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North Valley High Ch. 06

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Anal Fucking

“C’mon,” said Jack as he and Jessica checked the hallway to make sure it was empty.

They rushed down the hall to a door.

“In here,” said Jack as he opened it and Jessica snuck inside.

Jack closed the door behind them.

“Babe it’s a little cramped in here,” said Jessica.

“Let’s make some more room,” said Jack, “Come here.”

“Mmmmh,” moaned Jessica softly as she pressed her Double D breasts against Jack’s chest.

“Mmmm, much better,” smiled Jessica as she started kissing her boyfriend.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Jack softly as he kissed his girlfriend.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Jessica as they continued to kiss while she started to rub her boobs against Jack’s chest.

“Uhhhh Jessica,” moaned Jack in a low tone.

He then pushed her gently against one of the shelves but it was enough to make an old coffee can fall from the top and hit him in the head.

“Owwww,” said Jack.

“Ohhhh, are you ok,” cooed Jessica.

“Yeah,” groaned Jack.

He kissed Jessica while he pulled down her jeans and she unbuckled his pants and pulled his cock out.

“Uhhhhh,” moaned Jessica softly as Jack pushed his dick into her pussy and began to fuck her, “Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhhh, Uhhhh Baby.”

The shelves groaned and creaked over and over as Jack and Jessica fucked.

They stopped suddenly when they heard a cracking sound.

Jack quickly pulled Jessica away as one of the shelves collapsed.

“You ok,” said Jack.

“Mhmmm,” said Jessica, a little shaken.

Jack pulled out of her and they both pulled their pants up.

There was a groaning sound and three shelves collapsed in the middle pinning Jessica against Jack.

“Owwww, it’s too cramped in here,” said Jessica, “Let’s go”

“Ok,” said Jack, reaching behind and grabbing the door knob.

The door wouldn’t open.

“C’mon Jack,” said Jessica.

“I can’t,” said Jack, “The door’s stuck.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Jessica.

She tried to push away from Jack but the supplies from the shelves were against her back.

“Uhhhh,” moaned Jessica as her chest squished against her boyfriend, “We’re gonna be here for a while.”


“Uhhhh,” huffed Jessica as she tried the door knob again, “C’mon.”

It was no use, they were stuck.

To make matters worse, Jessica’s large breasts were pressed against Jack’s chest and each time she struggled with the door knob, her boobs would rub against him.

Jessica smiled as she heard her boyfriend moan.

“Shhhhh,” whispered Jessica calmly, “It’s gonna be ok baby.”

She smiled as she gave him a kiss, “Mmmmm, you’ll be ok.”

“Jess, your tits,” moaned Jack.

“I know baby, I know,” whispered Jessica, “They’re big, and soft. But you can’t cum right now.”

“Fuck,” moaned Jack.

“Shhhh,” said Jessica, “Everything is gonna be al…”

She stopped and gasped as she groaned, “Uhhhhhh, Uhh. Ohhhh, not now.”

“What’s wrong,” said Jack.

“My boobs,” moaned Jessica.

“I thought you’ve been running,” said Jack

“I took a couple days off, remember,” said Jessica, before she moaned again, “Uhhh God!”

Her large breasts pushed forward and bulged in her top as her bra became tighter.

“Uhhh God,” moaned Jessica as her boobs bulged against her boyfriend’s chest, “Uhhhh, I think I just went up another cup size.”

“Jess,” moaned Jack, breathing heavily, “I can’t hold it in anymore.”

“You have to,” said Jessica

“I can’t,” moaned Jack.

“Jack don’t,” said Jessica.

Just kartal escort then, the door flew open and Jessica screamed as they fell out.

Jack quickly put his arms around her as they both fell.

“Owwww,” yelled Jessica as they hit the floor.

“What were you two doing in there,” said the janitor.

“Sorry,” said Jack as he Jessica got to their feet.

“We were just…,” said Jessica adjusting her top.

“Ditching class,” said the janitor.

“Uhhh,” said Jack.

“Don’t worry,” said the janitor with a light chuckle, “I won’t say a word. You might want to try the gym if you want out of here early.”

“Thanks,” said Jack, taking Jessica’s hand and leading her down the hall.


“Uhhh God,” moaned Jessica softly as she cupped and squeezed her big boobs while staring in the mirror, “How am I gonna explain these to mom?”

“Easy,” said Jack, imitating Jessica’s voice while he sat on the bed, “Mom, my boobs got bigger. It happened while Jack and I were making out in the janitor’s closet. Oh, and we ditched school too.”

Jessica narrowed her eyes and threw her shirt at Jack’s head as he laughed.

She smiled as she straddled his lap and pressed her large breasts against his chest while she kissed him, “Mmmmmmmmmh, Mmmmmmm.”

Jack moaned softly as he kissed his girlfriend while she rubbed her rack against his chest.

He then started to kiss down her neck while he brought his hands up to her chest.

“Wait a minute,” giggled Jessica softly.

She turned around and leaned back against him as she brought his hands up to her tits.

“Uhhh,” moaned Jessica as Jack massaged her big boobs while he kissed her neck, “Baby.”

“Mmmmm Jessica,” moaned Jack as he massaged her breasts.

“You like them,” whispered Jessica, pushing her chest forward, “You like my bigger boobs?”

“Ohhhh Yeah,” said Jack in a low tone as he continued to rub and squeeze.

“Mmmmh,” moaned Jessica as she put her hands on his, “Do you want to take them for a test run?”

“Mhmmm,” said Jack.

Jessica smiled as she pulled his hands away from her chest and got off his lap.

She then got down on her knees in front of him.

Jack moaned as his girlfriend placed her breasts in his lap.

“Ooooh,” smiled Jessica as she reached into his boxers and grabbed his cock as she pulled it out.

She then stuffed it into her cleavage and placed her hands on the sides of her tits as she started to rub them against his shaft.

“Uhhhh Jessica,” moaned Jack as his girlfriend continued.

Her big boobs bounced in his lap as they rubbed against the length of his dick.

“Mmmh, so soft, so bouncy, these big boobs,” whispered Jessica as she continued to fuck her boyfriend, “My big boobs.”

“Uhh God,” moaned Jack as he started to breathe heavily.

“My tops are gonna be tighter,” whispered Jessica, “I’ll barely be able to fit in my bras.”

“FUCK” moaned Jack as he started to thrust his hips.

Jessica gasped as his cock started to spurt cum all over her breasts.

Jack gave out a final moan as he emptied his load, “Ohhhh God.”

Jessica smiled as she pulled her tits off his lap and started rubbing them together.

“We better get cleaned up,” said Jack as he got up from the bed, “We don’t want to miss your first day of work.”


It wasn’t exactly a perfect first day but Jessica was happy to be working with Jack. He kept her bostancı escort under his watch by having her sell tickets. There was only one mishap where a girl was very rude but Jessica did what she was supposed to and didn’t sell her a ticket. Everything was going good until she went on break. The same girl shoved Jessica from behind and started taunting her.

“Hey bitch,” said the girl, “You think just because you have big tits that you’re better than me.”

“This is exactly why I didn’t sell you a ticket,” said Jessica as she turned to look at the girl, “You kept being rude and you continue to do so.”

Jessica then started to walk away.

“Whatever,” scoffed the girl, “You’re only here because of your tits.”

Jessica quickly turned around and walked back to the girl, “What the hell did you say to me?”

“You heard me,” snapped the girl as she shoved Jessica, “The only way that you got a job here is because of your big fake tits.”

“Fake,” laughed Jessica in disbelief, sticking out her chest and cupping her large breasts, “These babies are all natural.”

“Gimme a break,” said the girl as she grabbed the front of Jessica’s shirt.

“Let Me Go,” snapped Jessica as she tried to break the girl’s grip.

The girl pulled on Jessica’s shirt until it ripped open.

Jessica shrieked as she covered her boobs with her arms and snarled, “You’re gonna pay for that.”

Before Jessica could get her hands on the girl, Jack wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Let me go Jack,” said Jessica, struggling in her boyfriend’s arms, “This bitch ripped my shirt.”

“Security, get this girl out of here,” said Jack.

He didn’t say anything else as he pulled Jessica away and walked her to the employee lounge.


“Sit,” said Jack in a serious tone.

Jessica didn’t argue as she sat on the bench. Jack grabbed another shirt from the storage locker and tossed it to her.

“Are you ok,” said Jack.

“Yeah,” sighed Jessica, slipping the shirt on and holding her head in her hands, “Jack, I’m sorry…”

“You should have kept walking Jess,” said Jack, in a serious tone, “If you had touched her, she could have sued the theater. You would have been fired.”

“I know,” said Jessica, sniffling as she started to cry.

Jack sat on the bench next to his girlfriend and wrapped an arm around her. Jessica continued to sob as she buried her face into his shoulder.

“Shhh, I’m not gonna fire you, babe,” said Jack as he gently rubbed Jessica’s head.

After a couple minutes, he lifted her chin and kissed her.

“Mmmm,” giggled Jessica.

“Ready to go back to work,” said Jack.

“Mhmm,” smiled Jessica as the got up and headed out of the lounge.


For the rest of the shift, Jessica sat in the box office with Jack. He preferred that she stuck close by so that there wasn’t any more trouble. Although there wasn’t much to do, Jessica kept things interesting. Whenever she would look to survey the theater, she would press her big boobs against the counter. Since Jack was sitting between her and the only other chair was behind a desk in the corner, she would press her tits against the back of his head whenever she would walk behind him. Jessica would even make stretching a spectacle as she would smile at Jack while pushing her boobs out as far as she could.

Eventually their shift came to an end and they headed back to the apartment.


“Ugh, maltepe escort that bitch,” said Jessica, sitting heavily on the couch next to Jack, causing her big boobs to bounce in her tank top.

“What’s wrong,” said Jack.

“When grabbed my shirt, she pulled on my bra and broke the underwire,” said Jessica as she cupped her breasts and adjusted them before letting them settle with a bounce, “Both cups are ruined.”

She then smiled as she saw Jack watching her.

“Enjoying the show, baby,” said Jessica as she pulled her shoulders back and pushed her chest out as she stretched, “Mmm, I know you just love watching my boobs bounce in my top.’

She giggled as she cupped her large breasts and moaned as she let them bounce.

Jack moaned as he watched his girlfriend bounce her tits.

Jessica giggled as she pulled down the front of her tank top to show more cleavage.

She then pressed her boobs against his chest as they started to kiss.

“Mmm,” moaned Jack as he leaned back against the couch.

Jessica crawled on top of her boyfriend and started kissing him again. Jack gave a soft moan as Jessica rubbed her breasts against his chest while they kissed.

“Mmm,” moaned Jessica softly as she moved her boobs, squishing and brushing them against Jack’s chest.

‘C’mon, Jack. I know you can’t resist my big boobs,’ thought Jessica.

“Uhhh,” moaned Jack as he pulled away.

“What is it, baby,” whispered Jessica as she shoved her tits against his chest.

“Your tits,” moaned Jack as he started to breathe heavily.

“What about them,” she giggled as she rubbed her breasts up and down his chest.

“So big, so soft,” moaned Jack.

“Mhmm,” said Jessica as she sat up.

She pushed her chest forward and cupped her boobs, “You want these, Jack? You want my big boobs? My Bigger Boobs?”

“Yess,” moaned Jack as he thrust his crotch between her legs.

“Ooh,” giggled Jessica as she grabbed the bottom of her tank top, “You can have them while I go for a ride.

She pulled her top off, her large breasts bouncing in her bra, and then reached down to unzip Jack’s pants and pull his cock out.

Jessica pulled her shorts and thong down before she lowered herself onto her boyfriend’s dick.

“Ohhh,” gasped Jessica as Jack’s shaft penetrated her while she settled onto his lap.

“Jessica,” moaned Jack.

“Mmm, Uhhh,” moaned Jessica as she started to move herself up and down on Jack’s cock.

Jack moaned as he watched Jessica’s large breasts bounce while she rode him, “Uhh Jessica.”

“Uhh Jack,” moaned Jessica as she continued to ride her boyfriend’s shaft, “Uhh baby.”

“Uhh Jess,” moaned Jack as he started to breath heavily, “Uhh God.”

“Mmm, that’s it, Jack,” whispered Jessica, “C’mon baby.”

“Oh God,” moaned Jack, his chest heaving with each breath.

“C’mon, Jack, Cum,” whispered Jessica as she cupped her big bouncing boobs, “Cum for these, baby.”

“UHH GOD,” moaned Jack as unloaded inside his girlfriend’s pussy.

“Uhh, Jack,” gasped Jessica as her pussy was flooded with Jack’s cum, “Ohhhh Yesss.”

Jack gave another loud moan as he emptied the rest of his load into Jessica.

“Uhhh, Ohhh, Oh,” gasped Jessica before she sighed, “Mmmmmm.”

Jessica lifted herself off of Jack’s cock and gave a sigh of relief as she collapsed against his chest.

“That just keeps getting better and better,” she whispered as she snuggled against him.

“Mhmm,” said Jack as he rubbed her back.

A couple minutes later she yawned and said softly, “Take me to the bedroom, baby.”

Jessica slid off of him and sat up while Jack got up from the couch. She giggled as he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

“Mmmm,” moaned Jessica softly as she and Jack laid on the bed while they kissed. Soon they were both asleep.

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