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Maybe We Both Get Lucky Tonight

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The following story that started from a dream my girlfriend had. She was moaning in her sleep, and when she does this, it usually indicates she is having a sex dream. I started rubbing her in her sleep gently, and she started moaning and woke up as her orgasm hit her. Her first question to me was how did you know, and I told her that she was moaning and I’ve learned what that means. My next question to her was, “So what were you dreaming about.

If you want to find out, keep reading.


The girls just couldn’t stop laughing. Debbie recalled in herself that when she was out with her friends at college, soaking up attention got her all worked up. She remembered how catching an eye from a cute guy at the bar would push her and her friend to make everyone’s night more intriguing. They loved to immerse in it and draw reactions from bystanders trying to be cool. She remembered one night at a house party, when she pulled back her friend’s hair to whisper in her ear that the cute kid kept darting his eyes toward and away.

“Which one, there were a few we caught walking in,” she asked

“The one with the backwards hat, the one you pointed out that I thought was ehhh.”

Her friend smirked as she picked up on the clue. Debbie was taken aback when before she knew what hit her, she had her head jerked forward as her friend started passionately kissing her. Debbie froze before realizing she was now making out and then acquiesced. Sure, it was her friend, and she may not have been actually lusting for her as the move feigned; and maybe the sexual energy was a guise to make the gazer more interested. But at that moment, she decided it didn’t matter because of how good it felt, how it turned her on to be dirty, how exciting it was to be noticed by anybody who cared to look. The second she soaked it up, it ended as her friend pulled away.

“Did it work?” She asked

“Huh?” Was all Debbie mustered, her mind on passion and not some girly scheme.

“Did it work! Did he like what he saw?” she insisted.

“Yeah, seems to have, since he’s walking over now.”

Debbie recalled what that felt like some time ago. She thought how she longed for the excitement, the sexual energy of nights out flirting. Her boyfriend was fun, but the flair of surprise was completely lacking from her life. Who knows, maybe soon she would push herself to leave the jerk as she long considered. Stale sex can quickly permeate and ruin much else in a relationship.

Debbie had been dating Greg for about four years now. Greg was a decent enough guy when they met, engaging, funny, kind, and exciting in the bedroom. Recently though, everything he was doing was starting to get under her skin. She had the feeling of somebody who was hanging onto an old relationship that had the potential t return to its exciting days, but was currently blasé. All their conversations seemed to be out of necessity and purpose driven, never cute and playful like a spirited couple’s would be. She remembers complaining about the way he packed his suitcase too messily, how he left the gutters full of leaves as he promised, and how she didn’t feel like even addressing it from sheer frustration. Perfect time to go on vacation with him, she thought to herself.

“Let’s go!” She said with much disdain. “The flight is an hour and a half from now, the airport is 30 minutes away, and you haven’t even put the luggage in the car.”

Greg tried to diffuse the tension, “Don’t worry babe, in a few short hours we will be in Vegas together,” while he savored the thought of sitting at a Hold ‘Em table.

Debbie recognized that she should try and be excited with the vacation coming up, so she planted a kiss on his cheek and said with a smile, “Can’t wait baby. I just hope the vacation is about us and not poker!”

“Of course it will babe, of course it will.” Greg half-heartedly reassured. He didn’t know if he fully believed what he was selling himself but figured it was better off for the two of them if he tried to mean it. Greg had provided much for the two of them in extra cash with his ability to play poker well, but his time commitment to the hobby took something away from the two of them, and he damn well knew when he spent too much time in the casino or online playing cards.

**** ——- ****

Again, he fucking did it again, Debbie thought to herself. God I hate him. She couldn’t believe that on the penultimate night of their trip, he cancelled on a dinner date at Mirage’s Bobby Flay’s. She went over in her head how she made the reservation early in the trip, she conveyed it was important to her, and on the night, what she got was “Babe, the game is really wild right now, I just can’t leave till I get some more of these jackasses money.” She knew that when the game was especially profitable, Greg was likely to stay in it. In this case, he was on an 18 hour bender from when he went down to the poker table at midnight the night before. She just hung up on him when he called and told her and naturally decided it was time to go drink.

“Shot of Jam-O and an Around the World vodka mix please,” she muttered at the bartender. Antep Bayan Escort The lady sipping a martini next to her cocked her head.

“You trying to end the night early for yourself?” asked the stranger with brunette hair and a smile.

Debbie shrugged her shoulders and couldn’t resist a little laugh,

“No,” she retorted, “Just trying to forget that I’m on vacation and hate my boyfriend who I’m here with.”

The brunette smiled, “Sometimes they do that to us. My name is Susan,” she offered as she figured she found a perfect drinking partner for tonight.

“I’m Debbie,” she answered, excited to have an ear to talk to. “He just won’t stop playing fucking poker on our vacation! He just stood me up for dinner, even,” she explained as she shook her head and frowned.

“God, men can be such dicks,” Susan supported as she shook her head too. “Me and my friends come here to get away from our guys, come have some fun on our own. What are you drinking, let me get you a round.” Susan offered. Debbie mulled it over and said,

“Vodka club, thanks, I’ll get your next round too.” Susan smiled back, she liked the girl and both seemed to enjoy the company. The girl looked approachable, curly hair, tall like Debbie was, and a black dress that looked sheik with the black heels she wore them with. “So where are your friends?” Debbie inquired.

“Well, they are a little older and got kind of tired so it is just me left to gamble and drink alone. Some vacation, huh.”

“Tell me about it,” Debbie replied. Debbie noticed herself checking out what she was wearing. It was a long black cocktail dress that had a plunging neckline that was made to show off her chest. Ideal outfit for a night out in Vegas, Debbie figured.

They continued to talk, one drink turned into 6 or 7 and they were both getting louder, tipsier, and kept having more fun. Finally, they paused for a second, and when Debbie glanced up at her cute smile, they both realized that this was the most fun each of them had felt on their vacations; funny Debbie thought that a stranger could bring it out in her better than her own boyfriend could.

“Hey, do you smoke?” Susan offered during the pause.

“No,” Debbie said with a shake of the head, “I don’t like the way cigarettes smell.”

Susan shrugged her head, put on a smirk and offered, “I wasn’t talking about cigarettes.”

Debbie had smoked marijuana a few times but never thought much of it and decided, fuck it, I’m in Vegas. “OK, why not, my job won’t be drug testing when they got back.”

Susan quickly said, “Cool, let’s head back to your room. Mine is farther away, and I keep it in my purse.” Susan’s hand was all of a sudden on Debbie’s shoulder, rubbing it gently enough so that she knew it was there, but softly enough where it left her wanting more attention. God she thought, the vodka was catching up with her too as she laughed and lost her balance a little also.

As they started walking, she felt something on her left and became aware of the hand crawling around her stomach. Susan had reached from behind her and just started rubbing around gently. As they walked, her palm started meandering upwards and grazed her breast. Debbie let out a gasp and felt the sensation as it cupped the bottom for a split second before roaming back down. Susan’s hand danced around and felt up what it chose to until they arrived at the elevator. Susan let her go and moved away so naturally that Debbie began to wonder if she had invented the whole scenario. She was on vacation after all and had been planning on getting fucked by her boyfriend, a lot. So far it had been a quick morning session, where he had finished before her and left her turned on and covered in cum.

Everything in Vegas is made to be grand and distracting, and Debbie found herself staring at her reflection in the ceiling mirror laughing. Finally, their floor arrived and they approached Debbie’s room. Susan came back to her and resumed the same exploring of her body with her left hand. This time, she wanted to feel the back of Debbie’s body, squeezing her ass softly as her hand crept around. Debbie surprised herself by noting how relaxing and sensual she found the touch, Susan’s fingers moved since this time it was familiar. She wasn’t sure exactly where this was heading, but all the flirting filled her with anticipation and excitement. Nothing was more nerve-wracking to her than not expecting what was coming next, and she decided not to think about where all this was heading. As they arrived, she found herself stammering saying,

“We’re here, I think, yeah, this-this room is it,” Debbie got out as she looked away.

“Well?” Susan said shifting her head to look Debbie square in the eye, “Are we gonna just stand here in the hallway all night?”

“No, of course not. Here, let me dig out the key. I’m just a little nervous because, ya know, I left the room so messy before. I wasn’t expecting other people to see it.” Debbie didn’t even convince herself of what she way saying.

Susan peered in toward her, “Right, the room is too messy. Well, no need to be shy, my room at home is messy too. I’m sure in your room I will end up feeling very comfortable.” Susan said while smiling and rubbing Debbie’s shoulder.

“Come on,” she then offered, “I’m starting to get hungry, let’s go in and get greasy food from room service.”

Room service sounded really good, so Debbie nodded and reached for her key. Debbie felt the tension and nervousness through her veins when she reached for the key in her purse but struggled to grasp it. She realized what was going on was different, and really exciting. Finally, she got a hold of it and put it in the card swipe. The little red light on the door changed to green and she heard it unlock. Red light means stop, green means go for the night, she thought to herself. Fitting. They finally entered.

The room was indeed messy. Susan realized the put together girl with a keen sense for makeup and a well planned outfit lived in a manner that was sloppier then she let on. There were towels forgotten about left strewn over doors, empty bottles and beer cans with contents still dripping out left knocked over. A suitcase was in the middle of the floor which looked like it was vomiting up its contents of dresses, bras, and panties all over around it. It became an obstacle she had to avoid as she walked by. One pair of underwear Susan found at her feet as she walked by. It was a black pair with the words “Bad Bad Girlfriend” written on it. Appropriate, she thought to herself, but she has no idea how naughty she is capable of being yet. After taking in the whole room, Susan’s hunger attacked again.

“Chicken Fingers!” Susan exclaimed. “Let’s get chicken fingers and like a grilled cheese or something.”

“French fries,” Debbie offered. “French fries too, and both sound perfect right now.”

Susan giggled, “God I love eating junk after drinking. Let’s go in together on it, eating crap is another one of those things I usually do when nobody else is around. Oh also, let’s charge it to the room so your boyfriend ends up having to pay for our meal when he checks out, too.” Susan chuckled.

Debbie identified these subtle hints in everything Susan was saying. Things I do when nobody else is around, getting very comfortable, they all reminded Debbie of sex. She thought to herself that she must be reading too deeply into things though. She figured no girl would be so forward as to suggest something to a girl she not only knew was basically straight, but also knew had a current boyfriend. She figured who could have the balls to be that brazen? She allotted this all must be in her head, and decided to move on.

“Where is the menu and phone numbers and stuff?” Susan interrupted Debbie from her thoughts with that question.

“Oh, uhh, over there on the nightstand by the phone book,” Debbie replied.

“Thanks,” Susan answered. She plopped onto the bed and wormed across to get access to the phone. When she reached the nightstand, she noticed the standard things, telephone, hotel pad with pen, and a Gideon was in the open drawer. Then she noticed that there were more personal items Debbie had apparently used. There was a long, bright red plastic vibrator that came to a rounded tip with a black switch that needed to be rotated to operate. Susan got turned on looking at it, devising how she wanted to use the toy later. She noticed it was 7 inches long, but relatively slim for its length. Also, she noticed a deck of playing cards strewn about next to it. Susan grabbed it, finding each card had a sex word on it. Whoever invented the deck covered all the ideas when sex came to mind, the cards featured all kinds of explicit terms like pussy, grab, bite, and tease. Susan smiled as she grabbed them and turned around.

“How do you play?” Susan turned and asked holding up the sex deck

Debbie giggled, “Oh you found those! Haha, you play any card game you’d like, 5 card draw, gin, whatever, and then the winner uses the words on his winning hand to order a command they can spell out.”

“Hmm, well, I’ve played a lot of cards, but never with a deck like this. Let’s play some regular game with them while we wait for the food,” Susan quipped while knowing that once she saw the deck there was no food coming for a while since she never ordered, and secondly that this game she wanted to play was going to not be defined as normal.

“Maybe, what game do you wanna play?” Debbie naively answered.

“Let’s play a few hands of gin, I grew up playing that in my house so I am pretty sharp,” said Susan as she set it up.

“Ok,” said Debbie still not getting it, “But just until the food comes.”

“Sure,” Susan lied.

Cards got in the air as their game began. They both laughed during the game looking at cards saying Cock, Pussy, and Touch on them. Susan ended up with four Queens, three sevens, a 5 of clubs, 5 of diamonds and a 4 of diamonds. Debbie then on her next turn tossed the 6 of diamonds.

“Gin!” Proclaimed Susan as she picked it up. She laid it down and looked at her cards. The 6 of diamonds said “I”, the 5 “Kiss” and the 4 “you.” She lurched forward and pulled Debbie’s neck with her left arm. “I kiss you it says” she told her as she closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Debbie groaned as she kissed her back. Satiated by the reaction she wanted Susan drew back quickly after, pecking Debbie on the lips as she pulled away. “Next hand,” was all she uttered.

The girls dealt and kept playing. The next hand, Debbie picked up the 7 of clubs which said “Lick” on it, to go along with the 6 of clubs that said “My” and the 5 of clubs which said “Penis.” She picked it up and excitedly screamed, “My turn, gin!” And flipped it over. Susan glanced up from the game and looked her square in the eye. She decided it was going to happen now, that she was done dancing around with what was going on between them and knew it was time to make her move.

“Well I can’t lick your penis, so what of yours do you want me to lick?” Susan deadpanned.

“Huh?” Debbie answered, not sure what to say. “I, I thought We were just playing cards.”

“Mmm,” Susan leaned in with a shit-eating grin. She had Debbie’s full wide-eyed attention and caught her hyperventilating. She was aware of how flushed Debbie’s face and neck was getting as the moment intensified. “I didn’t sneak you off to get food or play cards, I snuck off with you to fuck you.” Susan’s hand started cupping Debbie’s right breast, squeezing her nipple with her fingers, pulling on it as she whispered. “You can’t hide your reactions from me. Your face is flushing, your breathing is heavy, and your pussy is damp too.” As she spoke she aggressively reached underneath Debbie’s dress and cupped her sex with her palm. Debbie was out and out moaning at this point. Susan took the cue and leaned in and whispered, “Now you have two choices. One you pull back and stop your hard breathing and remove the nipples that are hard enough to cut glass from my hand, or two, you relax let me use my tongue and let me make you feel really good. What’s it gonna be?”

“Wh-What. I’m not like, you know, I don’t-don’t really like women. And I, ya know, this room is being paid for by my boyfriend,” was all Debbie came up with. She was starting to realize, the only person she had to lied to about what Susan was doing in her room was herself. She was breathing even harder, arching her back up and down as she felt herself getting wetter with sexual excitement.

“Honey, it says lick me,” was all Susan replied, not even acknowledging Debbie’s concerns. Susan knew exactly what to say to keep her girl focused and in the situation. Debbie knew the control she felt being exerted on her, and was the type to love it. She leaned in to her earlobe, nibbled it, and then whispered her demand, “Now tell me where you want to be licked, who you want to lick it, and how you want it done.”

Debbie had enough. She was soaking wet, horny as fuck, and full of energy. “My pussy,” was all she could muster in a whisper.

Susan teased harder squeezing the nubs between her fingers tighter, “Uh-uh-uh-uh, not good enough,” she answered while whispering in her ear. She leaned forward, stretched out her tongue and touched her cheek with it. “I need to know who you want to do it.” She then pulled away, stared at her, and demanded, “Now tell me, do you understand?”

As she became more aware of her own hyper ventilating, Debbie finally released, “Susan. Your name is Susan, you have me soaking wet, and I want you to put your head between my legs and lick my pussy now!” Susan squared her eyes and a devilish grin formed across her face. That was what Susan needed, knowing that she had seduced the girl she had been flirting with all night, killing her prey. She swooped down and stuck out her tongue. She snatched her clothes and tore down her dress, pushed apart Debbie’s panties, and licked at the exposed clit.

Heavy breathing was all Debbie could muster. The pleasure suddenly swept her over. She knew that she was quicker than most girls, capable of reaching orgasm in half a minute when she wanted to. She wanted to do her best to stretch this one out, but she could feel her body was going to give in too quickly. Her hips started bucking her new friend’s face and she was increasing her pace. Amidst her building orgasm sweeping her body, Susan’s voice interrupted.

“Are you close?” was what registered.

“Yeah,” was all she squeezed in between heaves. Her body quickly bucked up and down. Every breath she took in was hastened with pace, everything felt so good. Her pussy was so tense, she felt like she was going to explode, and the fact that she was going to with Susan’s face in her crotch only served to make her orgasm harder.

She finally bucked her hips hard and tensed up her whole body. Her ass and hips sat perched in the air like a yoga instructor holding a long pose. Susan bore down and sucked her clit into her mouth and started lapping over it with her tongue as quickly as she was capable of. She grabbed her ass with both hands trying to hold her in place and apply as much force as she could with her mouth. She felt her cream a little, and just swallowed it down. Susan started thinking this girl is coming as hard as any she had ever been with, and she could feel herself getting wet from the sexiness of the girl’s openness to trying something new and forbidden in the room that her boyfriend was paying for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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