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Mommy’s Got A Puffy One

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The Davie’s family have been lusting after each other for years, but no one had the stones to make it all come true…until today.

Doreen–the mom–is a great looking whore at 38. She’s 5′-7″, 126 lbs., and has a really long mane of blonde hair that reaches her ass.

Daughter, Susanne–18, is a cheerleader (and a senior at high school), and has all the best traits from mommy–including loving the taste of pussy between her lips. She’s a petite girl, with the same blonde hair, and jugs that are a nice cantaloupe size.

Jack is the daddy, and he is athletic in looks with a great, muscular frame, and a cock that is ten-inches long, and four around.

The son, Chris, inherited his father’s stellar dick, and is a football player for the same high school his sister goes to.

On this day, Chris–who is in his first year of college–discovers something about his mother that he will dream about for all eternity.

Chris wakes up and comes downstairs to get some breakfast. There’s no school today because it’s summer, and he is only wearing boxers; his cock is already as stiff as a dead snake, having dreamed of his sister swallowing his load. His dad and sister, though, are out already this morning. Daddy wanted to take some time to get to know his daughter better, so he took her fishing for the day.

Chris struggled with the sheets, but finally tore them off. “Shit,” he said, as he noticed his long piece of meat hanging out of the hole in the front of his underwear. “Why does this always happen?” Chris wore the biggest (in front, anyway) boxers the store had, but his cock would always pop out; he was just too big. He stuffed his sausage back in and rose out of his bed. He left his room, and started down the stairs. He heard some noise from the kitchen, and he smiled, knowing that mom would be down there cooking.

He reached the corner of the hallway, and almost spunked his shorts when he saw how his mother was dressed. She was wearing black thigh-high stockings, a flimsy see-through robe that ended just below her hips. Her dark lace bra was practically spilling out the flesh of her tits. High-heels beylikdüzü otele gelen escort adorned her very sexy feet. “Morning, baby. How about some homemade pancakes today. Or maybe something el–” She stopped talking instantly.

“Whatever you’re having, mom.” Chris was standing in the archway, naked except for his snug boxers. He had no idea about “Little Chris”, however.

“It looks like sausage to me, sweetheart,” mom said as she eyed the slab of beef that was peeking out, once again, from the front of Chris’s shorts. She started laughing, but her emerald eyes never left the sweaty cock that was hanging out in front of her.

“What are you talking about? Dad won’t let us have sausage. He says that it’s too hard on the arteries.”

“Honey. Your, um, stuff is hanging out again. You got quite a beast there.” Doreen swiped her full, painted lips with her juicy tongue. She turned off the burner and threw the spatula into the sink. “I love big things, baby. I’ll show you.”

Chris’s mom turned from him, and bent over a little. The sheer robe rose from her thighs, revealing her ass. Chris stared at the mound of cunt that was before him. Something was strange, though. Mom’s black thong was pinched in between folds of a pussy that was HUGE! His cock began to pulse and grow; pre-cum immediately fauceted out of his man-hole.

“You see, darling, I love big fucking dicks. I also love to pump my pussy up so it swells. In my experience, men love a huge cunt beating around their cocks.” His mom rubbed the stockings that encased her beautiful thighs. Her underwear was stuck in the moist crevasse of her bulging vagina; drops of girl-cum were glistening on her bare pussy.

Chris couldn’t help himself–he didn’t know what was going on, but he was going to stroke it a little. The bits of semen that was squirting out of his long dick lubed his jerking. “Mom. Can I see that swelled pussy you have there?”

“Sure, hun. Let me lay on the table so you can eat it. …If you want?” Doreen strolled from the stove and took all the spices off the table. She beylikdüzü rus escort walked a bit awkward because of how much her love-box was expanded. She placed her knees on the kitchen table, and swung around so her fat cunt was peeking at her well-hung son. She lowered herself and spread her firm legs; the stockings made Chris’s cock grow more. The veins bulged out of his ten-inches of man-hood, and the liquid from the head dripped down on the floor. He crept up to his mother’s love-tunnel (the fucking thing was so red from being pumped by her toy, her lips were puffed out obscenely) with his pecker in hand. He already dropped his tight boxers to the linoleum.

His mother’s pussy was hanging over the side of the table, begging to be sucked, licked, fingered, then fucked. She held the black panties over the side of her cunt, and she said, “Eat me, my son. Eat this fucking gigantic pussy so I could squirt my cum in your mouth. And you better not waste any. You know how momma doesn’t like it when you waste food.”

Chris got down to his knees, and sniffed the pure sweaty vaginal opening that was before him. “Ma. Your pussy smells soooo good. When I was in there, I wish I could of ate it from the inside out.” Chris started running his tongue up, and up, and up his mother’s cunny; her love juices were already seeping out of the crack. His fingers found the warm wetness of where he came from, and he frigged the inner walls of her snatch with vigour. His cock was resting on the cold floor, and he was still leaking. But, he didn’t care, because he stuffed his face into his mommy’s pussy, and writhed around. “Damn! I can’t believe how puffed up your cunt is, mom. It’s so hard to get it all in my mouth, but I’ll try my ass off.” And he did. He licked, pulled with his tongue, and sucked those large cunt flaps so he could get as much juice in his mouth as possible.

“Ohhhhh, son. Please, babe, please slide that cock in me. It’s been so long since your dad did it. He’s too busy fucking your sister to spray inside me anymore, so fuck me now son!”

Her ass was wiggling from left beylikdüzü türbanlı escort to right, and the noise her thigh-highs made against the table drove Chris to follow the instructions from his mother. He stood up and placed his big mushroom-head against the cunt of his mother; he could actually SEE his mom’s cunt beating and pulsing as she ejaculated a little bit of clear fluid onto the table. (He knew he would love eating his food from this spot forever.) He jerked his dick three times and plunged the head in. His mother was right–large pussies really held the prick good, and it gripped his cock like a pair of flesh Vice-Grips.

“OhhhYeaaah, sweety. That’s it. Plunge into me, honey. Shove it all in, son. Fuck mommy, baby. Fuck mommy.”

Chris didn’t even think about when he was younger. he just slammed all ten inches of beef into his mother. Suction sounds were echoing against the walls as the slushy pussy-pounding continued for twelve more strokes. Chris watched as his monster cock plunged into his mother, time and time again.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Mommy’s going to spray and you better be ready for it. I’m going to soak those huge genitals with my white cum…Oh. Oh, sweety…here…it…is…” Sparkling cloud-white semen squirted from the bulging cunt of Doreen, and drenched the large cock that was settled into it. The table was covered in sweet-smelling cum from mommy’s pussy.

“Now I’m cumming, mom. Where do you want it?”

“Oh, baby, I want it in my mouth, for now. You, uh, could fill, uhhnn, my, ohhhyeah, pussy later….”

Chris unsheathed his sword from his mom’s cunt, and Doreen spun around quicker than shit to accept her son’s cream. He placed his bulbous cockhead on her lips, and she opened up wide. She stroked his thick member with both hands–one over the other–and he erupted into her willing mouth; her green eyes stared at her son’s face as every jet of cum sprayed inside her mouth. Some leaked down her chin and onto her stockings, but Chris’s sister would clean that up later….

“Daddy and sis are getting home soon. Do you think we could fuck them too? I already know you eat my sister’s pussy?” Chris said, as his mom was still slurping at the head of the cock that was continuing to drip cum.

“They’re here now, sweety. Just look at your sister pumping her pussy with my toy. Isn’t her cunt magnificent?”

Daddy’s cock, sister’s swollen cunt, mommy’s awaiting pussy, and son’s throbbing penis…. You know this is going to continue.

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