, but didn’t take much notice as it was all just a bit of a cloudy orgasm induced blur.

This was another man’s cock. And now I was watching in a sort of trance as he squeezed his cock and another quite large blob of cum oozed out from his pee hole. He held his cock in his fist, keeping the thick droplet balanced on his cock head, then he just wiped it on my cheek.

Hey, what the fuck, I thought. Was that disgusting or was it an acceptable way of behaving with a newbie.

I was still feeling Claire’s mouth and tongue between my legs so I daren’t move. I just looked up at Bob from my kneeling position, and then down to all his thick sperm on my chest.

I was frozen with emotions. I didn’t know what to do while Bob smiled at me, looking down at his handy work.

I felt Claire shuffle out from between my legs and stood up. I looked at her and sighed out of relief that she had finished with me. Looking at her lovely body, I noticed a large drop of sperm had landed on her stomach so I pointed at it and said in a shocked voice.

“You got some of Bobs cum on you.”

She looked at me and burst out laughing. I looked at her, then down at my covered chest again and frankly, I couldn’t görükle escort help giggling as well. Sinsa knelt next to me and started laughing too.

I didn’t move. I just knelt there feeling Bob’s cum sliding down my chest. Then Sinsa reached over and stopped one of the drips with a finger. Bob too started to giggle, and then, still grinning, I watched him squeeze his softening cock to reveal another oozing drop of sperm out of his cock head. OMG. He then wiped it on my forehead.

I slowly stopped laughing, frozen in my place, feeling humiliated. I thought, just what did I look like. I was naked, shaved, a raging hard on and kneeling infront of a mature man, covered in his sperm.

I turned to look at Claire, then over at Sinsa. Both of them had big grins on their faces, but Claire was making girlish clapping and squealing noises and looking amazingly pleased with me.

Sinsa suddenly grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips. Pulling me down, she then proceeded to lick my forehead and then cheek. She gently bit my ear whispering.

“Welcome to the club, sexy man. You have now been baptised by our Alpha.”

Well, I had to admit, I was having mixed feelings about that. I was sort of proud that I had done something right and been praised by two gorgeous sexy mature women, but I was also felling humiliated. It was a feeling that, even though I didn’t know it at the time, it was to be a normal part of my sub life from this point on.

I had been officially accepted in the group, and all it took was to have the host of the party cum on me.

Yes, I was embarrassed, but also turned on because it really didn’t feel wrong or even bad. And, I didn’t feel gay, I believed now I was truly bi.

It actually felt so much better to be told that I was now a member of the group. I looked down at my chest. I was covered in a man’s sperm and everyone was looking at me as if it was acceptable.

So, I thought I had started my swinging lifestyle, even though I had sucked more cock than I thought I would ever do in my lifetime, but I had also sucked a mature woman’s bottom, breasts and pussy, so what was next?

Claire gave me some tissues and helped me wipe most of Bobs cum off my chin and chest. As I did, I looked over to the others. Mike was laying on the floor with Sally enjoying sitting on his cock riding him. Clive was sat in a chair, wanking his cock vigorously as he watched John fuck Jackie while sat in one of the other chairs.

Bob walked over to the table where the bottles of drinks were, his cock still semi-hard, sticking out and waving back and forth as he walked.

Once I had cleaned up, I was still a little bit sticky and smelling of sperm but I honestly didn’t mind. I just wanted to see what was going to happen next. Sinsa helped me to my feet and after smacking my bum, told me to freshen up in the downstairs bathroom.

I walked to the hallway bursa escort bayan and to the downstairs loo.

Having used the sink to wash off my chest and chin, I went back to the living room where Claire waved me over to the sofa and told me to stand in front of her.

I walked over to her, looking around to see the others still fucking and sucking each other. As I stood in front of Claire, I looked down to stare at Claire’s hard nipples, so enticingly erotic right in front of me.

She stood up, turned me, and pushed me down onto the sofa.

Sitting there, I watched as she bent down and gave me a long French kiss. I instinctively reached up to cup each of her breasts, but then I felt someone open my legs and I once again felt a mouth suck on my cock.

Claire was blocking my view, so I couldn’t see and I didn’t know who it was, and well, I didn’t care because it felt so good. I moaned in Claire’s mouth as I felt the mouth bob up and down on my cock, hand wanking me at the same time.

Wow, the mouth was bringing me to the edge really quickly. Too quickly in fact.

I was too close to cumming. Any second. OMG, I wanted this. I was about to cum so big, but then, the mouth stopped. Nooooooo. I needed to cum, please, I wanted to cum. Why oh why do they keep doing this to me I thought.

Claire stopped kissing and then straddled me. I was still so close to cumming. I was really desperate to jerk my cock, I needed to cum. My mind was just focussed on having an orgasm.

As Claire hovered over me, I saw that it was Sinsa who had sucked my cock because she was now holding and guiding my cock into Claire. She sunk down on me just enough so that my cock touched her wet pussy lips. Then I felt the total hot gripping wetness of her pussy on my cock.

She raised up and then sank down again, each time taking my cock deeper inside her. The feeling of her tight wet pussy gripping and squeezing my cock was just too much.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Oh God, I am cumming,” I shouted.

Claire slid down my cock as deep as she could, then stayed perfectly still, squeezing me with her pussy muscles. I jerked once then twice inside her. She pushed down further, trying to get more of my cock as deep as she could. I felt her again grip and squeeze my cock with her pussy and I had to jerk another big spurt of cum inside her. I grabbed hold of her body, and sucked on one of her nipples. My cock jerked again. I could feel her pussy feel so wet as it surrounded my cock and it was such a fantastic sensation.

We didn’t move for a brief minute. My mind exploded. My cock had erupted inside her. My mouth still sucking and nursing on her breast. I was feeling ecstatic.

After about a minute, Claire stood up, a thin trail of my cum dribbled from her pussy onto the towel on the sofa, my wet cock just flopped onto my thigh. She gave me a kiss on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth, then smiled.

She used a tissue to cup and wipe her pussy then walked out of the room. Sinsa sat next to me and as she too kissed me, gently held and wanked my sticky wet cock as we both watched the others in the room have sex.

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