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My New Assignment

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David and I got back to our homes, getting back to work, we had to pay the bills. I took a rotational day job for a more regular schedule. Due to the hours, I didn’t cook much during the week. I had taken to eating downtown at small restaurants most weeknights. The owners and employees were super nice and acted truly appreciative to have the business.

Most of the wait staff were students from the local college, male and female. When I showed up alone they’d spend time talking to me. One night when I got up and pushed my chair back a jogger ran into my it and was knocked to the sidewalk. I knelt over him to check and make sure he was ok.

He apologized immediately, saying, “I was looking at my watch timing my laps, I am so sorry. I should have been paying more attention.”

I told him to let me help him home as I helped him up and sat him in the other seat. He said he was fine and he thanked me for the offer saying he just lived across the street. I said, “Okay, that’s fine but I want you to call me when you get to your place. Hand me your phone and let me put my name and number in it, my name is Clayton.”

He thanked me and said I really didn’t have to do that but I insisted. He said his name was Gavyn. He got up as I helped and started walking, I watched him just to be on the safe side. He got to the crossing and walked over to the other side and went up about halfway before going in a doorway up to his apartment.

I saw Gavyn’s light come on and shortly my phone rung. Gavyn said, “I am in and again I am so sorry. I promise to be more careful. I feel like such a klutz, thanks again”

Over the next day’s Gavyn came by like clockwork. He spoke every time. On Thursday he did the same, heading on to his place. A few minutes after he went by and I got a text, it was Gavyn. It read, “Have you eaten yet? I could use some company.”

I answered, “Sounds good, come on down, I’ll wait.”

He responded, “Lemme get a shower, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

When I saw him coming towards me I saw just how good looking he really was, 6′, 190, hair cut short on the sides, the top long, spiked up, a long beard neatly sculpted wearing a V-neck t-shirt, skinny jeans, and boots. I stood taking his hand in mine and shaking it as he sat down across from me. We talked like we were old friends, after a few hours he said he had to get home, work came early in the morning. The waiter came over, Gavyn said he had it and paid the bill.

I told Gavyn I would walk him to his place, the long arm of the law was always there to help and I was going by there to the garage anyway. We walked and talked going into the door and up the steps to his place. All I could concentrate on was his sweet ass in his skinny jeans, man it was nice. He opened the door inviting me in, I refused, telling him I had to work in the morning too.

Gavyn stepped up to me standing his tiptoes kissing me, I was shocked and stepped back. He apologized but I stepped up kissing him back. I pulled away telling Gavyn good night. Gavyn frowned as I turned and walked away. I stopped at the bottom of the steps and texted him, “It was so nice having some company during supper and not having to eat by myself.”

Gavyn replied, “I really enjoyed it also, let’s do it again tomorrow. Same time, same place.”

I arrived, telling the waiter I was waiting for someone, with my laptop to take care of some work until Gavyn got there, I didn’t want to miss him. I was just finishing up when he arrived. We ordered, eating and talking, finding out about each other. As we finished up I got the check this time. We started towards Gavyn’s place just like the night before. As we entered he told me I should just use his second parking space so I wouldn’t have so far to walk.

I followed Gavyn in, closing the door behind us. Gavyn turned toward me, stepping up and pulling my mouth to his. As he kissed me I dropped my hands to his sweet ass, taking a cheek in each hand, squeezing and caressing. Gavyn laid his head on my chest and just moaned. I reached up with one hand, placing it under his chin and pulling his lips back to mine.

I used my tongue to wrestle his as he started to remove my shirt. I grabbed his hands telling him I had a very early morning coming. We could wait. He looked at me saying, “I really love having the long arms of the law around me.”

I replied, “Oh damn, I got to go, tomorrows Friday but we’ll have all weekend, I promise.”

Gavyn said, “If you want to wait in here tomorrow I put a code in the electronic lock for you, its 0104.”

On my way home I decided I’d cook for Gavyn. I had seen what he ordered at the café so I had a good idea of his likes and dislikes. Work was slow that day so I texted Gavyn, I told him he had been so nice I wanted to cook for him, Shrimp and Grits Charleston Style, at my place.

I added I would be waiting on him when he got home and we could take my truck. He replied quickly saying the plans and menu sounded küçükçekmece escort great and he should be home by 5 pm but he would still need my address, just to be on the safe side. He also said he had a great bottle of wine we could share. I told him it sounded like a plan and I’d be there.

I arrived 15 minutes early and sat down to watch tv till Gavyn got home. At precisely 5 he walked through the door. After greeting me said he needed to get a shower. I told him to grab some clothes and he could do that at my place while I finished supper. He agreed and grabbed his things and tossed them in a bag. As we left his apartment, he double-locked the door behind us.

I followed him downstairs to the garage and we headed to my truck. I opened the door for Gavyn and let him climb in. I went around and got in. He settled in and we talked as we headed for my place. It took about 30 minutes to get there. We pulled into the garage. I closed the garage door, went around and opened the door for Gavyn.

He slid out into my arms as I leaned down to kiss him. He ducked away from me and smiled, saying he had to get cleaned up. I got his bag, took him by the hand and led in. I pointed to the door telling him there’s a hot tub and pool outback. We next headed to the master bath, I got him a clean washrag, towel and body wash or soap., his choice.

As I started to exit the bedroom he started laying out his clothes. I went back to the kitchen and started supper. I had it just about done when he walked in freshly bathed and dressed, wearing his skinny jeans and a pullover shirt. Gavyn stepped up behind me telling me how good it smelled. I told him to have a seat at the island. He asked about wine glasses and I grabbed them real quick.

I heard the cork pop and Gavyn stepped up and handed me a glass as I finished up. I got the plates and fixed Gavyn’s and then my plate. I took them to the dining table, turned down the lights, started some low music and lit some candles. Gavyn looked at me saying, “This looks like there is going to be a seduction tonight.”

I just looked at him and smiled. I motioned him over, pulled out his chair and let him sit as I pushed the chair in. I got a bottle of wine and sat down. Gavyn looked at me telling me this was the best shrimp and grits he’d ever had. We ate and talked, finding out more about each other. Gavyn was really enjoying himself, he even had seconds, it had been a while since he had a home-cooked meal.

After we both finished Gavyn got up saying he’d wash the dishes. I followed him to the kitchen telling him I had a dishwasher for that. We put the leftovers in containers and Gavyn loaded the dishwasher. I took his hand and led him to the living room sofa. I sat down and he sat facing straddling me on my lap. I pulled him tight to me kissing his neck as he moaned.

Gavyn was whimpering in my ear telling me how good I smelled while he sucked on my earlobe. I dropped my hands to the bottom of his shirt and started pulling it up, removing it completely. I took his nipples in my fingers working them, pinching and pulling. Gavyn leaned down to my lips kissing and sucking on them. I run my tongue out and Gavyn nursed on it.

Gavyn reached down and opened his jeans, I run my hands into his jeans cupping the cheeks of his sweet ass in my hands. Gavyn pulled back saying, “I think we need to get more comfortable.”

Gavyn got up, taking my hands in his and pulling me to him. Gavyn started pushing his jeans and boxers down, stepping out as they hit the floor. He stepped back to me and I picked him up in my arms and started to the bedroom. I laid Gavyn down on the bed, reached over him to turn on the small bedside lamp and stood back up. He sat up facing me

He pulled me to him and started unbuttoning my shirt. Gavyn pushed it off letting it land on his clothes jeans. Gavyn pulled me closer, licking around my nipples as he unbuttoned my pants letting them fall. He lifted each foot, removing my shoes and socks. I pulled Gavyn up off the bed and kissed him deeply as he pushed down my boxer-briefs. I turned us around, laying down on the bed and pulling Gavyn down on top.

Gavyn licked and sucked starting at my neck, hitting my nipples when he passed and continued down to my navel. Lifting his and letting out a gasp when he saw my 9.5″, coke bottle think cock saying, “I haven’t ever had a cock that long and fat but I damn well will take it.”

Gavyn started at my navel, sucking, licking and nibbling to the base of my cock. he worked around the base going for my nuts. He took one then the other sucking and licking. He next took both in his mouth and groaned with them filling his mouth. I was rubbing his head encouraging him to continue. He pulled up letting my balls pull from his mouth. He took my cock in his hand, holding it as he licked up to the fat black cock head.

He bent over to kiss the tip and licked it. he looked up at küçükyalı escort me, opened his mouth and went down on the just the head stopping and closing his lips around it best he could. I reached down to Gavyn’s neck placing my fingers under his throat and my thumbs on his cheeks. I told him to keep going, I knew he could take it and I wanted to feel my black cock fill his throat. Gavyn groaned as talked and encouraged him.

Gavyn started down until my fat black cockhead got to the back of his mouth. I started talking to Gavyn quietly telling him, close your eyes and concentrate on my voice. Gavyn closed his eyes and I continued, “Move up and down slowly, swallowing each time you go down, concentrate on my voice and do as I say. I know you can do it Gavyn.”

Gavyn continued moving slowly up and down on my fat black cock, I continued to coach him quietly, “You are doing great Gavyn. I can feel you swallowing as you go down.”

I reached down and grasped his beard in my hand, “Keep working Gavyn, I want you to continue down when you swallow, let my cock into your throat. The next time you go down I want you to stop right there. Good boy, stay right there and swallow Gavyn and push your mouth down further on my cock. when you get past your gag reflex you’ll love it. I know you can do it, I got confidence in you.”

Gavyn did as I said as I placed my hands on his head, “Good job Gavyn, when my cockhead gets to your throat don’t panic, relax, swallow and go further down.”

Gavyn did as told and my cock entered his throat, he tried to pull off but I held him in place, not pushing in more but not letting him come up. “There you go Gavyn, just stay right there, it feels so great, just relax and get used to my cockhead in your throat.”

I let his head go and he pulled off telling me he was surprised he had taken that much and couldn’t wait to take it all. Gavyn started down again as I talked to him, he went down, swallowed and continued down taking the whole fat black 9.5 inches. I laid both hands on his head, saying, “Oh damn Gavyn, that feels so good, I knew you could do it.”

Gavyn raised up to the corona, took a breath and went back down, groaning on my cock. He pulled off completely and started licking my cock. Gavyn moved to my navel licking and sucking, then continued up licking and sucking his way. He got to my lips, sucking and nibbling on them, eventually kissing me hard and sucking my tongue.

Gavyn pulled up saying, “I hope you got some lube for that monster.”

I pointed at the bedside table drawer as he reached over and got it. Gavyn squeezed some into his hand, slid down to my knees, coated my cock and finished lubing his ass. Gavyn moved back up kissing me as I took him tight, rolled him over on his back and raised up to my knees. I pushed his legs back telling Gavyn to spread’em, pull them back and hold them.

I moved forward laying my cock on top of his and leaned down to kiss him. I raised back up and placed my cockhead against his hole pushing very slightly. Gavyn was moaning now as I pushed and pulled in and out gently. I pushed in more each time as Gavyn started to whimper. I pushed 2 fingers in his mouth and he started sucking them.

As Gavyn sucked my fingers I started to push in again with my big fat black cock. I pushed harder and harder until just my cockhead slipped in Gavyn’s ass. Gavyn yelled and I covered his mouth with my hand as he got used to my cockhead opening his hole. I bent over to Gavyn’s ear, whispering in it, telling him to close his eyes and concentrate on my cock filling his ass.

I drug my tongue from his ear to his mouth and kissed him. I drug my tongue to the other ear. I started rocking in and out again as Gavyn started groaning again. I got to my knees again, taking his ankles in my hand and spreading his legs wide. I asked Gavyn if he was ready and he just nodded. I started pushing in and pulled Gavyn to me, rolling him over so he could fuck his own ass. He got to his knees facing me, with my cock still in his ass.

As he started taking more of my cock I took his nipples in fingers working them. I placed a hand on each side of Gavyn’s head telling him, “You can do this Gavyn, concentrate on my voice as you work your ass up and down on my cock. You can do it, get started.”

I took his hips in my hands and coaxed him to get started as he started going up and down with me encouraging him. I pulled his face to mine and stared at him saying, “I want you to kiss me and take my whole fat black cock in your ass.”

Gavyn started kissing me as I took both his ass cheeks in my hand. Gavyn started moving up and down taking more and more of my cock. He finally got my cock in his ass completely. He started to yell as I pulled him to me and rolled us over, pinning him to the bed, keeping my cock in his ass and my mouth on his. As I lay on Gavyn I rotated my hips. Gavyn wrapped his legs around me keeping me close.

I maltepe escort raised my head and looked down at Gavyn asking him, “Are you ready for a big black fat cock to fuck that sweet ass?”

Gavyn replied, “I am ready, I want you to fuck my ass hard and deep. I want to know you been there with your fat black cock!”

I raised up on my knees, taking Gavyn’s ankles in my hands, opening his legs up. I started moving out of Gavyn’s ass until just my cockhead was left. I started jabbing in a tiny bit at a time as Gavyn groaned. When I was balls deep, I ground my hips, getting even further into Gavyn’s ass. Gavyn was moaning and moving his ass, working his muscles on my cock.

I started pulling out slowly and short fucking out and in more and more with each thrust, finally going balls deep as Gavyn yelled at what mt fat black was doing to his ass. I started stroking and out harder and harder, in and out, I thrust in and stopped, telling Gavyn I was fixing to cum and fill his ass. Gavyn took my face in his hands, kissing me hard. I started really fucking him deep and hard. I looked down at Gavyn smiling, telling him my cum was fixing to flood his ass. Gavyn groaned as I fucked his deep.

I started to cum and Gavyn yelled. I placed my hand over his mouth and fucked him until I shot my whole load in his ass. I lay down on Gavyn and rolled us on our sides with my cock still in his ass softening. Gavyn was licking my face getting all the sweat. He lay there in each other’s arms enjoying each other’s presence.

Gavyn looked at me saying he needed something to drink as he pulled my cock from his ass with a pop. He came back quickly with a drink for both of us. Gavyn sat on the side of the bed, set my drink down and leaned over to kiss me. Gavyn stood and crawled back in the bed laying on his side facing me and threw his leg and arm over me.

We eventually nodded off, sleeping deep for a couple of hours. I got up to take a leak and while I was there Gavyn came up behind me saying he needed a shower. After I got done he stepped into the shower getting the water ready and soaping up the rag. I stepped in and met him as he washed me, head to feet, next he started bathing himself. I took the rag from him and finished him up.

He stepped up to me as we rinsed ourselves kissing me deeply. I pulled away telling him we needed to dry off and head back to bed. We dried each other and retired back to the bed, me on my back and Gavyn on top. He started at my lips kissing and sucking and worked his way down to my gooch, licking up and down. He worked his way over my balls working his way to my cock.

He licked and suckled all around my fat black cockhead sucking it into his mouth. Gavyn looked up at smiling with my cockhead in his mouth. I laid a hand on his head as he worked my cock with his tongue. Gavyn started working my fat cock going about halfway down. He stopped and went back to the head kissing the tip. He went down again letting his lips and mouth open to take my cock.

He took about 7″ of my cock this time. He pulled back a little and started down, going all the way to the root. As he stopped there I said, “You are so good Gavyn. Your mouth and throat feel so good on my cock. Oh, fuck it feels good.”

I reached down to feel Gavyn’s throat continuing, “My cock feels so good in your tight throat, so good Gavyn. If you keep it up I am going to cum again.”

Gavyn moaned on my cock started going up and down on my cock. He took my hands and placed them on his head. I spread my legs wider and started helping Gavyn work my cock. Gavyn went up and down, varying how much he was taking until. I held Gavyn down telling him I was fixing to cum. I pulled Gavyn’s head up and told him to take a breath.

He took my cock again, going all the way down. I held him in place as my big black cock started to spit. Gavyn swallowed repeatedly, staying on my cock until I completely shot my load and he had swallowed it all. Gavyn pulled up looking at me saying, “That was fantastic, your cum taste so good and I got to have more.”

Gavyn took my cock back in his mouth sucking and cleaning it of any leftover cum. Gavyn cleaned my cock and crawled up next to me. I looked at him telling him I needed something to drink. He went and got us a beer and crawled back into bed with me. We both lay there, Gavyn was telling me how much he loved my big black cock as he drank his beer, licking my chest, nipples, ears and neck.

He finally snuggled up beside me and dropped off to sleep with me right behind him. Gavyn’s phone ringing woke us both up. Gavyn came back into the room telling me he had to get home. I started to get up, I looked at him telling him we needed a shower, he agreed as we headed that way. I got the water going and stepped in.

Gavyn followed me in getting a rag and soaping it up. We washed each other and rinsed off, drying with towels and brushing our teeth. We walked back to the bedroom, getting our clothes, got dressed and headed for my truck. I dropped him off at home, he glanced around and leaned over and kissed me as he said, “I have had the best time, we have got to do this again,” as he leaned down and kissed my bulge.

He was down and out the door, saying “I’ll see you on the sidewalk stud!” closing it behind him and waving goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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