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My Cousin Janie Ch. 03

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Author’s Note:

I would like to thank each and every one of you out there for reading, voting and commenting on this and my other stories. I love to hear everyone’s opinions on how the stories should go. Please, continue to let me know what you think going forward, good or bad. And look a new chapter in less than a month, instead of five years!!



I woke up the next morning to find Janie on top of me, or to be more precise, Janie on top of my cock. I fervently tried to blink the sleep from my eyes. There she was, as gorgeous as ever, her pretty hair a mess from her sleep.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” I asked.

“I’m just enjoying a great opportunity. I woke up and you were ready for me, so I decided to take advantage of it.”

“I see, I’m not sure you had my consent.” I replied.

“Oh, I think you’re willing. You seem to be just interested now as you were before. I won’t tell you that I came twice already while you were still sleeping. Oh, did I say that out loud?”

I grabbed her hips and squeezed. “Yeah, I think you might have.”

“Oops. Well, you’ll be awake for number three I think.”

“I hope so.”

“You better be!’ She exclaimed.

My hands moved from her hips to her luscious breasts. Her nipples were like steel thimbles. I took them between my thumbs and forefingers and lightly rubbed them.

“You know, if those guys at school knew how to treat me, I might not be here right now.”

“Well, all I can say is fuck them. You were mine first.” I replied.

“You really mean that?”

“Of course, I do. You’re my girl, baby. It just took me a while to realize.”

“You’ve gotta stop telling me things like that, it drives me crazy! Oh, Brad!” Her hands grabbed my chest and squeezed. Her head rolled back. “that was number three.”

I loved watching her orgasm. She was just so incredibly sexy. God, I loved her and desired her more than anything in the world.

“I think I might be a little tired now. You want to be on top?”

I pulled her down to where her breasts were against my chest. I arched up on my shoulders, rolling us over, my cock never leaving her. She pulled her legs up, wrapping them around my waist, her arms around my neck. I thrust in her slowly as we kissed. We murmured our love for one another as our tongues danced in one another’s mouths.

“Baby, I need you to show me. Show me I’m yours. Take me,” she groaned.

I raised myself up on my hands, and began thrusting hard in her. Her hands grabbed the backs of my arms and I really began to pound her.

“Oh, yes. Yes, that’s it. Give it to me baby. My heart and my body belong to you!”

“Oh, Janie, baby. I belong to you too. I love you!”

“Do it baby. Fill me up. Give it to me!”

I tried to delay it, but there was no use. I felt the contractions of my orgasm and I was soon filling her up.

“God, that’s the best,” she moaned as I collapsed into her waiting arms. “I think I’m going to like waking up for class a lot better this next semester.”

“Yeah, me too.” We kissed and I rolled on my back pulling her on top of me.

“You don’t know how in love with you I am right now.” She smiled.

“Oh, no? How much?” I asked.

“More than anything. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to have your babies. I never want to tell you goodbye again.”

“That’s quite a lot.” I smiled. “Can we at least finish college first?”

“I’m serious though.” The expression on her face showed her feelings.

“I know you are baby.”

“Do you feel the same way?”

“Yeah I do.” I answered.

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah I am. I’m sorry, I just never thought about much beyond getting you back home to me.”

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot.” She kissed me. “I can’t get enough of kissing you. You don’t know how long I’ve dreamed of doing that.”

“I’m pretty partial to it myself. What would you say to some breakfast?”

“I’d say yes.” She smiled.

“I’m going to have to take you to breakfast, we don’t have anything here.”

“That’s fine. I’d like that.” She replied.

“Come on let’s take a shower.”

We left the bed and walked to my bathroom. I started the water and the steam generator. I turned back and she was brushing her teeth. I joined her. When we were finished, we kissed again.

“I can’t believe you were kissing me earlier. You must really love me.” She said.

“I do. Come on.” I led her to the shower.


I took her to a new diner I had heard about. She had insisted on dressing nice. She was wearing a white blouse, black skirt and tan nylons. I had watched as she had pulled the nylons on. She hadn’t worn panties. I took the opportunity to explore under her skirt on the drive to the diner.

“Do you have to keep getting me turned on?” She said.

“You’re the one that didn’t wear panties.”

“I didn’t expect to be pawed like this.” She smiled.

“You should have, especially with the way you acted yesterday.”

“Well, maybe a bit.” She smiled. “I’m warning topkapı escort you though. You’re going to need to stop that or we’re going to need to go back home.”

“That wouldn’t be so bad.”

“Feed me first, then you can eat me.” She laughed.

“Fair enough.” I agreed.

We walked into the diner and sat at a booth. Our waitress, Candy, had graduated from high school with us.

“Hey guys,” Candy said. “Long time, no see!”

It wasn’t very busy, so she sat down across from us and we caught up on everything since graduation.

“I was so sorry to hear about your parents, Brad.” Candy said.

“Thank you. So, what are your future plans?” I asked.

“I’m going to start at State next month. I needed a little break.” Candy said.

“Cool. So am I!” Janie added.

I gave her our new address. “I don’t have our phone number yet.” I said.

“Oh, cool. You’re gonna live together?”

“Yeah. We are.” I replied.

“I kind of figured you would. I always knew you two were close.”

“Yeah. We been close our whole lives,” Janie added. She was holding my hand under the table where Candy couldn’t see.

“I should get back to work. What do you guys want to eat?”

We ordered and I continued my exploration of Janie’s nylon covered thighs. They were so smooth and silky. It reminded me of the stockings she’d worn our first night.

“Would you stop,” she whispered in my ear. “I’m practically dripping.”

I just smiled and continued.

“You better be ready, your little tiger is going to want to play after you feed her.”

“I don’t think I can, I’m supposed to meet your Dad.”

“Oh no, you’re not. Not until you take me home and make love to me.” She purred in my ear.

Our food arrived and my hands left her long enough to eat. The food was really good. We said bye to Candy and got in my truck to head home.

“We’re going to need some furniture for our house.” Janie said as we pulled out of the parking lot.

“Oh yeah? You don’t think any of the stuff at the house here will work?”

“No, baby. That’s Bob and Liz’s furniture. That belongs in their house. You mom picked it all out. It fits there and should stay.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

“Maybe tomorrow we can go up and look at the house?” She asked.

“Yeah, we need to do that. I need to go help Steve get caught up anyway.”

“Okay, when you go meet Daddy, I’ll go furniture shopping, Roxanne said she’d go with me.”

“Do you want my credit card?” I asked.

“Don’t you think I have my own credit card?” She asked.

“Well, yeah, I was just thinking I’d pay for it.” I said.

“You already bought us a damn house, I think I could at least pay for something.” She smiled.

I started laughing. “Okay, you can buy the furniture.”

“Good. My mom already set us aside some dishes and things, so we don’t have to buy those. I have some other things packed that we can take tomorrow.”

“I think your mom likes the idea of us playing house.”

She rolled her eyes, “When I went to help her in the kitchen last night, she couldn’t stop asking how the welcome home sex was.”


“I told her it was adequate.”

“Adequate, huh? You wait until I get you home.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Yes. It is.”

I reached over with my right hand and cupped her pussy through her pantyhose. She was not joking at the restaurant. Her nylons were soaked.

“You need to either drive faster or slow down on what you’re doing. I’m hot enough to melt already.”

“Oh, that’s a real shame.” I replied teasingly.

“That’s just not fair!!” She grabbed my cock through my slacks. “I can tease you just as bad you know.”

“Yes, you can,” I groaned. My middle finger was tracing up and down the slit of her pussy, her pantyhose providing a thin, protective barrier. I couldn’t wait to get her home and eat her rotten.

We pulled into the driveway and I grabbed her hand pulling her out of the truck. I quickly took her in my arms and ravenously kissed her. I nudged her back against the truck and used my right hand to continue rubbing her wet sex.

“Stop teasing me. Just lick me or fuck me. I can’t stand it, baby.”

“Right here, huh?”

“I don’t care where!!” She moaned.

I took her hand and led her to the front door. We walked into the living room and I gently pushed her back on a large chaise lounge. She laid there with her legs spread. Her excitement was obvious as the gusset of her pantyhose was stained with her wetness.

I knelt in front of her and kissed my way up from her ankles. She was watching me intently. As I reached her knees, I used my hands to massage her inner thighs. I loved the silky feeling of her pantyhose covered thighs.

When my hands finally reached the tops of her thighs, she was literally panting. My kissing continued until I was planting kisses on her wet nylon-covered sex.

“Please baby, no more teasing.”

“I like teasing you though. I like driving you crazy.”

“You’re doing that, türbanlı escort trust me. Please, I need you.”

“I love that,” I smiled lecherously. I pulled the crotch of her pantyhose away from her wet pussy, and poked a hole in them with my finger. She gasped as I ripped them open, exposing her sex to me.

“Those were French and cost like 25 dollars, you know.”

“So, I’ll buy you some more stockings. I’m good for it.”

“You’re good for it, all right.” She reached down and grabbed my head. “I know something else you’re good for.” She pulled my face towards her glistening wet pussy. I licked my lips in anticipation.

“Oh, yeah. You’re really good at this,” she groaned as I licked her wet slit. She tasted amazing. I licked and sucked her lips, savoring the honey that flowed from her. She was running her fingers through my hair as I pleasured her.

“I fucking love you so much, Brad. I’m so happy now. I knew I would never be happy until you were mine.”

“Mmmhmm,” I agreed, never taking my mouth off her.

“God that feels so good. I just feel like you are devouring me.”

I was trying my best to do just that. I could not get enough of her. Her taste and passion fueled my desire to pleasure her. My love for her continued to grow by the moment.

I was beginning to swirl my tongue around her clit and her grip on my head strengthened. Her hips were moving urgently. I wanted to delay her orgasm, but her need was too strong. She held my head and ground her wetness against my face, almost violently.

My mouth and tongue worked hard on her little love button. I alternately licked and sucked on it. It was difficult as the movement of her hips threatened to smother me.

“Oh, you evil man. The way you make me feel!” She shrieked.

I smiled to myself as I kept up my oral assault on her treasure.

“Oh, god. That’s it. That’s it. Mmmm, Brad. Eat me baby. Don’t stop. Ahh!” She grabbed the back of my head hard with both hands and held me against her sex. I was trying to breathe through my mouth as my nose was pressed against her smooth mons.

“Ungh.” She fell limply on the chaise. Her breathing was rapid and throaty.

“How was that?” I asked with a smile as I looked up from between her spread thighs.

“I can’t even move and you ask me how it was?” She replied.

“I was just checking.”

“You don’t need to be checking. Just when I think you can’t make me cum any harder, you prove me wrong.”

“Oh, poor little tiger. She just gets constantly ravaged and pleasured.”

“Stop that, I just think we’re getting in tune with one another. I think I read that in one of Mom’s Cosmo’s once.”

“Sure, sounds reasonable to me.”

“Let’s quit talking. Why don’t you get undressed and let me ride your cock?”

“It’d be my pleasure.” I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped my pants. By the time they hit the floor, she had my cock in her loving mouth…


I pulled up to office a little after 1. Rick’s car was there as I expected. I was curious about what he needed to tell me. I parked my truck and walked in the office.

I found him in the conference room with maps and well logs spread all over the place. He had a bottle of scotch and a couple glasses sitting there unfilled. I grabbed them and went to the kitchen for ice. He never broke his trance.

When I returned, he finally acknowledged my presence.

“Shit, son. I was in my own world. I was studying this map of your daddy’s. Like I was saying last night, he has the sandstone getting thicker to the north, but I don’t know why he thought that. There’s only one well to the north and they never hit anything but shale and limestone. I guess they just didn’t get deep enough. Your granddad always thought that there was a fault that ran through here and the sandstone was deeper to the north. That’s the problem with us though, the big boys would’ve shot seismic lines all over hell and back and known everything, before they ever poked the first hole.”

“True, but I think the holes we’ve been poking have been worth the time and risk.”

“Haha, that’s for goddamn sure, son. Shit I wish your granddad could’ve seen those numbers. I bet he’d have a smile from ear to ear.”

“Me too.”

“So, what do you think we should do?” Rick asked.

“Well, I mean if there’s a fault there, based on the well logs, we need to drill deeper. I’ve looked at every log we have, and it doesn’t make any sense to drill up there. There has to be a fault or the sandstone just disappears. Dad must have listened to granddad and followed his hunch.”

“Well, anybody other than your granddad or daddy had a hunch, I’d tell them ‘fuck no, we ain’t drilling a $150,000 well on a hunch’, but with them, I think we probably better. They were hardly ever wrong.”

“I agree, we can put one of the new rigs up there.”

“Yep, and we’ll put the other two over to west and see what’s going on over there. I’m gonna have our land people see about leasing more land in that direction before we can’t afford tüyap escort it. You agree with that?”

“Yes, I do. If we drill a couple more that look like the Elizabeth well…”

“I hear you son.” He popped the cork on the scotch and poured us a taste. “This is getting pretty interesting.”

“Yeah it is.” I agreed.

“Come on back to your granddad’s office. I got something else we need to talk about.” His tone was a little ominous.

“Okay.” I followed him down the hall and we sat down. I noticed that the extra glasses were out. I looked at him curiously, wondering what was about to happen.

“Son, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since your momma and daddy passed.” He began.

“Yeah, me too.”

“The thing is, I’ve got more money than I know what to do with, and I really have never just enjoyed it. I mean, we’d bust our asses on one deal, make some money, and then jump into the next one, only to do it all over again.”

“I know.”

“The thing is Brad, I never expected this to be what it turned out to be. Hell, I figured I was gonna get blown to shit in some rice paddy before we ever even had a chance.” I nodded as he continued. “But, I think I’m gonna take some time to enjoy it. To share it with Shelley. The way your daddy wanted to with Liz.”

“Rick, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“I’m not gonna just walk away, but I’m not gonna be here full time anymore.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Son, you know what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna keep it going.”

I nodded, but my confidence could not have been lower.

“Brad, you’ve got Roxie. She can do what I do around here, probably even better than I can. Steve is working out, but I want you to find another hand. You still gotta graduate from college. Keep an eye on things, but don’t be working 60 hours a week on top of school.”

“Yeah, Rick, I understand. It just seems like a lot to handle.”

“Hell Son. Your daddy and I were the same way when the old man retired. We were older, but still a lot greener than you are. That was probably the smartest thing your daddy ever did was get you in here and start teaching you the business young. Your granddad, rest his soul, had us working on the farm. Which, looking back on it, was good considering where we went after high school. Probably kept us alive. Well, two of us anyway.”

I nodded somberly. “I just hope I can do as well as you two did.”

“I’m sure you will, Son. I ain’t got any doubts. I’d like to keep this between you and I for now. I ain’t told Shelley or Roxie either one, yet.”

“I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

“Good. So, what are your plans this coming week?”

“We’re going up tomorrow to look at the house, and I need to give Steve some relief. I figure we’ll work up there until Christmas and come back here for a couple days while the rigs are shut down.”

“That makes sense. You need anything else up there?”

“No, the office is in good shape. Janie was wanting to buy furniture for the house.”

“She’s got a lot of her Momma in her.” He grinned.

“Yeah, she does, but it’s mostly good.”

“Yeah, it is. Well, I better get going. I’m gonna take Ms. Shelley to dinner and a movie tonight. Give me a call tomorrow. Jim told me this morning they still hadn’t hit the limestone on the Elizabeth. I don’t know what we’re getting into!”

“I think it’s going to be pretty good.”

“Yeah, me too. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, son.” We shook hands.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” He walked back into his office. “Here’s a little walking around money for Steve. He’s been doing good.”

“Yes, he has.”

“He oughta like that then. Night son.”


Later that night, we were lying in bed, thoroughly exhausted after our third lovemaking session of the day. She was laying on top of me and I was holding her.

“Baby, what’s it going to like when we get back to school?” She asked.

“What do you mean? It’s going to be fine.”

“I know what we agreed on this fall, but I’m going to be honest, I’m not going to be okay with some other chick flirting with you.”

“Why are you worried about that?”

“Because you’re mine.”

“Babe, I hardly left my dorm room last semester. I just hope I’m going to have enough time to spend with you. We’re going to be super busy. I think you’re worrying about nothing.”

“I hope so. It drove me crazy when I knew you had been with Roxanne, even though I said that you could.”

“Yeah, the feeling was pretty mutual knowing those bastards were doing dirty things with you.”

That made her laugh. “I still wish I had waited for you though. That would have been really special to me.”

She started kissing me. I held her firmly by her ass.

“Please don’t ever tell me goodbye again. Even if it’s for an hour.” She said.

“I won’t. I promise.”

“We belong together. I’ve known that I loved you as far back as I could remember.”

“I know, and I finally realized that I felt the same way.”

“Good. When do you want to get up in the morning?”


She got a pained look on her face. “Are you serious? We’re on break.”

“I know, but I’ve got half an oil company to run.”

“Ugh. I’m in love with a clone of my father. You need to hire more help so you can spend all your free time between my loving thighs.”

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