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Lodge 4 Ch. 02

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I woke up to the sound of chatter and clanking of cutlery and porcelain in the kitchen. James and the girls were getting breakfasts ready and the table set up. Strangely, I felt there was someone missing from the group.

“Morning,” I said, my eyes narrow slits, still adjusting to the morning light.

“Morning,” the girls greeted in almost perfect sync as they went about their tasks.

“Mornin’ mate,” James smiled as he set some plates down on the table, “You sleep all right?”

I sat up on the couch, “Yeah, thanks. Your leg okay?”

“Yeah, fine thanks,”

“What happened to your leg?” Alex asked, dropping two slices of bread into the toaster.

“I kicked the sofa in the night,” James replied, and pulled his trouser leg up to have a look at it, “It’s left a bit of a bruise, but it feel fine,”

“Wow, that’s really come out,” Alex gasped at his bruise. My view of it was obscured by one of the benches in the kitchen, but I’m sure he’d show it again later on.

“Anything I can do to help?” I asked.

“Well, Cassie left to get some things at the shop about 15 minutes ago,” Jess answered, “Maybe you can go and give her a hand bringing the bags back,”

So Cassie was the one missing. I needed to talk to her about last night anyway. There was something just not right about the way she left, “Sure, I’ll just get changed and head down now,”


The shops were a short walk down the road and took no more than 10 minutes to reach from the lodge. It wasn’t a lot of shops, just a Post Office, a small branch of the Co-Operative and a Newsagents, but enough to keep us going.

As I reached the gravelly forecourt to the shops, I saw the automatic doors of the Co-Op open, and Cassie totter out with what looked like six bags of shopping in each hand.

“Cassie!” I called over to her, and she looked up at me, and a smile broke over her face, as she hurriedly navigated the gravelly forecourt in plimsoles, her face twitching and her teeth clenching as she felt every jagged piece of gravel poke and jab at her feet through the soles of her shoes.

“Here,” she said, handing me the bags from one hand, “You take those,” I held my hand up to hers and slipped the bags from her hand. They were rather heavy, despite there only being two of them. As soon as they were gone from her hand, Cassie shook her hand in the air, helping relieve the stress from her hand where the bag straps had been digging in.

“That everything?” I asked, switching one of the bags to my opposite hand.

“Yup,” Cassie confirmed, moving one of her bags to the other hand as well.

“The girls thought you might need a hand,” I explained, “Seems like they were right,”

Cassie laughed, “Well I thought I could get us some supplies for tomorrow’s breakfast,”

“Oooh,” I exclaimed, “Such as?” God, please let there be hash browns in there!

“I got us some sausages, some eggs, some bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding for Jess and Kate, bread for toast, ketchup, brown sauce and cooking oil,” Cassie listed. Damn it! No hash browns!

“Lovely! Look forward to that!” I grinned, and we started walking back to the lodge. While walking, I took note of what Cassie was wearing for the day.

Plimsoles, of course, a pair of black leggings, a blue skirt, and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was also wearing a red, wine and black chequered shirt with the top 3 or so buttons undone, allowing her to show off an impressive, deep and hypnotic cleavage.

I managed to snap myself away from staring long enough to say something, though by that time we were halfway back to the lodge!

“Ummm, Cassie,” she cocked her head as she looked at me, “I wanna talk to you about last night,”

“Ah,” Cassie turned her head away as we walked, looking down at the ground, “I thought you might,”

“Hmmm,” I replied, “Look, if you don’t want to talk about it, we don’t have to,”

“No, no, I think we need to,” Cassie stopped and turned to look at me, “I want to be honest with you, but it’s kind of embarrassing,”

“It’s okay,” I tried to reassure her, “I won’t mention it to anyone, it’ll be just between you and me, okay?”

She looked up at me and sighed, “Okay,” she took a moment to compose herself, “Last night was…”

‘…a mistake?’ I thought to myself, anticipating the conclusion to that sentence in the moment she took to draw breath and complete it.

“Last night was the first time in 3 years I’ve engaged in sexual activities with someone else,” Cassie was visibly blushing, “After that fiasco in high school, and after I was betrayed by people I thought were my friends, my parents sent me to an all girls college, their logic being that I shouldn’t be around boys because that’s how the trouble all started,”

I was stunned, especially after last night. How the hell did she manage to swallow all of my cum without spilling a single drop? I’m sure I must’ve pumped at least a gallon into her!

“So it’s like I’m a virgin again,” Cassie bit her lip, “I’d Kartal Escort forgotten almost everything, what a cock felt like, what it tastes like, and how it felt when someone else made me cum!”

“You could orgasm when you were 16?”

“Yup!” Cassie announced somewhat proudly, “Was one of the lucky ones! Got finger fucked to my first one by a rugby player! Last night, you made me feel all of that again and more,” Cassie slipped both bags into one hand and pulled out a bottle of baby oil, holding it up in front of us, “This is going to help me thank you for that tomorrow,” she slipped it into her bag again.

“Shit…” I felt my heart skip a beat. I wanted her now! I wanted to throw her down into the road and fuck her right there, but then I realised, “Hang on…tomorrow? James and I are going abseiling tomorrow before we go home, I won’t have time to screw around with you,”

“Then pretend to injure yourself so we can! Twist your ankle, your knee, anything, and we have a good few hours alone,”

“Well, I suppose I could…”

I was interrupted by a handsfree kiss from Cassie before I could finish my sentence. When she broke the kiss I continued.

“As I was saying, I suppose I could, but what about you?”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” Cassie smiled, “The girls are wanting to go out onto the lake, so we hired two Canadian Canoes for a couple of hours, which takes them out of the picture,”

“Awesome,” I said, as we began moving back to the lodge, “What about today? What do you have planned?”

“Swimming and sun bathing,” Cassie replied, “There’s a pool behind Reception. Swing by after lunch, and we can play a little then,”

“Sounds like fun,”


After breakfast, James and I got kitted out with hiking boots, a pair of thick socks on over our regular socks, shorts, t-shirts, caps, sunglasses and I was carrying the backpack with some bottled water and the map of the route in it.

The walk would take about 2 hours to complete, so we’d be back for about for 11, giving us a bit of time before the rock climbing, which was booked for 3.

It was peaceful along the walk, the only sounds being the crunch of the dusty trail beneath out feet, the gentle lapping of the lake against the shore, and the occassional bird twittering in the boughs of the trees above us.

Along the walk, James managed to spot a few squirrels, and insisted he saw a deer, but I never got a glimpse of it. There were a good few hills to climb along the walk, and by the end, my legs felt like they were made of concrete!

We arrived back at the lodge a bit later than anticipated, stumbling in through the door at half past 11. I fell back onto the couch, exhausted. James managed to soldier into the kitchen and make some ham sandwiches for our lunch.

We cracked open a couple of chilled bottles of cider and instantly felt better, forgetting about our tired legs.

“Right,” I announced as I finished my sandwich, heaving myself up onto my legs, “I’m gonna head to the sauna. Wanna join?”

“Nah, mate, I’m shattered,” James took a sip of his cider, “I think I’ll have a kip before climbing,”

“Right oh,” I went upstairs to find my bag and get my swimming shorts out. I found it in the wardrobe of the room with the double bed, and found my swimming shorts near the bottom of the bag.

I half fell down the stairs, my legs were working mainly by gravity now, shorts scrunched up in my hand. I went into the bathroom and took a towel off the rack, briefly remembering last night and feeling my cock twinge to the memory, “Right, see you later,”

“See you, mate,” James replied as I headed out of the door and towards Reception.


“I’m sorry, Mr Dean, but since you are not currently residing in a lodge on our grounds, you are not allowed to use the pool facilities,” the receptionist behind the desk was not the same woman from last night.

“Look, I paid for a lodge, it got double booked, me and my friend had to go elsewhere,” I replied, “I was not refunded the difference between paying for this place and the other, so the way I see it, I have still paid for the right to use the amenities if I want to,”

The receptionist sighed, typed something into the computer, and turned the screen to face me, “Look, see here, it says on the screen that a B. Green is currently staying in Lodge 4, and I see nowhere that G. Dean is booked into the same Lodge for this weekend,”

“It’ll be under J. Lang. My friend booked it for the two of us,”

“Do you see a J. Lang on the screen?”

I looked at the screen, humouring her, “No,”

“And do you know what that means?”

“No, what?”

“It means you’re not on this site, so you can’t use the pool. Good day,” with that, the receptionist turned her screen back towards her, got up and left before I could respond.

I let out a groan of frustration.

“Can I help you?”

I looked up and the receptionist from last night was stood behind the counter.

“Oh, hi,” I Kartal Escort said, “Listen, I just got told I can’t use the pool because I’m not on the…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she interrupted, “You go right ahead and use the pool if you want to. I’ll let the others know so they can let you in in the future,”

She reached under the desk and pressed a button, allowing me to pass through the turnstile and through to the pool.

Almost as soon as I passed the turnstile, I smelt the familiar swimming pool smell we all know. Crisp and yet warm at the same time.

I found myself a cubicle and got changed into my swimming shorts, found a locker and pit my towel and dry clothes in, making sure to put the towel on top.

I shut the door and locked it, taking the key with my, strapping it to my wrist like a watch, and made my way to the pool.

The pool was fairly deserted, about 25m long, with only 5 bikini clad girls in it, 4 of whom were playing with a beachball, the other was swimming lengths.

“Look who’s here!” Cassie called out, beckoning me into the pool to join them. I sat on the edge and slipped into waist deep water. It was rather cool, but it didn’t bother me.

“Hey,” I said, wading over to them, trying not to stare at them out of politeness. Alex was wearing a dark green bikini, her breasts squashed more against her chest than anything else, making them look a bit bigger; Kate was wearing a baby blue bikini, which held within the cups rather small breasts, only about large A cups at best; Jess and Cassie looked incredibly, both of them, both wearing black bikinis showcasing their magnificently large breasts, though I’d have to say they were about evenly matched.

Beth was doing lengths of the pool, so couldn’t really get a glimpse of her.

“Mind if I join in?” I asked as I reached the group.

“Sure, it’s about time I got out now, so you can have my spot,” Jess said, ducking down and swimming towards the ladder at the shallow end.

“Yeah me too. Wanna go get some more sun!” Alex followed suit, diving down underwater and swimming towards the shallow end as well.

“Okay, looks like it’s just the three of us then,” Cassie said, bouncing the ball off her fist towards me. I caught it and held it for a moment.

“Doesn’t Beth want to join in?” I asked.

“Nah, she prefers swimming lengths,” Kate replied, “We’ve asked her to play, like, a thousand times, but she doesn’t want to,”

“Fair enough,” I acknowledged, and bounced the ball over to Kate.

A short time later, Beth announced she was getting out and she would see us back at the lodge.

That left just me, Cassie and Kate left in the pool, continuing to see how long we could make a rally last for.

We managed a rally of 15 before Cassie hit it too high and too far, causing it to soar far over my head and bounce off the wall.

After a few more attempts, I decided it was time I went into the sauna, getting out (much to Cassie’s disappointment I might add) and headed into the sauna.

Awash with heat, I sat down on the bench, sighed, leant back against the wall, and relaxed. It wasn’t long before I eyed the bucket of water and the coals.

Feeling the child in me urge me forward, I shuffled along the bench towards them as they called me. I took hold of the ladel and filled it with the water in the bucket, lifting it up over the coals, and slowly tipping it.

>Fsssssssshhhhhhhhht!< I giggled slightly as the coals hissed and steam rose from them, before replacing the ladel, deciding that my inner child was satisfied. Just then, the door opened, and Cassie peered in. “Gary,” she whispered, “Kate’s gone now. We’re good to go!” I got up off the bench excitedly as I followed Cassie out of the sauna and towards the toilets. Cassie opened the door to the disabled toilet and pulled me inside by the waistband. She closed the door behind us, locked it and laid down the towels she’d been carrying, laying them in the shape of a letter T, not fully unfolded. Once she’d done that, she turned back to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pulling me into a deep kiss. My hands snuck underneath and stroked her bare, still wet back. As the kiss became more heated and more passionate, my hands converged to untie Cassie’s bikini top. Feeling this, Cassie broke the kiss and took a small step back to prevent me from doing so. “Whoa, mister,” she warned, “You don’t get to see those or play with those until tomorrow. Understand?” “What? Why?” I asked, a mixture of shock and disappointment in my voice. “Because,” Cassie walked her fingers up my chest, “I want you to fully appreciate them in every way tomorrow. If you do everything today, there’ll be nothing new left to do,” Before I could respond, she kissed me again, pressing her lips against mine more gently, and more lightly, testing to see if I’d learnt my lesson. I returned to caressing her back, and when she was satisfied I was Escort Kartal going to behave myself, she pressed her face against mine a bit more enthusiastically, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

However, as I lost myself in the kiss, one of my fingers got caught in on of the loops in the bow knot in Cassie’s bikini top, and my eyes opened in horror as the strings loosened and fell apart.

Cassie broke the kiss again to scold me, “Hey, what did I just tell you?” She kept her breasts pressed up against me so that the bikini would stay still as she retied the knot.

“Sorry, it was an accident,” I held my hands up as if to plead my innocence. She didn’t seem to buy it.

“Yeah, right,” Cassie snorted sarcastically, though smiling as she did so. She still seemed to be having fun, though was having some difficulty retying her bikini, “Since you undid it, you can help me redo it,” Cassie held the strings out behind her, and turned away from me so I could retie her bikini.

I took a hold of the strings and pulled them back until they were taut, then crossed them over, and pulled them to tighten and close the first part of the knot, aiming to pull it tight enough to squish her breasts against her chest and provide at least something good to ogle.

“Hey, if you’re wanting it that tight, let me readjust first,” Cassie instructed, “Untie it and do it again, but don’t pull until I say,”

I complied, and watched from behind as Cassie jiggled her boobs, and pulled the bikini top up a bit.

“Okay, now,”

I pulled the strings tight and tied the whole knot. Cassie then turned around to let me examine my work. It had worked perfectly. Her beautiful tits were pressed more against her chest, creating an immense cleavage and definitely something good to ogle. How my eyes were going to stray I did not know!

“Okay, since you didn’t behave yourself during the make-out, let’s skip straight to the sexy stuff,” Cassie dropped to her knees, resting her knees on the cross bar of the towel T, beckoning me forwards. I stood in front of her, and she yanked my swimming shorts down.

My cock sprang forwards, straight into Cassie’s waiting mouth. My hips bucked slightly at the sudden sensation, inadvertently driving my cock deeper into Cassie’s mouth, pressing the tip into her tongue.

Cassie moaned and sucked on it deeply, beginning to circle the head of my cock with her tongue as she did so.

Her tongue pushed against my foreskin, gently lifting it up as she explored underneath it, the tender cock head shivering as it was stroked, further increasing the stimulation received from Cassie’s head.

I stifled a moan so as not to be heard by staff. Cassie grinned, her mouth opening to let me see her tongue as it probed the head of my cock. She wrapped her lips around my cock and began to bob her head, taking more of me into her mouth each time.

She took her head away from my cock, replacing it with her hand, gently stroking it, “I want you to fuck me now,” Cassie instructed, lying back on the towel making the stem of the T, and spread her legs, one hand down her bikini thong, resting on her clit.

“You sure?” I asked, “It’s been a long time for you, are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Cassie replied, groping a breast with her free hand, “You finger fucked me last night. That…cleared the cobwebs a little, shall we say?” Cassie grinned and began to gyrate her hand against her clit, moaning and biting her lip.

I knelt down between Cassie’s legs, and slipped my fingers into the rim of her bikini thong and pulled it down. She put her legs together to help me get it off, and spread them apart to reveal her warm, moist cunt, cleanly shaven and begging for attention, her hands now pulling her knees back to give me plenty of room.

Happily, I obliged, and stuck my head into her crotch, and began to lick at her sensitive area, taking long, slow licks to start with, to get her warmed up.

Cassie squirmed on the towels. I reached up and held her hips still as I probed her juicy bowels with my tongue, lapping up her sweet juices as they leaked out. I slowly worked my way up her cunt towards her swollen clitoris, my tongue making circles and swirls as it crept towards it.

When I finally reached it, my lips locked around it, and sucked it into my mouth. Cassie’s hips bucked violently, wrenching her clit out of my mouth. As soon as they fell, my mouth was back on it, and my tongue dancing a tango with it in my mouth.

“Fuck, fuck,” Cassie seethed, the pleasure getting almost too much for her to handle, “”Stop, stop, I don’t wanna cum yet!”

I ignored her pleas, and renewed my efforts to make her cum, now stroking and tickling her vagina in tandem with my suckling.

“I don’t wanna…I don’t wanna…I don’t….” she panted, almost whimpering as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Fuck!”

I felt Cassie’s body tense up, ready for release! I pushed my finger into her vagina. That did the trick.

Cassie’s hips bucked as her orgasm pulsated and rippled throughout her body, the waves bouncing off each other and causing smaller tremors. All the while, I managed to keep my mouth firmly pressed into her clit, still sucking on it, still licking it, still tasting it.

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