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His hand slid along her bare thigh again, disappearing beneath her skirt. The scratch of his trimmed nails against her soft skin , along with a teasing brush of his fingers against her bare lips made her suck in a quick breath and shoot him another one of ‘those’ looks.

“Stop it,” she muttered softly. “There are people!”

He chuckled and looked around, his fingers still lightly moving against her thigh. “Baby, the closest person is 3 rows behind us and is sound asleep. It’s the middle of the night, most people on this flight are sound asleep. And my jacket is covering you completely.” She sighed softly, knowing without even looking that he was right. He dropped his lips to her shoulder, kissing along it to her neck, distracting her for brief moment so that he could press his fingers up against her damp pussy before she could protest. His middle finger dragged up between her slick lips and paused against her little clit.

He started a slow gentle tapping on it and her face began to flush. His free hand slipped against the back of her neck and turned her face to his. He smiled at the expression on her face, one of lust and need, before pressing his lips to hers in a soft kiss, then deeper as his finger started a slow insistent circle against her clit. She couldn’t keep still now. He was alternating rubbing and tapping on her clit and was making her squirm and grind down into her seat. He kept kissing her, deeper and sensuously, the pressure of his mouth keeping her moans soft and quiet.

It was when his finger paused then slid down and eased into her tight hot pussy that she started to lose control. Her thighs pushed open wider, allowing him to push his finger in as deep as he could manage. The base of it nudged at her hard exposed clit and she had to cough loudly to disguise the moan she couldn’t swallow. Her hand slipped beneath the jacket to grip at his wrist and she started to plead with him to stop, knowing that she was moments from her orgasm and that there would be no way she could keep quiet.

“Please!” she growled at him, then shuddered as he curled his finger inside her to glide the tip over that soft spongy spot. His thumb pressed down against her clit and slowly, along with his thrusting finger, nearly sent her over the edge.

“Excuse me.” The voice of the flight attendant made them both jump and she nearly let out a startled cry at the surprise interruption. While they were still partially covered by the jacket, it was very obvious what they were doing and she felt her face flooding with redness. He stilled his fingers, both of them frozen and staring up at her.

“If you go to the back of the plane, there is a bathroom that is out of service. I’m going to go back there and undo the lock. I think you’ll appreciate the privacy it provides.” She grinned at them, then let her eyes drift down to where his hand was buried between her spread thighs. “Take your time too, it’s the only one back there so you’ll have all the time you need. At halkalı escort least until we land in an hour.”

She smirked at them and made her way down the aisle to the back of the plane. They looked at each other and started to laugh, both embarrassed and exhilarated by what just happened. He slowly pulled his finger from her tight grasping canal and looked back, smiling when the attendant winked at him to let him know it was open. He grabbed her hand and with a quick adjustment of her skirt, they made their way to the back of the plane, their intention unbeknown to all other passengers.

“Thank you,” he murmured to the attendant as they entered the small room. She just nodded and smiled back, making sure to put the “Out of order” sign back up over the door handle. He sat down on the lid of the toilet and started to push her skirt up, exposing her pussy. Her plump lips were glistening and pink, obviously still aroused from his fingers and even more so by the situation. He leaned in and kissed along her thighs, his hands urging her to put her feet up on either side of his. The room was so small that she was still able to press back against the door, using it as leverage.

He wasted no time. He knew how close she was to orgasming earlier and he didn’t intend to make her wait much longer. She was still nervous, though, about being able to keep quiet and without his mouth on hers, she didn’t know how she’d keep from letting every passenger on the plane know exactly what they were doing in there.

As his mouth started kissing up her inner thigh, her hand sunk down into his hair, stopping him. “I don’t know, how am I going to keep from screaming? You make me cum so hard, it’s going to be impossible…” He grinned at her and reached into his pocket, where he had earlier stuck her panties after he cajoled her into removing them at her seat. She just shook her head and sighed, then opened her mouth and let him push them in. She groaned as they filled her mouth, humiliated but grateful for the muffling of sound they provided.

His mouth pressed up against her pussy and began to slowly lap at her lips, long drags of his tongue making her grip tighter at his hair. Her other hand pushed open a few buttons of her blouse and tugged down her bra, exposing her full tits. He glanced up and moaned at the sight of her thick pink nipples, crinkled and hard and the vibrations made her push forward to his mouth. She needed more and he was ready to give it to her. His tongue pushed its way into her pussy, rolling and thrusting deep. Her hand cupped one breast and her body arched as she pinched and tugged one of her nipples, her other hand’s fingers curling in his hair, feeling the pressure of his sucking lips and busy tongue. His mouth seemed to be all over her, lapping at her lips, sucking on them, grazing his teeth over her sensitive flesh. His lip kept brushing over her throbbing clit and she kept trying to push harder against it but he’d pull away every şişli escort time. She let out small frustrated moans, his mouth driving her mad.

His hand rose and he teased her entrance with a couple of fingers, his wet lips kissing and biting at her inner thigh, the whiskers from his goatee making her shiver and moan. He looked up at her again and saw her dark eyes staring down at him, pleading with him to fill her and let her cum. He did just that, pushing his fingers easily, right into her, gliding them deep and grinding them back in forth. His tongue lapped around his fingers, moaning at the sweet taste of her. The tip dragged over her clit and her body shook. He felt her pussy clamp down around his fingers and he started to fuck her with them, knowing she needed the friction. The soft gentle laps of his tongue over her clit were so light they couldn’t bring her off but her desperation to cum was mounting to a point she hadn’t felt in quite some time. She growled at him and his mouth pushed forward, taking the small swollen piece of flesh into his lips and sucking. His tongue lashed quickly over it, circling it and rubbing the tip back and forth just beneath the retracted hood. His fingers fucked her spasming cunt and he let his hand shift to allow his pinky to tease over her tight little ass. With a quick push, it entered her and she suddenly stiffened, grinding to his fingers and his mouth.

His other hand was firmly grasping her lower back to keep her from banging back against the door as she came. His fingers eased back and forth, fucking her holes through her orgasm, his mouth sucking hard on her clit and working the tender nub with his lapping tongue. His beard ground against her tender lips and the sensation just made her cum harder. He groaned at the rush of juices around his fingers and let his lips pop off her clit so he could lap at her pussy. His tongue dove in between his spreading fingers and she felt another wave hit her, her body shaking and writhing against the door.

Outside the bathroom, the flight attendant stood listening, her fingers rubbing at her pussy through her skirt, grinning as she heard the quiet moans signaling what she knew was an intense orgasm. She had seen them earlier, watched him tease her for the first hour of the flight and doing so had riled her up. She decided that as soon as they were done in there, she’d have to get one of the pilots to come back and help her out with her own needs. She sighed softly as she heard the beep of the call button from one of the passengers and pulled herself away from listening to the couple.

They weren’t done, though. He finally pulled away from her, dragging his slick lips and wet goatee against her leg. He stood up, and yanked those panties from her mouth. He quickly opened his button and fly and yanked down his pants, his cock springing out, already thick and hard. His head glistened with precum and he needed to be inside her. Her sarıyer escort hand curled around his shaft and jerked it slowly, their mouths meeting in a deep kiss.

“Need to fuck you, baby, right fucking now,” he growled to her, his hands turning her around as he sat back down. He guided her right down, his hand gripping his cock to guide it into her still twitching cunt. His one hand clamped over her mouth, the other reached around to grope at her tits, tugging at her nipples, back and forth between them. She sunk easily down over his cock, taking him to the hilt, his full tight balls pushing up against her lips. She ground down over him, easing back and forth, her silky walls already grabbing at his shaft. Her legs dropped open over his and he sunk in deeper, filling her up completely.

She pulled his hand from her mouth and they started kissing, both of them eager and desperate now that he was inside her. She let her one arm ease back around his neck, gripping onto him so she could pull herself up and drop back down, his hips thrusting up as she did so. Her other hand slid down and rubbed lightly over her bulging clit, her palm slipping over it as her fingers opened around his cock. He groaned at the added sensation and began to fuck her harder and faster.

She gasped against his lips, her teeth coming down to sink into his lower lips. The sting made him ram up into her pussy and soon the tiny room was filled with the sounds and scent of their lovemaking. Her palm was smacking down against her clit and her fingers were drenched in wetness, the tickle of them against his cock increasing his need to cum. She began to tremble and he felt her against him, knowing she was close.

“Come on, baby,” she moaned against his lips. ” I need to cum again, fuck me, cum in me!” Her hand shifted and her fingers glided over his plump balls, tapping and rubbing at them, just as he had done earlier to her clit. It was just what he needed and he drove into her, his hands gripping at her tits, their moans of release barely stifled by their deep kiss. She bounced on his cock, her juices dribbling down his shaft while his own release drenched her insides.

He pulled her fingers away and brought them to his lips, licking over her wetness smeared all over them. They grinned at each other and kissed again, over her fingers. She slowly stood, moaning softly as he slipped out of her. He grabbed her panties and helped her get back into them, grinning as she moaned again, feeling them press up against her tender pussy.

They both jumped at the sound of the captain announcing they were beginning their descent. Quickly, they adjusted their appearance and slowly, cautiously opened the door. He gestured her to go ahead of him, since the passengers would be awake now from the announcement. She made an effort not to look at any of them, but she was unable to keep from smiling as she walked up the aisle back to her seat.

When he arrived at their row, he found her holding a piece of paper and stifling a laugh and blushing again.

“What’s that, baby?” he asked and she shoved it into his hand, shaking her head. He grinned broadly as he read it, quietly, to her:

“On behalf of the captain and the rest of the flight crew, we’d like to welcome you to the Mile High Club!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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