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Mary’s Evolution: Book 03

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This is another installment in the story of Mary, the chubby, insecure girl who became a woman thanks to the seduction of her best friend Brianna’s father.

Having awakened what was apparently an incredibly horny woman underneath the previously bookworm-ish exterior, Greg Mullin soon finds out that the young woman he had started out with; the shy and innocent Mary, was gradually disappearing.

Mary’s Evolution: Book Three


Chapter One: Online

Greg Mullin sank into the cozy confines of the computer chair and logged into the website he had discovered a couple of years ago. It was a place where he felt most comfortable, filled with other men like him. Men who appreciated the same type of woman that he himself lusted for.

In the chat room, Greg chatted mainly with a couple of guys that he had gotten to know through the site. Although it was anonymous at first, Greg and the other two men had gotten together a few times in the past and now knew each other fairly well.

Greg had been surprised when they had actually met in person, expecting to meet with a couple of seedy degenerates that first time in that cabin located in the southern Adirondacks.

Instead, the men he met were much like him – middle aged and successful. “Lloyd”, an educator who was two years Greg’s junior, was a man short and slight in stature who was the procurer of the young woman the three of them had enjoyed a couple of times in the secluded cabin up north.

The other man, “Colin”, was an elected official – local to be sure – but a familiar face nonetheless, and had been the one most concerned about the need for discretion when they had met. Once assured that each one of them had both personal and professional reasons for keeping things under the radar, they formed an immediate bond.

Chatting with Lloyd on the Internet, he quickly cut right to the chase, asking about how his attempts at seducing his young lady friend had gone.

GREG: I haven’t told you all about it? Wow! It HAS been a while since we’ve chatted. Mission accomplished.

LLOYD: You’ve had her?

GREG: In every way imaginable. Every port has been tested. Heh-heh.

LLOTD: You lucky bastard. Tell me, what was it like. How did she look without those bulky clothes you said she always wears?

GREG: Mind-boggling. Those tits are incredible.

LLOYD: OMG! I think I’m gonna cum in my pants. Tell me about her bush.

GREG: Without question she has the thickest and densest bush I’ve ever seen. Spills outside the panties too. The darkest brown pubes you can imagine, and the hair is soft and thick too.

LLOYD: Did you get her to stop shaving… please say yes.

GREG: She still shaves her legs, but she’s letting the hair grow under her arms for me. It’s only been three weeks but she’s already got more armpit hair than I do! Don’t know how long I can keep her from shaving her armpits though. She’s self-conscious as hell about it.

LLOYD: You have got to share her, man. At least once. You owe me one from the time with Rhonda.

GREG: Jeez, I dunno.

Greg let Lloyd dangle for a while, knowing that he was going out of his mind at the other end. He had every intention of sharing Mary with Lloyd, as well as with Colin if he so desired, and that was the main reason he was chatting with Lloyd now.

Plainly said, Greg was worn out. Since he had deflowered Mary three and a half weeks ago, the chubby little woman had changed from a quiet and straight-laced innocent into an insatiable sex-crazed maniac. Nymphomaniac would be a better description, as she pleaded and pestered him constantly for sex day and night.

Just the night before, Mary had begged Greg to come over to her house, and when he did, Mary had him fuck her in the ass right in her garage, while her loudmouthed father was screaming at a soccer game on the television just on the other side of the door.

LLOYD: What do you say? You think she’ll do it?

GREG: Meet up with the three of us? That’s a lot to ask of a girl who was a virgin last month.

Greg knew that Mary would do it, even though it might take some convincing. Mary was so smitten with Greg that if he told her to jump off of a bridge, she would as long as he assured her there was sex waiting when she landed. Having the three of them at once might quench some of the fire inside of Mary. Either that or her insatiable desires might kill them all, Greg figured. As it was Greg was so exhausted from trying to keep up with Mary that he could use the respite.

It would also be a turn-on to see Mary with these other guys, he admitted to himself. Sort of like showing off a new sports car or something, and he knew that Lloyd especially, with his penchant for large breasts and natural women, would go nuts over Mary.

GREG: Let me run it by her. Maybe this weekend or next if you guys are free.

LLOYD: Make it happen.

GREG: You told me about this woman who runs a foundations shop. The poor girl needs bras in the worst way. She’s never been fitted for a bra Antep Bayan Escort because she’s so self-conscious about the size of her breasts, so she just guesses at the size when she orders them by mail.

LLOYD: What size is she wearing?

GREG: 38F.

LLOYD: Good grief. An F cup?

GREG: Like I said, that’s probably not right.

LLOYD: 38 isn’t very big.

GREG: She’s a small woman remember. Barely five foot tall if that.

LLOYD: Rhonda – you remember Rhonda? She was a 42D. Are this girl’s breasts as big as hers?

GREG: Bigger. Much bigger. The bras she wears now cut into her shoulders and back and don’t flatter her at all. It’s like putting a drop-cloth over a work of art. That’s why I want her to get fitted.

LLOYD: Sounds like a job for Johanna. Oh man, when Johanna gets a look at this girl we might lose her forever.

GREG: Don’t think so. My girl seems straight, although she’s really open to most everything I say. And you say that this Johanna will let me watch her fit her?

LLOYD: She’ll insist on it. She likes to have an audience. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall for that. I’ll set it up for you.

GREG: I’ll let you know how it goes.

LLOYD: Do you have a picture of this girl? I’m dying to get a peek at her.

GREG: I’ve got a couple that I took candidly at a motel one night – but you have to promise that they don’t go any farther than you.

LLOYD: I swear. You know you can trust me. Hell, with what you know about me you could ruin me.

GREG: Okay, the first one you get will be of her doing what she does best. The second one is just of her. Nothing that revealing, but probably just enough for you to tell whether you find her interesting or not.

LLOYD: Thanks.

Lloyd waited impatiently at the computer for Greg’s e-mail to arrive. His heart was racing and his palms were sweaty, although the one palm was inside his pajamas, wrapped around his erection as he slowly primed himself.

When the first picture arrived, Lloyd had to slow down his stroking, because the sight of the girl with Greg Mullin’s cock halfway down her throat almost made him cum instantly. Those thick eyebrows and those full red lips – not to mention the fact that the girl was wearing glasses that made her look so much like a bookworm – was so erotic to Lloyd that he didn’t mind the grainy quality of the picture so much as the fact that it wasn’t his cock that the girl was inhaling.

“Fucking Mullin,” Lloyd muttered to himself, cursing the luck that the guy had. For a guy to have a cock the size of that as well as a girl like that to service him, well that must be about as good as it gets.

“How about sucking on this one, dear?” Lloyd mumbled to the screen, maneuvering his cock out of the fly of his pajamas and stroking the slender shaft while imagining the girl was going down on him. “Not as fat as the one you’re used to sucking, but just as hard.”

“Now let’s see what else you sent me, Greg my boy,” Lloyd said, happy that his wife was upstairs and sound asleep, because this idea of talking to the computer screen was getting to be a habit.

Lloyd scrolled down to the other picture, and as he did, he cried out. It wasn’t so much the erotic nature of the picture that almost stopped Lloyd’s heart, although the sight of the girl in a tank top and panties standing by what looked like a motel bed was sexy as hell. It was the face.

“OMIGOD!” Lloyd gasped, not even realizing for a few seconds that he was ejaculating all over the place; the keyboard, the computer table and even the bottom of the screen.

“Mary? Mary Koutusis?” Lloyd whispered to the image before him while he tried to keep from making even more of a mess, cupping his hand over the bulb of his dick until it stopped spitting.

It was her, and Lloyd was sure of it. Shaking his head at the revolting mess he had made, he began to clean it up as best he could, all the time his eyes never leaving the screen.

Those breasts, straining the fabric of that white cotton tank-top, with the nipples clearly visible, and the sight of the hair peeking out from the side elastic of her panties weren’t what made him sure it was Mary, because he had never seen much of anything during the year they were together. It was the face. She had changed a little in the four years since he had seen her, but it was her.

After saving the picture as his new background, Lloyd got the keyboard in a usable condition and sent Greg Mullin an e-mail.

“Thanks for the pictures. You know the saying about cumming all over the keyboard? Well I just actually did when I got a look at your beautiful friend. Interested? I was never more interested in anything before in my life. PLEASE make it happen ASAP!”

Lloyd took a deep breath, thinking about what he should do, before resuming typing.

“I’ve gotta tell you something, Greg. I know this girl. Knew this girl I mean. She was in my freshman English class four years ago. She certainly has grown up some, although there was no way to tell because she dressed back then just like you say she does now. I have to have her.”

Lloyd looked at the last paragraph for the longest time before touching the backspace and obliterating the confession and sending just the initial message on to Greg.

“Hell, she might not even remember me. No sense screwing it up,” Lloyd muttered before returning to the picture of Mary.

Lloyd was hard again within minutes, and this time he was prepared when his orgasm came, trapping his ejaculation inside of the sock he had slipped over his organ.

Lloyd turned off the computer and went back upstairs, knowing full well that he would be down to look at the pictures again and again until he got the opportunity to see Mary in person.


Chapter Two: Date night.

“Damn!” Brianna exclaimed as she looked over at Mary, who had just taken off her top as she got ready for their double date that night. “Girl, you’re melting away! Look at you!”

Mary smiled, looking over at her reflection in the dresser mirror. She knew she had lost weight, about 12 pounds in the month she had been seeing Brianna’s father, and the fact that it was becoming obvious to others pleased Mary a lot.

She would never be as slender as Brianna – her body frame was much different from hers – and that was okay because Mary didn’t really want to be that thin, but losing some of the baby fat made her feel good. Made her boobs look even bigger as well, as Brianna was quick to note, since while her tummy and the rest of her were getting smaller, her breasts didn’t seem to have changed a bit.

“Where did you get that bra?” Brianna asked, staring in awe at the pale aqua brassiere that she had been fitted for earlier in the week. “It makes you look even – like – wow!”

Mary couldn’t tell the truth – that the bra had been bought by Brianna’s father, along with several others, at one of the fanciest shops in town in an experience that Mary still couldn’t believe.

Just thinking about the way that proprietor had fitted her for the bra still sent shivers down Mary’s spine. It was almost as if she was being seduced by the middle aged woman as she measured her. Her eyes – her hands – and the way Greg had been watching so eagerly. To think that Mary had actually dreaded going in that shop beforehand, terrified at the thought of having to take off her top.

“It is nice, and it actually fits too, My shoulders don’t ache and my back isn’t killing me either,” Mary explained, looking at her profile in the mirror.

“42E?” Brianna said as she looked at the tag on the band. “Damn, I better get out my wonder bra or else nobody will be looking at me tonight. I’m telling you Mary, you got to come with me and my Mom to the salon and let them go to work on you.”

“If you let them do something with those eyebrows of yours, and you get yourself contacts instead of those glasses, you’ll be really smokin’ hot,” Brianna continued, and then stared in wonder at the top Mary had brought to change into, a rich red blouse with short frilly sleeves that would show, for Mary anyway, a great deal of cleavage.

“You like?” Mary said, thrilled at her friend’s response as she held up the blouse.

“Kevin’s gonna freak out!” Brianna said. “You know he wants to do you, don’t you?”


“Well, he sees you in that and he’ll… but first you gotta do something with those pits of yours. What’s up with that, girlfriend?”

“Just trying it out,” Mary said, lowering her arms to hide the thick tufts of hair that filled her armpits. “Something different.”

“Kevin ain’t gonna want to fuck you looking like that,” Brianna said.

“Maybe I don’t want him to,” Mary suggested.

“Why not? You don’t want to die a virgin, do you? What are you saving it for?”

The last month had been hell for Mary, keeping Brianna from knowing the truth. Finally, Mary gave in to the temptation and let the cat out of the bag, or at least one of them.

“I’m not,” Mary said, biting her lip as she finally let her secret out of the bag.

“Not what?” Brianna said, stopping in her tracks.

“A virgin,” Mary said. “Not anymore.”

Brianna jumped in the air, squealing with delight and running into Mary’s arms, hugging and squeezing her as they jumped up and down together. Mary’s eyes welled up with tears, but even the emotion didn’t distract her from noticing that it felt so nice to feel Brianna’s breasts against hers, even if they were both wearing bras.

“Tell me everything girl,” Brianna insisted, sitting them both down on the bed and waving her arms around in Brianna’s typical animated manner. “When-who-how? I’m dying here.”

“A few weeks ago,” Mary said, and it was 27 days, 20 hours and 14 minutes to be precise, but she didn’t want to make it sound like she kept track of things like that.

“Why didn’t you tell me before now, girl? I thought we were like sisters?”

“We are,” Mary said. “It’s just kinda complicated.”

“How complicated?” Brianna said.

“He’s older.”

“How old? Twenty five? Thirty?”

“Almost fifty,” Mary said, and Brianna squirmed and giggled at that.

“Ancient! How cool is that? So is it true what they say about older guys?” Brianna asked. “About them being better because they’re experienced?”

“I dunno. He’s the only guy I’ve ever done it with.”

“I did a 29 year old guy once,” Brianna offered. “Wow! You’re gonna kill this old guy. What does he do? Cum and fall asleep?”

“No,” Mary said. “He’s like a machine.”

“Really? He can get it up more than once a night?”

“Try three or four,” Mary said with a grin. “The first night 6 times.”

“Damn,” Brianna said. “Must be on Viagra or something. You should introduce us.”

“I don’t think so,” Mary said. “Not just yet.”

“Where does this go on? His place?”

“Sometimes. Other times motels, his car – even my garage a couple of times.”

“Get out!” Brianna cackled. “Were your folks home?”

“Daddy was just a few feet away, watching TV in the den the last time we did it in there.”

“Girl, you are crazy. What if your old man caught you?”

“Makes it really kinky, doesn’t it? When it comes to thinking straight, I lose it somehow, because whenever he’s around me, I’ve just got to have it.”

“My old man almost caught me once,” Brianna admitted. “I would have just died if he did. So tell me all about what you two do.”

“The guys are going to be here soon,” Mary said, looking at the clock.

“Screw them. Make them wait. We’re worth it,” Brianna declared. “Now give me the details. How many times you two do it so far?”

“47 times.”

“You slut!” Brianna yelled as she slapped Mary’s shoulder, and then cringed when she realized how loud she had been.

“You asked,” Mary reminded her friend, enjoying being the one with stuff to tell. “We’ve made love 47 times.”

“Made love?”

“Yeah, I love him,” Mary admitted. “38 times in the regular place and 5 times in the butt.”


“I like it that way,” Mary told her.

“Well, that’s only 43 times girl,” Brianna noted with a giggle. “If you’re gonna keep score you got to be more precise.”

“Three times were in here,” Mary said, pointing to her cleavage.

“Between your tits?”

“Yeah. I count it as making love, because he’s very passionate about it that way,” Mary explained. “And the other time was under my arm.”

“The dude fucked your armpit?” Brianna asked incredulously.

“Yeah,” Mary said as she blushed. “Actually, it was interesting. Kinda fun. Underarms are a really erogenous zone.”

“Kink-o-Rama! So that’s what the pit hair is all about?” Brianna asked. “That’s for him? He must be like an old hippie or something. So when do I meet him?”

“Can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“He’s – uh – married.”

“Oh girl, you are really something!” Brianna said in shock. “That is so fucking cool. He’s cheating on his wife with you?”

“He’s not – I mean it’s not like he has much of a marriage or anything. He hasn’t touched his wife in years and she screws around on him too.”

“Well, you be careful anyway,” Brianna cautioned. “And don’t forget to take your pill.”

Oops. The pill. Mary nodded at that reminder, but she had never needed that before, and because everything had happened so fast, she wasn’t on the pill. Should be, Mary thought, and vowed to make a doctor appointment next week for that.


Chapter Three; Dancing.

The four of them went to the place they usually ended up at, but this was different for Mary. Guys seemed to be looking at her differently, and one dude even hit on her when Kevin was in the bathroom.

Maybe it was the way she was looking or the blouse that she wore that got her noticed more, Mary thought, or perhaps it was the way she carried herself. She wasn’t flaunting or strutting her stuff like Brianna, but Mary was a lot more confident about herself, and it showed.

Kevin was certainly all over her tonight, and she caught him staring at her chest often while they hung out in the back of the club. Although they weren’t old enough to drink, Brianna’s boyfriend always smuggled in a couple of pint bottles of vodka or something to mix in their sodas.

Mary didn’t usually get involved in that, but tonight she had a couple of drinks with the rest of them, and was feeling pretty good when Brianna got her up on the dance floor. Dancing wasn’t something Mary did much of, mostly because she felt self-conscious about the way her breasts swung around so outrageously, but tonight was different.

While the band played a Green Day song, Brianna started playing around, pretending to hump Mary’s leg while she danced and sticking her tongue near Mary’s mouth. The guys liked that sort of thing – girls pretending to make out with each other – and when Mary saw Kevin staring at them from the side of the dance floor, Mary found herself leaning toward Brianna.

Brianna’s playful expression turned to one of shock when she realized that instead of shying away from contact like she usually did, Mary was putting her thigh between her legs just like she had been doing to her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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