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My Sister Hannah

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My parents were just pulling out of the driveway heading off on a weeks vacation. They hadn’t had a holiday in about three years so they were really looking forward to getting away and having some time to themselves. My sister Hannah and I had been left alone for the week to look after the house. I was really looking forward to this time – it’s always great to be able to do what you like without having your parents nagging at you to get things done.

My names Brendan and I’m eighteen years old. My sister Hannah is 19, around eighteen months older than me. It was the first time my sister and I had been left alone for such a period of time and I’m happy to say that we’re the kind of people that can be trusted to look after the house without having any destructive parties. Hannah and I, while not particularly close, have always gotten on pretty well. We have separate groups of friends and generally do different things do each other. Hannah is in her first year of University while I am in my last year of High School.

I guess I should take the time to describe Hannah and myself. Hannah is around 48 kilograms and 1.75 meters tall. She has what could only be described as a delicate body. Because she has such a delicate frame her breasts are relatively small – but definitely not flat chested. To sum her up – she is not the kind of girl that guys see and mark out as a girl they want to lay. She is more of the kind of girl that guys see and mark out as someone they could fall in love with (or so my friends tell me). She has shoulder length mousy brown hair, fairly fine lips, gorgeous – big green eyes, and the most beautiful smile. Trying to describe myself is pretty hard as most people will tell you – it’s hard to say nice things about yourself (unless you’re pretty arrogant). I’m not a huge guy at around 70 kgs. I’m around 1.78 meters tall so I guess you could say that I’m fairly light for my height, but I am relatively fit – while not being athletic.

Anyway – the first couple of days that our parents were away went by pretty uneventfully. Hannah spent time going and hanging out with her friends while I spent some time lounging around home as well as catching up with friends. Both Hannah and I spent the evenings at home just watching some television. I should mention here that we were both on a semester break so we both had plenty of time on our hands. Because we spent so much time around each other we eventually got to talking – in fact a whole lot more than we normally would. Through our talking we got to find out that we were pretty much alike – we both wanted the same things in life – liked the same kinds of music and movies – and had the same views on dating and the kind of people we wanted to see. I was pretty astounded that we had lived together so long and had completely failed to communicate like this with each other in the past.

It got to Tuesday night, our third night at home alone, and we were both pretty bored. There was nothing on television and neither of us could think of anything to do. Hannah decided she was off to have a shower. While she was showering I went and made myself some coffee and settled in reading a magazine. Around ten – fifteen minutes later Hannah came back and planted herself on the sofa next to me. She was dressed in a tank top and shorts and had wet straggly hair. I couldn’t help thinking – god she smelt great. Hannah pulled out a nail file and started filing her nails. I asked her why she needed to do this – after all, I don’t file my nails and they look pretty well shaped. She just laughed, wriggled over closer to me on the sofa and grabbed my hand.

Gently pulling up my hand to look at my fingernails, she placed her other hand parallel to my own and commented on the fact that her nails did look far better than mine. I had to agree, her hands and nails looked perfect. Her nails were shiny, well shaped and there were no cuticles. While sitting here in close proximity I couldn’t help inhaling my sisters smell. The gently perfume from her shampoo was slowly exciting me. Hannah continued to hold my hand running her fingers between my fingers while we made small talk about the difference about the way guys look after themselves compared to girls. She then asked if she could do my nails and I happily agreed as I was enjoying having my sister sitting so close to me.

In order to file my nails effectively Hannah positioned herself even closer to me. Hannah pulled both legs up on to the sofa and through one leg over my lap while she pulled my hand close to her breasts. During this little intimate moment I was getting pretty damned horny. I had never thought of my sister in any way other than as a sister but now I was looking at her and thinking about how beautiful she actually was. Just having her running her fingers through mine, and occasionally having her breasts, thighs or hands brush against me was sending the occasional chill through my body.

We continued to make şişli rus escort small talk during this time and were both getting along like the best of friends. It was fifteen minutes after Hannah began filing my nails for me that she said to me that she was glad we had this time together and that she was really enjoying getting to know me. As she was saying this we both locked eyes on each other – it was a very electric moment – I’m sure I could feel my sister looking deep into my eyes looking for confirmation that I felt the same. I replied that I was also really enjoying this time together and gave her the warmest smile that I was capable of. At that Hannah lunged at me and started to tickle me all over my body.

Feigning a fight back I let Hannah continue this for a few minutes as I was really enjoying it. Eventually Hannah tired of the tickling and collapsed herself over me. For the next while we just sat there sprawled over each other, with Hannah’s back pressed against my chest, and watched some television. I couldn’t keep my mind on television as Hannah still held one of my hands in hers and softly rolled it through her fingers continually. This was really getting me excited and I couldn’t help beginning to get really aroused by these goings on. I was really glad that Hannah wasn’t pressed against my growing erection. Just when I thought I couldn’t take this intimacy any longer Hannah let go of my hand, turned around to face me and told me she was tired and heading off to bed.

Then she did something I hadn’t expected and something she had never done before, she leaned forward and gave me a lingering peck on the forehead. As she headed off to bed I couldn’t help trying to read something in to that peck – what was it for? Why had she done it? I had become very aroused by the past hour or so and very confused – after all, she was my sister – but man was she getting me excited. Shortly afterwards I headed off to be myself with a desperate need for some self-relief. During this self-relief I couldn’t help letting my mind wander to my sister and she became the central point of one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

The next day went by as usual – uneventful – until the evening rolled around. Hannah had just arrived home and she had a movie with her that she thought she might like to watch with me. I agreed so after some dinner and some pretty friendly conversation we headed into the living room and planted ourselves on the sofa to begin watching the movie. The movie was quite good, but again I couldn’t keep my mind on the small screen as I was focusing on my sister on the other side of the sofa. Occasionally I caught Hannah sneaking small glances at me and this got me wondering what was up. Did my sister like me, because I was sure beginning to like her?

About halfway through the movie Hannah asked if I’d mind if she sprawled out on the sofa a bit. I told her that was fine so she then wriggled over to me and scrunched down so her head and upper body were resting on my chest. Again my sister smelt great and I inhaled her aromas deeply. Hannah rested her hand on my mid thigh and after several minutes began brushing her hand along my upper leg with strokes that were only just noticeable. I didn’t really know if it was intentional but it sure got me excited. A few minutes into this I started fiddling with Hannah’s hair. I slowly ran my fingers through her hair expecting to be asked what I was doing at any minute.

The reaction I received from this was for Hannah to press her body into mine ever so gently. Because I was not being told to stop I decided to get a little bolder. I then gently ran my fingers down the back of her head and onto the side of her neck and brushing my fingers over the soft skin of the side of her neck. I was amazed by the reaction I got to this as Hannah’s entire visible body immediately broke out in goose bumps. I took this as an indication that she was really enjoying the attention and was rewarded with her pressing her body into mine even more.

A couple of minutes later Hannah twisted her body round and pulled herself up so her eyes were level with mine and then lent forward and whispered very gently in my ear. She said, “I can’t remember what this movie is supposed to be about.” I replied that I couldn’t really remember either. Hannah just kind of lingered there staring intently into my eyes. It was then that she leaned into me and ever so softly pressed her lips to mine, just briefly. She then pulled back a little, gauging my reaction but not removing her eyes from mine for a second.

I had extreme waves of pleasure pulsing through my body from this intimate contact; I wasn’t about to lose the feeling and responded by leaning into Hannah and pressing my lips to her. Hannah ever so slightly opened her mouth. I followed her lead and opened mine slightly which was then met with Hannah’s tongue slipping into my mouth. Right then our kiss şişli türbanlı escort started to become really passionate with my tongue slipping around hers, our breath flowing into each other’s mouths. We continued to kiss like this for around thirty seconds before Hannah pulled back, still holding my gaze with her eyes.

She then whispered softly, “Wow, what are we doing? That was really nice.” I didn’t say anything but just kept my eyes locked on hers soaking up her beauty – how could I not have been so aware of this before the last couple of days. I had this nagging thought in the back of my head that what I was doing was really wrong, she was my sister after all, but I just pushed those thoughts away, gently put my arms around Hannah’s neck and pulled her lips back to meet mine. Our kissing was now becoming more passionate and our breathing very heavy. Our lips becoming locked together as our saliva intermingled. Hannah slipped her arms around my back and pulled herself onto me while our lips remained locked together. After a while our lips began to go numb so we broke the kiss. Hannah just collapsed into me, lying there as if it were a perfectly natural thing.

I was the first to break the silence; I whispered to Hannah, “Hannah, I know this is really nice but you’re my sister. We really shouldn’t be doing this.” Hannah just looked directly into my eyes and replied, ” I know. I’m not sure what happened here, it just seemed such a natural thing to do. You really are very sweet and it just seemed right.” I replied, “Well, what can we do. I’m just feeling so confused. I think your just fantastic – you’re so beautiful.”

“I know, I feel the same way about you.” replied Hannah. “Can we just lie here like this for a while, it’s really nice.” So we did, we just lay there for a while, with me gently stroking Hannah’s hair and face while she kept her arms locked around my body, her body pressed into mine.

Fifteen minutes later Hannah pulled herself up so her face was level with mine, leaned in and gave me a small, gentle kiss on the lips. “I need to go to be,” she whispered – Immediately my heart sank, I was really enjoying this evening and I didn’t want it to end – but then she continued, “Will you come with me?”

My heart started racing and my head felt light. There was nothing in this world that I had ever wanted more than I wanted this. I searched her eyes, “are you sure? I mean you must be really sure this is ok.” She just smiled, “I’m really sure.” Hannah then stood and pulled me to my feet by my hands and led me up the stairs to her room. Once in her room Hannah shut the door and turned on her bedside lamp. She then turned off the overhead light leaving the room dimly lit. The next few moments were really awkward. Both Hannah and myself were standing at the foot of the bed in front of each other. I don’t think either of us knew how to make the next move. Hannah was the first to speak, “I’m so nervous.”

“Me too,” I replied. With that we put our arms around each other in a very warm hug, I very gently began caressing Hannah’s back and softly kissing her neck and side of her face. Being so close I could feel Hannah’s heart racing and the rigidness of her body. We both began to respond to the kissing – my mind racing not believing what was actually happening here. After a few moments our mouths met in our most passionate kiss yet, our tongues forcing their way into each other’s warm embrace.

I began to run my hands over Hannah’s body, first over her back and then ever so slowly round to her front. I ran my hands from her neck, down over her breasts and abdomen. As I did this I could hear Hannah let out a very soft moan – an indication that she was now completely lost in the moment. As I kept caressing Hannah’s body she buried her face in my shoulder and began to run her hands up my arms and then down my chest. Then I nearly jumped out of my skin as her hands continued to roam over my groin area giving a very gently squeeze.

With the boundaries now removed I grabbed the bottom of Hannah’s tank top and pulled it slowly up over her head revealing her semi naked body with just a sports bra covering her small breasts. I couldn’t resist the temptation to kiss the skin that had now been revealed to me – running my lips from her shoulders down to her navel. Hannah then pulled me up so we were face to face again and began unbuttoning my shirt. Once my shirt was on the floor Hannah ran her hands over my entire upper body. This attention was driving me insane. I was completely covered in goose bumps and had an erection that was about to bust through my underwear. Hannah then made the first really bold move and unbuttoned the top of my pants and pulled the zipper down. She then pulled my pants down to my ankles so I could step out of them.

Hannah was now back at eye level with me and I thought I should follow her lead and unbuttoned her shorts. I then şişli ucuz escort got to my knees and pulled them to her ankles for her to step out of. Both at eye level again we began to let our hands wander a bit. I slipped my hands down over her navel and slowly ran them round the top rim of her underwear. As I got to her back I then slipped my hands under the rim and down over her backside. Hearing Hannah moan with pleasure I removed my hands and then traced a line round the top of her panties to her front.

I was now moving so slowly as I ran my hands down over the front of her panties and between her legs. At this Hannah gasped and froze solid. Her panties were absolutely soaking and the smell was intoxicating. My sister was obviously more than in the mood for what was occurring right at this moment. As I continued to gently trace the slit of her vagina with my finger I could feel her body beginning to give way. Wanting to prolong this moment I removed my hands from her pubic area to grasp her bra and pull it up over her head.

Seeing my sisters bare breasts with their erect nipples was so inviting I couldn’t stop myself from planting gentle short kisses on them. Hannah was now in a state of continual heavy breathing and lost completely in the attention I was paying her. As my excitement grew so did the fervor with which I was kissing and sucking on her breasts. Wanting to gain complete access to her body I slowly pushed her on to the bed with both of us stretched out facing each other at eye level again.

With my eyes locked on Hannah’s I ran my hand down over her breasts, gently pausing to squeeze each nipple, down over her navel, and for the first time I pushed my hands under the front rim of her panties and into the sparse pubic hair that covered her groin. Hannah responded by rolling onto her back and parting her legs to allow me better access. As I pushed my hand down even further and then ran my forefinger along her slit Hannah let out a huge cry that signalled her first orgasm of the evening.

Continuing to focus my attention on her vagina I let my finger slip into the folds of her skin and ran it up to the top of the folds to focus on that small little bud. This really was driving Hannah crazy and it was only a matter of seconds before she was writhing and moaning again. I could feel the moisture running from Hannah’s vagina almost in a steady stream and couldn’t resist the strong urge to slip my middle finger inside her. As I did this Hannah’s body flexed up off the bed and her breath was sucked in – almost as if she had had an electric shock. It was a magical feeling sliding my finger into her; it was so warm and slippery and I could hear her vagina start to squelch as I slipped my finger in and out.

After a few moments Hannah grabbed a hold of my hand and removed it from her panties. Quietly, and with an unsteady voice Hannah asked, “is this ok with you?” I replied that I was feeling the closest I had to anyone in my whole life. With that Hannah placed her hand on my face and asked, “will you make love to me?” without saying a word I moved down below Hannah’s feet and reached out placing my hands under either side of the rim of her panties and slowly slid them down and off of her feet. For the first time I saw Hannah completely naked and she was so beautiful. My heart was still racing at a thousand miles an hour and my erection was starting to get sore. While I took in the beauty of Hannah I stood and removed my own underwear leaving me completely naked also.

After I had done this Hannah sat bolt upright and said, “If we’re going to do this there’s something we must do.” With that she reached over and pulled open her bedside draw and pulled out a small plastic wallet. From inside this she pulled out a condom. “We were all given these in our sex-ed classes at high school last year.” I had to ask, “Have you ever done this before?” Hannah’s reply was a bit of a surprise, ” a couple of times, with Terry before we broke up. But I never even came anywhere near close to feeling as good as I have so far with you. I know this is going to be one of the most special moments of my life.”

With that Hannah ripped open the condom and asked me to climb up on to the bed again with her. With us kneeling on the bed face to face Hannah reached down and began gently brushing her fingers over my penis. It was like my penis had sprung a mind of its own as it began springing and jerking to the touch. She then took the condom and squeezed the air from the tip, then placing it over the head of my penis, lovingly rolling it down the length. Still gently holding my penis Hannah gave me a short but passionate kiss and then lay back down on the bed.

This was the time the night had been building up to. I took hold of Hannah’s legs and parted them slightly, then climbed forward until I was over the top of her holding myself up on my arms. Hannah reached down and took hold of my penis and then slid it along the slit of her vagina, sliding it up and down slowly covering it in her juices. Holding her eyes with mine I slowly began to push forward. There was a small resistance so I slid slightly back and forward going ever so slightly deeper with each push. Then on the next push my penis slid the whole way in.

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