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Once Upon a Saturday

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Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week. No college to attend, no job to go to, no plans of any kind until later in the evening, and nothing whatsoever to make me get out of bed early. I usually laze around until it is absolutely necessary to get up, reflecting on the events that took place during the week or thinking of the pleasant things that I experienced. Sometimes I even daydream about a game I could play in or what I would do if I were to ever win the lottery. But mostly I spend time fantasizing about sex, about who I want to do and who I want to lay.

I normally sleep in my briefs and when my fantasies get a bit heated, I even take those off and stretch myself on my comforter, completely naked. I like to arouse myself with elaborate thoughts of impaling the female in question in different ways. Then I picture what I would like her to do to me and build my arousal to frenzy by the thoughts of actual physical penetration, kissing, touching, and licking. I usually end up touching and caressing myself and stroking my penis to keep the stimulation to maximum. I don’t, however, like to masturbate and rid myself of the potion that keeps the blood boiling. I normally stroke only the back of my penis without overly stimulating the head and then soak those feelings in for as long as I can before my balls accumulate enough semen to explode like a grenade. This can last anywhere from an hour to half a day until I have no choice but to pop the genie out, so to speak. Sometimes I have a mild fantasy and keep my state of arousal throughout the day. Other times I do masturbate and shoot everything out so I can spend the day with a clear mind. The fireworks, I tell you, when the pressure in my balls pushes the sperm out in few elongated spurts and splashes it all over my belly and legs.

This one particular Saturday, my fantasy was about Monique. Monique was our speech class teacher and this was the first semester I had with her. Monique was unique, if you pardon the expression, in more ways than one. She enjoyed teaching and we enjoyed learning from her—more like we enjoyed her. It wasn’t her style of lecturing so much so as her posturing while she lectured. She was fairly young as she was fresh out of her graduate studies and she had this special energy that first time teachers usually exude. She dressed to stimulate and sometimes she stimulated a little more than normal. This week was particularly stimulating because of the group hug she forced us to give. Lucky for me she was right across from me and as we all put our hands on the shoulders of those that were closest to us, she lowered her head to look down for something and I found myself staring right at her braless breasts. The picture of that nipple was deeply etched in my brain and this Saturday my mind was thinking of a hundred different ways of caressing it, stroking it, and sucking on it.

My cock was throbbing about half an hour into the fantasy and my fluids were coming out in a slow and steady stream. My dick was as hard as it could be and pointed straight towards the ceiling as my fluids oozed out and made a streak on the back of my penis and down to the base of my scrotum. There was a puddle forming where my thighs joined and every time I moved a bit, it seeped down over my anus and onto the bed. The warm liquid cooled down by the time it reached my asshole and the cold creamy wetness sent chills up my spine each times it came into contact with my butt-hole. I was really horny, to say the least, and I didn’t want to ruin such tremendous sweet feelings by masturbating so quickly and ending the beautiful fantasy. So, I laid there, my eyes closed, my brain directing the porno with Monique in my head, my right hand stroking my thighs and stomach and my left hand stroking the back of my penis and directing the flow just right so I could get that cold shiver up my spine at will.

I froze when I heard the door squeak as someone opened it and looked in. No one, and I mean no one, is supposed to come into my room while I am in bed. But, there was someone looking in as I held myself in one hand and stroked myself with the other—even though both hands were now still. The gasp coming from the person told me it was my mother. My brain raced quickly to decide what to do in this situation. I could jump up and try to cover my nakedness while leaving both my mother and me totally embarrassed or I could pretend to be fast asleep and let us both go on as if nothing happened. I flipped back and forth between the two choices but failed to follow either. The result being I stayed in that frozen state for what felt like an eternity.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was frozen still. She stood there as well, holding her breath, probably trying to decide what to do. I mean, she also had two choices; one, to yell at me for being naked and tell me to cover myself or two, quietly slink out without waking me and pretend nothing happened.

I decided to let her make the decision and stayed in that frozen state. My dick was still throbbing and my liquid was still oozing out—it looked like faster than before—as it was now running over my fingers and down ataşehir escort my hand. She was as bad as I was in making the decision as we both were still for a long time.

Finally I heard her pull the door shut. I held my pose as I tried to listen for her footsteps going away from my room. I didn’t want to move until I was sure she had gone away.

My eardrums were straining at the seams but I heard nothing. I could hear a faint sound of uneven breathing outside my door and I figured she was still trying to get over the shock. I had to control my breathing as well because the sudden rush of adrenalin had left me immobile as well.

Then I got the surprise of my life. My door creaked as she opened it again and looked in. I was still in the same pose as before. I could feel her eyes on my cock. My balls moved involuntarily as my stomach muscles tightened. I couldn’t understand why she was looking back in. If she thought I would have covered myself by now, then she was wrong. But why would she think that I was going to cover myself up. I mean, I had to be awake to know that she was on the door and since I was pretending to be asleep, I had to keep that pretension for a while longer. I couldn’t be completely naked one second and under the covers next.

It took another long while before she closed the door again and I heard the footsteps receding. I jumped to a sitting position. My mouth was agape at the possibility that may be, just may be, my mother looked in the second time to get a better look. God, what the hell! My mind went berserk at the possibility. Could it be, was it possible, may be my mother took a second look to get a better view of my cock. I mean, why would she do that? What reason could she possibly have to take another look if not to satisfy some carnal curiosity? My balls moved again as my stomach muscles tightened one more time at the rush I felt in the pit of my stomach at the thought that my mother, my own mother, wanted to, and did, have a better look at my hard, erect, throbbing, dripping wet dick. It was an incredible rush, I might add. The possibilities that it brought to mind were much more erotic than the fantasies about Monique.

Of course, we went through our routines as if nothing had happened. I had no way of finding out why she had come to my room and she didn’t let on that there was something she wanted me to do that day. I knew though that she had looked at my nakedness and my mind was straining very hard to figure out why. I wanted to know why. I had to know why. Of course, there was no way for me to know without asking her directly, and that was impossible. She didn’t betray anything. I thought once or twice that I saw her looking at my crotch, but it was so fleeting that I shrugged it off as only psychological.

She did look though, deliberately, that I was sure off. I figured that may be she’ll be tempted to look again, if given the opportunity. I had to test my theory and I couldn’t wait for next Saturday to come, as that would be the optimal time to see if she comes for another look.

Next Saturday took almost a month to come. I assumed my pose as before, only this time my brain was very active, as well as my cock was bursting. The thought of my mother coming to see me naked, for the sake of seeing me naked, was extremely arousing. As I pictured her opening the door with her heart beating fast, hoping to find me hard and horny, wishing to get a glimpse of my penis in its full glory, I became so aroused that my fluids were gushing out of my hole. I practiced my pose; how she should see me; where my hands should be; which way my face should be. I found that my hand was getting extremely wet and sticky. I also found that she wasn’t coming as it was taking forever to hear anything. Forever did come though and when I had almost given up and was getting ready to “wake up”, I heard her footsteps.

The door creaked, the door opened, my balls moved, my stomach tightened, my cock throbbed steadily, my fluids painted my, and my breathing became unbearable as I held my pose for my mother. I could hear her out of control breathing as well. I could feel her eyes on my penis, burning holes into my testicles, digging into my skin. I held my pose without making any moves that would alarm her.

First, I pictured myself through her eyes and imagined what she was seeing. Then I pictured what she was thinking and my balls moved again. What the hell could she be thinking? What do women normally think when they see an erect, hard, horny cock in front of them? I didn’t know. All I knew was that she was breathing heavy. That usually means she is, well, a woman is, excited. My mother being a woman, she must be excited by the sight of my dick. My mother, excited by my dick. My mother, excited by me. My mother, dare I say, horny over me. The thought went from my brain to my spine to my balls to my penis. My muscles tightened so much that they squeezed the liquid out of my cock by force, erupting it into the air almost a few inches high. She gasped, loudly, as the fluid left my dick and flew somewhat into the air before coming back down and plopping right in the kadıköy escort middle of my scrotum. Some even splashed to the sides and onto my thighs. There was an involuntary twitch of my legs as I heard the door being pulled shut quickly and footsteps running away from my room.

I smiled as I realized what had just happened. I grinned as I realized what potential there was in that scenario. Then I grimaced as I realized that my balls were painfully full and I had to masturbate myself to get some relief. Which I did—with pleasure. When I came, my sperm shot high into the air and fell back onto my stomach. I then rubbed it thoroughly onto myself before going to shower.

My mother was clearly disturbed during the days that followed. I clearly saw her looking at my crotch more than once. She was clearly flustered in my presence. I figured she must be thinking that I knew about her watching me. I mean, I did know that she had watched me, but this time it was not just a secret in her mind. This time, so she must have thought, it was in the open. She had been caught red-handed and I was only being a good sport not bringing up the issue.

I liked this situation. I even smirked once or twice as I caught her stealing a glimpse at my bulge. Yes, there was a bulge, as the whole thing was keeping me aroused constantly. I was hard most of the time I was in her presence and I made it possible for her to see my erection through my clothes whether she wanted to or not.

Next Saturday was going to be interesting, I thought throughout the week.

And it was. You see, she didn’t show. I waited and waited and waited. I held my pose for hours on end, and in the end she didn’t come. Man, was I disappointed! I was angry actually, for some reason. How could she not come? Once I regained my composure I realized that she had been caught—at least in her mind although technically I really didn’t catch her doing anything—and she was probably too embarrassed to continue peeking in on me. Still I felt a bit frustrated. I had wasted so much energy.

My disappointment stayed with me throughout the week, so much so that I gave up on her ever coming back. I felt hurt with that thought. I somehow wanted the game to continue, to what end, I don’t know, but continue I wanted it to.

I didn’t wait for her the next Saturday. I was in my usual mode, but I was awake with eyes wide open. I had my legs spread and my arms folded under my head. My penis erect as a missile and pointing straight to the heavens. I wasn’t even listening to her footsteps or anything, you see, I figured she wasn’t coming.

That’s why when I heard the door creak as she quietly tried to open it and peek in, I just looked straight at her, without being in any particular pose or anything. She was startled as she found me staring at her with a frown on my forehead. Her eyes jumped from my crotch to my face to my crotch. She was caught, really caught, this time and she didn’t know what to do. I knew she probably wanted to flee but that would have made her guilty of something, whatever it was. On the other hand, she couldn’t stay without giving me a reason for coming in on me like that. I enjoyed her perplexity. She was like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car; didn’t know if she should run one way or the other, so she stood there frozen.

I decided to help her: “Come in, mom.”

She walked straight in as if my command was to be followed exactly. I raised myself onto my elbows, my legs still spread somewhat and my dick as hard as it had ever been. She came to the foot of my bed and faced me as if she was going to tell me something. She was so lost that she couldn’t think of anything to say. She only stuttered as she stared right onto the head of my throbbing cock.

I knew she was going to bolt and I prepared myself to stop her. Before she could turn to run, I had jumped off the bed and extended my arm to stop her. She ran right into it as I grabbed her by her waist.

“Don’t go, mom,” I said softly as her breast pressed into my shoulder. The force of her bolting body pushed me a little back and as I tried to catch my balance, I found myself pressed against her. Her right breast on my arm, her left breast on my shoulder, left half of her stomach against left half of my stomach, her left thigh pressed into my left thigh and my cock pressing the side of her leg.

“Don’t go, mom,” I said again, as she tried to pull away and pass me by on the side. I moved quickly to put myself in her way, face to face, if possible. She stopped before the tip of my cock could press into her belly. I quickly moved forward and put my arms around her as I pressed my dick between her thighs. She couldn’t move out of my arms but she shifted her midsection to keep my dick from getting onto her pussy. As a result she pushed it to the side and pressed it backwards, almost perpendicular to my body.

“I have to go,” she whispered. “I know what you are trying to do, but I have to go.”

She was hurting my cock so I had to release her anyways.

I could have run after her but I decided not to. I knew she was embarrassed and bostancı escort I felt I should do something to help her deal with it, but I chose to do nothing. She had to face this situation by herself and I knew it was going to be interesting to see what she would do next.

I showered and dressed. Once I was fully clothed and ready to go out, I found her waiting outside my door. She followed me as I backed in and sat on the edge of my freshly made bed. She closed the door behind her and then leaned into it for support.

I waited for her to say something as I looked straight at her.

Her eyes were lowered to the floor and after a long pause, she looked at me, into my eyes and said: “I don’t know what to say.”

I thought for a while, actually I waited for her to say something else but nothing came, so I decided to help her out of the situation by saying: “You don’t have to say anything, mom.”

“I think I do,” She looked at me very seriously. “The least I can say is that I am sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, mom. If anything, don’t be sorry.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want you to. I don’t want you to be sorry.”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“That I don’t know. But you don’t have to be sorry, that I do know.”

“Son, I was being a voyeur. I was looking at your nakedness with thoughts so unbecoming of a mother that I have to be sorry. I AM sorry.”

“Mom, sorry comes from guilt, okay. You don’t have to feel guilty. I don’t want you to feel guilty. If you enjoyed it, then so be it. I know I enjoyed knowing you were watching me. So, I was the willing voyeur-ee. But, I don’t feel guilty. I don’t want to feel guilty. It was the biggest thrill of my life.”

She was dumbfounded. I just looked at her.

She finally got a hold on herself. She even smiled a little when she asked, “So, that’s why you looked so horny because you knew I was watching you.”

I smiled myself, with a tremendous relief, “Yes, I was. I had these elaborate fantasies of you coming in and doing things to me.”

“Oh really! What kind of things?”

“Probably the kind you had in YOUR mind of doing when you looked at my…er…erection.”

She lunged at me. “You know, you are a naughty boy.”

I fell backward onto the bed as she jumped on top of me and started to mockingly choke me. I didn’t fight back and pretended like she had finished me off. There she was sitting on top of me with her ass on my pelvic area, her legs pressed on my sides, her butt feeling the heat coming from between my thighs. There I was laying there just enjoying the feel of her body against mine.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” she said as she realized how close a sexual contact we had made without even trying to get sexual.

“I am glad you did,” I said in a sort of dreamy voice which clearly betrayed my feelings.

“You would, wouldn’t you, you pervert.”

I reached with my hands and placed my palms firmly against her breasts. She closed her eyes as she gave a soft moan when I pressed on her boobs. I caressed them gently as I moved my hands from her breast to her sides and then got up to put my arms around her body and pull her into myself. She melted into me.

There we were, locked in an erotic embrace. She was sitting in my lap with her butt pressing onto my erect cock, her legs on my sides, extended completely out, her breasts pressing into my face, and her arms around my neck. I looked into her eyes, she looked into mine and then she lowered her face onto mine. She kissed me. Gently at first, more firmly and more passionately afterwards. We kissed for a long time, our lips locked together and our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as our hands explored each other’s bodies.

I moved from her lips and her mouth to her cheeks, chin and her neck and onto her cleavage. She pushed me back a little and started to remove her top. I quickly took my shirt off as well. I helped her with her bra and soon we were locked in the same embrace but with her naked breasts pressed hard into me. My hands were running all over her wildly. I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. I felt her boobs, I kissed them, I sucked on her nipples. She gave me a better direction when she moaned loudly as I sucked on her nipples. I turned and made her lie on the bed next to me as I went to work with my hands and mouth on her breasts. I caressed them, kneaded them, sucked on them, and licked them. My hands were on her breasts, on her stomach, feeling between her legs, on her hips and down her thighs. I was working frantically as I tried to cover every part of her body in my reach simultaneously.

I had to stop to catch my breath and she took that opportunity to remove her pants and her panties. There she was stretched in front of me as she waited for me to come back to her. I got up and I removed the last of my clothing as well. I stood towering over her as the shadow of my cock spread the entire length of her upper body. She was drawn to it like a magnet. She knelt in front of me and held it in her hands. She cupped my balls, she kissed the tip of my cock and then she took it into her warm, moist mouth. She sucked on it. She sucked the sides of it. She licked it all around with her tongue and even took my balls into her mouth. I was at the verge of coming and I had to stop her from continuing any further. I didn’t want to come too quickly.

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