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Outcall Massage

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It all started when I was looking on the Internet and found a site offering outcall massages. I had never tried one but as I read I got interested. The site said that someone would come to your hotel room and give you a massage. The idea excited me so I decided that the next day I would try it.

I woke up that morning nervous but excited to try something new. I waiting until just after noon and then checked into a hotel. I called the number on the site and someone answered in broken English. I should probably add that at the time I was living in Asia. I said I wanted a massage and was asked my hotel name and room number. I was told someone would be there in 30 minutes.

It was a long 30 minutes but right on time I heard a knock at the door. I looked out the peephole and saw a beautiful Chinese woman standing there. I opened the door and she walked in. She looked at me and gave me a hug before going into the room and putting her bag down. She was about 5’3 and looked great. She was wearing jean with a fitted t-shirt and flats. I was happy that she was dressed normal, as again, this was the first time I had checked into a hotel room and did anything like this. Her English was actually pretty good as she told me to relax and undress while she got ready.

She got a towel out of the bathroom and laid it on the bed. I wasn’t sure how much to take off so I stripped down to my boxers. I must admit at this point I was nervous and extremely horny. She asked me to lay face down on the bed while she got the oils out of her bag. She told me to close my eyes and then started the massage. The first thing she did was to whisper into my ear that I may be more comfortable without the boxers and it would help not get oils on them. I was nervous but again, agreed so I lifted my ass up little and she slide my boxers off. I lowered myself quickly because by this point I was getting hard and didn’t want her to know.

The massage started on my shoulders and back. Her hands felt great helping me to relax. After a few minutes I felt her legs touching my side and realized for the first time that she didn’t have her jeans on any longer. When did that happen? I didn’t mind and got even more excited but again, I didn’t remember her taking them off. She next stood at the front of the bed and starting massaging down my back. I lifted my head up a bit and noticed she had taken off her shirt as well. She was wearing black lace panties and a lace bra. She looked amazing and her breasts were larger then I thought. She clearly had a c cup. Her body was incredible.

She lightly pushed my head down and told me to relax. She continued to massage my back with her hands going further and further down each time to the point where she was very close to my ass. Just as she was about to reach my ass, she moved back to the bed and started working on my legs. She started on my calves and soon was up to my thighs. She moved my legs apart a bit as she starting working on my inner thighs. The way I was laying there was no way she couldn’t see my balls. As she massaged my thighs I could have swore the back of her hand brushed across my balls. At first I thought I imaged it because it seemed casual but then it happened sarıyer escort again. She switched sides and it happened again. I was so horny at this point I couldn’t stand it.

She then took my right leg and moved it so my foot was flat against my other leg. I had never laid like this before and for some reason felt really exposed. She continued to work on my thighs. But this time because of the way I was on the bed, she was able to reach under my thigh and massage all around me. All I could feel was her hands getting closer and closer to my cock. As she got closer, I thought I felt the side of her hand lightly brush across my cock, which was so hard at this point. Again I thought I imagined it because she made no reaction and the massage continued.

It didn’t take long to realize it did happen because now she was massaging me right on my inner thigh and each time, her hand was brushing across my cock. I was on fire. She made no attempt to touch my cock directly but the teasing was so intense. I next felt her hands massaging my sides and felt her hands reach under me and start massaging my lower stomach. My cock was resting on the bed right under my lower stomach so as she massaged me this way she was actually sliding her hand between my stomach and cock. I could feel the back of her hand rubbing back and forth along my length. I tried to lift my ass up hoping she was stroke me but she lightly pushed my ass back down and continued the massage.

Clearly she knew how hard I was and clearly was okay brushing against my cock but for some reach she wouldn’t do more. I started to wonder if all she was doing was teasing me or if there would be more. Either way, her hands under me were driving me insane. All of a sudden she finished with that leg and repeated her teasing on my other leg. Again, she let her hand brush against my cock but nothing else.

After a few minutes she stopped and I was lying there on my stomach. I could hear her squirting more oils into her hands. The next thing I felt was her lying on my back. The first thing I realized was that she was no longer wearing a bra or her panties because I could feel her naked body rubbing all over my back. I could feel her nipples rubbing all over me. There was so much oil on us that she was gliding across my body. A couple of times I felt her lightly blow into on ear as she massaged me with her body. I also could feel that she had a small amount of hair over her pussy because I could feel her hairs teasing my legs as she massaged me with her body. I had never experienced anything like this but it was amazing.

After a couple of minutes she got off of me asked me to roll over. I was little nervous because there was no hiding the fact that I was rock hard but I was also excited to see what would happen next and to finally be able to look at her. I rolled over and the first thing she did was look down at my cock. She gave what I thought was a little smile and then started to massage my shoulders. I could she her breasts right above me as she massaged me. She looked so serious that I started to think that I imagined the smile. I wanted to reach up and touch her esenyurt escort breasts but I decided to just let the massage play out.

After working on my shoulders she turned around and straddled me. I couldn’t believe it. Her pussy was 4 inches from my face. Her back was facing me and she started massaging my chest and down my stomach. As her hands went down my stomach her body slide along with them so her pussy was almost touching my face. I couldn’t believe it. I could tell she was wet as her lips were slightly open. All I wanted to do was run my tongue along her lips and find her clit. The first couple of times I didn’t do anything but then I starting to think that she has her pussy this close to me, I needed to try. As her body slide down, I stuck out my tongue and let it brush against her lips. For the first time I got to taste her and it was unbelievable. I was afraid she would pull away or tell me to stop but she didn’t do anything. At first she just kept massaging me like nothing was happening.

I licked her like this for a short period and then I heard her moan for the first time and knew I had to have more. I reached up and put my hands on her hips to bring her closer and starting licking her now exposed clit. She tried to continue the massage but then stopped to enjoy. I had my tongue inside her pussy and all over her swollen clit. This isn’t my favorite position to lick pussy so I attempted to roll her onto her back. She was reluctant at first but then I stopped licking her and she complied. She lay down on her back and I opened her amazing legs and got my first real view of her pussy lips and clit.

I moved down and started licking her. First I licked up and down her lips, and then her clit. She was really enjoying it and her moaning got louder. This just made me want to lick her more and she if I could actually make this woman who had been massaging and teasing me for the last hour, cum. To me there is nothing more erotic then making a woman cum and that I what I wanted but at the same time I didn’t want her to cum too quickly because she was so hot and here I was licking her pussy in a hotel room in the middle of the day.

At one point I took a pillow and put it under her ass so her pussy was more elevated and then I continued to lick her. I would slide my tongue inside her and then go back to her clit. Her clit was very sensitive so I had to be careful not to make her cum. She wasn’t in a rush, which turned me on even more. I used my hands to open up her pussy and pushed my tongue right down on her clit. After about 15 minutes I couldn’t wait any more and really focused on her clit. It didn’t take long for her moans to get louder and her breath to get faster. I could feel her body start to tense up, as she got closer to and orgasm.

I started sucking hard on her clit as her ass came off the pillow and she exploded in an intense orgasm. I licked her clit throughout the orgasm as I listened to her squealing. I held her hips tight to keep my tongue on her throughout and then she started to come down for her orgasm high. She was quiet for a minute and then opened her eyes and smiled at me. She said that was the first time one avrupa yakası escort of her customers did that for her. She then told me to relax and she would repay the favor.

She sat with her legs crossed on the bed and pulled me up so my ass was in her lap and a bit elevated. My legs were completed spread apart and my cock was just sitting in front of this beautiful woman. I couldn’t take her eyes off of her. The only thing I asked her was to go slow as she poured more oil right on my cock. I could feel the oils on the head of my cock as it started running down the length to my balls.

She started to run her fingers up and down the length very slowly alternating between looking at me and my cock. I watched as her fingers teased my head and the spot where my head and shaft meet. She quickly discovered how much I liked to be teased there and would keep coming back to her. She had me hold my legs up as she massaged my balls with one hand while massaging my cock with the other. She then did something I will never forget.

As she rubbed my balls she moved her hand down a bit and I could feel her fingers teasing me around my ass. I had never been teased here and wasn’t sure I wanted to be. I did have to admit it felt good and without realizing it, I let out a soft moan. I believe she took this as encouragement because she starting to tease me more around my ass. She teased all around the hole, which I found to be sensitive. She was still lightly teasing my cock but had slowed down while she teased my ass. I had my legs in the air while sitting on her lap to give her better access.

The next thing I felt was the tip of her finger lightly pushing inside. I wasn’t ready for this so I shook my head no but she told me to trust her. She pushed her finger in slightly more and I could feel my ass parting for her finger. I was so tight and could feel her finger stretching me. She went very slow and teased my cock while putting her finger deeper inside me. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I had never felt anything like this before. She slowly started moving her finger in and out of my ass like she was fucking me but slowly. As I got more comfortable she went faster and looked me right in the eyes. She said “you like how I am fucking you?” When she said that I almost came. I think she could tell because she slowed down and just left her finger in me.

With a finger inside my ass, she moved forward and started to lightly lick my cock. I could feel her tongue teasing the head and the shaft. She licked all over me but never took me in her mouth. She said “no more waiting”, and starting fucking my ass again while licking my cock. She took the head between her lips and used her tongue to lick my slit as she fucked my ass with her finger. All of this was too much for me and I could feel more orgasm coming. My shaft tensed up and I started to shoot my cum out. She had taken her mouth away and I came all over my stomach, neck and some on my face. Her finger never left my ass the whole time I came. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I could feel my ass tighten around her finger while I came but she didn’t take her finger out until I was done coming.

Once I finished she went to the bathroom to get a hot towel. She cleaned the cum off of me and then had me relax for a few minutes. She took a quick shower and got dressed. She gave me a hug and said if I wanted to see her again to ask for Becky the next time I called. As I left the hotel that afternoon, I knew I would be calling again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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