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Love’s Declaration

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Blowing out the candles that were surrounding the bathtub, she stood up and grabbed her towel. Her hands slowly eased the hard fabric over her soft flesh, drying and temporarily cooling her heated skin. She wrapped the towel around her body and stepped out of the tub, before slowly walking into the bedroom. Tonight she would surrender all to him. She smiled, never in a million years would she have imagined it would be like this between them. She pulled out a lacy thong, slipped it on before discarding the towel in the laundry basket. Walking over to the closet she picked out his favorite shirt and laid it on the bed. Now it was time to prepare for him. She lit candles around the room and opted for body lotion instead of the flowery perfume she favored. Picking up a honeysuckle scented lotion, she began rubbing it into her body, making sure to cover every inch. Loosening her hair, she began to brush it out, long silk tendrils cascaded down her back, every action heightening her senses. Soon he would come to her, wrap her in his arms and love her. Picking up his shirt, she put it on, slowly buttoning the buttons, admiring how her breasts pressed into the fabric at the front, her hard nipples barely concealed. She could hear his footsteps approaching, and she walked to the window to wait.

He could see the glow illuminating from under the door. He grinned wondering what the little minx was up to. He knew there were unresolved issues between them, things that needed to be said, but not tonight. Tonight was for them, to explore the passion between them. Opening the door he walked into the room, the candlelight let an eerie almost magical allure to the room. He spotted her standing by the window, watching him, trying to read his thoughts. He allowed his eyes to roam over her figure, she was barefoot and wearing his shirt. A shirt that did nothing to hide her charms, on the contrary the material clung to her womanly curves indecently.

Looking at him she smiled and walked into his arms, sliding her arms around his neck she lifted her face to meet his lips as he lowered his mouth to claim hers.

Closing his arms around her waist he pulled her into him, pressing her breasts into his chest, anchoring her to him as he savored her mouth, taking all she offered and freely yielded. Letting go of her waist, he lowered his hands, tracing, then cupping her lush bottom, kneading, bursa escort caressing, then lifting her so that she pressed against his erection.

Moaning softly into the kiss, she slid her hands between them, pushing him slightly back so her hands could explore freely. She undid his shirt and slid it off, then tugged at his undershirt, breaking the kiss for a moment as she pulled it over his head. Kissing him briefly, she moved lower, tracing her lips along his jaw line and neck, lower still, placing soft delicate kisses on his chest, while her hands undid his belt and pants. Playing with the waistband, her fingernails teasing his skin. Lowering her head, she snaked her tongue over his nipples, licking teasingly, laving as he had done to hers. She could hear his muttered breath as his hands caressed her back. Looking up at him, she smiled wickedly, then lowered herself down onto her knees, pulling and tugging his pants and underwear down to his ankles. She kissed his hipbone as she removed his shoes, her hot wet mouth setting his skin on fire wherever she touched him, trailing her tongue down his thighs she removed the offending materials from his body. Moving back up she blew softly across the wet trails her tongue left, making sure to avoid his hard on. Closing her fingers over his shaft, she lifted it up and ran her tongue up and down his sac.

He shivered with anticipation, his fingers slid into her hair, tangling in her curls. When she parted her lips and took him into her mouth he thought he would die. She teased and played, her tongue caressing and stroking, she held him captive as she lovingly tortured him. Reaching over her he played with the waistband of her thong, sliding the flimsy material back and forth, knowing it would affect her. She angled her head and took him deeper, moaning as he maneuvered the fabric against her dewy petals. Every moan sending shivers of pleasure coursing through him. He looked down at her, his beautiful siren. Every touch, every scrape of her nails, every long, liquid stroke of her tongue like velvet fire, wound him tighter and tighter. His fingers gripped hard on her skull, yet she still pushed him further.

Reaching down he pulled and snapped her underwear off, his hands squeezing and slapping her buttocks. She had worked him into a frenzy and now it was his turn to return the favor. He pulled her up and kissed her roughly, bursa escort bayan his hands grabbing fistfuls of the shirt and ripping it open, scattering the buttons all over the floor.

She looked at him calmly, assuringly, she wanted him to reveal his needs to her.

He lifted her, possessively gripping her backside, then lowered her onto him as he grip the back of her thighs.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she clung tightly, then wrapped her legs around his back, her heels in the small of his back.

He pressed deeper within her, her body open to him and filled to the hilt. The hot slickness of her sheath clamping tight all around him. Only when he had drunk his fill, he began to move her. He shifted her on him, with her legs so high, she had to accept what he did, all he did. He moved her only enough to wind her tight. She sank her teeth into his shoulder. Smiling, he drew her down, walked slowly to the bed, deliberately working her up and down in his arms, until she whimpered from desperation. He sat back on the bed, resting against the headboard. She tried to wriggle but he tightened his hold.

“Stay as you are.”

She looked into his dark eyes.

“I want to watch you.”

Her body shivered with anticipation at his admission.

He lifted her again, working her, working himself inside of her, over and over again, deeper then deeper still. Her breasts rode against his chest, nipples as hard as pebbles. He continued to move her, felt her body coil and tighten, watched as she arched her back and cried out, climaxing wildly on him and over him.

He held her down as she writhe, tonight he wanted more, she offered and he accepted. Holding onto her tightly his fingers digging into her soft flesh as he began to move her again, letting her ride through her climax, refusing to stop until she was once again aware of his strength buried deep inside of her.

He whispered hoarsely, ” I want you.”

” I know,” she replied.

“Wrong answer,” he sneered.

She leaned into him, pressing her lips against his. “Tell me.”

He kissed her savagely, his hands grabbing the shirt, lowering it until her arms were bound. “Now get on your knees in the middle of the bed.”

She obeyed, her arms confined to her sides, her bottom bare and exposed to him, she had never felt so vulnerable, she could only feel escort bursa him.

His weight pushing the bed down told her he was kneeling behind her, but he didn’t touch her.

“Spread your knees apart baby and lower your head.”

Her long dark hair fell forward, covering her face as she lowered herself and spread her knees wider apart.

He reached over her, ran his hand possessively from the base of her throat to the dampness between her thighs. She was naked and open to his touch. He continued to explore, to possess. To trace, tweak and knead her breasts until they were swollen and heavy, her nipples tender and aching. One hand moved lower to splay across her stomach, holding her, while the other pressed between her thighs to expose, stroke and probe until she arched and gasped.


She wished she could see his face or know his intentions.

Then his fingers traced her cleft and slid again between her thighs. Opening her, probing, his hands closed about her hips. holding her as he nudged his erection into her, sinking home.

She closed her eyes and prepared to be ravished.

He pulled out slowly, almost to the head of his cock then pushed back in just as slow. Teasing her repeatedly until she began to writhe under him, strangled pleas escaping her lips. Moving her hips she began to rock into him, needing him to ravage her, claim her, to possess her.

His hands continued to caress her body, stroking, demanding, she give into him, mind, body and soul. And she did, surrendered it without reserve.

He claimed her then, every inch of her, hard, fast and deep. Tangling his hand in her hair, he pulled her back onto him, lifting her up, pressing her back into his chest as he touched and traced her face. “You are mine,” he growled into her ear, before pushing her back down. She was his. He leaned down and bit her shoulder. She answered his primal mating, her hips undulating, matching his wild thrusts, stroke for stroke. Together they climbed into oblivion, there was no sense of him and her. It was as if, together, they’d reached some place they hadn’t attained before.

She fell forward, her body slick with sweat and exhaustion. He laid next to her, gasping for breath, both of them comprehending a declaration without words. A trust. Given, taken, reciprocated.

She closed her eyes and slept.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. Stubborn, feisty, opinionated, loyal and passionate. She was his woman. Her commitment, her understanding of him rocked him. Burying his face into the side of her neck he fell asleep.

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