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Prelude To An Evening Ch. 1

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Thomas pulled up to the beach house just as the oranges and reds from the setting sun ignited the clouds out over the ocean, which in turn ignited the ocean into its own brand of sparkling color. He turned the engine off and sat there for a moment, just starring out at the fiery sky and golden sea, wondering if Nature held any greater beauty than the ocean at sunset. His question was asked and answered in a heartbeat as he turned his head towards the front of the house.

The light from the sky and off the ocean hit Kara’s brownish-blonde hair in such a way as to set it shining more brightly and fiercely than both put together. Not only did it seem as if the entire scene, sun, ocean, light and hair was constructed for the sole purpose of accenting her beauty; but rather it seemed as though the sun and ocean and sky were competing in a friendly and futile game, attempting to outshine her. They all failed completely. She was gorgeous. Simply, profoundly.

She began walking towards the car, her body moving with a grace envied by the dolphins in the sea and a smoothness that made calm rivers jealous. Her hips swayed as though blown by the gentlest of breezes and her breasts bounced just ever so slightly, attracting the attention of the eye while leaving it free to explore the rest of her. Her legs crawled out of her dress at about mid-thigh, leaving just the right amount to the imagination. She looked at Thomas then, he was, as he always was, lost again in the beauty of her face. Eyes greener than the purest emeralds, lips fuller than any he’d ever seen before. Cheekbones, chin, her entire face…beautiful. Hair, hips, breasts, legs, eyes, lips, cheeks, chin; everything was put together in such a way that it seemed as if God himself was saying, “Hey. See what I can do.”

Thomas watched Kara walk, entranced. Then, as she got closer, a smile grew on his face, the same smile he wore whenever she came near him. Ear to ear, and then some.

“Hey, sexy,” she said to him, her voice a perfect melody, one to rival the most finely tuned violin.

“Hey, beautiful,” he answered. She walked around and got in, the automatic seatbelt closing around her body tightly. Lucky seatbelt. She leaned across the E-brake to kiss Thomas. Lucky Thomas. The kiss was soft and light, then stronger and heavier. Her tongue snaked into his mouth ever so briefly, giving him (and her) just a taste before she pulled away.

“We should get going,” Kara said, devilish smirk on her face. Thomas eryaman escort just smiled and put the car in reverse.

Fifteen minutes later found them cruising down the highway. The sun had by now sunk below the horizon and darkness was rapidly falling.

“Remind me again where we’re going,” Thomas asked.

“It’s an office party, I told you already.”

“Then why’d I have to get dressed up?” He looked down sheepishly at his tux.

“You wouldn’t want me to be dressed up without you, would you?” Thomas gave her a quick look up and down, studying the curves the tight black dress formed along her whole body, accenting everything.

“No, I suppose not. But why did either of us have to get dressed up?”

“It’s a theme, silly.”

“You know how much I hate this sort of thing.”

“What, gatherings?”

“Exactly. I don’t like people.”


“I mean, other people. I don’t like other people.”

“That’s better, I guess” she said, her mock anger sated. Kara rested her hand on his thigh. “But seriously, Tom, why don’t you want to do this? I thought it would be fun, you know, doing something.”

“It’s not that, I’m sure I’ll have a good time. It’s just I’d much rather be back at your place, making love to you until dawn.” He smiled as if joking, but they both knew he was serious. Her hand started to rub up and down his leg.

“So would I.” She was serious, too. “But we can still do that. Let’s just have a good time tonight.”

“Fair enough.” Her hand moved to his zipper.

“But here’s something to tide you over.” The zipper came down.

“Kara, what are you doing?”

“Well, I can’t have you walking around the party all night thinking of nothing else but making love to me. You just wouldn’t be civil,” she said. “Not that I would mind, of course.” Her hand went into his pants and began rubbing his cock through his boxers. A sigh escaped from his mouth.

“I suppose you’ve gotta do, ahh, what you’ve gotta, mm, do.”

“I’m glad you agree.” Her hand continued rubbing his rapidly rising erection. She reached through the fly in his boxers and freed his cock. Despite the cool temperatures that had come once the sun had set, Thomas was still rock hard. He felt Kara’s silky hand wrap around him, and she began to stroke up and down. Lightly and slowly, agonizingly pleasurable.

A moan escaped his lips.

As hard as it was for Thomas to steer straight with Kara’s wonderful hand massaging his manhood, it became all sincan escort but impossible when she dropped her head to his lap and began running her tongue along his length. Up one side, down another. The she began to circle her tongue around his width, all the while keeping her hand wrapped tight around the base of his prick. With his cock now slick from her saliva, Kara began once again to pump him up and down. Harder now, faster. Thomas’s moans were becoming almost continuous. His driving was becoming increasingly erratic as he tried to keep the car straight while savoring the feel of Kara’s hand jacking his spit-slickened cock.

All throughout the marvelous hand job, Kara would occasionally bend down and lick lightly at the tip of Thomas’s prick. One of these licks took an incredible turn when, instead of simply licking at the tip, Kara’s whole mouth covered the head and held on, the suction created by her lips forming a tight seal around Thomas’s prick.

He almost crashed then.

Her head began to slowly sink down his length. Thomas could feel his cock sliding ever deeper and deeper into her mouth, the warm wetness filling his entire awareness. When his dick hit the back of her mouth and began sliding down her throat, still agonizingly slowly, he thought he would lose it. But Kara knew her man better than that. Just then she stopped and simply held him in her mouth, giving him time to recover. She wanted this to last. With his cock buried to almost three-fourths of its length inside her mouth and throat, Thomas felt as though he was in paradise.

When she sensed Thomas had had enough time, Kara began her ministrations again, this time running her tongue along the sensitive underside of his cock as she kept it in her mouth. Between her tongue, her lips still holding tight, and her mouth, Kara was going to force Thomas off the road. Somehow, he managed to keep the car on the road even as he moaned and sighed and gasped under her careful attention.

Kara retreated her mouth from his prick until she held only the head in her mouth. Then, in one fell swoop, she sunk her head down, taking his entire length into her mouth and throat until her face was buried in his pubic hair. This sent Thomas right back to the brink. For a moment, Kara just held him there, reveling in the scent of his crotch as Thomas reveled in the feel of her smooth velvet throat and warm wet mouth. Her tongue was moving the entire time, massaging whatever parts of batıkent escort Thomas’s cock it could reach. Kara pulled back again, only to push forward again, taking his entire length. She repeated this several more times, down, up, down, up, increasing the speed of her bobbing every time until she was practically fucking her mouth with his prick. Faster and faster she went, all the time maintaining the suction with her lips and the action with her tongue.

“I’m gonna cum…” Thomas managed to whisper between moans. Kara was in no position to reply verbally, so she replied by redoubling her efforts on his cock. She wanted to taste his sperm, wanted it badly. She was almost as worked up by the blowjob as he was. Her mouth flew up and down on his cock, still faster. Sensing how close Thomas was, Kara took her mouth off his cock and grabbed it with her hand and began jacking furiously. Her hand was a blur on his prick as she poised her open mouth right above his cock, waiting for his sperm. Thomas’s moans were reaching a crescendo as Kara worked to bring him to an explosive orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum…” he repeated.

“Good. Cum in my mouth, I want to taste you.” This was the last straw for Thomas as he passed his breaking point and began to spurt.

The first jet of semen arched straight into Kara’s waiting mouth. She then quickly sank her mouth back down to cover Thomas’s cock completely as he deposited jet after jet of hot semen down her throat. Thomas was surprised he hadn’t passed out from the pleasure as he felt his orgasm start to subside.

It was then that he noticed he was doing nearly ninety miles an hour down the highway. He gently slowed the car. He also noticed that the last rays of light from the sun had disappeared and now the only light came from his own headlights. He was shocked again that he’d managed to keep from crashing.

Kara’s mouth still covered Thomas’s cock and she sucked, milking the last of his jizz. Thomas could see her throat pulse as she swallowed the load he’d left in her mouth. How did I get so lucky? he asked himself. Once satisfied that she had gathered all she could, and that Thomas was a clean as possible, Kara lifted her head, smacked her lips, and began tucking Thomas back into his pants. Then, with her head still in his lap, Kara looked up at him and said,

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied without hesitation. She lifted her head to his and gave him a long, soft kiss before settling back into her seat. They drove on to the party, each looking forward to it now, but moreso they were eager for the times they’d have afterwards…


There is more to this story, but I was just curious to see how this part was received. Lemme know.

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