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Melissa Ch. 03

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Melissa and I began spending four or five nights a week together, starting each evening with a long run, followed by dinner, culminated by hours of ever increasing debauchery. Melissa’s pussy was a medical anomaly. With each orgasm she had, the volume of fluid she ejaculated increased. I would hold her down on the couch and fuck her, squeezing her throat and calling her every degrading name I could think of until I felt her pussy start squeezing my cock. I would pull out, and her pussy would contract so tightly I would have to force myself back inside her. Then , a continuous fountain of hot liquid would begin to spray, a stream lasting ten or twelve seconds and shooting as high as my chest.

Fisting her was an experience in itself, at first her pussy would gape open, but after just a few minutes the muscles would push until my hand was forced back out. I would position myself so my mouth was just under her clit, and then ram my hand back inside her, releasing a flood that filled my mouth and soaked my face and hair. Melissa squirted with such force and volume that it was impossible for me to swallow it all.

We fucked in every room of the house, leaving puddles on the hardwood floors and soaking the mattress until we had to turn it over to find a dry spot to sleep on. It didn’t seem possible for a woman to produce that much fluid.

A month after we met, Melissa and I were having dinner at her apartment with her sister Sindy and her boyfriend Steve. Physically, Sindy was much different than her sister. Her hair was light brown while Melissa’s was jet black. She stood five or six inches shorter and her skin wasn’t quite as pale. Both women had, however, inherited their mother’s large chest, which seemed almost out of proportion on Sindy’s smaller frame.

Steve, who I had met on several previous occasions, was in his early fifties and had a beer gut and dark circles under his bloodshot eyes. Watching Steve and Sindy together I would always wonder what she was doing with him.

By nine o’ clock Steve was slurring his words, staggering when he walked, and doing everything he could to pick a fight. I excused myself to use the bathroom, and when I came out Steve accosted me, screaming that he knew I was fucking his girlfriend while he was at work, and that he was going to kick my “piece of shit ass.” Sindy began crying, begging him to calm down, but he just became more agitated. I told him if he really wanted to settle things, we should walk downstairs and go out in the courtyard where there was more room. Steve responded by pushing me to the door, so I walked down the steps and outside, unsure of what I was going to do. I stood outside on the sidewalk, my hands at my sides, and for five minutes listened while this drunken prick rambled on about what a conniving pussy I was.

“Are you almost finished?” I asked him. “Because I really don’t want to get locked up tonight because of you, and I don’t think it’s in your best interest suadiye escort to take a swing at me when your this fucked up.”

Steve just stared at me for a minute.

“Go home Steve, take the train home. I’m not fucking Sindy; you have a head full of alcohol.”

Something inside him must have clicked. Steve muttered something under his breath, turned around and started walking towards the train station.

I was welcomed back upstairs with a cheer from Melissa and Sindy, who had witnessed the exchange between Steve and me through the kitchen window.

“Sin, you really have to leave him,” Melissa pleaded.

“I know, he’s such a fucktard! He’s comes home and drinks every night, starts acting like an asshole, and then falls asleep in front of the TV. If that limp dicked asshole would at least fuck me once in a while!”

Melissa went to the refrigerator and brought us each another beer.

“I mean, normal couples have sex right? All I want is some nasty, dirty, filthy sex with a guy who doesn’t think licking my pussy constitutes work. I’m jealous Mis, I want someone to choke me and slap me and fuck me until I hurt, and then let me fall asleep curled up in their arms.

Apparently Melissa had been sharing some tidbits of our time together, and while I was proud she found our sex life to be something she could brag about, I felt a little uncomfortable.

The girls continued to sit in the kitchen and drink, and I wandered out to the living room to watch some TV. I had pulled my phone out of my pocket and was watching one of the videos I took of Melissa’s pussy squirting when the two of them walked in the room. The alcohol was having its effect on them, both women’s faces were flushed and they were giggling uncontrollably.

“Show Sin the video, she’s never seen a pussy squirt before.”

I handed Melissa my phone, and the two of them stood beside me watching the thirty second clip that ended with Melissa’s pussy completely drenching my phones camera lens.

“That’s so hot! Is that really you? God I want to see it. Can you make her pussy squirt for me?”

I laughed and looked up at Melissa.

“That’s up to your sister, but there are definitely no objections on my end.”

Melissa gave my head a playful smack, then said, ” Really? I mean if she really wants to see it….but I mean, that’s gross, she’s my sister.”

“Come on Mis, it’ll be fun! Live sex show! Maybe you can find a new career, I’ll be your practice audience.”

“Yeah Mis, come on, right here, take off your pants and get your ass in the recliner and make your sister happy, she’s having a bad night.”

“No! Sind, it’s not going to happen.”

Sindy and I both dove towards her at once. We shoved her back into the recliner, and I straddled her stomach, holding her arms as Sindy slid down her pants.

When Melissa’s pants were down to her knees I climbed off her stomach taksim escort and kneeled on the floor in between her legs, recruiting Sindy to help me push them apart. When Melissa began to struggle Sindy became more aggressive, pushing her hand against Melissa’s chest to hold her down while lifting her right leg up and off to the side. I worked three of my fingers into her soaking wet pussy, twisting my hand so my fingertips could drag along her soft g spot.

“Look at how wet your slutty sister is, I think she likes having an audience.”

I continued fucking Melissa with my hand while her sister restrained her, each stroke causing the inside of her pussy to swell more and more. Melissa writhed back and forth on the chair, attempting to force more of my hand inside her.

“Get ready, she’s tightening up, watch this!”

I pulled my hand from the folds of her cunt, and counting to three, rammed my hand back inside her so hard I was terrified I had done some permanent damage. I gave two more quick strokes before it started, a miniature fountain spraying up over my arm and drenching my shirt. Sindy let out a loud “Holy shit!” and stood there, mouth open, watching the torrent of cum stream out of her sister’s body. Melissa lay there convulsing, screaming “Oh Fuck!” over and over while my hand continued to penetrate her.

Sindy, being extremely drunk and horny pulled my hand from her sister’s cunt and replaced it with her own. I wasn’t a guy with obsessive girl on girl fantasies but there was something so hot about this, it was just so wrong. I leaned back on my heels watching as she brought Melissa to an even greater climax, soaking both of us in the process. I looked over to see Sindy laughing manically, her face and hair drenched in her sister’s sweet cum. She stood up and took a swig of beer before bending over to give Melissa a very deep wet kiss.

My brain didn’t give me any options at this point, so I undressed, wet my cock with some saliva, and stood nearby stroking myself while I watched them kiss.. The women broke off their kiss looked over at me, and started laughing.

“Sind, why don’t we take your sister into the bedroom where it’s dry,.”

The three of us hightailed it to Melissa’s bedroom, and within the minute Sindy and I had her pinned tightly against the mattress. Melissa liked to play fight when we had sex, and she began thrashing about the bed trying to break free from our grip. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and stood on the floor, pulling her legs apart by her ankles so I could slide inside her, while Sindy straddled her chest cowgirl style, forcing her pussy against Melissa’s mouth. Besides having better control over my thrusts, fucking Melissa in this position had another advantage; I could lean far enough forward to kiss Sindy.

I fucked Melissa slowly, sliding my cock all the way out of her and then savoring the feeling of her pussy lips grabbing tuzla escort the head of my cock each time I reentered her. At the same time Sindy had my lower lip in her mouth, sucking and biting it hard enough that I could feel it begin to swell.

Melissa continued to struggle, but with Sindy’s full weight on her upper body and me holding her legs apart and fucking her, there was nothing she could do. She grew tired within a couple minutes and let us continue having our way with her.

While I am normally very vocal during sex (the neighbors love me) on this night my mouth opened, and I couldn’t make a sound. I felt my balls start to tighten and my body began to shake as wave after wave of cum boiled through my cock into Melissa’s pussy. Sweat ran down my face and left drops across Melissa’s stomach. I was spent, and all I could do was collapse on top of her, my cock slowly shrinking until it was resting against the edge of her cunt.

As soon as I rolled over, Sindy jumped in, plastering her face against her sister’s pussy. I maneuvered myself behind her, and attached my mouth to Sindy’s clit as she devoured Melissa’s cum filled pussy. Melissa let out another yell and I could feel Sindy’s body arch backwards as her sister unleashed a flood against her face. Sindy yelled back for me to suck hard on her clit, and as soon as I complied her body tensed up, and she ground her pussy into my face until her orgasm subsided.

Exhausted, I staggered forward, and climbed up on the bed next to the girls. Sindy looked at me, then parted her lips to show me the mixture of Melissa’s and my cum swirling around her tongue. I leaned over to kiss her, and we slowly swapped the mixture back and forth.

“I want you to drip that mess right into your sister’s mouth, nothing would be hotter than that.”

Sindy gave me her evil smile, causing some of the cum mixture to leak past her lips and down her chin.

“Hold me down when you do it, I want one of you on each side of me” Melissa said, patting the mattress on either side of her.

Sindy pinned down Melissa’s right arm with her knees, and I did the same to her left. Stroking my cock furiously I watched as Sindy bent over and let a long thin stream of cum and saliva flow into her sisters mouth. When I felt my own orgasm coming I pulled Sindy’s head back by her hair and splattered a thick load across her forehead and cheeks., watching intently as it dripped down her face.

Knowing this was some serious future jerk off material I jumped off the bed and darted into the living room to grab my phone.

“Sit up, heads together, come on hurry while I can still see all that cum!” I barked, already snapping photos as I entered the room.

“Now kiss for me…ah, that’s perfect. Sin, look right at me, fuck this is hot. You two are so fucking nasty.”

I fell asleep sometime during the next hour and woke up to one of the most uncomfortable atmospheres I’ve ever experienced. Melissa, who had never shown any sexual interest in women was completely freaked out that she had her first experience with her sister. Sindy seemed to be handling it well but left for home almost immediately upon waking.

And me? Well I have a hard drive loaded with pictures of two sisters I can never forget.

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