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New Bikini New Shagbunny

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‘Its just a fuck’.

Dee’s words from earlier that evening spun round Jane’s head as she heard the noises next door. She took a drink of water, trying to cool herself down. She wished she could go through to the kitchen area to get some ice but didn’t want them to know she was awake. Not that they would have heard over the sound of Dee’s rhythmic moans.

‘Yes. Oh my God. Fuck me Simon.’

She heard Simon grunt, a deep bass noise with each thrust.

Jane got up and padded gently round to the window doors that opened onto the small balcony. She opened them slowly, quietly and stepped out. The Mediterranean air was warm and did nothing to cool her down.

‘That’s so good. Yes. Fucking amazing.’

Dee was getting louder. Even out here on the patio Jane couldn’t escape the porn soundtrack her newly former student and the guy she’d picked up, within hours of arriving, were making. She could feel the tension in her breasts and groin and knew she was becoming aroused. It was like the time her husband had brought home a porn film for them to watch. She’d watched it reluctantly, even with three glasses of wine inside her, but nevertheless it did its job. She didn’t make love with Robert that night. She fucked him, though she hated to admit it to herself, or anyone.

‘Oh my God. I’m coming. Oh fuck, fuck…’ Dee’s voice degenerated into animal howls that rose and fell as her orgasm peaked then dissipated.

Jane could still hear Simon. The beat of his grunts getting faster as they got louder till he was just one long male roar.

Then there was silence. Then muted chat and giggles. Then peace.

Jane paced the floor. She took deep breaths and let them out slowly to calm her down. She climbed into bed, had another drink of water and remembered the party that had got herself into this.

It had seemed so simple really. Her final year students had been with her for four years so when they graduated and asked her to their party night it was the obvious thing to do. The night had been fun and even though she was forty seven and the girls were all twenty two she’d managed to hold her own with them. Jane was still slim with a good shape that she worked hard at keeping. She new she looked good that night and could pass for being at least ten years younger than she was. It had helped that she had her daughter, Gill, who was the same age as the girls, to advise on clothes, hair and makeup. The party had been great, nevertheless that evening when her student, Kate who was getting married in a couple of months, invited Jane to Mallorca for her hen weekend she was reluctant to say yes, even though a bit of her wanted too. She felt she was too old and it had taken a lot of persuasion from her husband Robert and Gill to get her to go.

So here she was awake early after having hardly slept thanks to the heat. The heat, she thought, no it wasn’t that it had been the sound of sex next door. She still hated to admit to herself that it got her aroused. It had been one of the few occasions where she could have masturbated, but she didn’t. Her mothers insistence that nice girls didn’t touch themselves had been burnt into her as a teenager and she’d been hung up on it ever since. It had taken Robert to teach her that sex wasn’t something dirty and sordid. He was kind and loving and while she let him push her boundaries she still had her hangups. She never left her sexual comfort zone. Well she kind of did, almost, just once, that time on the beach in Ibiza. She knew she had unscratched itches in the corner of her mind but the thought of where they might lead frightened her.

Jane got up to get some water and went quietly through to the apartment’s living area. She didn’t bother slipping her robe on.

The door to Dee’s room was closed. they must still be sleeping, she thought. She went into the small kitchen area and filled her glass with cool water from the bottle in the fridge. I may as well make some tea. She put the kettle on and was trying to reach for a cup but the shelf was too high.

‘I’ll get that for you.’

Jane saw a muscular man’s arm reach over her to grab the cup. Simon’s arm. She felt his chest against her back as he leaned over. God she wished she’d put her robe on. Her PJs were shorts and a camisole vest top. Flimsy, for the heat, too flimsy for this.

‘Thank you,’ she said as she took the cup from him. She felt too awkward to turn round not knowing how to look him in the face after hearing him have sex last night. He won’t know that though, he’ll think I was asleep.

‘Could you make one for me please?’ He reached up for another cup as she busied herself making tea.

‘Of course.’ She took the cup from his hand. To her relief she felt him back away from her.

‘Shall I make one for Dee?’ She said as she poured the tea out.

‘No, she’s still sleeping’

‘There’s no milk I’m afraid.’

‘Thats ok.’ he said.

She turned round, a cup in each hand and nearly dropped them. Simon was naked, leaning with his back towards the breakfast bar. He smiled disarmingly as he took the cup from her. She felt her face flush. Just look him in the eye. keep eye contact she thought, desperately. She didn’t want to mention his nakedness, that bahçeşehir escort would have just made it worse. Pretend to be cool she thought.

Simon was talking about his European vacation. He and his friends were from the States. They had all just graduated and had taken time out to travel Europe.

She wasn’t focussed on what he was saying and just hoped she said the right things to fill in the gaps. She was in a room alone talking to a naked man who was not her husband and less than half her age! It was like a headline in her mind. She hadn’t been in a spot like this ever.

Jane’s eyes kept being drawn to Simon’s lean, muscular body. With his fair hair, handsome face and blue eyes he looked like an unbelievable fantasy. Not her first choice fantasy, that was the darker Mediterranean type, but Simon would more than do.

She’d kept avoiding his cock and balls but her eyes kept drifting down. My God his things big, certainly bigger than Roberts. Her husbands cock had always satisfied her but she knew he wasn’t the biggest in the world, not that she had much to compare with.

She was aware he was looking at her staring at his cock. Was it her imagination or did it give a little twitch and grow a little as she looked. She wondered what it would look like hard. What it would feel like inside her. Embarrassed she tried to banish these thoughts from her mind. She asked for his empty cup so she could wash it. He handed it over and a look passed between them. It was as if he knew what she was thinking. She turned her obvious red face away as she went to the sink to wash the cups.

She’d forgotten she couldn’t reach the shelf for them, no wonder in her flustered state. Simon was behind her again taking the cups from her hand. The full weight of his naked body was pressed against her back. Was that his cock she felt on her lower back. She turned round, thanking him, expecting him to step back. He did but remained in her space as if defying her to step away.

‘Morning you two.’ Dee’s voice broke the moment. ‘Simon, go and put something on. You’ll scare the woman.’ Simon stepped away to the bedroom a smile of entitlement on his face.

Dee felt the teapot was still warm and poured herself a cup.

‘Maybe you weren’t scared Jane. Did I interrupt something?’

‘No. Of course not. I just made him a cup of tea.’

‘You sure? He was naked and it looked like he had the beginnings of a semi.’

‘Did he. Oh my God he did didn’t he?’ Jane clasped her hands to her face.

‘You don’t look too cool yourself Jane. Practising your cougar moves for tonight then?’

‘No, not at all.’

‘You sure?” Dee said.

Jane felt completely exposed her face was still flushed, her breath heavy and her nipples hard. She looked down to see them pushing out her camisole top.

‘Yes. Oh God I’m so embarrassed. He just came through like that and I didn’t know what to do so I just thought act normal…’

‘It’s ok. I didn’t mean to upset you.’

‘No you didn’t Dee. I’m just not used to this. Sorry.’

‘You do fancy him though.’ Dee smiled.

‘He is a good looking guy. I just didn’t expect to see his…penis…’

‘You mean his cock.’

‘Yes. His cock first thing in the morning before I’ve had my tea.’

Dee laughed encouraging Jane to join in.

‘Your right,’ said Jane, regaining her composure. ‘After all I’ve been married for twenty four years. Simons just a lot younger than Robert and a bit…’


‘Yes.’ Jane flushed again. ‘Please don’t tell the others. I can’t believe I’m telling you about my husband’s pen.. sorry cock.’

‘I’ll not say a word. You can tell them yourself if you want. Remember what happens here stays here.’

Jane was about to reply when Simon came back from Dee’s room. To Jane’s relief he was dressed.

‘I’ll just go now. I’ll see you girls around four. You’ve got the address?’

‘Yeah,’ said Dee. ‘See you all then.’

Simon left leaving Jane looking at Dee.

‘Its ok Jane,’ said Dee. ‘Simon has asked us to their place this afternoon. They’ll have food, they’ve got a pool. All we need to do is turn up, take some booze and have fun. Its their last day here they’re flying back late tonight. Come on. Get ready and we’ll find the others and get breakfast.’

Breakfast started with Bucks Fizz. Jane had no idea how much Champagne was in the flutes they toasted each other with but after three glasses she was feeling pleasantly drunk. She looked around at her three companions. Kate, blonde and curvy was getting married in two weeks time. She was a fireball of energy and undoubtedly the groups leader. Dark and slim Dee looked a bit like Jane and was the edgy risk taker. There was something in Dee’s wildness that made her Jane’s favourite of the three. Perhaps Dee is someone I could have been thought Jane. Sarah with her piercing eyes and long auburn was the quiet one, or was she? Jane wasn’t sure.

After their long leisurely breakfast they went back up to get ready for the afternoon. Jane put on her new yellow bikini. She admired herself in the mirror. Still got it, she thought. The bikini covers more than the ones I wore in bakırköy escort my twenties but I still look good. Robert had encouraged her to get it. She was pleased that her husband liked to show her off. She remembered the time, they hadn’t been married long, when her persuaded her to go topless on the beach. She was reluctant but did it to please him. Not that she was out of place. Most women there were topless. She felt awkward for a while but gradually got used to it. She remembered getting up to go to the beach bar for a drink. As she passed a group of guys she clocked that they were looking at her as he walked along. She felt her nipples harden at their stares and a familiar tingle between her legs. She’d felt deliciously bad. Not that she’d want to do it now of course, not at her age.

She heard the voices of Dee and the others in the living room and went through.

‘Hi Jane. I’ve got the official t-shirt for you.’ Kate handed Jane a gift wrapped package.

‘For Me?’ Jane looked at the girls, a curious look on her face as she opened it. ‘Oh my God! I can’t wear that.’

Jane held up the t-shirt. It was bright pink with “SHAG BUNNY” printed on it white lettering and underneath, in block letters, one word “Jane”.

‘Yes you can,’ said Kate. ‘Its my weekend. We’re going out to get laid as I’m getting married in two weeks and it will be my last chance. at least for a while.’

‘Kate, your getting married…’ Jane paused, looking at the three faces turned toward her. She did not want to be a killjoy and knew attitudes had changed since she was their age. ‘Ok. I’ll wear it today.’ What the hell am I thinking off she wondered then thought of Robert who’d love to see her like this. She pulled the T-shirt on. ‘Fits well,’ she said, going to the mirror.

‘Suits you Jane,’ said Dee.

‘It does, doesn’t it,’ said Jane. ‘You’ve all got one I take it?’

‘Of course.’

Jane smiled then laughed. She felt just a little naughty and young again, glad that the girls wanted to include her as one of them.

‘Right your bikini,’ said Kate.

‘What about it? I got it for coming here,’ said Jane.

‘It’s a bit big. It covers a lot.’

‘I’m not twenty something anymore. I couldn’t get away with one like yours.’

‘Yes you could. You have a fantastic figure. Show it off. Live a little.’ All the girls looked expectantly at Jane.

Jane shook her head. ‘No, no, I’m too old. A lot of my friends won’t wear a bikini at all now.’

‘But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear one.’

‘I am wearing one.’

Kate took Jane by the arm and stood them both in front of the wall mirror.

‘Take the T-shirt off,’ said Kate

Jane did as Kate asked. She looked in the mirror at Kate in her tiny black bikini then at herself in her yellow one, It covered so much more than the younger girls.

‘Ok. I give up,’ Jane sighed. ‘Where will I get one?’

‘There’s a shop selling them down in the Hotel’s reception,’ said Dee. ‘Come on down with me and we’ll pick one.’

Jane and Dee left the others and went down to the mall. Jane picked up a succession of bikinis most of which weren’t all that different from her yellow one. All of them were dismissed by Dee who countered each one with a range of increasingly smaller and sexier ones.

‘What about this?’ Dee held up two tiny bits of black cloth.

‘Not black. Kate’s wearing black. Look at it. Its tiny, Kate’s is bigger and it covers nothing.’

‘Too sexy is it?’ Dee laughed. ‘Red then.’ She picked up another one. ‘Its not as small as the black.’

‘Ok.’ Jane was aware that they’d been choosing for half an hour and Dee was getting exasperated. She knew she would have to agree to one that Dee chose. She took the bikini from Dee. The top was a normal string one like she would wear twenty years ago. She held up the bottoms. It was a thong. The back was just a little bigger than the others Dee had suggested and the front was ok, just. Front and back were connected by two thin strings. It was no worse and possibly a little better than the others. ‘I’ll take this one.’ Jane leaned in towards Dee and whispered. ‘I’ll need to shave. You’ll all have to wait on me upstairs.’

‘Sure,’ said Dee. I’ll help you.’ She laughed at the look of astonishment on Jane’s face then gently pushed her towards the sales assistant at the door.

Jane couldn’t believe she was lying on her bed on a towel, sipping wine in the late morning, as this young woman whom she really hardly knew deftly removed her pubic hair with a razor.

‘I thought I’d done all this back home,’ said Jane. ‘I got a waxing for the first time in years. That was sore.’

‘Almost finished now Jane.’ Dee concentrated on her work. ‘I can shape whats left into a heart shape or just leave you with a wee landing strip.’


‘Just a wee line, a wee tuft here.’ Dee ran her finger just a little up from the top of Jane’s pussy.

I felt intensely intimate to Jane but not unpleasantly.

‘Or I could take it all off. Lots of girls do now and a lot of guys love it. Makes them think of the porn stars they watch.’ Dee grinned.

‘Porn star. I’m not going to look like başakşehir escort a porn star. Just the wee tuft’s fine. My husband would be wondering what I’d been getting up too if he saw me like that.’

‘Ok. Finished.’ Dee rubbed some moisturiser onto Jane’s skin.

Jane looked down fascinated that she was so relaxed at Dee’s gentle massage of her most intimate area. As Dee took her hand away she swiped a finger along Jane’s pussy igniting a wee spark that pulsed a deep warmth through her body.

‘I’d better try on the bikini,’ said Jane, her voice a little hoarse. She felt a little shaken that she’d liked Dee’s intimate caress. She pulled on the bikini, did a twirl at the mirror and went to follow Dee through to show the other girls. Suddenly she stopped at the door. Her black high-heeled sandals were lying there. Without thinking she put them on to complete her look.

‘Wow,’ said Kate stepping back and crossing her arms. ‘Look at this scarlet woman. Now that is a shag bunny.’

Jane felt strangely uninhibited as the girls admired her. She didn’t know if it was the wine or Dee’s touch or her new look. She blushed a little at Kate’s comment but was secretly pleased, as if she had passed a test and was was now one of the gang.

‘Ok girls,’ said Kate. ‘We’ll all wear heels today now that our MILF leader as shown the way.’

‘Kate, I just put them on for a laugh. You girls don’t want to be copying me.’

‘Why did you put them on then,’ asked Kate.

Jane looked around them. ‘If you must know my husband thinks I’m sexy in heels. I do look good.’ She gave a little twirl. ‘Don’t I?’

‘Of course you do. Don’t doubt yourself Jane. You are a hot lady,’ said Dee.

Jane was relaxing and enjoying the attention.

‘Ok. I admit it. I do feel sexy in this and yes I’ll wear the T-shirt with you all.’

‘Simon’s gonna love you,’ said Dee. ‘He was much more interested in the MILF than me.’

‘MILF?’ Asked Jane.

‘Mother I’d like to fuck.’

‘Even I know what MILF means,’ said Jane. ‘I just don’t want him or any of his pals getting the wrong idea. How many of them are there?’

‘Four. One for each of us, Simon, Brad, Josh and Greg. You can have Simon.’

‘I’m not having anybody. You girls do what you want. I can’t…won’t stop you but remember I’m married.’

‘Jane I told you last night its just a fuck. Don’t do anything you don’t want too. One of us…’ Dee left her sentence unfinished. ‘Have you never… with anyone else… since you got married.’


‘Never,’ said Kate.

‘Not even close?’ Added Sarah.

‘You must have had men come on to you,’ said Dee.

‘No. I never put myself in that position although I guess I was chatted up occasionally.’ Jane took a deep breath. ‘There was one time,’ she paused and looked around their faces. ‘It was about ten years ago. We were on holiday in Ibiza. I went down to the beach on my own. Robert had taken Gill, our daughter to the water park. There was this Italian guy who came over to sunbathe near me. He must have been early twenties, dark skinned, lovely eyes. Antonio was his name. He started chatting to me in Italian, he thought I was Italian. I was really flattered and I still don’t know what got into me that day.’ Jane sat down. ‘Give me some more wine and I’ll tell you…’

The sat round Jane as she gulped down the glass of white wine that Kate gave her.

‘I was lying on the beach and heard something beside me. He was just standing there. He said “Caio” then started babbling in Italian. When it was obvious I didn’t understand he switched to English. He unwound his beach mat and towel and asked if I minded. I said no, please do. I think I even patted the sand beside me. We lay on our fronts talking, he was a student on a holiday job. After a while he went to get a couple of beers. We finished those and I got two more. The beer and the sun, it all went a bit too my head so when he offered to put sun cream on my back I said ok. I didn’t make a fuss or hesitate. I surprised myself but it just felt good.’ Her voice was almost a whisper as she relived the moment. ‘He started on my shoulders and worked down. He had a great touch and I knew I was getting turned on. Who wouldn’t have.’ She looked around the girls. ‘When he came to my bikini strap he just unfastened it. When Robert did that I usually stopped him but with Antonio I just let it happen. He worked the cream into my back all the way down to my hips then up my sides. He took his time, it was slow and gentle and this warm feeling inside just grew and grew. I even lifted myself up on my elbows to let him have access. I think a bit of me wanted to show him my breasts. Me, wanting to display my boobs to a total stranger. Afterwards I couldn’t believe I’d done it but it felt the most natural thing in the world at the time. His hands went round to caress them. By this time he was sitting astride my bum. I whispered to him “do my front now” and turned round so he could massage them. I was on a crowded public beach and letting myself be aroused by a complete stranger. And it felt fantastic. My nipples felt on fire, they were very hard. It was like an electric shock going down a silver wire to my groin. I was… you know… very wet. I put my arms round him and pulled him too me so we could kiss. A proper deep kiss. We were wrapped around each other and I could feel his erection pressing against me. We were oblivious to what was going on around us. If he’d touched me down below I think I would have climaxed there and then.’ She took another gulp of wine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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