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My Naughty Neighbour Ch. 13

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Disclaimer: All people depicted engaging in sexual activity are at least 18 years of age. Constructive feedback and critiques are welcome, illiterate flames will be snickered at and deleted. Enjoy!


Chapter 13- I Don’t Want To Go Home

I really didn’t. Simple as that. And if I’d had all the money in the world, I’d have kept Lynn with me in Chicago, or at least gone somewhere else with her, to live forever in happiness and love. As I woke that morning, there was a dull dread of retuning to our stupid little burg, to our secret lives, yearning to be one another and always needing to be cautious.

Lynn must have sensed me waking, because she also stirred, moaning lightly as she reluctantly embraced consciousness. She opened her eyes as she lay on her side, smiling dreamily as she saw me looking at her.

“Well, if it isn’t the man I want to call husband,” she murmured, reaching over to put her hand on my cheek gently and caress my face. “You certainly have thrown a monkey-wrench into my life, good sir.”

“Yeah, I wish I could be sorry about that,” I replied, returning her smile. “I guess I am, after a fashion, but mostly not.”

“I’m glad you’re not,” she stated, nestling closer to me. “Imagine what shape I’d be in if I found out Carter was cheating on me and you hadn’t been in my life. What would I be doing now? I’d probably have been fucking other guys around town in frustration and got caught, leading to a giant blow-out at our church where people chose sides and it would be awful.”

“Happy to help, I guess.”

“The only complication is that I’ve fallen deeply in love with you and am very conflicted now,” she continued, cuddling up and holding me while whispering against my shoulder. “It’s a problem, yes, but one I’d rather face than the other choice I mentioned. Never feel bad about us falling for one another, Michael.”

“Not sure I could,” I said, kissing the top of her head and wrapping my arms around her. “Sorry for any complications that might arise? Yes. But for falling in love? Never.”

“Mmmm, good,” she purred as she slowly laid on top of me, her warm body fitted to mine. She rested her forearms on my chest and her chin on her arms, looking up into my eyes. “This may be our last day in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be amazing and wonderful, or that we can never do something like this again.”

“I love the way you think, Lynn,” I agreed, smiling at her warmly. I couldn’t believe how in love with this woman I was. I’d developed a depth of feelings for her I didn’t even have for my ex-wife at any point. And I didn’t see those feelings doing anything except getting deeper. How on earth was I going to let her go when the time came?

This train of thought was quickly derailed by Lynn, who smiled slyly and snaked her way down my body, caressing me with her breasts until she reached my cock. She took gentle hold of it and kissed it reverently, whispering loving words. Her hand gently stroked along the shaft, causing me to swell. She gazed back up my body and held my eyes while she slid her tongue up and down its length or around the head.

I watched in rapture as she teased my cock with her tongue and mouth, punctuating the caresses with gentle kisses. Her hand rested below, wrapped around the shaft and beginning a slow pumping motion. Before she even had me in her mouth I was starting to get hard, the warmth of her breath on my manhood making me tingle.

Finally, with a light moan, she took the head into her mouth and slid down slowly, forming a blissful, wet seal around me. Breathing through her nose, she took me all the way in, the top of my cock in her throat now. Her eyes closed in delight, because she loved giving head nearly as much as she loved to fuck. She hummed around me, vibrating her lips slightly and giving me shivers.

I stared as she began to bob up and down, my cock glistening with the wetness of her mouth. The pace was slow and even, a casual delight that we both enjoyed. Her hand followed her mouth, making a very gentle twisting motion along the way. God, she felt so good. This woman was a sex goddess! How did I get so lucky as to have her come into my life? How could I not be in love?

She sucked on me diligently, up and down, the seal of her mouth never letting up. I moved my legs slightly wider apart, letting her sidle closer and giving me an exquisite view of her handiwork. I could see her massive cleavage, pressed to the mattress and feeling it against my inner thighs while she worked on me. My cock was raging hard now, pulsing inside her mouth and she loved every moment of it. She moaned again, clearly enjoying herself.

“I think I am wanting to return the favour,” I murmured, reaching down to caress her luxurious golden tresses. “While you’re doing that for me. And then I’m going to fuck you.”

She paused in sucking on me, pulling her mouth off my cock and smiling slyly at me, güvenilir bahis her hand still working along the shaft to keep her momentum going.

“Whatever the man I love wants.” Lynn cooed, winking at me. She moved forward up my body, deftly turning around until she was mounted over me, her already glistening pussy right above my face. I took hold of her hips and began planting gentle kisses around her inner thighs, teasing her and nipping at the soft skin. She sighed in pleasure and returned to sucking on my cock, intent on her own part in this erotic dance and trusting me to do mine.

I slid my tongue up and down her pussylips, parting them lightly and making her shiver as I pressed it against her clit. She moaned around me and squirmed, desiring more. I flicked her womanhood, eliciting squeaks from her and finally snaking my tongue into her wetness, my fingers taking gentle hold of the netherlips and pulling them wide. Her moan was guttural, one of unashamed pleasure and need. She began bobbing up and done willfully now, increasing the tempo as I began lashing her pussy with my tongue.

Lynn squirmed on my face while she fucked me with her mouth, our oral sex becoming heated. My fingers slipped inside her pussy while my tongue lashed her clit, making her whimper. She tasted so sweet to me, something I would never tire of. My hands gripped and squeezed her ass cheeks, drawing another shameless moan.

“I want to make you cum on the bed, Lynn,” I managed to say, somehow producing a coherent thought while she sucked all reason out of me through my cock. “I want to make you cum, but then… to fuck you in the jacuzzi too…”

I could feel her nodding eagerly, and then her hand reached out and grasped at the night table just to the side of our bed. She found a remote and pulled her mouth off me long enough to look at it for something. She pushed a button and I heard our jacuzzi begin to hum and bubble to life.

“I didn’t know we could turn it on remotely.” I grunted, returning to tonguing her pussy.

“That’s because men…” she panted, still jerking me. “Never read instructions…” she finished before plunging her mouth back down onto my pole, taking me in to her throat. We drove one another wild for another two minutes until we were both shaking, bodies warm and covered in a sheen of sweat. Without saying a word, Lynn pulled away from my mouth and squirmed down my body until she was straddling my hips.

“Make me cum, big boy…” she breathed as she took hold of my cock and slid it inside her while she sat on me. We both groaned in relief at being joined, with her still facing down my body. My hands came to rest of her ass while she leaned forward, her hands resting on my thighs. We sat still for several moments, just enjoying the sensation of me filling her.

Then she began to rock back and forth. I watched in bliss as her pussy swallowed my cock, the glistening shaft disappearing and reappearing from her warm, tight depths. I shuddered and began massaging her ass cheeks, making her coo in pleasure.

“Mmm, what you do to me,” she murmured. “No wonder I love you so.”

We squirmed and undulated against one another slowly, just enjoying the feel of one another, knowing that we would not cum together until we were in the tub. Eventually, she laid back on top of me and my hands moved up to rest on her breasts. She moaned in pleasure, gently rocking her hips while I slid in and out of her from below. We kissed languidly, wishing this moment would never end. Lynn moaned into my mouth as I pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts. Her pussy massaged me wetly, pliant and stretching around my cock.

Finally, she sat back up and slowly turned around, with my throbbing member still inside her. She smiled down and at and wiggled her hips playfully. “Ready to carry me to the tub, my love?”

I sat up with her still in my lap and held onto her. Lynn wrapped her long, lovely legs around my waist and I stood, making her groan as she sank down onto me. I carried her over to the jacuzzi and stepped into it carefully before lowering us down into the foaming water. She sighed and kissed me, the smiled wickedly and held up the remote. With a click, the curtains began parting, letting in the sun and giving us a wonderful view.

Not to mention letting just about anyone in the opposite building see inside our room and what we were up to.

“This is a glorious risk,” I mentioned as I let her turn around and kneel in the tub, facing out toward the window. “What if we end up on the internet?”

“I know,” she breathed, squirming her ass back against my cock, eager to have me inside her. “But it’s a chance I’m taking this second… fuck everything else, I need you to make me scream, Michael, and for people to see how you make me cum!”

I nodded and took firm hold of her hips, feeling her reach under and massage my cock for several seconds before placing the head at the entrance of her wanton pussy. güvenilir bahis siteleri She groaned loudly as I pushed deep inside her and then began pounding with my hips. She almost cried out and arched her back, clenching her teeth.

“Gnnnnnnn, yes!” she wailed, squeezing me hard. “Oh, God, Michael!”

“Just don’t scream so loud that the cops show up,” I laughed. “Although I’m sure they’d laugh too.”

I thrust inside her mercilessly, making her pant and moan shamelessly. Lynn pushed back against me, grinding her hips in circles, squeezing my cock with her incredible muscles. I didn’t notice if anyone was watching us, but at that point I also didn’t care. I just wanted to make Lynn cum as hard as possible. For all I knew, this was our last chance to make love in Chicago.

I reached forward and grabbed her long, lush golden hair, bunching it in my fist and making her crane her neck. She groaned in delight, looking up and back at me while I fucked her hard. Her sapphire eyes were glazed with lust.

“Make me cum, Michael,” she breathed, writhing against me. “Then fuck my ass and cum in me. Oh, God, I want you in my ass…”

I nodded and fucked her harder, determined to make her screech. My pace quickened until she was gasping, her breath ragged. I could see her fingers gripping the edge of the tub tighter and tighter until the knuckles were white. She hissed while she looked back at me, eyes flashing as she fought to hold on. Then she surrendered to an earth-shaking orgasm and screamed through her teeth. Her molten pussy clenched around me fiercely. She collapsed forward onto the edge of the tub, face on her forearms and she was breathing heavily for several seconds.

“Oh, God…” she sighed, her womanhood still holding me tightly. “God, I needed that…

Slowly she reached back and took hold of her ass cheeks, spreading them and showing me her pink, puckered knot.

“You know what to do, my love…”

I lined up the head of my cock and teased it against her for several seconds before easing it in. She groaned as I pushed through and took me all the way to the hilt. I loved being in her ass, she was amazingly tight. Knowing she was wanting it hard and fast, I began sliding back and forth inside her with long, deliberate strokes, picking up the pace gradually. Lynn hissed and moaned, shivering in delight as I smacked her ass cheeks.

“Yessssss,” she said, grinding on me. “Wreck my ass, Michael. Oh, God…”

I squeezed her cheeks and fucked her hard, watching her squirm and shudder beneath me. It didn’t matter to me one whit if people were watching at this point. We could have been on a jumbotron in a sports stadium and I wouldn’t have cared. Making Lynn cum until she forgot her own name was all that I cared about. I could feel my balls slapping against her pussylips while I fucked her, the water foaming and swirling around us.

Lynn hissed and gritted her teeth as she ground back on me, matching my thrusts eagerly. We humped and writhed against one another, moaning and shuddering as we drove one another over the brink. Lynn cried out loudly, her ass clenching me ferociously as I came inside her, pumping thick ropes of my essence deep within. She slumped forward onto the edge of the tub, breathing heavily while I leaned down on top of her, reaching under to caress her breasts.

“Wow,” she sighed finally, rotating her neck. “That was great. And I can still feel you throbbing inside me.”

“I can still feel you pulsing around me,” I replied, kissing and biting her shoulder, making her shudder. “I wish we were zillionaires, so we could just live in this hotel suite forever.”

“Mmmmmm, sounds like Heaven, my love.” Lynn agreed, turning her head to look out our window. “God, I love this view. Think anyone saw us?”

“One can only hope.” I mused, kneeling up and caressing her ass as I slowly withdrew. There was a ‘pop’ as I pulled out and she shivered and giggled. We both sat down slowly into the churning water, relaxing. There was orange juice and champagne in the chiller attached to the side of the tub, so I took two flutes, opened the libations, and handed the woman I loved a mimosa. We sat in quiet contentment, sipping our drinks and our feet entwined and caressing.

“I’ve no intention of checking out early,” I mentioned, filling her glass again. “We’ll stay until check-out time, and then go for brunch and then get your dress. After that, home.”

“Yup, home,” she said, sounding very displeased. “This week went by way too quickly. It was utterly perfect, except for the fact that it’s ending.”

She smiled at me slyly. “Well, that and the fact that we’re not getting married.”

I caressed her foot between mine and sighed. “Don’t remind me.”

We sat in silence for some time, relaxing and just enjoying being together. We’d finally finished off the champagne bottle and Lynn came over and sat in my lap, putting her arms around my neck. We kissed deeply iddaa siteleri and lovingly for several minutes, whispering how much we loved one another. I kissed her face and neck, her shoulders and her collarbone, all the while gently squeezing her magnificent breasts.

Finally, she stood and pulled me up with her. “Gotta pee,” she said quietly, taking me out of the tub and into the bathroom. She sat me down and spread my legs before plunking herself down on my lap. She giggled as we kissed, peeing against my cock and then settling closer to press against me and allow me to do the same.

“We’re like out-of-control teenagers,” she said in my ear. “Being naughty and hoping we don’t get caught. So many taboos we’ve broken together- watching one another pee, nearly fucking, fucking, falling in love…”

“I wouldn’t trade a thing,” I answered before biting at the place where her neck and shoulder met, making her shiver. “I can’t wait to take you in the shower and do things to you there, too.”

“It’s like you can read my mind…” she purred as she sidled off me and then wiggled over to the shower. She turned on the water and stepped in, smiling at me wickedly and crooking her finger for me to follow. I joined her and held her close, kissing her lovingly while we danced in the middle of the spacious stall. Lynn smiled wickedly while drizzling shower gel over us and then using her body to great effect, squirming up and down my frame, especially with her tits. She massaged them around while cock while kissing and sucking at it, making me hard again.

“You, madam, are an absolute succubus,” I breathed as I looked down, watching her lips move back and forth along my shaft. She hummed and looked up at me while she sucked, holding her glorious breasts around my cock while she sucked. “Not that I’m objecting, mind.”

“Mmmm, didn’t think you would,” she purred as she stood slowly, stroking me gently with her fingers. How about you pin me against the wall, big man, and fuck me stupid?”

Lynn trembled and bit her lip as I pressed her up against the wall and then reached under her, grabbing hold of her toned ass. I left her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. My throbbing manhood pressed to her waiting pussy and she gasped as I pushed deep inside her. Keeping hold of her, I began strongly pumping my hips against hers. Lynn moaned in pleasure, her fingernails grazing across my back. We kissed deeply while we fucked, the jets from the shower inundating us. She shuddered and cried out as she came, my name on her lips.

“I love you so much,” she whispered. “Oh, God, I’m so in love…”

I held her against the wall, my face buried in her hair. My heart pounded against her, letting her know how I felt. Slowly, she climbed down and began washing me almost reverently. I returned the favour, lost in how beautiful she was. I was silently dreading the return home more and more.

We exited the shower and dried one another off before slipping on plush robes. We sat in the living room on the couch, cuddled close. She smiled and kissed my nose.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my dress,” she said quietly, stroking my cheek. “Think it’ll look good on me?”

“Lynn, you’d make burlap and jute look sexy and you know it.” I chuckled. “And if you don’t believe me, I’m sure Xiong will be happy to tell you.”

She giggled and pushed her face against my neck. “That’s probably true. She does have the hots for me. For us, actually.”

“I think she’s more interested in you.” I replied.

“Only initially,” she mused. “She knows me and is one of my best friends, this whole sexual attraction thing is new, though. And she’s totally wet to get your cock in her.”

“Greedy thing, isn’t she?”

“Do you blame her?” Lynn said airily. “We’re a hot couple.”

It must have taken me a split second too long to respond, or a look passed over my face, because Lynn’s expression changed and she stroked my face.

“I’m sorry, Michael,” she whispered. “You know what I meant, but I still should have said that a different way.”

“It’s okay, Lynn,” I said, smiling. “We knew going in that this was a risk, falling in love. I think I was in love with you, or at least falling for you, by the time you asked me to be your affair.”

She sighed. “Would it bother you to know that you’ve been pretty much on my mind constantly since that very first night we peed together?”

“For real?”

“God, yes,” she breathed. “I masturbated furiously when I got home after seeing that beautiful cock. And every night after that, shameless harlot that I am.”

“Your body was on my mind a lot after that too,” I agreed, pulling her onto my lap. “And yeah, we fell in love, which might have been dumb, since you are not only married with kids, but actively working to put your marriage back together.”

“Maybe, but I’m serious about my timetable, Michael,” she said, staring into my eyes. “Carter’s been cheating on me for two years and I am guessing he’s in love with that sasquatch of a secretary of his, or at least tells her he is. Either way, I’m letting him do his thing to see if he learns his lesson, and in the meantime, I’m taking care of myself and you.”

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