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My Mother, My Lover Ch. 05

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This is a continuation of the adventures of Carole and Jesse detailed in the previous four chapters. Once again, it includes sexual activity between mother and son, and if this is a turn off for you, please read no further. It also introduces an element of lesbian sex; similar comments apply here. Special thanks to Hatsuda for his editing expertise and ongoing support.


It was on a Sunday morning around 9.30 when the phone rang. Mum and I were eating breakfast, reading the paper and indulging in our usual pursuits — I was making caustic comments about politics and mum was being bitchy about fashions. Mum answered the phone in a casual manner, but this soon changed.

“Hi Dee-Dee, what’s up?” Then a silence during which mum’s expression changed to a blend of anger and distress. “The bastard,” she intoned, then, “Okay, Dee-Dee, where are you now?” Another silence. “The bus station? Here? Oh my god; Dee-Dee, just stay where you are, Jesse and I will come and get you — we won’t be longer than an hour.”

“Jesse, honey, in case you didn’t hear, that was your Aunt Dee-Dee. Apparently her rat bastard husband, Frank, has thrown her out. Worse, he put her on the interstate bus and told her to, ‘go and be a parasite on your snobby sister, I don’t want to ever see your ugly face again’.”

“Nice guy, mum. So let’s go and pick her up. I guess we’ll get her to stay with us while she sorts herself out.”

“Mmm yes, honey, I guess so, although that will put a big damper on our amorous activities. Oh god, I don’t know how I’m going to cope without being able to make love to you.”

“Me too, mum — I might even have to resort to my right hand man, which would be such a drag with a gorgeous chick so close.”

She looked at me with smouldering eyes. “Kiss me, Jesse, and make it a good one. It might have to keep me going for quite a while.”

Carole moved into my arms and moulded her sweet curves up against me. She dropped her hand down between our bodies and ran it across my almost rigid cock.

“Ooh such a waste — I could put that to really good use, but we just don’t have time.”

“Hold me tight, Mum, and kiss me into the middle of next week,” and our lips met hot and sweet, tongues duelling with each other and exploring each other’s mouth. She writhed against me, her tits with their hard centres pressing into my chest, and made soft lascivious noises as we kissed.

Even with our deepening love for each other, I couldn’t remember Carole kissing me like that. It was hot and wet and wild and crazy, all at the same time. We broke after what I thought was far too short a time, and I slid my hands down to the sweet curves of her arse. “Just one more caress to keep me going,” I murmured, and mum smiled, a rather pale smile, but I knew just what she was feeling.

Mum threw me the keys of her Beemer, saying, “You drive, I’m too churned up,” and we headed for the bus station. We soon found Aunt Dee-Dee sitting disconsolately with just two bags by her side. She burst into tears when she saw mum and me, and we both gave her a comforting hug.

My Aunt Dee-Dee was rather like a smaller version of her sister. Probably two inches shorter with a similar figure and breasts that I estimated around 34C. Her hair was lighter than mum’s, around mid-brown, cut to fall just onto her shoulders. Like mum, she had an oval face, quite symmetrical and also very mobile; it showed her emotions readily. Her eyes were somewhere between brown and hazel and she had a wide, soft mouth. She had a slim waist suggesting that she kept herself fit.

“Oh Carole, oh Jesse, I’m so glad to see you both, but I’m so sorry to inflict myself on you like this.”

Mum was quite choked up and found it difficult to answer, so I said, “Aunt Dee-Dee, we’re here for you, we want you to be with us and you can stay as long as you need to and not one minute less.”

She looked at me with a half smile and said, “Jesse, honey, will you do me a favour please?”

“Sure, Aunt Dee-Dee, if I can.”

“Good, just drop the ‘Aunt’. It makes me feel like an old bag lady.”

I laughed. “Okay, ‘Dee-Dee’ it is. Now, let’s get you home; might be better if you and mum sit in the back and you can whisper rude things about me to each other.”

We were soon home, and installed Dee-Dee in what had been dad’s room. Dee-Dee expressed some concern about this, but we made it clear that neither mum nor I had any interest in moving in there.

“Now, Dee-Dee,” mum instructed, “If you’d like a shower there are towels in the en suite. Take your time and we’ll find you something to eat. You look starved.”

“Thank you Carole, I haven’t eaten since yesterday midday,” and then burst into tears again. Mum gave her another consoling hug, and we left to forage for a meal.

Dee-Dee’s story was not wholly unexpected. Over the ten years of their marriage, their relationship had slowly deteriorated, culminating in a series of vicious arguments and screaming matches, centred on his drinking, gambling and general disinclination to show sarıyer escort any sort of affection towards Dee-Dee. Frank apparently decided that he just wanted his own way and told Dee-Dee to get out, bundling her onto the interstate bus.

“Dee-Dee, you will stay here as long as you need to,” Mum reiterated what I had already told her and Dee-Dee kissed each of us on the cheek. After her meal, she went up to her room, and mum and I clung together.

I swept my hands up over her arse then onto her breast, cupping her tits and squeezing them gently. Mum moaned and grabbed my head, kissing me fiercely then biting my ear lobes, one after the other.

“Jesse, I don’t know how we can keep our secret from Dee-Dee. I guess we’ll have to get by on a few stolen cuddles and kisses for the time being.”

“Yeah, I know, Mum. This is torture but we’ll just have to be careful and take any opportunities that present themselves.”

She kissed me again, and wiped her lipstick off my mouth. “Can’t be too careful, sweetie.”

Dee-Dee soon settled in but seemed to be at a permanent loose end, not able to settle to anything and often asking us if there was anything she could do to help. Watching this gave me a “left field” idea, although it would mean Dee-Dee staying with us permanently. I caught up with mum that evening and put my idea to her.

“Look, Mum, Dee-Dee seems unable to come to any clear decisions about what she wants to do. Mrs D has said she wants to give up her cleaning career and when we move we’ll have to find another cleaner. What say we talk to Dee-Dee about taking on the role of housekeeper, doing the housework and cooking — she seems to be a pretty fair cook. We may also need some extra help when we move house and settle in to the new one. We can offer free board and lodging, and we could make her a weekly cash payment. I know she’s family and there’s a risk she might be insulted, plus we may have to come clean about our relationship. Still, I think it’s worth the risk.”

Mum thought for as moment, then sighed. “You’re quite right, Jesse, but I’m still scared about her reaction if she finds out about us.”

“I know it’s risky, Mum, but I also know she loves you very much, I think she cares about me, and we’re her only family. I get the impression that she isn’t too conventional, prudish or judgemental, so she may be able to accept how we feel about each other.”

“Okay, honey, but let’s not come out with it straight away.”

In the event, that wasn’t necessary. Dee-Dee was beside herself with delight at the offer, particularly when we stressed that we wanted her to be one of the family, and that she would be taking some of the burden off our shoulders. She took on the role as if born to it and told me that she had never had any ambition to be a high flyer but wanted most of all a cosy domesticity where she could be part of a settled family life. To her mind, this was just perfect.

Over the next few weeks, however, Dee-Dee seemed to become increasingly uncomfortable and rather withdrawn.. Mum and I had decided to talk to her about this one evening, but Dee Dee forestalled us.

“Can I talk to you two, please?” her voice was trembling and uncertain. “Look, I realise that, by asking this question, you’re likely to throw me out on the street, but I really do need to know.”

“Dee-Dee,” mum attempted to be reassuring, “We don’t care what you ask. You are family, and we won’t do anything even remotely like throwing you out. Now, what’s the problem?”

“Okay, here goes; just what is the relationship between you two? I’m not blind, and I’ve seen the way you look at each other, and how you touch each other when you think I’m not looking. Please, tell me the truth.”

Mum and I looked at each other and she gave the slightest shrug.

“Okay, Dee-Dee, I guess you have a right to ask, and we won’t hide it from you any more. Mum and I are lovers, and we have been for a while now, since my 21st birthday. I’m sorry if this shocks you, but we are both hopelessly in love with each other, and hiding it from you for the past few weeks has been a special kind of torment. Now I guess it’s in your hands.”

“I knew it,” Dee-Dee laughed, “I knew it. You can’t hide that sort of love. I’m not at all shocked; I think it’s beautiful, and the fact that you are mother and son is entirely irrelevant. Especially since I know that you can’t have children, Carole, and if you can find love and comfort and,” and here a wicked smile crossed her face, “hot steamy sex with Jesse, the only thing I can say is that I am just so jealous.”

“Jealous, Dee-Dee?” Mum sounded surprised.

“Yes, big sister, I just wish I could find that sort of relationship.”

“Yea, well, there’s something else you should know about us, Dee-Dee,” mum continued. Sometimes, although not all the time, I need to be submissive and Jesse is my Dom. We have some clear boundaries about this, but I trust Jesse completely, and he can make me feel so good.”

“I see,” replied Dee-Dee silivri escort thoughtfully. “I’ve never felt the need to surrender myself like that, but if it works for you, that just adds to my jealousy.”

“Dee-Dee, one day you’ll find the right guy and all the jealousy will disappear;” mum attempted to sound comforting, but Dee-Dee gave her an odd look and the conversation ceased.

That night, mum and I slept together for the first time in several weeks. Mum looked stunning in a sheer teddy with tiny panties and a shelf bra that emphasized her gorgeous tits. As I came into the room, she looked at me with mock severity. “I hope you haven’t been guilty of onanism, my son, because I expect you to fuck me silly and fill me full of all those weeks of your stored seed. Now get over here and love me.”

How could I possible refuse a demand like that and I moved towards her. “C’mere, you wanton hussy,” I growled.

“Have a care, sir,” Carole tried to keep up the mock severity but without too much success. “Do not refer to me as a ‘wanton hussy’.”

“I see, so how would you describe yourself?”

“I, sir? I am a horny slut who wants her man so desperately that she’s almost coming apart at the seams.”

Enough game playing. I took her in my arms, stroking her silky warmth first through the teddy, then, lifting it over her head, caressed her sweet smooth body, generating soft moans and gasps of joy.

“Now, let’s get rid of that nasty bra and those huge knickers,” I smiled, unclipping her bra and allowing her gorgeous tits to stand free. I then dropped my boxers, the only item of clothing I had permitted myself, and moved my hands down her sides, hooking into the tiny panties and sliding them to the ground. Carole stood before me in her breathtaking nakedness, and as I raped her with my eyes, she smiled up at me.

“Well, are you going to do something about me or are you just going to stand there gaping at me like a lovesick teenager?”

I took her in my arms and ran my hands up and down her body. Her skin was like warm silk, living warm silk as she trembled and quivered under my questing hands.

“Mmm, yes, oh yes, Jesse, I’ve missed your touch so much these last few weeks. Caress every part of my body and don’t stop. Oh my god, more, please, more,” as I reached her tits, circling her right nipple, then flipping it with my tongue, backwards and forwards and causing her to gasp with anticipation. I then drew my tongue down from her right nipple, between her breasts, then up to her left nipple, repeating the treatment. To add excitement to the anticipation, I pinched her hard, needy nipples.

Carole threw her head back and strained her body against me and as I pinched her nipples harder she moaned with unleashed desire and cried my name. “Ooh yes, Jesse, pinch my nipples — hurt them, I love it so much. It makes my pussy tremble and makes me want you that much more. Oh god, if you keep that up, I’ll cum just from what you’re doing to my tits.”

“Mmm, good, but there are other magic spells for us to cast, so how do you want me?” I queried.

“Ooh god, Jesse, I so want to be on top, so you can play with my tits, and we can watch each other explode.”

“Mmm, my favourite,” I said, picking her up, an armful of hot, trembling, willing and excited woman. I laid her gently on one side of the bed and climbed on, my eager cock standing proud, waiting for her to impale herself on him.

Carole rolled over and threw her right leg over me, positioning herself just above my cock, slowly lowering herself onto me. My cock gradually slipped into the entrance of her saturated pussy, her bountiful juices easing my entry into a hot, vibrating, delightful heaven.

Carole was still deliciously tight, but she moved up and down on my cock, doing most of the work, with a blissful expression on her face. As the pleasure started to build, I thrust up into her, causing Carole to moan and shake and move faster as her climax grew stronger and deeper. She closed her eyes, but was running her fingers lightly over my face, as if trying to memorize my features by touch.

Carole’s breathing became more ragged and her movements more erratic, so I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her body down so that her hard tipped tits were grinding into my chest. This had the added benefit of causing my pubic bone to mash into her clit every time she pushed down onto my cock. I smothered her face with soft little kisses, and she started to burn with an inner lust-fuelled passion, making unintelligible sounds of delight and digging her nails into my shoulders.

I knew that neither of us could last much longer. The muscles behind my cock were starting to tense and my balls were drawing up, ready to explode a major cum into my mother’s insistent pussy. In turn, her moans became louder, and turned into screams as a series of small orgasms heralded the big one that was about to burst through her body. Her cunt muscles worked hard against my almost painfully steel-hard, pulsing cock.

Carole şirinevler escort screamed her imminent release, then shuddered violently, which was enough to set me off. My cum boiled up through my cock and flooded into her cunt at the same time as her orgasm caused her to go completely rigid before releasing with a huge gasp and a series of moans as her orgasm swept through her whole body.

I stayed inside Carole’s hot, wet pussy, while the soft tremors of the aftershocks of her orgasm provided a counterpoint along my softening cock. Eventually, I slid out and she rolled over onto her back. I propped myself onto one elbow and looked down at her beautiful face, now bathed in a smile of contentment and love.

“Oh Jesse, that was wonderful. When we make love like that, it’s so different from just fucking. I can sense that you want me to feel good and cared for. I get the feeling that it’s almost more important for you to make me feel good than it is for you to concentrate on yourself. I want you to know how much I love you, and that I’ll do anything I can to make you feel good, too.”

“I agree with everything you just said, my mouth-watering, sexy Mum. Anything, any time — almost any place. You only have to blow gently in my ear and whisper your needs and you’ll have me hooked.”

Mum laughed, “Be very careful what you say — I might just hold you to that.”

I laughed in return, kissed her softly and sweetly and we said goodnight.

I was woken next morning by what must be the most delightful sensation any guy can ever experience. My cock was surrounded by warm, soft pulsing wetness as Carole sucked and licked me into a massive erection, far exceeding my normal morning woody.

“Hi honey,” she whispered seductively, “I needed breakfast and this is the quickest and best way to get it,” and she returned to her toe-curling blowjob.

“Oh god, you beautiful, beautiful slut. How can you live with yourself, blowing your own son?”

“No problem with that,” she growled in a low, hungry voice. “I’m absolutely shameless. My mouth has total control over his cock, and I intend to keep it that way.”

“Mmm yes, just don’t ever stop — this is as close to paradise as it’s possible to get, my darling mother.”

She returned to her exciting work, her tongue sliding along the shaft, then taking my cock deep into her throat, her muscles pulsating along its length. I buried my hands in her hair and held her mouth to my cock, allowing her just enough room to breathe.

“Oh god, Carole, I’m so close to cumming; you are so talented, ooh yes, this must be heaven.”

Carole slipped my cock out of her mouth and licked down the shaft, caressing my balls with her tongue, lapping around and over them, wetting them with her saliva. “Cum for me, Jesse darling, cum in mummy’s mouth, give it to me so I can swallow it all. Make me your cumslut, make me your cocksucking whore.” She returned her mouth to my cock, now sucking harder and fondling my balls with her soft warm hand.

This was more than I could take and I felt the tension grow at the base of my cock and in my balls. Carole could obviously feel it too, as she moved her mouth to just hold the head and continued to suck as my orgasm exploded through my cock, pumping into her sweet responsive mouth.

She held me in her mouth while my orgasm subsided, and my cock shrank and dropped out of her mouth. She immediately returned to lick me clean and harvest the last remaining drops of cum.

Carole rolled onto her side and leant on her elbow, grinning at me. “You owe me one, big boy,” she laughed.

“I sure do, but I bet it couldn’t possibly be as good as that.”

“We’ll see, but right now, I need a shower — and I could do with someone to shampoo my hair. Know anyone who might be willing to do that for me?”

“I’ll ask around, Mum, but hey, this time, would you be willing to wash my hair for me?”

“Sure, honey, let’s go.”

We soaped and soaked, and I shampooed mum’s hair, getting my fingers deep into her dark mane, massaging her deeply and getting murmurs of appreciation in return. “Now, Mum, use your magic fingers on me.”

Mum rubbed the shampoo in, but being some inches shorter than me, had to move close to reach my head. The result was that her soapy tits caressed my chest in a way that was as exciting for me as it was for her. Suddenly she stopped and looked me straight in the eye. “You cunning devil, you only wanted me to wash your hair so you could feel my tits stroking you!”

“Not really, Mum, but that’s a gorgeous side benefit; please don’t stop.”

“You guys and your tit fetishes, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you,” she laughed, but returned close to me and continued the massage with both her hands and her tits.

“Mmm, thank you, Mum,” I laughed in return, and quickly bent to gently bite each hard nipple, causing her to squeal with delight.

Mum slid her hand down our slick wet bodies and held my hardening cock in her hand. “God, Mum, that’s nice but I have to pee quite urgently.”

She gave me an odd, “sideways” look and said, “Jesse, I know you thought it was kinky that time you asked me to hold your cock while you peed. But I thought it was so hot, particularly when I was able to direct it onto my tits and my stomach. Can I please do it again?”

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