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Office Visit

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This is my first ever attempt at writing any story let alone an erotic on, it started out as a email to a female contact as a flirty email written in sections. I’ve now tried to put it all together into one. I hope you like it and would welcome any feedback before I think about any more writing!


I called you into my office and shut you can feel it so full for you. As you do my hand pulls your head so that you deep throat me, I moan and feel my balls tighten ready to explode my cum into your mouth, you feel this and ease off to prolong me…..

You take your mouth away from my cock and stand up, in a flash you remove your top, you’re not wearing a bra and you tits fall free, I look at them with approval, you move to me and undo my shirt, I slip it off & step out of my jeans that are around my ankles, I reach behind you & undo your skirt, you drop & step out of your thong, we are both now naked in bahis şirketleri my office, we kiss once more then to lie down on the settee, I look at you lying there and move my cock to your face, once more you take it in your mouth and carry on sucking it, I lean forward & kiss your nipples slowly, once again my balls fill with cum for you.

You look at me with and without saying anything take my cock from your mouth and jump up, I can see your damp pussy and know I want to taste it, I lie down on the settee and you climb on top in a 69, my cock once again fills your mouth as I run my tongue around your clit, you taste so good & sweet, you seem to take my cock further into your mouth as I tongue and suck on you, suddenly my balls tighten, you suck harder and my cum explodes into your mouth, as it does you erupt yourself & your sweet nectar fills my mouth.

You slowly milk the last of my cum as I lick your clit, my cock then drops from bahis firmaları your mouth and I swing round, we kiss as I do I realise you still had some cum in your mouth and with a grin I find you have snowballed it to mine to mix with your own juices, I return it back to you and you swallow. We then lie back together while we recover.

I suddenly wake to find that you are there asleep on my chest, everything is very quiet and realise that the outside office must be empty, with a start I see the time and know that we’ve been in here for over 4 hours. You stir and look up at my, as you do your hand snakes down and finds my half limp cock and you slowly stroke it back to hardness. You whisper that you want more of me, that you want me to fuck you until you scream. I grin & move so that you are on top of me…..

You slowly lower yourself onto my cock & I feel your wet pussy slide over it, you hold yourself in that position for a moment while kaçak bahis siteleri you enjoy the feeling of my cock in you, then as I reach up to tweak your nipples you start to move slowly up & down, my groin reaches up to follow your movements and we slowly fuck, you start to move faster and you explode on me, I feel your juices running down onto me as my own cum starts to build, you look at me & say not yet, & climb of & run to your bag, a tube of jell appears and to pass it to me, I rub it on my cock and all around the rose bud of your arse. You kneel before me & slowly I insert my cock into your rosebud, slowly at first then you relax and I’m fully in, moving together I slowly fuck you again and then with a rush I explode my cum into you, you feel it filling you and you scream as it does and cum again yourself. Slowly we both come back down and look at each other, with unspoken words we take each others hands and go to the office shower and slowly wash each other, then dry, dress kiss and then head off home, you to I don’t know whom, me to a loveless marriage.

The next day you don’t show up for work and but later I get a call, “I’m in bed alone, what a waste!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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