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My Best Friend’s Son Ch. 01

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First, let me introduce myself. I’m Margaret, 40 year old housewife and mother of one son. My husband, Rob and I have been married for 20 years and my son had just graduated from high school at the age of 18. My husband’s job as a Senior Software Engineer, enabled us to live in a fairly large house in one of the “wealthier” suburbs in California.

I worked part-time as a nurse and the additional income keeps us well of even in times of recession. To describe myself, I am 5’3 about 130 pounds, short wavy auburn hair, brown eyes, and my best assets being my 32C breasts. My breasts had begun to sag a little and I was not the size 6 I was in high school, which led to me being very self-conscious.

The weekend was coming up and Rob and I had planned a big party for all of our friends as part of our monthly get-together, as it was our turn to host.

The weekend was coming up and Rob and I had planned a big party for all of our friends as part of our monthly get-together, as it was our turn to host. Soon, our mansion was filled with around 60 people enjoying themselves playing games, drinking, swimming in our pool and just having fun altogether. The weather was still quite warm by evening so I decided I would take a dip in the pool.

I went up to the master suite I shared with my 54-year-old husband, and put on a one piece- primarily due to how self-conscious I was of my body. Little did I know how attractive my thick, voluptuous body was to the male populace.

The pool was filled with an array of people from different age groups, including most of our friends’ children. Suddenly, Jake, my best friend’s son scooped me up and dived into the pool. I screamed and squealed trying to get out of his grip but to no avail as we fell into the pool. I clambered out of the pool, embarrassed but took it along the stride as everyone had a good laugh at what had happened.

Now you must be wondering who Jake was? Well, Jake is my best friend 22-year-old son. Jake had always been a role model to my son, Michael and acted played the role of an older antalya escort brother to him. He was studying at the local college, and I had watched him grow up from a small kid to an athletic handsome young man.

I walked into my room and into the bathroom partially closing the door, thinking no one will come upstairs

I walked into my room and into the bathroom partially closing the door, thinking no one will come upstairs. I bent down to and opened a cabinet to take the hair dryer when I noticed a presence behind me. It was Jake, shirtless and in his briefs, dripping wet from the swim.

My heart rate sped up and let out a gasp as I saw the stud of a male specimen standing behind me.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned.

Jake didn’t answer my question, instead his dark brown eyes stared at me intently. I felt self-conscious as his eyes roamed my bod. I felt his encircling me as he pulled me back onto his hard bare chest, his actions rendered me speechless as a heat of desire pooled up in my belly. My body did nothing to resist him. It’s been so long since I felt like this, with my husband away on business trips frequently, we stopped having sex 3 years ago. Even then, it was nothing exciting or passionate.

“You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on, Margaret. You’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for this. Your breasts, your thick legs and thick ass. Oh god, the things you do to me. You’re a real woman, I don’t want those stick figure girls my age. Ever since I was 15, I had a crush on you.” Jake said, as I gasped at the way my name rolled of his tongue and his revelation. This was the first time he had called me by my first name instead of the usual Mrs Morrison.

He raked his fingers through my hair and gently kissed the nape of my neck.

“Jake, we shouldn’t…” I whispered, but deep down I did not want this to stop. My pussy was dampening due to my arousal as I clenched my thighs together. I moaned, betraying my words by displaying my need and want for Jake.

Jake didn’t need alanya escort any other approval except for my moans of pleasure and continue his assault ravishing my with kiss and love bites. I was lost in ecstasy, no longer resisting him. I hadn’t felt that way since I was a teenager. Jake continued his assault on my neck and slowly kissed my lips as out tongues intertwined in passion. He kissed me deeply and lovingly.

I pushed my butt back into him, feeling the hardened rod pressing into my back. Jake began rubbing his rock hard cock against me as I pushed back wanting to feel more of his cock, astounded by its size.

I was starting to breathe harder and a few soft moans even escaped. Jake unzipped my one piece and pulled it down, and I saw him admiring my body, making me blush like a teenage girl. Thoughts of the party downstairs was long forgotten. When they hit the floor, I stepped out of them and parted my legs submitting to him. Soon Jake’s briefs were removed, and I could feel his monster against my bare ass. Having very little sexual experience until then, I had no idea a human male penis could be that huge. I met his eyes through the mirror and an unspoken connection passed between us, as I gave him my final approval.

Without wasting a moment, Jake pushed the bathroom door all the way shut and locked it, and I knew right then that there was no going back.

Jake’s 6’3 frame was a dominating presence in the bathroom, and he carried me easily with his muscular arms. I opened my thighs and aligned my womanhood to the 7 inch erect hardness, with one thrust the head of Jake’s penis entered my soaking, shaven slit.

“Ahhh…” I screamed as I was engulfed in pain and pleasure, and Jake quickly kissed me on my mouth , as he placed me against the counter. He caressed my back gently before slowly moving his cock up and down making sure I got used to his size.

Slowly he fucked me at a slow pace, and I experienced the most intense pleasure of my life as Jake made love to me cherishing me sexually belek escort and emotionally. Most importantly, I felt a deep connection with him that I never felt with my husband.

“Oh god Jake, harder…” I moaned.

“You’re so tight babe..” Jake exclaimed as he picked up the pace grabbing my hips firmly. As he began to fuck me faster and faster, his other hand started playing with my clit, giving me mind-blowing sensations and I knew I was going to orgasm.

“Ohhh yesssss, ahhhhh…”

I came, drowning in pleasure, as I shuddered and came hard on his cock. Jake spooned him into his chest holding me as I came.

Jake slowly fucked through my orgasm and I knew he was about to cum as well, so I matched his rhythm moving my hips, as I looked into his eyes I saw passion, love and lust.

“Oh fuck, Margaretttt…” Jake moaned, and I told him to cum in me. He needed no other invitation as his cock pulsated and his released his fertile seed into my pussy and I neared another orgasm, and we both came at the same time, our love juices combining into one.

Once we were both done, Jake slowly pulled out of my pussy with a ‘pop’ as I sighed needily due to the absence of his cock. He smiled and kissed me passionately before cleaning me up with a washcloth. Returning the favour, I got on my knees and licked his cock clean off our love juices. I finally experience the passion I had been devoid of my whole life.

He hugged me before he whispered,

“I love you Margaret, always have and always will. Here’s my number. I don’t want this to be a one-time thing so text me your decision. I know you’re married but you saw the connection we had. Will you be my lover? Take your time and message me when you’re ready.”

With that, he kissed my forehead and put on his briefs before he left, leaving me in deep thought.

I quickly put on a new dress, and re-joined the party, and thankfully, no one notices our absence. As everyone began to leave, including Jake and his mom, I was left with a difficult decision I had to make. One that could very well shatter the very foundations of my family and the relationship between my best friend and me.

I picked up my phone and texted Jake, it was a one word reply.



To be continued…

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