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Mr. Turner and Me

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A complete work of fiction*

The following story depicts sexual content between a teen and senior adult. If this offends you do not read it. If is illegal in your state you are fairly warned. I dedicate this to the Mr. Turner in my life. You know who you are and how much I cherish our special friendship.


Mr. Turner never thought that such yearnings would be reawakened after so many years. After suppressing his sexual appetite since his wife of almost 50 years had no interest in sexual activity, he never imagined that his final years would be filled with such pleasure once again.

Mr. Turner’s daughter asked him to take in her youngest son while she left for Europe on a teaching fellowship. Johnny was an 18-year-old senior in high school and he wanted to stay here in graduate with his friends. Although Johnny is primarily a good kid, his grandfather noticed his grades were slipping, he kept his room locked all the times and he stopped talking to his grandmother. It was then that Mr. Turner began his research into Johnny’s after school activities.

One afternoon as he walked home from work, Mr. Turner passed Johnny’s room window and caught a glimpse of him standing there naked. Johnny didn’t notice as his grandfather peered for a closer look to find his lanky 6-4, 220 lb. grandkid sporting the hugest cock he had seen even after 30 years in the navy. Pride swelled up as he noticed that Johnny carried the family gene of endowment. His hands held a young girl’s face as she licked his peach size head with her tiny mouth and tongue.

Her little hands could barely wrap around his cock as she attempted to feed her little mouth with more of his meat. Then Johnny led her hands to stroke his cock faster and harder until he unloaded multiple spurts of cum onto her teenage tongue.

Mr. Turner stepped back from the bushes and quickly ran into the garden shed to gain his composure. For the first time in years, his cock tented from his 42 inch pants. As he pulled his pants down, the back door of the house slammed shut and he slid down to hide as he watched Johnny’s girlfriend sneak out. However, imagine his surprise when he realized it was not Johnny’s girlfriend, but the petite 18-year-old girl from next door.

His cock dripped as she slithered through the hedges and back into her safe yard unnoticed, or so she thought.

Dizzy with fear and lust, his mind pictured her young mouth on his own cock. Throbbing from years of neglect he pulled it out for a wank. His fingers circled the precum around the head of his circumcised bulb and imagined feeding her sweet mouth with his seasoned cum. However, as president of the local VFW and CEO of the local bank, he knew he would never carry out such thoughts and began to lose his hard on. Yet she looked like she was enjoying herself.

* * * * *

The next day as he hid in the garden shed, Mr. Turner waited to catch another glimpse of the teen nymph. After her bus dropped her off, she must have dropped her books down immediately because she went straight to his backdoor and knocked. It was evident that Annie came willingly to see Johnny. Annie was wearing the shortest black skirt and black sweater with shiny black high heel shoes. Johnny greeted her in only his underpants and did not take the time to close the door. Since he could only see their shadows in the kitchen, Mr. Turner grabbed the binoculars from the shelf and watched his grandson fix her an ice cream soda. Johnny’s cock was already bulging as he enjoyed flaunting his manhood around the house in front of his guest.

As she sat at the kitchen table drinking her soda, Annie calmly lifted her arms to allow Johnny to pull her dress over her head. He bent over to lick her tiny nipple and she pushed him away. Mr. Turner watched Annie roll her eyes back as Johnny dipped his finger in the ice cream and spread it on her naked nipple. Her nipple instantly grew hard at the contrast of the cold ice cream melting under his flicking tongue.

Mr. Turner gasped and wondered where he learned such things…then sighed as Johnny slowly licked it off his precious angel. Her hand rubbed the back of his hair as tall red-head fed himself from her tiny nipples. Johnny then grabbed her hand and left the kitchen for his bedroom.

Mr. Turner’s heart was and wanted to watch more but was fearful of getting caught by his grandson. What would Mrs. Turner think of her husband acting like such a pervert? For Johnny and Annie, well, they were kids exploring each other but Mr. Turner is a responsible gentlemen who knows better.

However, he just couldn’t help himself from sneaking to Johnny’s window and peeking in for a quick look. He watched Johnny hump his cock below him against the bed as he fed himself on her hairless cunt. After thirty years in the Navy and seeing his share of cocks, Mr. Turner could still not get over how long and thick this boy’s tool was.

The teen boy spread her legs and pushed them against her chest to open her pussy lips a little more for his long tongue. He lapped from her bottom side Ankara escort up to her little protruding clit. Her pussy dripped and glistened in her juices. Yes, this young girl loved the attention, and slowly wrapped her tiny legs around his head. She wanted him deeper in her little pussy. He straightened his tongue and entered her tiny cunt and tongue fucked her over and over. The young child then bucked wildly as she reached her orgasm and Johnny then turned her over sucked her juices from behind. She shoved her ass in his face as he lapped her cum and licked her tiny pucker hole. His whole mouth devoured her ass and pussy as his little nymph came again.

Mr. Turner then realized that he was furiously stroking his own senior meat as he watched his young grandson rub his huge cock along the child’s pussy. Would Johnny also slip that huge tool inside her? Johnny covered his cock head in her juices then stroked himself till he came on the girl’s ass. The old man could hardly stand as his aged cock spewed built up semen for almost a decade and then fell to his knees. Mr. Turner then realized that something inside him has been unleashed.

“I have to have her. My goodness, what am I going to do?”

He couldn’t stop beating his cock to another orgasm as he imagined this young pussy being split by his long pole.

He knew then there was no turning back.

* * * * *

“Mr. Turner, your’ wife’s on line 3”, announced his secretary.

“Thank you Rose.”

“Hello darling. How is your day going?”

“Hi honey. I just wanted to run something by you before I said yes. The Stewarts have to drive to NY for a funeral this weekend and wanted to know if Annie could stay with us. Is that ok?” She respectfully asked.

“Well sure honey. Why would you need to ask me?” He inquired.

“Because I have to work Friday night and Johnny’s going to spend the night at Brian’s so they can take their SAT’s early Saturday morning. I hate to impose on your guy’s night out at the VFW.”

Immediately his cock began to twitch as he realize he would be alone with this girl all night long. However, he didn’t want to sound so eager to take the child.

“Oh I see…there’s no one else to watch her? Can’t she spend the night at a friend’s?” he wryly asked.

“Her friend has strep throat. They already tried. I’m sorry honey. Can I make it up to you?”


“Meatloaf Sunday?”

Meatloaf, he thought? He laughed and accepted her offer knowing that it was the best offer he was going to get from her. Besides, he couldn’t wait to be alone with his vixen.

That evening in bed Mr. Turner dreamed of how this girl would taste on his tongue, he imagined how tight her pussy would be on his large cock. And wondered if he had enough cum in his old body to fill her tiny twat.

Annie looked forward to spending the night with Mr. Turner. He always spoiled her, gave her ice cream and let her watch TV until late at night. He also likes to play board games and tells her funny jokes. She was relieved that Johnny wasn’t going to be there as he always made her feel like she had to do things she didn’t want to do.

* * * * *

“OK you two behave yourselves,” as Mrs. Turner walked out the door.

“Well Missy, how about a cup of hot cocoa with lots of whipped cream?”

“Mmmm, yes please. It’s cold in here.”

“And since it’s such a special night Annie, you get to choose whatever you want to do or watch tonight. This is your special night ok?”

“I’m the princess!!!”

“Yes you are. The lady of the house!”

“Cool like Mrs. Turner.”

“Cool, first let’s get into our pajamas and have a pajama party.”

Mr. Turner chose a pair of pajamas with the opening in the crotch. He smiled at his new found sinister ways and stepped out into the hallway. Annie sat on the couch in a pale yellow flannel nightgown, which she was growing out of, and its length rested at her upper thighs. She handed him her brush and asked him to redo her ponytails.

He patted his hand on the couch cushion and said, “Well sit in front of me.”

She sat in front of his crotch on the couch and Mr. Turner began to part her hair. Her hair smelled fresh and floral from her sweet smelling shampoo.

“Mmmmm, your hair smells good,” as he leaned into her.

“That tickles my neck,” as she wiggled in his crotch.

“Oh yeah? Does this?” As he sniffed her neck and tickled her underarm… she leaned back and giggled rubbing her tiny ass into his crotch.

He couldn’t believe his luck already. He barely had the self-control to grab her and grind her tiny body against his hardening cock, but the whistling sound of the water was calling and it was time to have make Irish Coffee and cocoa.

He finished her last ponytail then sprung up to get the kettle.

* * * * *

Annie chattered about this and that as Mr. Turner fixed their drinks.

“What are you putting in yours?” She asked.

“Oh something to make it taste better?

“Can I have some?”

“No it’s for grown Ankara escort bayan ups. It has alcohol in it.”

“Big deal, my dad let’s me drink off his beer all the time.”

“I know you are growing up, honey, but I am not your dad and I could get in trouble for giving you bourbon. OK?”

He gave himself a double shot and sprayed a large pile of whipped cream into her cocoa.

“Well Princess Annie, what do you want to do?”

“Hmmmm, I want to play house.”

“House??? Annnnie, aren’t you too old for playing house?”

“Maybe, but I always dream about what it would be like to be your wife. Please?????”

Annie grabbed his hand and led him to his reading chair, “Now you sit in your chair reading the paper. Stay there. OK?”

Annie left for the bedroom and came out wearing Mrs. Turner’s shoes, lipstick, and her purse while holding one of Mrs. Turner’s antique dolls. His mind drew a blank as he watched this sexy vixen walk across the room and announce,

“Honey I’m home. How was your day?” As she bent over and gave me a peck on the cheek.

He caught a glimpse of her naked chest down to her white panties.

“Fine. I missed you though.” As he brought her in closer for more intimate kiss on the lips. Annie stepped back in surprise and leaned back in and whispered, “me too” kissing him back on the lips.

“The baby has missed you too as she plopped the baby on his lap and walked away toward her cocoa.”

Her face winced as she realized she had sipped his coffee and gagged a bit. She then plopped off her shoes pretending to have sore feet and raising them up for a rub.

“Honey, why don’t you let me rub your feet? You’ve had a long day. Besides, the baby’s hungry.” He stated.

Annie looked around for her baby bottle but couldn’t find it. “Where’s her bottle?”

“Why don’t you nurse her on my chair while I rub your feet?

He then brought his coffee up to her lips and she sipped on it for a third time, this time the larger gulp went down smoother.

She sighed as gently took her foot in his hand and leaned her back into his reclining chair.

Annie slipped the baby under her nightgown and made slurping noises.

“Honey you are such a good mommy and a good wife. I love you.” As he gently kissed and massaged her feet.

“Does this feel good honey?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Would you like some more coffee?”

“Yes please.”

He then brought the cup back up to her lips and spilled it on her nightgown.

“Oooops!” she said she began to feel the effects of his Irish coffee.

“Well, honey that dress is too tight for you to wear while you’re nursing the baby anyway. Let me take it off and I’ll wash it for you ok?”

Before she could agree or protest, Mr. Turner leaned her body forward and pulled her tiny nightgown over her head. Annie shuttered as he stared at her little body. He covered her in the afghan and continued to rub her foot. His hands gently rubbing and kneading her tiny foot in his large hands. His hands continued up his leg to her thigh while he kissed her ankles.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed.

“Do you like this Annie?”


“Kiss me like a good wife then.” As he leaned into her and opened her mouth for his tongue. He tongue met his and he pulled the doll and afghan from between them.

“What are you doing Mr. Turner?”

“I’m playing house baby. You are Mrs. Turner. You are my lovely wife and I want to make love to you.” As he continued planting kisses down her neck and ears.

Annie never felt like this with Johnny. She always felt naughty with him. Now she was feeling loved and didn’t want it to end.

“Kiss me Annie.”

Annie then grabbed his face and kissed his mouth. “Like this?”

She gently licked his lips and darted her tongue inside his mouth.

Mr. Turner knew that tonight he would have this teenage nymph in his bed. His cock strained from his pants as it rubbed on the girl’s thigh. She rubbed herself against him which gave him the sign to go further.

He leaned back the recliner chair and sat next to her. Both Annie and Mr. Turner shared a deep passionate kiss as his fingers began to caress her collar bone and shoulders. He kissed her neck as his fingers encircled her little bud nipples. They quickly responded to his attention as they hardened under his fingertips.

“Mmmm,” she moaned has his hand traveled down her belly to massaged her mound through her panties as he leaned into her nipple with his mouth.

Mr. Turner darted his elderly tongue around her small nipples. Annie’s tiny hands grabbed his head as she pulled him up for another passionate kiss. Annie sucked his tongue into her mouth as he moved the material from her panties to one side and slid his finger inside her.

While Annie gasped at how wet she was, Mr. Turner moaned at the grip her tiny pussy had on his middle finger. He gently plunged into her pussy again and rotated it inside of her as Annie arched for him to go deeper.

“Oh my,”she cried as she grabbed his Escort Ankara neck and started to shake under this quick climax. Mr. Turner continued to invade her pussy slowing sliding in and out in rhythm to Annie’s shallow breathing. Mr. Turner slowly extracted his cum dripping finger from within her and licked her young juices from his finger.

Annie’s head rolled back in forth in her drunken lustful stupor as Mr. Turner kissed and licked his way down the young girl’s torso. He pulled off her little panties and heard her approval as she sighed and spread her legs for his pleasure.

Here was his first glistening pussy before him in well over 10 years it was all he could do to not dive into her juicy cunt. However, he gently kissed his way up her legs to her inner thighs alternating from left to right while Annie squirmed and lifted her legs higher. She couldn’t wait to feel his tongue inside her and make her feel so good and special.

Annie held her breath as she felt Mr. Turner’s breath hover over her mound. He gently planted kisses all over her pussy and lightly licked her labia over and over. Annie lifted her hips higher and spread her legs wider for easier access to her tiny cunt hole.

“Oh please…touch me there. Please.”

Mr. Turner looked up at her wanton eyes as his tongue delved into her slit hole. His tongue gently but vigorously explored her sweet rose pedal lips. He licked the girl from her bottom to the top of her clit then inserting his tongue into her tiny hole. The walls of her cunt wrapped around his tongue pulling him deeper insider her. He spread her legs wider and continued to bathe her sweet pussy with his tongue. Sweet Annie gasped as Mr. Turner circled her swollen clit his tongue.

“Mmmmmmm ohhhhh,” she screamed which encouraged him to suck on her clit as he gently inserted his fat middle finger inside her. Her juicy cunt squished as he thrust in and out of her. However, as he dug his finger deeper, Mr. Turner felt the familiar ceiling of her hymen realizing that this child was still a virgin. Annie then thrust her hips harder on his finger as her body rocked into another climactic fit.

“Mmmmmmm oh Annie,” he whispered as he continued to suck on her clit and lick her pussy juices until she recovered from her orgasm. Little Annie wrapped her arms around him and told him how she wished he were really his husband.

“Sssssh,” as he placed his fingers on her lips.

“It’s time for my lovely wife to show me how much she loves him.” He stood up and lowered his pajama bottoms to release his aged cock for her attention. Annie lowered his bottoms all the way to the floor and assisted Mr. Turner with balancing as he stepped out of them.

As he guided her hands around his cock, Mr. Turner disrobed the rest of the way.

“Ohhhh god Annie your hands feel so good on me.” Being a well-trained little cocksucker Annie knew how to massage his scrotum and stroke his cock until he was ready to cum. Annie’s hand stroked his cock in large twisting strokes and watched the precum begin to leak from the top.

He held his cock up toward his belly and gently coaxed Annie to lick his cock. “Oh Annie, look how excited you make me,” as he waved his cock toward her smiling face.

Sweet little Annie obediently leaned forward in the chair and began to lick his precum off and bathed his cock from balls to head in her saliva. Her tongue swirled around his drooping balls and back up his shaft. She lifted his cock and sucked on one large nut then the other just as Johnny had taught her. His cock was drenched in her juicy spit and she stroked and twisted his cock with each lick.

“Ohhhh god, ur so good. Oh baby….”

Annie then opened her mouth and attempted to throat his cock but he was too thick.

“Honey, I’m too big for your mouth. Just suck my head and lick me all over.”

“Mmmm.” she moaned as her tongue licked and circled his purple mushroom head. Annie truly loved doing this and smiled as she looked up at her senior lover as he gently held her chin with his hand. He rocked his cock back and forth as she stroked his cock and sucked his head

“Oh god, Annie it’s time to stop or I’ll cum.”

But Annie sucked harder and faster until she heard him moan and pause as he filled her mouth with his cum. Two more spurts of cum dribbled from his aged cock onto her tongue.

As she leaned back from the chair, Annie wiped her face and swallowed the rest of his cum in her mouth. He lifted his cock and allowed her to clean off the rest as his cock grew flaccid.

* * * * *

“Oh honey, you are so special. Where did you learn to be such a sexy woman, huh?”

Annie refused to answer and just shrugged her shoulders.

“Well that’s ok. You don’t have to tell me. Come here and lie down with me on the couch and we’ll watch whatever you want.”

Mr. Turner watched his lovely nymph walk across the room as he lifted the afghan to cover both of their chilled naked bodies. His heart was still beating fast as the realization set in that he was sexually active again after so many years. Annie cooed as he continued to caress her soft skin and kiss her gently on the head, neck and ears. It wasn’t long before the effects of the Irish coffee took its toll and little Annie drifted to sleep.

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