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Lovers Ch. 02

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Castro Supreme

Thoughtful, I sip my now-cold coffee. After a few moments, the words flow.


Dear T,

As we walk through the night to our hotel, I suddenly stop.

“Wait, you’ve never said that before!”

“Said what?” you whisper.

“I love you. You’ve never said, I love you.” I look up at you, searching your eyes, suddenly remembering every word you said.

“I love you. I love seeing you so turned on, so sexy, so beautiful. We have to do more of this, don’t you think?”

You pull me close, tenderly cupping my face with your hands, thumbs tracing my cheeks. Ever so gently, you bring your lips to mine, once, twice, three times you kiss me. Finally, you wrap your arms around me, pulling me against the length of your body.

“Yes,” you whisper, “just yes”.

I finally recover and lifting my arms, I return your embrace, listening to the pounding of your heart, feeling the strength and tenderness of your touch.

Still saying nothing, I clasp your hand again and with a little tug start walking. Finally, I cannot stop the tear that escapes. I try to wipe it without you noticing, but you are so tuned in to me that you sense my emotions. You hesitate and stop, releasing my fingers.


The way izmir escort bayan you say my name is the tenderest of caresses. I stop, a step ahead of you and try to breathe, try to regain control.

Turning, I meet your eyes and whisper, “I am unraveled.”

Smiling, I step toward you. Pausing just short of touching you, I look up into your eyes.

“Something about you touches me to the absolute core. My soul feels naked in front of you.”

My tears of joy fall freely and I reach my arms around your neck.

“Absolutely unraveled!” The kiss, oh the kiss that follows! So full of desire, tenderness, passion, sweetness and yes, love.

Finally, when I can breathe no longer, I pull back, body fully against yours, feeling your cock once again hard and strong.

“I want to make love to you, over and over and over and over!”

Grinning, I nibble your lower lip and reach one hand down to stroke the length of your cock. Your left hand slides to my ass, cupping me and pulling me even closer. Your right hand tangles in my hair and you tug my head back, planting an eager kiss on my neck, then my cleavage.

“Let’s go! Now!” Flushed and breathless, I give you one more stroke and pull you toward our hotel. Two blocks never seemed so far!


Sighing, escort izmir I send the email. I hope that you can read between the lines and find the answer to your unasked question. Suddenly, what had been simply a steamy affair between two lonely people from sexless marriages had become something more.

You did this. You said the L-word. Fear grips me as I realize that we have suddenly come to a fork in the road.

As I sit, drinking my coffee and staring at the computer, I wonder why I am doing this. Why now? Just a few short months ago, you were but a distant memory. Good sex, but nothing more. Our recent email exchanges have done something to us. Gradually, the tone has changed.

When you first sent me the story about us swinging, I was angry. My first thought was, “is that all he’s looking for? Just some deviant sex?” Shaking my head, I realized that I had sighed, loudly, for the third time in about two minutes. Good grief. What is it about you that gets to me?

I opened your email again, determined that I would probably not meet up with you again. After all, it had been a few years. But really, what harm could there be in this written flirtation? Yes, I like you, but you probably will never leave izmir escort your wife. I am not interested in thinking about your wife. I am interested in thinking about steamy sex, so I start reading, instantly drawn back into the story of our first threesome at a swinger’s party.

Only this time, my body responded differently. Perhaps it was that I was getting too into the response I just sent. Perhaps it was that my jeans were a little too tight, the panties too silky, the chair too hard, but suddenly I found myself rocking slowly as I read. I felt my heat building and wished that it were not entirely inappropriate to masturbate in the middle of a Starbucks.

My breath caught as I stopped at that line again.

“I love you. I love seeing you so turned on, so sexy, so beautiful.”

I read it again, slowly, hearing your deep voice whisper it so gently. My heart pounding, I tighten my pelvic muscles, and tilt with a slow, barely perceptible rhythm, back and forth, feeling my engorged clit rub against my already soaked panties. As I release my breath, the wave surges and I cum, gasping in delight. The heat rushes, and I feel my face flush and nipples stand at attention.

I glance around, nervous that someone may have seen my inadvertent public display. Gratefully, it was a quiet moment in the coffee shop, so my secret was safe. Smiling, I share my secret with you via text message…..knowing that you will instantly be hard at the thought of me cumming simply by reading your words. You did this.

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