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My New Next Door Neighbour for the Summer Ch. 03

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I had to head back home the day following my evening with Clare at my beach house. I had arranged for an electrician to convert some old halogen down lights to some more energy efficient LED lighting along with a bunch of other bits’n’pieces around the house. Getting a tradesman out for a job like this at this time of the year was a real bonus. I didn’t want to postpone it.

The work required a couple of days at home. During this time I would get the odd text from Clare. The first one was the most memorable. It was a pic of her purple dildo with the caption ‘No longer good enough’. Another was a pic of her breasts with the caption ‘In need of some attention’.

Two days later I was back at my beach house. It was about 5:30pm when I drove past Clare’s place on the way to mine. I could see three additional cars parked out the front, her girl-friends were obviously still there. The weather had been great for spending time on the beach over the last couple of days, I thought.

I unpacked my things and opened the place up, grabbed a sparkling mineral water from the fridge and sat down on the couch. I started to flick through the TV channels to see if there was anything worth watching. Then I was contemplating going for a swim at my favourite spot down at the beach along with thinking ahead to dinner when there was a knock at the front door. Hmmmm, Clare I thought. I was looking forward to spending some more time with her.

Standing on my door step was an attractive brunette. Easily 6 foot tall, maybe 6’1″.

“Well hello Alan,” she said, looking me up and down. “I’m Wendy. Clare has sent me over to see if you want to drop around for drinks, when you are ready and meet everyone.”

“Wendy, good to meet you,” I replied. “Please, come in.”

“Oh, OK then,” said Wendy, somewhat hesitantly.

I gathered that Clare had sent Wendy to deliver a message only. By the look on her face Wendy wasn’t necessarily expecting to do anything more.

“Through this way,” I said, as I guided Wendy to the living area.

I could see she was checking my place out carefully.

“I’d be delighted to drop around for drinks Wendy,” I continued, making sure I said her name. It was one of my little tricks when I met new people. Say their names as often as you could when you first met them. It helped me remember their names.

“Nice place,” offered Wendy.

“Thanks,” I said. You don’t look so bad yourself I thought.

Wendy was probably in her early forties. Slim, dressed casually in shorts and a tee-shirt wearing thongs. Now I should point out, for the sake of our readers in other parts of the world, here in Australia we call a type of basic casual footwear ‘thongs’. In New Zealand they are call ‘jandals’ in other places ‘flip-flops’. In this case, clearly, ‘thongs’ do not refer to an item of female attire.

In addition Wendy had obviously been working on her tan. She had her hair in a simple pony tail.

“So how’s your stay with Clare been?” I asked.

“We’ve had a great time,” Wendy replied. “Spent as much time on the beach swimming and soaking up the sun as we could. It’s always fun to catch up with the girls. Lots of talking. Pity we have to leave tomorrow.”

“Can I offer you a drink? Something soft?” I offered.

“Oh, no thanks. Need to be getting back,” said Wendy, still looking around.

“OK,” I replied.

I continued watching Wendy looking around until our eyes met.

“Better get going then,” she said, and started to head back to the front door.

I followed and opened the front door for her.

“See you shortly. Bye,” Wendy said as she headed off down the driveway.

As I watched her go I mulled over what Clare may have told her girlfriends about me. Was I some casual fling or conquest? Was there more to it? Only one way to find out.


I was standing on Clare’s front door step 10 minutes later with a chilled bottle of white wine in my hand. The air temperature was still warm so I was wearing shorts, polo top and thongs. I could hear women chatting inside the house. ‘Once more into the breach’, I thought and knocked on the door.

The door opened to reveal another attractive tall curly haired brunette. She was well over 6 foot tall. Maybe 6’2″. She had a big smile on her face.

“You must be Alan, come in”, she said. “I’m Olivia, nice to meet you.”

“Hi Olivia,” I replied. “Good to meet another of Clare’s friends.”

“We’re all out the back. This way,” said Olivia.

I followed her through the house and entered the living area.

“Alaaaan!” cried Clare from the kitchen.

Clare strode out from the kitchen and over to me holding her arms out wide. She embraced me, crushing her big boobs into my chest and gave me a big wet kiss. I returned the hug and kissed her. Clare finally released me.

“Now, the only one you haven’t met by now will be Natalie. Hey Shorty come and meet Alan,” Clare called out.

Natalie looked up from outside, shrugged and came in.

“Natalie, this is Alan,” Clare announced.

“Hi fethiye escort Natalie,” I replied. “Nice to meet you.”

Standing before me was another tall woman. About my height, 6 foot tall I thought. Pretty, short blond hair, slim, well-tanned, bare footed, again wearing shorts and a loose fitting tee-shirt.

“And you too Alan,” replied Natalie, looking me up and down.

“Shorty?” I said looking at Clare. “There’s nothing short about Natalie.”

“It’s my name,” said Natalie. “My name is Natalie Short and I just happen to be the shortest of the four of us. Ironic don’t you think?” she said with a grin.

I was surrounded by amazons. I was equal in height to Natalie. The tallest was Clare.

“A glass of wine Alan?” Clare asked.

“Sure, sounds good,” I replied.

“Great. I’ll get that and you go outside with everyone,” Clare said.

I followed Natalie to the outdoor entertaining area where the other two were seated. We sat down and waited for Clare. I noticed an already empty bottle on the table along with plates of cheese and crackers, various dips, a bowl of corn chips and a bowl of potato chips.

I asked how the last couple of days had been. The women were very chatty let me know that they had been spending as much time as they could on the beach working on their tans and swimming. They had been to two of the local restaurants, one last night and the night before. They had even managed to check out the quirky little cocktail bar above the art gallery last night before dinner. Natalie went on to explain they had sat outside on the balcony of the cocktail bar and watched the sunset while knocking back some very potent cocktails.

Clare finally came out with tray of hot finger food from the oven. It was a selection of different spring rolls with a dipping sauce. She offered them around then finally took a seat next to me.

Olivia then finally piped up.

“We’ve had a great time her with Clare, it’s just a pity we have to go home tomorrow afternoon,” she said. “But what we all really want to know is what you have done to Clare to get her in such a relaxed state.”

“What could you possible mean darling,” retorted Clare with a giggle and a smile.

“Well just look at you. You are so laid back and easy going. There’s no rush. There’s none of this having to be somewhere at a certain time, thing, like you do when we have visited in the past,” Olivia went on. “Don’t you agree?”

By now Natalie and Wendy were nodding their heads.

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great thing. It’s just good to see you so relaxed,” Olivia concluded.

I mumbled something about it not being my doing. After all I hardly been around I had explained. I had been looking at Clare and she wasn’t giving anything away. I knew exactly why she was apparently more relaxed and easy going. However, not knowing what discussions had transpired prior and never underestimating female intuition I thought it best to change the subject.

“So, what did you agree was the best cocktail last night?” I asked.

The conversation moved back to the various cocktails and what the women thought were the most popular. The popular vote went to something called a ‘Fez’ involving pomegranate juice and mint, amongst other things. The conversation then moved on to what they would be doing tomorrow before they had to leave. The outline plan was to hit the beach at a reasonable hour in the morning and make a day of it.

At some stage in the evening we came to the consensus that we didn’t really need to do anything elaborate for dinner as we had been snacking and drinking for a couple of hours. I solved the problem by ordering in pizzas.

It was dark by the time I found myself in the kitchen with Natalie putting some things in the dishwasher.

“It is remarkable you know,” Natalie started. “She can be so wound up sometimes. I guess it’s her job. But it can take weeks to get her to relax and even then she still needs to be in control.”

I explained that we had only met a few days back on the day she moved in. There wasn’t much I could add as to why Clare was in such a good frame of mind.

“Whatever you were able to do to her, or with her, has been amazing,” Natalie said. With that she leaned closer and said under her breath. “Can I have some of what she’s having?”

With that I looked at Natalie and she exploded in laughter. I gave her a smile and then we both went back outside to join the others.

It was getting on to about 11pm. Wendy had already excused herself and headed off to bed. I stood up.

“I think it’s time for me to make myself scarce,” I announced. “It has been great to meet you,” I continued looking at Olivia and Natalie.

Olivia, Natalie and Clare all stood up. I gave Olivia and Natalie each a quick hug and said my goodbyes. Clare and I then went to the front door. I opened the door and turned to look at Clare. Before I could say anything she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips against mine, squeezing her impressing breasts against me and gave me a big kiss.

“I escort fethiye really need to see you again,” said Clare.

“A little awkward with your friends here,” I replied looking up at her.

“I know. But I could really do with some more of your – therapy please,” Clare continued.

“After your friends leave I’m all yours,” I said.

“Hmmm, yummy, can’t wait,” said Clare, before giving me another big kiss.

I walked the short distance next door to my place and went inside. I drank a couple of large glasses of water and headed off to the bedroom to get ready for bed. I noticed the lights next door being switched off. I went to the bathroom and then back to the bedroom, stripped off and climbed into bed.

I lay there, naked, on my bed in the darkness thinking of Clare. Those amazing legs, beautiful breasts and luscious ass. I could feel my cock starting to stir. I slowly started to stroke myself all along thinking of Clare sitting on me with my cock deep inside her.

I must have drifted off when I heard an urgent rapping at the front door. I got up, checked the bedside clock, 12:06AM, threw on some shorts and headed to the door. As I walked to the door I switched on the light.

“It’s only me Alan,” I heard Clare saying in a half whisper.

I opened the door to find Clare standing there bare footed, wearing a big sloppy red t-shirt and probably not much else. Her hair was messed up and she was clutching at the bottom of her t-shirt.

On seeing me she leapt through the doorway and launched herself at me wrapping her long slender legs around my waist and arms around my neck. She was, almost frantically, kissing my mouth, my cheeks, my eyes, my nose.

“Slow down, it’s OK,” I said, staggering slightly from her weight.

Remember, I’m only 6′ tall. Clare in her bare feet is 6’4″ and proportionally built. She not exactly light.

I pushed the door closed and carried her into the living area. I went to the kitchen island bar and gently sat her ass on the edge.

“I couldn’t wait,” she said urgently between kisses as she continued to crush me with her thighs and hold me in a bear hug with her arms. I could feel the heat from between her thighs against my stomach and her breasts being ground into my chest. I returned her kisses passionately. Her tongue by now was licking my tonsils. Clare was on fire.

“Please, please, please, take me to your bed and fuck me now. I can’t hold on any longer,” Clare gasped.

By now I could tell wasn’t wearing any briefs. Her hot snatch was burning a hole in my abdomen and her juices were dribbling down onto my shorts. All I could smell was her musky scent. With my hands firmly holding her ass I lifted her off the island bar, still wrapped around me and feverishly still kissing me, and carried her to my bedroom.

“You’re going to have to let go”, I managed to say between kisses, standing beside the bed.

She didn’t seem to hear me so I gently toppled forward and fell on the bed. This was enough to break her concentration. In an instant she had released me, removed my shorts and was sitting astride me with her red hot wet pussy hovering over my rock hard cock. I felt her reach down and shove my cock into her pussy and push down hard. As she slid down all of my 9 inches I could feel myself starting to meet some resistance however this did not seem to register. She continued to slide all the way down my member until she was grinding her pelvic bone against mine.

“Hmmmmm,” she said, grinding against me.

Her eyes snapped open as she looked at me.

“That’s exactly what I needed,” she said smiling.

“Just exactly what was that?” I asked.

“I needed this big hard dick deep in my sopping pussy,” Clare said, as she continued to grind down on me. “You wouldn’t believe how much I have missed this over the last 2 nights.”

“Well it appears you have achieved your objective. What you need to do now is stop and draw breath,” I said.

“Of course. You’re right, need to breath,” said Clare taking 3 slow deep breaths.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“I’m OK now,” she said, still grinding against me again. “Tonight was agonizing. Having you there. Wanting this. You know.”

“I didn’t realize,” I started.

“It’s not your fault,” she cut in. “Well it is really. But I thought I had more self-control. I went to bed and all I could do was think of this. Like we are now. I got very wet playing with myself and I think something snapped. And here I am.”

“Won’t your friends be worried?” I asked.

“When they find out I’m not there they will work it out,” she said with a grin. “I think they have pieced everything together anyway.”

I looked up at her sitting on my cock still with her red t-shirt on. Although her hair was disheveled, she looked a lot calmer. Even like this she still looked stunning.

“So?” I asked.

“So?” she replied.

“So is there anything else I can do for madam?” I asked smiling.

“Yes there is,” she replied seductively. “Can you please give madam a good fethiye escort bayan fucking.”

“And, how you say,” I said using my terrible French accent. “A good spanking, no?”

“Oui,” Clare replied with a giggle.

“Well first things first,” I said. “You better lose the t-shirt.”

“Oh,” she said, not even realizing she was still wearing it.

She slipped off the red t-shirt to reveal her perfect large breasts, still with very hard nipples.

“Hmmmm, they look like they could do with some attention,” I suggested.

Clare leant forward bring her breasts to my mouth. I spent some time circling the areola on each breast before finally, gently, sucking each nipple in turn. As I did Clare let out little moans. When finished, with my arms around her neck, I pulled her closely so I could kiss her.

I placed my hand on her hips and started to slowly pump my cock in and out of her sopping pussy.

“I think this is what you have really been waiting for,” I said as I slowly picked up pace.

“Yesssssssssss,” she hissed.

I lifted Clare’s hips a little and lent her forward. She slowly licked her lips and then lowered them to mine. I felt her tongue running around my lips then start to probe. Our tongues explored as I continued to slowly fuck Clare while laying underneath her.

Within a minute she suddenly made a short sharp intake of breath. Her eyes opened and she lifted her head.

“OH! YESSSSSSS! FUCK IT! THAT’S IT!” she exclaimed.

I could feel the muscle contractions around my cock as Clare came.

“UGGGGGH!” she grunted, as her body shook and she toppled forward.

Her head landed on the pillow beside mine and she straightened her legs back and along the outside of mine. I stopped thrusting. All the while her body continued to shudder in pleasure from what must have been a huge orgasm. I could feel the sweat on her skin from where I had my hands on her hips. It would have taken over a minute before she stopped shuddering. I was gently stroking her back as she tried to raise her head.

“My Fucking God!” she barely whispered. “That was teeth rattling.”

“Have you uncurled your toes?” I asked with a grin.

“Not yet, not sure if they will,” she said quietly.

I rolled her off me on to her back.

“Nooooo,” she weakly protested. “Please, I need you inside me.”

I sat up and moved to position myself kneeling between her legs. She reached down and guided my still rock hard cock back into sodden pussy. I easily slid in to her, to my full length. She wrapped her long legs around my waist as I raised myself up on my arms and looked down at her. Clare had a look of complete contentment on her face.

“There?” I asked.

“Oui,” she responded, with a smile.

I spread Clare’s legs wide and then lowered my mouth on to one of her nipples. I was tracing my tongue around her nipple while gently rubbing the other between my thumb and forefinger.

“So you missed me?” I started out. “Or did you really miss this,” I continued, as I drew my cock out of her pussy and rested my engorged head against her swollen lips.

Clare reached around to my ass and pushed me back into her, then gave me a playful slap.

“I missed both of you,” she purred, grinning.

I fucked her slowly as we continued to talk.

“So what did you miss most?” I asked.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. “You know. – I’ve missed having sex for a long time. I just don’t seem to be able to find the time for a relationship. You happened to be in the right place at the right time. Although I will have to admit you arrived with some pretty amazing equipment. There is no doubt my neglected pussy just loves having you inside her and I crave the intimate contact. I guess I didn’t realize it until the other afternoon and then the evening we had together. All of a sudden you were there and then you were gone. I just need more – please,” she said with a big smile.

I was getting to like Clare. She had certainly softened since our first encounter. Her friends had also noticed a change. My ‘therapy’ appeared to be having a positive effect on her.

I continued to slowly fuck her.

“Harder please,” she whispered.

Without changing the pace I started to slam my cock into her harder.

“Very… – Nice… – Yes… – That’s… – It!” Clare said in staccato, in time with my hard thrusts.

“Let’s do this properly,” I said as I stopped. Sliding my cock out her I gave Clare a smack on the ass. “Get on all fours. I’ll take you from behind.”

We changed positions. Kneeling behind Clare I placed my hands on her firm thighs and slid my slick hard cock back into her hungry pussy.

“There we go,” I said, as I slowly started to fuck her again. “Now where were we? Ah yes. Madam wanted it harder”

“Merci,” Clare replied.

I picked up my pace and started to slam my hips against her ass with each stroke. . I spanked her playfully on each ass cheek. The effect was instantaneous. I felt Clare’s pussy muscles immediately grab my cock and release it.

“Oh! Again. Please spank me again,” she gasped.

I started to spank her on the right ass check in rhythm with my thrusts. Again I felt her internal muscles grasp my cock and let it go. She did it again. Then…

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