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Lying in the Sun with Ellie

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NOTE: This story is entirely fiction. All characters are over 18 years of age. There is graphic sexual content.

* * *

I haven’t seen my little sister Ellie since last summer, and I really miss her. Being apart all winter long like this long has made me really sad.

It’s hard to explain, but I’ve been really lonely since we’ve both moved out of the house and moved away to college. My role as big brother was really important, maybe because I know how much Ellie appreciated my help with everything.

My sister Ellie – well – her name is really Elizabeth, but I’ve always called her Ellie. It’s my little pet name for her, and I’m the only one that calls her that.

Anyway, she was so excited on the phone when I told her we should meet at the old family cabin over the spring break from college. The little cabin in the woods was about half way between our two colleges, so it was an easy drive for both of us. She immediately got all eager and we talked about how much fun we used to have there as little kids, we even spent some time there together last summer, we were both there together to celebrate her 18th birthday.

Since Dad’s death a few years back, it’s just been Ellie and me who’ve spent any time at the cabin. Nobody else from the family had been there in years. It was a long drive from our home, and we both have such nice memories as little kids at the cabin, and our time there last year was really nice. Now it was almost summer again, and it seemed that a weekend in the woods would be wonderful.

It was funny, when I asked, she agreed to meet me at the cabin with such an intensified enthusiasm that seemed bewildering. She’s funny like that.

The little cabin was small, secluded and simple. Just what I felt I needed after all the confusing times away at college for my junior year.

Ellie is two years younger, and she was a freshman at a different college, and we stay in touch by phone, but it just isn’t the same. I found that I was lonely without her. I really missed her, and I know she was feeling the same thing too.

But I worry about Ellie.

She has this really vulnerable way about her. She can be so emotional – and she can let herself get so worried about things. Even little things can really upset her. In a way, it can be sort of sweet, but at the same time, she can be so fragile too.

I feel like I should look out for her, to try my best to help her, and I guess I’ve always felt that way.

And – She has been so attentive to me since the end of last summer after our time together at the cabin, and I’m not sure why. Maybe something happened at school and I don’t know what it is, but she’s been so sweet during all of our phone calls.

She even started ending all our phone calls by saying, “I love you Ethan.”

And I’ll reply, “I love you too Ellie.”

I know that sounds odd, but it feels really honest.

She’s so adorable, and I really wanted to see her again after our long winter apart.

There has always been a really powerful connection between us, a closeness that just feels wonderful. It’s really important to me to be with Ellie, I mean – we have a marvelous attachment to each other that’s hard to describe.

It was a long drive on Friday night after my last class of the week. I got to the cabin first, and it was eerie to drive that dark, narrow road in the forest. But as soon as I stepped inside again, the smell and the quiet brought back so many wonderful memories.

I was surprised how happy I felt just being there. Ellie was supposed to be in later that night. I was tired after the long drive, and I just went into my old room and went to sleep. I left a light on for my little sister.

Later that night I heard Ellie come into the cabin, I could tell that she was being quiet so she didn’t wake me, without a watch I didn’t know what time it was, but it seemed like it was almost dawn.

When I woke up again, the sun was up and the birds were singing. I got out of bed and quietly walked into the kitchen. The morning sunlight was streaming in through the windows. Ellie was still in her room, and I didn’t want to wake her.

The one thing I wanted to do was sneak out of the cabin and walk down to my secret spot in the forest and swim in the stream. I loved that spot, and I was eager to see it again.

I peaked into my little sister’s room, and I saw that she was still asleep. I was surprised how cute she looked with her eyes closed and her head on the pillow. I watched her for a while, trying to decide if I should wake her or not. I was amazed at how beautiful the shape of her body looked under the covers, she was lying on her tummy, and I could clearly see the smooth round outline of her bottom under the blanket.

The image was haunting and lovely.

It felt like it would be unfair to wake her after she got in so late last night. I closed her door and tip toed out of the cabin.

It smelled so nice as I walked along the path through the woods. I didn’t realize until this moment how much beşiktaş escort I truly love this place. It was early in the day, and there were a lot of birds singing and it made a sort of beautiful soundtrack.

I felt a little bit lonely as I walked down the path, and part of me thought that maybe I should have woken Ellie up. It would have been nice to walk with her on such a perfect morning.

There is something about my little sister that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s an almost indescribable thing she can do, somehow she always manages to get her way. Somehow, I actually think she accomplishes it without even knowing she’s doing it.

Not that I really mind, she has a really nice way about her, and I totally trust her.

But it’s just funny, I mean, if she wants something from me, she’ll somehow manage to get it. And she does it in such a sweet and disarming way, that I usually end up being delighted to give it to her.

Right then, I really wished that my sister was with me. She loves bird watching, and she’s always out here with her binoculars trying to find some bird that she’s never seen before. Last summer it seemed like she was always off in the woods alone with those binoculars.

She is so intense when she’s in her birding mood, it almost like she get totally absorbed – almost like she’s lost.

I was approaching the turn off to my secret swimming spot. I stepped off the path and entered a dark part of the forest. I was careful not to leave any marks of my travel as I discreetly eased my way down the hillside in among the dense trees.

As I moved through the forest, I could feel myself getting excited to get to the river again. I had found it while I was alone as a little boy, and I never told anyone about it. This was my secret spot.

I arrived at the spot, and it was just as magical as I remembered it being. You need to approach it from above, and walk downhill to get to the lush green grass of a tiny meadow. It’s nestled tightly against the tall trees of the forest and there is a beautiful outcropping of rocks that juts out into the slow moving stream. The stream took a sharp bend right here and it made a deep pool next to the rocks. It was secluded and mystical.

The morning air was still a little bit chilly, but I felt like the day would eventually get warm and humid.

I hadn’t stood here since last autumn, when the leaves were all electric orange. And now, in the spring, the leaves were an exquisite vivid green that would be hard to describe.

Something inside me felt sad, and I was wishing that my little sister could be here to see this place. Part of me wants to keep it for myself, as my secret spot. But, I really want to share it with Ellie someday.

There was a small opening under a rock along the edge of the meadow. I got down on all fours and reached under, and I pulled out an old nylon duffle bag. I had put it under here last fall, just as summer was ending. I opened it and there was a big plastic trash bag all rolled up tight. And inside that bag were a big red blanket, and a small tote bag.

I laid out the blanket in the grass, exactly where I always set it, taking care to make it perfect and smooth. Then I put the little black tote bag on top. I sat on the blanket and pulled off my shirt and my shoes. The warm sun felt delicious. I opened up the tote bag and looked inside. There was a great big bottle of apricot scented baby oil.

Then I heard a tiny noise, nothing more than a twig snapping, but it startled me.

It was above where I was sitting, on top of the rocks off in the bushes. Was there someone out there?

I sat still and listened.

Than I called out, “Hello? Is anyone out there?”

TO my surprise, I heard a reply, “Yes, it’s me.” And my sister Ellie slowly stood up near some dense bushes and looked down at me.

I immediately asked, “Ellie? What are you doing here?”

She came out from behind the bushes and walked along the big flat rock slab above me. I got up and stood below her and looked at me rather sheepishly. She had her binoculars around her neck.

She asked, “How do I get down from here?”

The rocks aren’t really that high, just enough that you need to be careful, not much higher than I am tall.

I said pointed to a spot between us and said, “It’s easy right here, but you’ll need to turn around t climb down.”

Than my little sister turned away, and began to cautiously climb down the rocks the same way you would climb down a ladder. She was right in front of me.

I was instantly aware of her bottom. I hadn’t seen her since last autumn, and she didn’t seem such skinny little tomboy anymore. Her bottom was plump and round.

She asked, “Where should I put my foot?”

I stepped in to help her and actually guided her shoe to a big flat step in the rock.

In doing so, I had to get in really close, and I was looking up at her nylon running shorts. Then I realized that those were MY shorts, beylikdüzü escort I had been missing them since last year.

I said, “Hey, you stole my favorite shorts!”

She said, “Are you looking at my butt?”

“I can’t help it, it’s cute!”

“Please, just help me figure out how to get down.”

I said, “Put your toes right here, and then you just step down to the grass.”

Her bottom looked so adorable, it even jiggled as she hopped onto the grass.

I said, “Welcome.”

We walked to my blanket, she said, “I was out looking for birds, and…”

She didn’t really answer, she just sort of trailed off to silence.

How did she find me? That seemed odd and I thought to myself, how quiet I was this morning. I was certain she was asleep when I left the cabin.

She stood in front of me, with here big binoculars around her neck. She was acting a little bit embarrassed. And – as always, she looked perfectly adorable.

I didn’t want to make her feel bad for following me, so I smiled and said, “I like your hair, it’s cute.”

And that was true, she had just cut her hair short, and it looked lovely. She was even cuter than she usually is.

My compliment seemed to disarm her, and she giggled and said, “No it’s not, it looks silly.”

She was wearing red nylon running shorts (my shorts!) and a simple 1 white t-shirt. I could tell she was wearing a bra under that. She wore her old beat up running shoes, and short little white socks.

Even though I am a little bit taller than my sister, I am always amazed at her long athletic legs. She has a really cute way of simply standing around. She is a little bit awkward, and she always looks like she is just about to ask for directions or something. It’s hard to explain, but it’s SO cute.

I asked again, “How did you find me here?”

She acted nervous and said, “Well, I guess – I followed you after you left the cabin.”

“Really? You saw me walk off the trail?”


I asked, “Why were you so sneaky about it?”

She nervously answered, “Well, yes – I wasn’t sure where you were going, so I – I guess – I just ended up following you.”

Something in her voices sounded so shaky, she seemed ashamed, and it made me feel bad for pressing her like I was. I didn’t want it to upset her, so I just dropped it.

I said, “Welcome to my secret little hide away in the forest.”

She smiled and in a soft murmur, she said, “It’s pretty.”

I suddenly had a funny feeling about the way my sister was acting. Had she followed me here before? Just the thought of that made my heart pound,

Thinking that she had seen me was sort of scary, I wasn’t sure what to think. All last summer I would come here alone and skinny-dip.

I spent almost all my time here with my clothes off.

This was my secret spot and I would nap naked in the sun.

But here’s the really embarrassing part, I would even masturbate here. That was why I had the big bottle of baby oil, I used it on myself.

I mean, if she had – she would have seen me naked and she would have also have seen me masturbating with that oil. And that was scary to think about.

She walked up and sat down on the blanket with me.

I asked if she had seen any new birds today. She said no. I asked if I could look thru her binoculars. She said sure and took them off from around her neck and handed them to me.

I put them up to my eyes and said, “Wow, this is amazing, these are really cool!”

She giggled and said, “Yeah, they have a really nice binoculars, they are super clear.”

I looked at a tree on the other side of the river, and I found a tiny bird on a branch. With these high quality binoculars, the little bird seemed huge, like it was right up close to me. It was amazing, everything was crystal clear!

Than Ellie pointed to another tree, and said, “Look, two little goldfinches”

I could barely find what she was pointing at throughout the binoculars, but sure enough, there were two beautiful yellow birds sitting to together on a branch. They were preening and playing with each other. It was really cute, they were funny together.

Ellie took the binoculars and watched them for a moment and giggled: “Little love birds!”

We watched the little yellow birds for a long time, passing the binoculars back and forth between us. We both stayed quiet, and I think it was helpful for Ellie, because it seemed to calm her down after acting so nervous and embarrassed about following me here.

I said, “I’ve been coming here for a while, it been sort of my secret spot.”

She didn’t say anything, and I was worried about her, she seemed sort of scared.

“I really like it, it’s so secluded and beautiful. And I’ve always wanted to bring you here.”

She smiled softly.

Than I said, “Usually, when I come here, I’ll swim. The water gets warm in the summer this slow moving pool.”

She quietly beyoğlu escort said, “It seems – well, like a really nice place to swim.”

I said, “We should jump in, it would be fun.”

“Well, maybe, but – I didn’t bring my bathing suit.”

I thought for a moment and said, “Neither did I.”

She bashfully said, “It is a really pretty place. Maybe we could come back later with our bathing suits.”

I said, “Actually, I’ve never brought a swimsuit here, I’ll just skinny dip.”

She looked at me with the most embarrassed expression, and she stammered, “Ethan – I don’t think – that would be – I mean – I couldn’t…”

I tried to calm her down, “Ellie, it’s okay, I won’t skinny dip with you here, don’t worry…”

She looked at me with her big blue eyes, and there was something so pensive in her expression. It confused me.

I said, “Maybe we could just swim in our clothes?”

She replied cautiously, “Well, maybe.”

I said, “It won’t bother me to get my shorts all wet.”

“But, I would have to swim in pretty much everything.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

She said, “But it’s still a little bit cold. It might forever for my clothes to dry.”

I said, “It’s a nice day.”

“Do you have any towels?”

“No, just the sunshine.”

She said, “Oh I don’t know, I worry I’ll feel all soggy when I get wet. But maybe.”

I thought for a second and then said, “You could just wear your bra and panties, and it would be sort of like a bikini, that would work.”

She thought for a moment and said, “Oh I don’t know, that would seem funny, I mean – I think – I would feel really embarrassed if you saw me in just my underwear.”

I said, “I’ve seen you in your bathing suit a lot.”

“Ethan, a bra and panties is different, but maybe I’ll just jump in with my clothes on.”

She giggled a little and looked at me.

Then, Ellie took off her shoes and socks. And without either of us saying anything, we both walked up to the big flat rock that juts out into the water. We needed to walk slowly with our bare feet. It was a perfect place to jump into the river, Last summer, this is where I would dive into the water when I came here alone to skinny dip.

The last time I was here, I was alone and naked. Now I was here with my adorable little sister. All I was wearing was a pair of cotton hiking shorts. My sister stood next to me, she was barefoot and wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of red nylon running shorts. The way the wind was blowing, I could tell she was wearing a bra and panties too.

There was a sort of nervous tension between us.

We both stood on the rock and looked at the deep slow moving pool of water below us.

My sister asked, “Do you think it’s cold?”

“Maybe, it’s not really summer yet. Last year, in late august the water was wonderfully warm.”

“But it’s still only May, it could be freezing.”


“I should test it with my toes.”

And I watched as she started to point her bare foot toward the water.

I interrupted her and said, “Wait, what fun is that. Let’s just jump in at the same time.”

She asked, “Really?”

I held out my hand and said, “It’s okay, take my hand.”

She reached out and we held hands and I could feel her trembling with nervous anticipation.

I said, “Don’t be scared.”

We looked at each other, and she had such a playful smile on her face. We stood there for a long time, both of us aware that three was no turning back.

Finally she looked at me, took a deep breath, and said, “Okay, I’m ready.”

And we both jumped off the rock.

The splash was electric, and the water was unbelievably cold! I kept a hold of her hand and we went fully underwater for just a second. When we resurfaced Ellie shrieked from the shock.

I had to laugh, and we needed to float a little with the current in order to get past the big rocks to where we could walk out onto the little sandy beach.

We were in the water just a few seconds, but it was so intensely cold that it seemed to jolt me into a new reality.

Both of us scampered like scared children up out of the icy water.

Ellie gasped, “Holly FUCK that was cold!”

I laughed and said, “Ellie, I’ve never heard her swear before.”

She blurted out, “Well – I can’t help it – that was FUCKING cold!”

And we both laughed. We were facing each other on the edge of the river, both of us in a funny sort of shock

My little sister stood in front of me with her soaking t-shirt and nylon shorts. The wet fabric was clinging to her body in a way that surprised me. I was immediately aware that I could clearly see the outline of her bra under her shirt, and her nipples were hard and distinct – easy for me to see. I know I was staring, but I couldn’t help it. I was unprepared for the sight of something so beautiful.

She stood there in front of me, shivering with wide eyes and an expression of astonishment. And she looked at me, and it was obvious that my eyes were totally focused on her icy wet breasts.

She looked down at her own chest, and it was obvious she was startled too. She immediately put both of her small hands over her small breasts to cover her hard and conspicuous nipples.

My little sister gasped in surprise, “Oh my God, I’m sorry…”

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