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Marla and the Neighbors Ch. 03

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“We’re going to start with a little run, basically build up the workout,” Leisa explained. “We won’t go too far – and put this on.” Leisa handed her a large running watch, it looked like a man’s.

“It will track distance, speed, and pulse – all that stuff.” Marla put it on and they headed out the door.

Outside in the neighborhood Marla was immediately self-conscious. Leisa just said “let’s go” and took off at a moderate pace. Marla followed, her boobs straining against the tight material with each stride. She watched Leisa closely and admired her fit form, her firm boobs barely moved and she was already glistening with sweat.

Marla’s life was beginning to change forever. Not just from the working out that would tone and enhance her already voluptuous mature body, but the exhibitionist side of her would finally be revealed. From that, there would be no going back.

It started simple enough. Marla in her bedroom watching her neighbor John mow his grass shirtless. Marla’s husband encouraging her to enjoy the view, which she did by masturbating herself to one of the best orgasms she ever had. When John looked up from his yard and spied her nakedness, she came again spontaneously.

Now John’s wife Leisa was becoming her next-door personal trainer, dressing her in sexy running outfits and encouraging her to work out hard to tone her body. Leisa was also helping her open up in a sexual way. It was unstated, but Marla wasn’t dumb. Leisa had established control over her and she would do whatever her younger neighbor wanted her to. Of that, Marla was certain.

As the two women rounded a corner they came upon a group of college boys washing a pick-up truck. All four of them turned immediately when Leisa and Marla approached at a more casual pace. One of the boys, a tall, muscular, sandy-haired kid of about 19, waved to Leisa and called out her name as she got closer.

“Hey, Leisa, it’s Seth from the gym!”

Leisa stopped her jogging, as did Marla, and Leisa smiled as she walked up toward the driveway where the truck was parked. The four boys gathered closer to get a better look at the two hot women.

Marla couldn’t believe they stopped. In her tight running outfit she felt completely on display to the young men, her nipples stiffening as the sweat cooled on her body, the flesh of her globes pushing out of the shiny fabric.

“Oh, hi, Seth! I didn’t know you lived this close!” Leisa said enthusiastically. “Marla, this is Seth, and I’m not sure I know your friends?”

Each of the boys introduced himself to Leisa and Marla. Marla could see their eyes darting back and forth between Leisa’s sweaty boobs and her own. Marla was also noticing Leisa’s boobs and her pointy nipples, the areola’s visible through her top. The boys had really lucked out.

“So what are you ladies up to? Just a quick run or is this training?” Seth asked, prolonging the encounter.

“Just a run. My friend Marla is looking to start working out so we’re starting with a light jog, before we hit the gym.”

Marla smiled at the boys.

“So what do you think about her outfit?” Leisa asked them. Marla turned red and looked at Leisa sharply. This comment brought all the attention to Marla, mostly to her big tits straining against the tight fabric of her top, flesh oozing out. Uncontrollably, her nipples began to grow even more, jutting out noticeable.

“Um, really nice,” said Seth.

“Yeah, you look great,” said another boy whose name was Jeremy. He was likely a former football lineman in high school, about 6’5″ and 280, with dark hair and a big belly. “You look like you’re in great shape already!”

Marla blushed again, smiled her thanks and looked to Leisa to see if maybe they could start running again, but it appeared Leisa enjoyed the attention from these young jocks. The other two boys, one blonde and tan, Curt, the other Mexican, Javier, looked almost like surfers. They wore tank tops and skater shorts. Marla caught herself sneaking glances at their visible pecs and felt ashamed.

Seth turned from looking at Marla and said to Leisa, “So you guys are heading to the gym, huh? You should check out the set-up we have in the basement. We got all the equipment you would find at the gym, pretty much. Wanna see?”

“Really?!” Leisa spoke quickly before Marla had a chance to object. The last thing she wanted to do was hang out in some teen’s basement and pump iron. But Leisa, the fitness queen, just had to see it. “I have wanted to do something like that, too. We’d love to take a look. Maybe I can get some good ideas?”

“OK, let’s go!” Seth motioned for the women to follow him and the other boys followed around the side of the house to a staircase that led down to the basement. Marla could feel the stares of the boys on her ass, fully displayed in the tight workout pants.

In the basement, Seth flipped a light switch and the workout room lit up. There were several different weight machines, free weights, bands for stretching and one wall antalya escort was entirely mirrored. It really did look like a gym. Leisa walked among the equipment in a bit of a provocative manner, showing off her hard, tight body to the boys. She bent over to feel the weight bench giving the young men a very nice look at her hard ass. Marla knew what she was doing and was both embarrassed and a bit turned on that she was in a situation like this. An older woman flaunting her body for the benefit of 19 and 20 year olds.

“Marla, let me go ahead and show you what the work outs will be like. This is top-notch equipment.” Leisa motioned for Marla to come sit on the bench. “Sit here and lean back. Let’s try a bench press.” Marla reluctantly walked over and sat on the bench. She then carefully leaned back and placed a leg on either side of the bench. She felt completely exposed and remembered she didn’t have any panties on. She was sure her bush could be seen through the thin material of the pants, and maybe even her pussy lips!

Leisa set the weight to 40 pounds and helped position Marla’s hands on the bars. The boys had gathered around close to watch.

“OK, sweetie, give it a go and let’s see how the weight is.” Leisa stood next to her friend and watched. Marla’s boobs oozed even more out of her top in her current position. The tops of her areola were almost visible. Marla pushed against the bars and struggled with the weight. The boys voiced encouragement as she struggled to lift the weight. She got it up and then let it back down. The boys cheered her.

“Thanks guys.” She smiled at them. “Leisa, I think this outfit is too tight for this,” Marla said, trying to look toward her boobs to see if they were truly falling out of her top.

“Don’t worry, I can fix that. Seth, you have any scissors?”

“Scissors? Leisa are you sure, I mean we just bought this. You could still return it.”

Leisa smiled at her. “Don’t worry. With my discount it wasn’t that much.”

Seth walked over to an adjoining room, turned on a light and fished through a drawer for a pair of scissors. He walked them back to Leisa.

“Is that a sauna back there?” Leisa asked.

“Yes it is,” said Seth, smiling.

“Very nice. Maybe for afterward. OK, a couple snips and you’ll be good.” Leisa pulled at the side of Marla’s top and made a quick snip. Then she did the same on the other side.

“You sure that will work, Leisa?”

“Yeah. OK, let’s try again.”

The boys were gathered back around and watching closely. Marla made a quick check of their pants and saw each was tented. She thought to herself, what did I do?

Marla pushed again at the bar and as her arms straightened she heard a ripping sound and felt a rush of cool air. As she lowered the bar and looked down she saw her breasts partially exposed to all.

“Oh god!” Marla yelped. “Leisa! What happened?” Marla rushed to cover her boobs by pulling the fabric back over her tits, but it wouldn’t stay unless she held it there.

“Oh sweetie, don’t worry about it. We’re all friends here. Right, boys?” Leisa looked at the boys and winked. “Now let’s go, just eight more.”

The boys were silent, just watching, not knowing where this was all going.

“But Leisa, aren’t you going to fix this? I’m a bit on display here.”

Leisa sighed loudly.

“Move your arms sweetie.”

Marla let go of the material and put her arms out. Leisa abruptly grabbed the material at the neckline and yanked. The top split the rest of the way and flapped between Marla’s legs, basically leaving her topless. Her hands covered her breasts again as Leisa cut away the now excess material.

The boys couldn’t contain their excitement.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” Jeremy said.

“Now, boys, let’s be respectful,” Leisa cautioned. “OK, Marla, eight more. You have to be able to concentrate on the workout to really make a difference.” Leisa smiled.

“Can I have a t-shirt at least?”

“No. Now focus.” Leisa snapped.

Marla glared at Leisa and slowly removed her hands from her tits and put them back on the bar. She struggled to push it up again and again but was lost in her thoughts. In the past hour or so, she had been seen naked by five men (six counting the older neighbor she didn’t know about). That’s five more than had seen her naked in the past 20 years. What happened to me? She asked herself. How could she have been repressing this need for that long? One thing was sure, that need was now out in the open and she was starting to enjoy the freedom of not caring. Marla also didn’t know how carried away she was capable of getting. It was all so new.

Marla felt the sweat forming and glanced at the boys, who were now blatantly watching her boobs and her hardening nipples. As Marla got to the end of the rep she was visibly struggling to get the bar back to its apex.

“Jeremy?” Leisa said to the biggest boy there. “Why don’t you spot her a bit on these last few?”

“Gladly!” antalya rus escort

Jeremy moved forward and hoisted his leg over Marla’s stretched-out body, straddling her on the bench. His hard cock was straining against his shorts and as Marla went to lift the bar and he went to help, his bulge rubbed against Marla’s bare stomach. Marla could feel the hardness against her body and the wetness beginning between her legs, it was uncontrollable. He must have been seven or eight inches in length and thick. His big belly flopped over the waistband of his shorts. His beard and hairy arms made him appear bear-like.

Marla was amazed to find herself in this situation. Last week she was just a simple, conservative, loving wife. Now she was in a teenager’s basement topless. What seemed so unbelievable last week suddenly was empowering for her. Four young men are practically drooling over this suburban, mature wife. How does that happen? She thought to herself. It was being seen by Leisa’s husband John that freed her.

Marla wasn’t sure how many presses she had done when Leisa’s voice broke her drifting.

“Jeremy, feel Marla’s chest to make sure she’s exercising the right muscles.”

“Yes ma’am!” Jeremy used his big hands to paw Marla’s mature tits before she could speak a sound of protest. The big boy kneaded her boobs and even was so bold as to toy with her nipples as Marla lifted the bar for the last time.

“OK, mister, I’m done, you can stop feeling me up,” Marla said, a little playfully.

Jeremy was disappointed but backed-off from straddling the older woman and went back to stand with his friends, who quietly gave him fist bumps. Marla stood up, covering her breasts from the stares of the four young men.

“All-right, what’s next? Free weights or the pull-down?” Leisa asked.

“I’d like to see her work the pull down,” Seth offered.

“Good choice. Marla, sit facing the machine and grab the cross bar there,” Leisa said pointing to the chrome bar with the ends bent downward that hung suspended from a cable.

Marla did as she was told, releasing her hands from her tits and grabbing the bar as she sat down on the bench.

She glanced at the boys who were adjusting their positions to get the best view of her tits.

Leisa looked at the Latino boy, Javier, and pointed at him.

“What’s your name?” Leisa asked him.

“Me? Um, Javier.”

“Javier, this time why don’t you sit behind Marla on the bench and make sure she’s working the right muscles. I want you to run your hands over her torso as she’s doing the reps, from her shoulders down to her hips. OK?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Javier moved quickly to get in place as his friends patted him on the back.

“Leisa, is this really necessary?” Marla asked, looking back at her friend. “I mean, won’t a visual just do?”

“Marla – I’m your trainer. You don’t get to question me. You do what I say, whatever I say. Is that understood?”

Leisa said in a firm voice that startled Marla. The older woman wasn’t used to being talked to that way, certainly not in front of strangers. The boys started “oooing” as they recognized Marla just got told.

Marla blushed in reaction.

“Yes, Leisa, I understand.” Marla gripped the bar and waited for Javier to get settled.

“Oh, Javier?” Leisa asked quickly.


“Why don’t you take your shirt off? I would hate for you to get Marla’s sweat all over it.”

Javier smiled at Leisa and took his shirt off over his head. He scooted forward on the bench so his crotch was now firmly against Marla’s ass. She could feel his hard cock resting against the soft flesh of her butt cheeks. His muscular chest rested against her back as his hands rested on her thighs, awaiting her first rep.

Marla glanced over her shoulder at the young man behind her. He just smiled at her and nodded for her to begin. Marla turned back and gripped the crossbar tightly and pulled down with all her strength. It was a good weight, just enough resistance without being too difficult to handle. She brought the bar down to just below her boobs, the cold chrome grazing her rock hard nipple. Then she released and repeated the motion.

“How’s she doing, Javier?” Leisa asked.

That was Javier’s cue to begin running his hands over Marla’s naked torso. He cupped her large boobs and hefted them as Marla did another pull down. Marla had to adjust her motion as her tits now jutted further out. She looked down and saw the brown hands supporting her fleshy globes, her nipples harder than they’ve ever been.

“She’s definitely working the right muscles,” Javier said, smiling and looking over at his buddies, who could hardly contain their joy at the situation. Javier scooted his body even closer to Marla’s and nuzzled his face in her hair as she continued with the exercise. His hands now freely mauled her huge tits. He whispered in her ear. “That’s it, lady, tone these big MILF tits antalya ucuz escort for me. Get your hot ass body nice and fit so you can handle my friends and me.”

Marla shuddered with desire at his words. Her mind flashed ahead to a scene where she was naked, surrounded by the boys. She pumped harder on the machine. Javier sensed her increased excitement.

“Oh, you like the thought of that, don’t you?” he whispered. “Keep working these big MILF tits for me. That’s it. Good.” His hands were openly mauling her flesh. Leisa smiled to herself, knowing that she was training Marla in more ways than one. One more exercise and she would completely control her older neighbor.

“Very good, Marla, good form. You did well.”

Marla eased her hands off the bar and let it settle into place. Javier was still kneading her tits as Marla slumped back into his bare chest, resting.

“Thanks, Leisa. And thanks Javier, I think I’m good now.” Marla turned her head slightly to the young man, who removed his hands from her breasts and hopped off the bench to re-join his friends.

“Just one more exercise and I think we are done here,” Leisa said. “And for this one that ripped outfit will no longer do.”

The torn outfit was all that was covering Marla’s ass and pussy. Without it she would be completely nude for the boys and her neighbor. Even though Javier’s words had excited her, she was still hesitant to let this situation go too far.

Leisa looked at the blonde boy Curt, who could have passed for her son. “Curt, help Marla step out of that outfit.”

“Leisa! I think that’s going a little far. I’ll be naked,” Marla pleaded, standing in the middle of the group while covering her breasts with her arms. “I think I need a t-shirt.”

“Marla, you need to stop fighting me. If I’m going to help you I need to have you listen to me and follow my instructions. Now, you two hold her arms and Curt get that outfit off.”

Marla sensed she needed to comply. Somewhere deep down she wanted to comply. Seth and Jeremy stepped up behind her and each took hold of Marla’s arms, though it really wasn’t necessary now but the thought of men making her act against her will wasn’t suddenly very arousing to Marla. Curt stood in front of her, smiling, before crouching so his face was eye-level with her crotch. He grabbed the material and slowly slid it down her long legs, revealing her trimmed bush. Marla stepped out of the torn outfit and Curt continued staring at her cunt, leaning in to smell her scent.

“It’s nice, isn’t it, Curt?” Leisa said in a tone that meant for him to step out of the way.

Curt got the hint and backed off to stand with the other boys, admiring Marla’s now fully naked body.

Marla glanced over at the young men watching her, struggling to keep her hands from covering the vital, exposed areas of her body. She was broken. Leisa had done it without her knowledge. Now Marla wanted men to look at her body and she was more determined than ever to make it a body they wanted to look at, that they lusted to look at. Marla had always tried to please her husband, in the way she dressed, what she showed interest in, how she did her make-up. But now? Now it was for real. It was for strangers who had no connection of the heart or soul but simply the surface and a single question: do I want to fuck her? Marla wanted desperately for the answer to be yes. It didn’t matter who asked the question. Not anymore.

“Sit down, sweetie.” Leisa barked. Marla felt humiliated having a younger women call her “sweetie.” Marla sat on the seat and put her feet on the footrests below. Her thighs were together and it was the most modesty she felt she had – for the moment.

“OK, Marla, here’s how it works. You have your thighs together, now you want to spread them slowly. Don’t rush or you won’t get the full benefit of the exercise. Got it?” Leisa had her hands on her hips looking at her. Seth was standing very close to Leisa and though Marla couldn’t quite tell may have had his hand on Leisa’s ass.

“Yes, drill sergeant.” Marla smiled at Leisa as she said it and then turned her attention to the exercise. With moderate struggle Marla spread her thighs apart and then tried to release them as slowly as possible, but not slowly enough. As she strained her hand gripped the handles tighter and she felt pectoral muscle tighten, jutting out her boobs. Out of the corner of her eye she could she the boys commenting and gesturing to each other.

“Nope, uh-huh, that’s too fast. Javier, since you’re the skinniest here, why don’t you get between Marla’s legs and spot her a bit. Help with the slow release of the weight, OK?”

“Yes!” Javier said before scrambling to position himself between Marla legs. He put each hand on Marla’s legs near the knee and helped guide her slowly through the movement. Marla looked him right in the eye the whole time, but Javier’s eyes were elsewhere, staring intently at Marla’s exposed pussy. Marla felt herself blush but continued on.

“Let’s do ten of these and then stop.” Leisa said. Marla looked over and Leisa now had her arm around Seth and their bodies were close together. Leisa’s nipples were hard and strained against the material of her top.

Marla wrapped up the rep of ten and looked over at Leisa. “Now what?”

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