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My Sex Life Ch. 11

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Chapter 11: George ‘Makes Amends’

I had been looking forward to a good seeing to from George after Judo on Wednesday night so it had been a bit disconcerting when, just as we were preparing to leave, who should turn up but Gillian, George’s girlfriend. To say I was a little put out was a bit of an understatement. I was hot, randy as hell and had to have a good session with my plastic pal, buzz, when I got home just to relieve my frustration. I must admit that, actually, I quite enjoyed my little bit of solo playing but it wasn’t quite the fun I’d been intending having that evening.

I’m not sure, actually, what was more disconcerting; Gillian’s arrival or Gillian herself. It goes without saying that I’ve never met her before and, to be honest, I don’t know what I expected her to look like but I wasn’t expecting her to be as stunningly gorgeous as she turned out to be. Put it this way, on a scale of 1 to 2, I’d definitely give her one. It sort of made me wonder what on earth it is that George sees in me.

Apparently, George and Gillian have been a couple since he was 15 and she was 14 (George is now 20). They were each other’s firsts and, until he started his ‘affair’ with me just over a year ago, each other’s onlys (at least George assumes that he is Gillian’s only, she could, I guess, be every bit as good at keeping secrets from him as he is from her and he is honest enough to admit that possibility but suspects it’s unlikely).

Anyway, it seems that, at first, I was simply a means to satisfying his curiosity as to what it would be like to be with someone other than just Gillian. To put it bluntly, George was using me to satisfy his curiosity. Not that that matters since I was using him too, as an almost ready supply of sex. As our ‘affair’ progressed however, so did our friendship. The fact that a little over twelve months later, we’re still going at it on a regular basis is, according to George, a testament to many talents.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions about the situation. Much as I like George and I do (he is genuinely a really sweet person and we have a lot of fun together; not all of it sexual I hasten to add), he is still someone who is prepared to cheat on his long-term girlfriend. As such, a committed relationship with him (assuming that’s what either of us was looking for, and it isn’t) would be totally out of the question. After all, if he can do it to Gillian, he could just as easily do it to me. Not that that matters, I’m happy that we’re friends and, whatever the future holds, I hope we can manage to continue to be just that.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m sure you’re not really interested in my moral dilemma.

I got a call from him the next day at school apologising to me for what had happened (or, what hadn’t happened to be more accurate), and he promised that the next time he saw me, he would make it up to me. Now that definitely got my attention and I think I must have spent the rest of the day wandering around school with a silly grin on my face.

As it turned out, the next time we saw each other was Saturday. We’d had a special course with a guest instructor from Japan and some people in the club would be taking their black belt exams after it (I wasn’t one and George already is a black belt so he wasn’t either).

After the course, we went back to his so that George could keep his promise of making it up me.

Gillian often works away from home, that’s why George and I are able to see as much of each other as we do. On this particular Saturday, she was away again and so we had his flat to ourselves. The first thing we did when we got to his was to have a shower. George got me all lathered up and I loved the way his hands slid so easily over my wet skin as the warm water from the shower-head flowed over our bodies. I bahis siteleri got wet very quickly and it wasn’t just from the shower. George began fingering my pussy and sucking on my tits. Almost at once, I felt a warm glow spread through me. I leant back against the tiled wall for support as George worked two fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I came almost instantly, burying my face in his neck as my body shook. I can’t remember ever being so turned on that I came so quickly as I did then.

I was just recovering when he got on his knees and started to eat my pussy. I lathered up my hands and played with my tits as his tongue worked its magic down below. The feeling of the water as it flowed over me intensified the sensations as my hands slid over my breasts. My pussy felt as if it was on fire as George licked and fingered it.

Once again, I quickly felt the first stirrings of another orgasm. The walls of my pussy contracted around George’s fingers, my clit throbbed and the first rippling tremors of pleasure could be felt gently pulsing in my womb. I squeezed my nipples and George’s tongue beat against my clit.

Before long, I was cumming hard, this time even more powerfully than the time before. It was hard to keep my balance as my body shook and I was in danger of slipping on the wet surface of the bath. In the end, I just sat down and perched myself on the edge of the bath, leaning against the wall for support as I came again and again.

The feelings George gave me were wonderfully intense but, eventually, I had to beg him to stop; I just couldn’t take any more. I’ve had my pussy eaten by more guys (and quite a few girls) than I care to try and count but George is one of the best (he even comes close to rivalling Katie). George turned of the water, got out of the shower, dried himself off then wrapped me up in a huge, soft, fluffy towel before picking me up and carrying me through to his bedroom.

He was going to give me a rub down once I’d recovered but I told him that could wait until after I’d sucked his cock.

Funnily enough, George didn’t seem to be put out at all by this turn of events. He simply lay back and let me get on with it. I lay beside him and started kissing him, stroking his cock just to make sure it didn’t go soft on me (not that there was much chance of that). I was still incredibly turned on from the shower and I decided to do something that surprised us both. As we kissed, I rolled on top of him, reached back between my legs and guided his cock into my wet pussy. I hadn’t planned to do it, I just suddenly decided I wanted to feel him inside me, in the flesh, just for a few minutes. George was a little concerned (bless him) but I just told him to shut up and lie still and let me enjoy it.

We didn’t really fuck at this point; I just squirmed around, flexing the walls of my cunt around him, gripping him inside me, relishing the experience of having a bare cock inside me (there have been only two others before George: Martin, to whom you may recall I lost my virginity to and a guy called Brian with whom I had quite an intense relationship with for a couple of months before he left to go to University in Bristol of all places). I could have stayed there forever but I’d promised George a blow-job and, where sex is concerned, I never break my promises.

I slipped off him and moved between his legs and started by licking my juices off his cock. I must admit, I loved tasting myself on his long, thick pole. Once it was clean, I took him in my mouth and ‘got to work’ properly, working my lips slowly up and down his shaft, drawing him in deep until the head of his cock lodged in the back of my throat before pulling back, sucking hard as I worked my mouth back towards the tip.

I think the earlier surprise must have been too canlı bahis siteleri much for him; I couldn’t have had his cock in my mouth for more than a couple of minutes before his breathing suddenly deepened, his body tensed and he started pumping a sizeable load of cum down my throat.

Once I’d sucked it all out of him and swallowed it down with my customary relish, I moved up beside him and we had a snuggle.

We lay there for a while, wrapped in each other’s arms while George got his breath back. I love it when he holds me tight in his strong arms. His body, naked and warm and pressed tightly against mine, feels so good.

After a while, he disentangled himself from me and I rolled contentedly on to my front so that he could give me the rub down he’d promised earlier. George has strong hands but they were surprisingly tender as he massaged my neck, shoulders and back. The pressure from his fingers, combined with numerous kisses made me feel warm and tingly all over as relaxation spread through and over me.

After about ten minutes of that, I rolled somewhat languidly on to my back and let him massage my front. I loved the way his oiled hands seemed to glide over my tits. I guess, having me there, sprawled naked in front of him was just too much for him to resist as it wasn’t long before he started using his tongue as well, licking my pussy as he caressed and squeezed my tits.

With my body feeling warm, relaxed, and incredibly turned on, it didn’t take long for George to bring me to boiling point once more. I was moaning and whimpering as I came. My eyes were screwed tightly shut and I gripped the quilt tightly in my fists as my climax overwhelmed me.

George didn’t let up. My body flinched violently every time his tongue flicked over my clit. I didn’t want him to stop and as he feasted on my pussy and played with my tits, my climax peaked again and again, each time with an even greater shuddering intensity. I let him lick me until I couldn’t take any more and then I realised that I really did need a good, hard fuck.

This time, George did use a condom (although I don’t think I’d have stopped him if he had decided not to). He slid straight into me with a single thrust and started pounding my pussy. As it always does, it felt so good having him inside me, stretching me, filling me, pinning me to his bed. I had to resist the urge to claw my nails into his back as he fucked me harder and harder.

As his cock thrust in and out of my quivering pussy, George nibbled on my neck and shoulders, driving me wild. With every powerful stroke of his cock, I became more and more vocal, crying out, demanding to be fucked harder and harder. George responded to my urgings, powering into me as I pulled my knees back and gripped his buttocks, letting him enter me even more deeply. He moaned as I flexed the walls of my pussy around his shaft, gripping it rhythmically as he plunged into me.

We rolled over and I rode his cock for a while as he mauled my tits with his hands and mouth. Impaling myself on his cock, I worked my pussy up and down its length, rocking my hips to increase the friction against my clit. George had my breasts pressed tightly together and was sucking on both of my nipples. I could feel the pressure building inside me.

My movements became increasingly frantic. I thrust my hips back with increasing force, grinding my pubic bone against him as his cock filled me, tipping me over the edge once more.

I came hard, gripping his cock inside me, almost screaming the roof down. Losing control, I bucked and writhed on his cock, using it to extract every ounce of pleasure as my orgasm consumed me. I let the waves of intense pleasure build up, getting stronger and stronger, holding them for as long as possible before finally letting the energy of my climax canlı bahis subside.

As my orgasm dissipated, I slipped off him and got on all fours so he could fuck me from behind. I was in heaven as he banged away, his cock filling me, his balls slapping against me. I rubbed my clit and came again only moments later.

Again, he let me recover but this time he pulled out and the next thing I felt was his knob pressing against my arsehole. His cock was well lubed up with my juices and didn’t meet much resistance as he slid it slowly into my back passage. Before long, George was giving my arse the same sort of pounding he’d been giving my pussy and I was furiously rubbing my clit.

I became increasingly vocal as his cock speared my tender arsehole, crying out things like, “Fuck my arse!” and, “Fuck me harder!” George was always happy to oblige me. He gripped my hips and pulled me back on to him as he stabbed his cock in and out.

With George’s cock battering my arsehole and my clit throbbing beneath my fingertips, it wasn’t long before I was cumming again. I cried out as my body shook. Thrusting my hips back, I impaled myself on George’s thick cock.

George reached forward and began to play with my tits, squeezing them and pinching my nipples as he continued to hammer his cock in and out. His balls slapped against my enflamed labia with every powerful thrust. Almost reluctantly, I removed my fingers from my clit, letting my climax subside and, reaching back further, I began to stroke and squeeze his balls.

I sensed rather than heard his breathing deepen as his own climax approached. The surging thrusts of his cock in my back passage became both frantic and more urgent. “I… I’m g… going to c… cum, Julie! I… I can’t ho… hold on!” he moaned as the end drew inexorably closer.

“Cum for me, George! Cum!” I replied, urging him on.

Just knowing he was so near almost tipped me over the edge again. I felt his cock twitch and jerk inside my rectum. As he came, crying out, “Julie! Oh fuck! Oh Julie!” I let myself be carried away.

With my strength sapped, my knees buckled and I fell forward, on to the bed. George collapsed on top of me, his cock still in my arse. I could feel his heart beating against my back, his breath was warm against my neck as he pinned me beneath him.

We lay there for quite a while, not moving, just basking in the afterglow of what had happened. I was exhausted but happy and extremely satisfied. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so well and truly fucked. George eventually let his cock slip from my tender arsehole and, after disposing of his condom, snuggled up to me and wrapped me up in his strong arms.

Once we recovered, George cleaned himself up then made us some coffee and after that, I went for another shower. When I returned to the bedroom to collect my clothes, George was on the phone; it was his girlfriend. It was slightly surreal, listening to him chat to her, telling her how much he loved her and how much he was missing her when just a few minutes before he’d had his cock in my arse. Feeling a little bit wicked, I started dancing around suggestively in front of him and occasionally brushing against him as he talked to her. At one point, I got down on my knees in front of him and took his cock into my mouth, sucking hard as he struggled to keep his voice from betraying that anything out of the ordinary was going on.

Once he’d hung up, he was more than happy to let me continue. Using my hands and mouth, I eventually finished him off. It took quite a while and my mouth was tired and aching (George said that was my punishment for being such an evil little slut) by the time he finally rewarded my efforts by shooting a final load of cum on to my tongue, which I happily swallowed with my usual enthusiasm.

After that we had another coffee and then it was time for me to leave. George offered to drive me home but it’s only a 20 minute walk from his to mine and since it was such a nice afternoon, I decided just to make my own way back.

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