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Panty Boy Ch. 04

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This is a continuation as requested by many people. You should read at least Ch. 03 first.

She then pulled my panties back up, the string firmly wedged in my crack and my cock pointing up as opposed to its usual pointing out, so it fitted snugly in my panties.

Dee handed me a petite fours serving unit which was filled with a variety of oyster treats, naturale, Kilpatrick and Rockefeller.

I asked, “Do you really think they need aphrodisiacs?”

“Just go and enjoy,” was all she said as she pushed me through the door.

I strolled back into the lounge room, a bit of a spring in my step. The compliments I’d received and Dee’s encouragement had my exhibitionist side coming out.

The mature women were chatting and chatttering like women do and what I saw almost made me stop in my tracks. They’d removed their dresses, leaving Donna in panties and a quarter cup bra, her well preserved C cup breasts with their stiff nipples on display.

Louise had a peek-a-boo bra, with slits in the middle of the cups, exposing her nipples. She also wore similar panties and her legs were slightly apart, showing off her neatly trimmed pussy, the grey of her pubic hair made my cock swell even more.

Jean was totally naked due to the fact I was wearing her panties. The women obviously felt very comfortable being exposed like this. They continued to chat as I proceeded to bring their snacks, but all of their heads turned to me and all eyes were on my panty covered erection.

I have an average sized cock and have never prompted a ‘Wow, look at the size of that’, so it was very satisfying to know that size didn’t seem to matter to these ladies. The situation appeared to be more important to them.

I bent to place the oysters on the low table and Jean’s hand was immediately on my arse cheek, fondling it. “I don’t know about you ladies, but I like having a more mature waiter and he seems very comfortable in his job.”

Donna and Louise nodded and muttered words of agreement. “Mmm, what do we have here?” asked Louise, “I do like to nibble on a nice oyster,” then pulling the material of my panties over my cock, making it spring free to their gazes, “and I do like some cockles to go with them.”

She slid a natural oyster into her mouth iskenderun seks hikayeleri and then slid her lips over the head of my cock. I could feel the cold oyster in there with me and then the warmth of her tongue as it pushed the oyster down her throat and then explored my cock head with it.

She then swallowed my cock down her throat and pulled her mouth away. “Delicious,” she said to her cohort, “The sweetness of his precum compliments the saltiness of the oyster”.

I go to pull the front of my panties up, but Donna slaps my arse twice, “No you don’t. You can stay like that. I like being able to see your stiff little todger.”

I see Jean is lazily stroking her pussy. “Who wants to eat my oyster?” she says and they all laugh. She hooks her legs over the arm of her chair and spreads her old cunt wide. She looks at me and without any further instruction necessary, I drop to my knees and bury my face in her pussy.

I lick her outer lips up and down and then dip my tongue inside her to taste her juice. The whole time I’m breathing through my nose taking in her intoxicating aroma.

Jean’s hands reach down and pull her arse cheeks apart. Again, I need no further instruction and take my tongue to lick the puckers of her chocolate starfish. Jean moans, “He’s a good boy girls. I might lend him to you when I’m finished with him.”

It’s not until I feel the string of my panties being pulled across and my own arse cheeks being parted that it dawns on me that my butt is high in the air. I can see Donna out of the corner of my eye, so I know it’s Louise’s finger exploring my tight hole and then invading it in one swift thrust the whole way.

I dribble a small stream of precum onto the polished floor and Donna says, “I told you he’d be an anal boy,” as her hand goes into her panties and she inserts two fingers into her pussy.

Louise licks around my arsehole while she introduces another slender finger inside. I hear Jean moan before says directs me, “Push your tongue inside my arsehole and tongue fuck it and use your thumb on my clit.”

I hear Donna get up and leave the room, wondering what she’s up to, but I’m distracted by Louise’s fingernail tickling my frenulum. I feel more precum drip from the eye of my cock and Louise says to Jean, “We’ll be able to milk this boy next time. I think he’ll give us a lot of cream for our tea.”

I hear Donna return just then and she says, “But we have other plans for him this time, don’t we ladies?” I look up to see a strapless strap on cock seemingly sprouting from her cunt.

My cock throbs at the thought. Louise’s hands move to my arse cheeks and she pulls them open, the rush of air to my tight hole is exhilarating, as is the feeling of lube dripping on and into my arsehole.

The glimpse I had had of my impending invader made me feel a little at ease. Thick enough to stretch me, thin enough not to make it an ordeal and long enough to reach my bowels.

As I felt the head of Donna’s cock kiss my arsehole, I also felt Jean shift in her seat to get a better view, but her hands pulled my head with her so my mouth never left her old tasty cunt.

Louise was a bit breathless as she said, “Fuck him for us Donna. Take his sweet little arse for all of us.”

Donna pushed the head of her cock passed my sphincter and held it there. “Let mama know when you want some more, baby Sean.”

I waited a few seconds for my sphincter to adjust and said, “I’m ready mama, give it to me. Fuck me with your big cock.”

I could hear more lube being squirted onto her shaft and then Donna pushed that long cock into my arsehole. She did it slowly but surely, not stopping until her balls met mine.

“Good boy,” whispered, as she ground that cock into me and her end into her cunt.

This wasn’t any femdom, abusive, humiliating situation. The three women were treating it like a caring initiation, but at the same time it was solely for their entertainment.

I could hear the sound of a very wet cunt being fingered and surmised Louise must be enjoying herself. Jean ground her pussy into my face and I was sure she was enjoying herself. I knew I was.

Suddenly Jean started thrusting her pussy against my face like she was fucking it and I felt my face getting very wet and my mouth was filling with warm liquid. I didn’t know if she was pissing or squirting, but I didn’t mind either way.

She confirmed she was squirting by announcing her orgasm, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Push your tongue inside my cunt, Sean and fuck me with it.” I was happy to comply.

When Jean’s orgasm subsides she said, “Oh, that was good, but I’m thirsty now.” Apparently, Donna knew exactly what needed to be done to slake Jean’s thirst. Without removing her cock from me, she manoeuvred me so I knelt on Jean’s chair, a knee on each arm, so my drinking fountain was inches from her lips.

Jean whipped off my cock ring as deftly as Dee had applied it. She cupped my smooth, shaved balls and fondled them lovingly before coaxing me forward those extra few inches, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue at the same time, so the head of my cock lay on her tongue.

Donna was still slowly fucking my arse, the strap on occasionally stroking my prostate. There was a hushed and almost reverent silence. I later found out that these three women adore cum and everything about it. The taste, the smell, the sight of it shooting from the eye of a cock.

Jean’s tongue danced over my fraenum/frenum/frenulum, whatever you want to call the sensitive underside of my cock head. It literally took seconds of that treatment before my balls tightened, Jean’s eyes smiling with satisfaction and anticipation as she felt it happen.

A small amount of hot cream shot from my cock, quickly followed by not so much a long spurt, as a stream of cum. Then another and another and another. It was like I was pissing cum and the feeling was incredible.

This was no spoonful, this was half a cupful of spunk and it seemed like it wasn’t going to stop. Donna and Louise started giggling. Not a derisive giggle, but that giggle people get when something so horny happens their brains don’t know any other way to react.

As my shooting stream began to subside, Louise grabbed my shaft and stuffed the head of my cock in her mouth, lapping up the remnants of a monumental orgasm.

Jean’s mouth remained open, my cum clearly visible in it. Donna pulled her cock from my arse, leaving me with an empty but satisfied feeling and she moved around to press her lips against Jean’s, snowballing like a couple of teen porn sluts.

That sight prompted two more spurts of cum into Louise’s mouth. I was drained. My balls, literally and my body, physically and emotionally. Jean patted my arse and said, “Why don’t you go and get cleaned up, young man, while we decide what other perverted games we can play with you?”

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