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Neighborly Relations Pt. 06

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Big Tits

To Recap: A whole bunch of people are having sex and a whole bunch are sill being left out. Some who should have been told have not, and some who shouldn’t know have found out. The truth is that there is really too much to recap.

But, when last we saw the Porter kids, Danny and Elaine, they were slumbering in each other’s arms along side their dear friend, Cathy Burton. Cathy, whose own incestuous family didn’t see fit to invite her into the fold, made herself a new fuck family at the Porter house. She likes it there just fine.


CHAPTER ONE, Cathy’s Nocturnal Encounter

Cathy Burton woke at about three a.m. and rolled carefully out of bed to avoid waking her friend, Elaine, and her brother, Danny, who were sleeping in each other’s arms beside her. She needed to pee, and tip-toed into the bathroom to take care of her needs. Once in the confines of the small room, she became aware of her smell. She smelled of sweat and used cunt, and she didn’t consider that to be a very becoming odor.

She ran the shower hot and stepped in under the spray, soaping herself liberally and washing very completely. Cathy enjoyed every moment of her cleansing, and even managed to give herself a small thrill with the removable shower head before she was done.

Robert Porter woke up shortly after Cathy, and he went downstairs in his boxer shorts thinking to make himself a ham sandwich from some of the left over food from Elaine’s graduation party. He heard the shower running and wondered what was going on that had the kids showering in the middle of the night. Deciding that it wasn’t his concern, Robert continued down to the kitchen.

When Cathy was finished, and had toweled her hair mostly dry, she emerged into Elaine’s room thinking that she might want to wake them up to continue the threesome they’d so enjoyed last night. No, they looked so sweet wrapped up in each other that she couldn’t bear to disturb them. But she was awake now, and she was thirsty.

Cathy couldn’t find her black thong, but she did find the tee shirt she’d been wearing before their sexual adventure began. She put it on and slipped out of the room quietly. Maybe they had something to eat down there, too.

The kitchen light was on when Cathy got to the door, and she peered around the door frame. Elaine’s dad was at the counter buttering a slice of bread, and Cathy watched him for a moment. Seen in profile, Cathy could see that his dong was just a little bit excited, and it made a nice little mound on the front of his boxers that moved when he worked on his sandwich. He had a good body for someone in his forties, she thought. It was a body much like his son’s, if a bit thicker, with a sprinkling of hair on his chest and tight abs under well defined pecs.

Cathy felt herself growing moist, and then she remembered that she hadn’t put on any underwear and the tee shirt stopped at least an inch above the lips of her shaved pussy. Maybe she should back away before it was too late.

Mr. Porter turned, catching glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye, and then spun to look at her fully. His cock reacted just as quickly, leaping up half erect against his boxers as he saw the comely 18 year-old and her bare pudendum.

“Cathy?” he said. “I forgot you were here. I’m sorry, but I . . .”

“I was thirsty,” she said. She walked into the kitchen then, smiling, doing nothing to cover herself. “Thought maybe you had some water in the fridge. Now I think maybe you’ve got something else to drink.”

“What?” Robert asked, backing away until he was against the counter.

Cathy walked right up to him then, smiling. “Maybe I can get a little drink here,” she said, and she grasped his cock through his boxers.

“Oh, no, now Cathy you can’t do that. You’re so young.”

“I’m legal in every state of the union,” she said, unsure if that was true but knowing it was in this state. “And you’re a good looking man.”

“Stop that, Cathy.” Robert Porter tried to slip away to the side, but she blocked him and forced him to move the other way until he was trapped in the corner of the counter.

“Can I suck your cock, Mr. Porter?” she asked. She leaned close, pressing her breasts against him. “I’m thirsty. Can I have a cum shot?”

Robert wasn’t really resisting. Cathy was a hot little number and his wife was asleep, and he was terribly tempted. But he knew it wasn’t right, so he tried to hold onto his virtue. His cock had different ideas, however, and it pressed against Cathy’s stomach when she leaned against him.

“Let me see it, okay?” Cathy pulled the tee shirt up over her head. “I’ll show you mine.”

The sight of Cathy’s body made Robert’s heart pound and his dick grow painfully hard. He looked past her to the open doorway. Nobody was looking. Why not? No, it was wrong. But that little girl shaved her pussy and wanted his cock. That little girl was his daughter’s age! Shit.

Cathy gave up waiting and pulled his boxers down. He made no move to stop her when she did that istanbul rus escort and did nothing when she knelt before him and took him into her mouth. He tasted a little spunky. Cathy decided that he and the missus must have had sex earlier. No matter, she’d be adding her own taste to his cock soon.

“Ah, Cathy we shouldn’t do this,” Robert said, feebly.

“You’re right, Mr. Porter.” Cathy stood and kissed him, happily accepting his arms around her when she did. He cupped her ass, pulling her closer. “You’re right. We should fuck instead,” she said, moving back.

Cathy sat up on the kitchen table and laid back nudging a salt and pepper set aside. She held her legs up with both hands and spread them, showing him the perfect pink interior of her perfect pink pussy.

“I really want to fuck you, Mr. Porter,” she said. “Please?”

“Cathy, are you on the pill?” That was the only thing that would stop him now. He stepped out of his boxers fully expecting her to say yes.

“Oh, yes, sir,” she said. “And I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

Robert Porter strode to the table and took hold of Cathy’s legs. The girl reached down and grasped his cock, sliding it up and down over her wet labia. The tingling sensation of impending orgasm was already upon her as she did that. She was just that hot to get fucked.

Robert thrust himself into the 18 year-old’s pussy, slamming into her again and again until the salt and pepper shakers rolled to the floor with a clatter and the table skittered across to hit the far wall. He continued slamming into her headless of the thumping noise of the table on the wall, and unaware of anything but the young pussy holding his cock tightly in it’s warm, wet grip.

Cathy paid no heed to their sounds, either. She was enjoying the feeling of him too much. His cock was shorter than Danny’s, but thicker, and her orgasm hit her like a freight train. She cried out in delight, “Oh, fuck me!”

And that’s exactly what he did. He pounded into her until he shot a hot load of cum deep inside her teenage snatch in shot after shot. Finally, staggering back, he pulled out. Cathy dropped down from the table and grabbed his cock to suck the last dribble of cum from inside of him.

“Oh, that was, man, really too much,” he said.

“Can we do it again sometime?” She asked, looking up from where she was kneeling on the kitchen floor.

“No, we shouldn’t,” he said. Then he smiled. “Well, I don’t suppose we can’t help bumping into each other some time, can we?”

“No, we can’t.” Cathy stood and kissed him, pressing her hard nipples against him, and then she let go and backed to the door. “Good night.”

“Night.” The last image he had of her was his cum beginning to run down her leg.

Suddenly recovering his senses, he stumbled back into his underwear and then lifted the table and carried it back into place so as to avoid making any more scraping noises. Thank God nobody heard all the racket they made, he thought as he picked up the salt and pepper shakers and put them on the table.

When he was finished cleaning, he leaned back against the counter and looked skyward. “Thank you, Jesus,” he said, grinning. He was truly thankful for the gift of teen pussy, and especially for not getting caught.

Of course both he and Cathy had been too busy to notice his wife, Emily, standing in the kitchen door briefly as they were thumping the table against the wall. If they had seen her, they might have wondered why she smiled and backed away without a word to her cheating husband or her daughter’s cock-hound friend.

Emily didn’t say anything because knowing that Robert had knocked off a bit of teen tail helped lessen her own guilt over her lesbian excursions around the neighborhood lately. She knew that Cathy Burton was a cock-slut with no scruples about who she fucked. It wasn’t his fault that he fell into her cunt. Besides, she liked to see her husband enjoy himself.

When he came to bed ten minutes later, Emily lay feigning sleep. She could smell the odor of Cathy’s pussy on him. It was a scent better than aftershave just then. It was an odor that smelled something like love.


“Where have you been?” Elaine asked Cathy sleepily when she began to get back into bed. “You were gone a long time.”

“Your dad’s got a nice cock.” Cathy said, snuggling up against Danny. “Strong legs, too.”

“My dad? What did you do?” Elaine was dumbfounded. Her father cheating on Mom with a teen-ager? “What?”

“I went down for a drink of water,” Cathy said sleepily. “He was down there making a sandwich. Well, you know, shit happened.”

“You fucked my father?”

“He’s not a virgin, you know,” Cathy said.

“Yeah, but . . .” Elaine gave up, lying down again even as Danny spoke up groggily.

“More power to him,” Danny said. “Can’t let Mom have all the fun.”

He was right, of course. Elaine was surprised more than shocked, and her anger was mostly over not seeing it happen.

“You kadıköy escort did it in the kitchen?” she asked her friend.

“Right on the kitchen table.”

“Ew, remind me to wash it before anybody eats breakfast,” Elaine said.

“I got your breakfast right here,” Danny mumbled, and he turned over so that his hard cock slapped his sister’s thigh.

“Oh, go back to sleep.”

But Danny was already snoring.


Robert Porter lay unsleeping for a long time. Had that really happened? Was he really that weak? Yes, and yes. He could blame Cathy for what he’d done, but the fault was really in the type of person he was.

He was a sexually hyped-up man who had given up on common sense. That’s what he was. Window peeping on the neighbors? Actually letting Patty Trent see his cock hanging half out of his pants as they stood in Patty’s back yard? Fucking in the basement and then running naked through the house as though daring the kids to catch them? Yes, he had done all of that. It seemed like he’d spent the last week and a half chasing a thrill and piling up orgasms like chord wood.

And then there she was, Cathy Burton, a girl of 18 who was already more sexually experienced than women twice her age. There she was, with her shaved twat and large, firm breasts. And here he was, thinking of her and getting a hard-on when he should have been feeling guilty.

He just couldn’t feel guilty. Not yet. Later, when Emily finds out (she was bound to find out) he’d probably feel guilty as all hell. Tonight, he felt satisfied and contented.


Elaine awoke holding Danny’s semi-hard cock in her hand as she lay facing him in the bed. Cathy slept on his other side, pressed against his back with one arm over him and the hand seeming to reach for the prize Elaine had already claimed.

When Elaine shifted, the others began to awaken. Cathy opened her eyes first, looking confused but then realizing where she was. She winked at Elaine. “Morning, princess,” she said, and the murmur of her voice in his ear woke Danny, who asked, “Was I dreaming?”

“No, you weren’t,” Elaine said.

Danny reached around to grasp her buttock and pull her closer to him. He kissed her briefly on the lips, and then more fully on her throat and down, pressing her to her back on the bed as his lips found her breasts and sucked the nipples hard.

Cathy got out of bed and went into Danny’s room, where the sound of her searching through drawers could be heard for about five minutes while Danny kissed his sister’s breasts and stomach, her throat, and around to the nape of her neck and she held him, stroking, loving.

When Cathy returned she whipped the covers completely off of the bed and admired her friends’ interlaced bodies. She held out an unwrapped condom. “Here,” she said. “You’ll need this.”

Danny rose up, kneeling beside his sister as she took the condom from her friend and rolled it onto Danny’s rigid cock. “Do me,” Elaine said, her mouth set in a carnal smile. “Fuck your sister’s hot cunt.”

Danny opened her with his thumbs and thrust his cock inside roughly. They would have time to learn how to be gentle later, but right now they just wanted to fuck. He did exactly that, slamming into her pussy, her legs gripping his clenching buttocks, arms holding him tight against her freckled breasts. And oh, God, the climax as too much to bear. The shivering blast of pleasure hit her, clenching her vaginal muscles, her legs, and her arms. She held Danny to her as his cock expanded and shot its hot load into the latex sheath, keeping him against her until he had emptied himself and lay quite in her arms.

“You guys should be in movies,” Cathy said, her voice tinged with awe.


Emily heard a strange squeaky thumping sound from somewhere in the house as she woke, but she couldn’t place either the sound or the location. It sounded like a bed protesting under the force of sex, but that couldn’t be true. Nobody was having sex this morning. She laid her head back down on her pillow.

After a moment, she rolled just enough so that she could look at the other side of the bed. Yes, her husband was still there beside her. Smiling, she went back to sleep secure that the noise was nothing to worry about.

CHAPTER TWO, Home for the Summer

Tania Mosswell was a tall, imposing African American woman with large, smothering breasts and clutchable buttocks at the culmination of strong thighs. Her face was noble, with high cheekbones and intriguing arches of eyebrow over intelligent eyes that seemed to see right through you. At 44, she was a tenured professor of Women’s Studies at the university who had earned the admiration of her colleagues and the respect of her students, but she couldn’t keep her raucous family in line.

She and her husband, Robert, had four children, but only one remaining at home. Tillman, 19, and their youngest, was going to the university and they saved money by having him live at home in a basement kartal escort room that would give some sense of separation from his parents. Robert Jr. was 22 and he was their eldest boy. After his graduation from college, he had taken a job out of town, and so he was no longer in place as the calm mediator among the children.

It was the girls and Tillman who needed mediation. Cherie, 23, and Sherona, 24, were both lovely women who had good careers and were secure financially. Of course, if the truth were to be told, Cherie was kind of a bitch, and Sherona had been over-sexed since she hit puberty and should always have been kept on a leash.

The two girls and their youngest brother, grew up scrapping with each other. And, though it was verbal more than physical, their fights could be intense. Robert Jr. could be counted on to pull the sides apart and sort it all out when their parents weren’t available. Unfortunately, Sherona had come home yesterday and Robert Jr. was nowhere in sight.

“You’ve got a whole house to lay around in! Why you gotta be in my space? You gonna sleep on the couch down there, too?” Tillman was shouting at his sister as he came up the stairs. “Damn fool is messing up my space,” he said to his mother at the top.

“Tillman, you’ve got to give Sherona a chance. Give her . . .”

“I can sit anywhere I want and watch any TV I want and you can shut your own damn mouth, boy!” Sherona bounded up the stairs barefoot in her dressing gown and looking exactly as though she had moved into Tillman’s “space.” “You think you own this place? You don’t own squat and ain’t gonna own squat cause you ain’t worth squat.”


“All I’m doing is watching the movie down where there isn’t sunlight glaring on the screen,” the slim young woman said. “I’m not moving in.”

“Hell you aren’t,” Tillman snapped.

“Both of you shut up,” Tania said sternly. “Tillman, you let Sherona watch her movie and stay out of her face. You’ve got your own bedroom down there.”

“Yes, but . . .”

“But nothing. Give Sherona her space. And you, Sherona, don’t start getting too comfortable. You’ve got your own life, too. Right?”

“Right,” Sherona replied with a small flip of her long, softly waved hair. “Exactly right.”

She turned and flounced down the stairs again, leaving the mother and son alone together.

“Till . . .”

“Yeah, I know. Bitch gets a divorce and I’ve got to pay for it,” Tillman said.

“Don’t talk like that about your sister,” Tania admonished him. She couldn’t really blame him, and so she left it as a word to the wise. “Let’s please have some peace for as long as she’s here.”

“She’ll be here forever.”

“No, she won’t. I promise you that.” Tania had already made that promise to herself and she intended to keep it. She knew she’d never be able to stand having her eldest daughter home for more than a month.

“Okay,” Tillman said. “I’m going out.”

Tania kissed her son on the cheek and patted his shoulder. “Dinner around five,” she said. “Don’t be late.”

“I won’t.”

She watched him go with a loving eye, thinking of what a good boy he was. He was a man, really. He was six feet tall and muscular and handsome as hell. Of course, that was a mother’s perspective.

Sherona was a piece of work, if she had to be honest. She was intelligent, beautiful, witty, and loving. Yes, all of that. But she was also willful, belligerent, and driven into bad decisions by her over heated libido. She was man hungry.

She had even admitted to her mother that she’d married her ex husband for purely sexual reasons. “Jesus, mama, the man’s got about a yard of dick,” she said, laughing. Tania, of course, replied, “Too much information, girl. You keep your man’s equipment to you self now.”

“I intend to, mama,” Sherona had assured her.

She’d managed to keep it to herself for about a year and a half. Tania wasn’t sure of the true circumstances of the divorce, but she felt fairly certain that hubby wasn’t the only one straying from that marriage. She couldn’t imagine Sherona staying two years with one man.

And she couldn’t imagine marrying a man because of the size of his penis. If she’d told her that before the marriage rather than after, Tania would have held an intervention to keep the girl from going to the alter. A big cock doesn’t put food on the table. A big cock doesn’t take out the garbage or mow the lawn. She hoped the girl was done with her chasing so the next man she might decide to be in love with will be someone to stick with.

Yeah, dream on.


Sherona sat in the basement family room staring at the TV but not really seeing it. She was thinking of life and how it had brought her right back to fighting with her brother. Life had brought her right back home like a little kid. And it had brought her to the point where she had to admit that her mother had been right about everything. Everything.

Sherona was close to losing her job due to her husband’s harassment at work. Her boss advised her that she should take some time away until the whole thing blew over. He gave her a month, and she decided to spend it at home.

Of course, this wasn’t really her home. This was a white bread suburban cul-de-sac full of stuck up white bankers and whatnot. It was a very nice house, but not her home.

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