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Locker Room Lust

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Her editor had called Winter back into his office with the news that he was going to send her on an interview of a top player after that day’s football game.

Pete hadn’t had much luck getting his male reporters to get a decent interview from the player, so he had figured maybe a woman would soften the dude up and give her something.

Far from the stick figure eye and arm candy that athletes normally dates and were seen with in public, Winter was still pretty. Creamy white skin, hair the shade of shiny copper, deep blue eyes, natural 40C tits, rounded hips, and a nice smile.

She’d heard the “you’d be a knockout if you lost weight, you have such a beautiful face” a million times, and frankly, Winter was sick of it.

She loved her full body, worked out to keep all of her curves in place, and if others didn’t like the way she looked, the hell with them.

Winter had gotten to the stadium showing her press pass to get into the special media section, not missing a beat of the entire game.

She paid special attention to the player she was supposed to attempt to pull an interview from, thinking it would make a great lead-in to the story, though she wasn’t optimistic the guy would give her the interview. He never gave interviews to anyone.

She’d gone back to the locker room after the game had ended, and of course, Brock Stanley had yelled out, “No interviews!” to the men around him.

Winter had begun to feel a bit defeated, preparing to tell Pete she didn’t have any more luck than her male colleagues had, but decided to try one more time before she went back to the office.

Winter had worn jeans and a black T-shirt with a neckline that did little to conceal her ample, sexy bust.

Checking herself in the mirror, she then made her way to the locker room again when no one was around and she knew Brock hadn’t come out yet.

Brock had just come out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, to find a redhead sitting bostancı escort bayan on a bench in front of his locker. One way or another, Winter was going to get her interview.

“What are you doing here?” he barked. “I thought they didn’t allow chicks in here.”

“This ‘chick’ is here to do a feature on you,” Winter snapped back.

“I don’t do interviews, baby. I thought I made that clear to you people earlier.”

Winter leaned forward, letting more than a peek of cleavage show. “Hmmm, and why is that? You’re a fascinating guy and a talented player. You wouldn’t be that considerate to a lady who’d do anything for her story?”

He raised an eyebrow, staring at her chest.

“Anything, baby?” he asked, leering at her.

“But of course,” she purred.

“My kind of woman,” he grinned down at Winter. “Now this is what I call a real reporter.”

Brock dropped his towel in front of her, telling Winter that she should lose some clothes.

Winter figured if she had to fuck this guy for a story, so be it, and proceeded to strip; Brock admiring her nude body, especially her large tits.

“One thing this ain’t is a boob job,” he said, weighing them in his hands and giving them a squeeze. “I love women with naturally big tits.”

“They’re all mine,” Winter grinned. “I’m glad you like my girls.”

“Nature was good to you, baby. Now how a blow job?” he asked.

With a smile, Winter knelt between his muscular legs, suctioning his dick into her mouth.

Brock found himself groaning out loud within seconds of her starting to suck him and teasing his cock with her tongue.

She then backed her mouth away, licking and kissing the tip of his prick, then lowered her head, taking the entire length into her mouth.

Her head slowly eased down all the way to his balls as her mouth took in his entire member without even gagging. Winter loved giving blow jobs, especially to well-endowed ümraniye escort men.

Looking down at her, Brock enjoyed the view of Winter’s head bobbing up and down as she performed deep throat.

“Yeaaaah,” he moaned. “You can really suck a cock, baby. Keep going…..”

Winter continued to suck him slowly, enjoying every inch of his hardness, and Brock groaned with pleasure, letting her know that she was turning him on with her talented mouth.

“Oh God, baby,” Brock panted, pulling back and his dick popping out of Winter’s mouth to prevent himself from cumming before he had the chance to fuck her “I have to have you!”

Brock pulled Winter off her knees, laying her on the bench. With her gorgeous, voluptuous body, she was a feast for his eyes and he knew her snatch would soon be a treat for his cock.

He leaned over her, taking one of her tits in his hands and was licking her sensitive nipples while his large hand played with the other.

Brock then removed his hand, trailing it down to Winter’s clean-shaven pussy, fingering her.

“You are so wet, baby,” he said. “You want to fuck, don’t you?”

Winter could only moan in response; Brock’s mouth on her tits and his hand stroking her cunt felt so good.

It had been a long time since she had sex with a man, and she was hot and ready to have Brock’s dick in her.

Brock mounted her, kissing Winter on the mouth and she responded by shoving her tongue back into his mouth, meeting his.

Breaking the kiss, he returned to sucking and massaging her tits for several minutes, switching his attentions from one to the other.

As she squirmed in ecstasy, he knew it was time for her to get fucked.

Brock then proceeded to plunge his rock-hard prick into Winter, pumping in and out of her slowly. Winter moaned in anticipation, her hips rising to meet his, begging him to fuck her harder.

Not one to say no to a horny, hot escort kartal woman, Brock was now plowing in and out of her harder and faster as Winter moans got louder and her hips bucked wildly to meet his every stroke.

“You love this, don’t you, baby? he growled as he fucked her even harder. “I don’t think that story is all you wanted, huh?”

“Oh God!” she cried. “Just fuck me, Brock!”

His cock still deep inside her, Brock banged Winter even harder, not missing a stroke as he continued his assault on her wet, tight, and willing pussy.

“Mmmmm”, she murmured, “Your big cock feels so good inside me like this.”

Brock placed his hands on her hips to guide her strokes of her pussy back to meet his as he continued to thrust his in and out of her cunt, putting his cock all the way into her box and back out again.

Brock licked and sucked Winter’s luscious, giant tits again as he continued to fuck her right there on the bench, giving her snatch a good pounding as he continued to plunge his tool deeper into her at every stroke.

As they moaned and panted in unison during their long, passionate fucking, Brock then felt a familiar heat rising in his balls and slithering its way up to his cock.

“I’m ready to cum, baby. Is it okay to shoot it in your pussy?”

“Yes,” she panted eagerly. “I want you to cum in me!”

She then called out for him to fuck her harder, her hips grinding into him as she approached her own orgasm.

“God, Brock, I’m going to cum too!”

“Here it comes, baby!” he yelled as he shot off streams of his hot spunk deep into her twat just as Winter climaxed along with him.

When they finished, Brock pulled his now-soft cock out of her, then sat down on the bench beside her.

“Now,” he said, still naked. “Let’s do that story.”


An hour later, Winter once again dressed and leaving the locker room, she happily called her editor with the good news.

Pete was elated; this would be the biggest story in town, and his lady reporter had clinched it.

Pete didn’t even bother to ask how Winter managed to pull it off, but, proud of her at that moment, thought perhaps he should send her on these assignments more often.

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