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Princess and the Pee

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“What the Fuck?!” Princess screamed as I entered the bathroom.

She was naked, in the shower, the water cascading over her lush eighteen year old body. I had always called my stepdaughter “Princess” ever since we met when she was about 6 years old. Initially, it had been a tribute to her tiny perfect Disney blonde good looks. As puberty changed her attitude from sweetness to entitlement, the nickname had become overlaid with sarcasm.

Princess lived mostly with her father, since her Mom had abandoned them when Princess was just two or three, preferring a lifestyle of drinking and fucking around to domestic bliss. Not surprisingly, we had met in a bar, and she had gone home with me the first night. We had fucked like rabbits from then on, but my wife was not the monogamous sort. Fortunately, thinking of her body writhing around a hard strange cock just turned me on. Gradually though, we had grown apart and my sex life consisted mostly of my right hand.

Even with Princess only an intermittent visitor, it had not escaped my attention that in the past few years she had blossomed into a hot curvaceous young woman – a full round tight ass, a pair of pendulous tits that looked great in sweaters, doe eyes, a pendulous lower lip framing a mouth that begged to suck a cock. Not just any cock- in my fantasies, it was made to swallow my fat cock. I had jerked off to that fantasy many times.

My urges had become more urgent in the past couple of weeks. Princess had moved in with us, after her Dad had caught her fucking her boyfriend. I had met the young man, and bet he had a nice hard young cock. I would have loved to watch Princess suck that cock, and be fucked by it. Her real Dad though had told her she could not move back in until she promised to quit fucking. Since that was not going to happen, her stay with us was indefinite. We all bet her Dad, who had never remarried, would give in, but until then, our house had another resident.

Our one bathroom house.

“I have to piss really badly,” I explained to Princess, “and my bladder got tired of waiting for you to run out of hot water.”

Princess had clutched the shower curtain across her ample firm bosom, ignoring the fact that it was transparent plastic, so it did nothing to hide the view of the droplets dripping off her pink bubblegum nipples. Her movement just drew my attention to them rather than to completing my urgent task.

“Piss off,” she spat back, “you can’t just walk in on me when I’m naked.”

“It’s my house, I’ll piss whenever I want to,” I asserted. “And the way you flounce about, I’ve already imagined everything ten times over. Seeing your goodies for real is much less erotic than my imagination, trust me.”

THAT got Princess’ attention. She dropped the shower curtain, shoved it aside and turned to face me with her arms spread and feet apart. I noticed that she still had pendik escort a wisp of pubic hair, matted by the water, but clearly matching her natural blonde colouring.

“Well, take a good look, then piss off… this is the closest you’ll ever get to these goodies, so I hope you enjoy jerking off to the memories, you pathetic old man.”

I felt an urge to spank her, but the urge to piss was more urgent.

“Piss on, more like it,” I growled in response. “Piss on you, in fact.”

As I spoke, I unzipped my pants. My engorged cock was weighty with the pressure of bladder fighting with my roiling balls, so it fell out into the warm moist air. In spite of herself, Princess took a good look, and I noticed that her lower lip quivered as her mouth dropped open just a touch.

“On your knees,” I commanded.

Looking back, if I had been thinking at that moment, I never would have expected Princess to obey, but she did, sinking to the porcelain bottom of the tub, legs tucked under that great ass, arms still spread invitingly, the now lukewarm water splashing off her head and shoulders.

“I’m ready,” she whispered.

“What did you say?”

“Piss on me, treat me like the slut my real Daddy says I am. Baptize me into your sick kinky family. Clearly you won’t be satisfied with less.”

Her surrender was complete.

That demand was just what my bladder needed to overcome my prostate in the war for my urethra. I held my hose in my hand and directed a strong spray at Princess, bright sunflower coloured liquid arcing through the air.

The lead edge of the flow caught Princess in the forehead, and ran down her nose. I noted that she stuck her tongue out to sample my offering as I stepped closer to the tub, redirecting my flow onto her hair, where it ran down in rivulets onto her shoulders.

Princess raised her arms, turning her palms up and cupping those delicious looking mounds on her chest. I understood what she wanted, and shifted my aim so that my piss struck her chest, running down to coat the slopes of each tit, tiny drops dangling from each nipple until she flicked them off with a red tipped finger, only to have them replicated again and again.

I knew my bladder would soon be empty and I knew that this christening was not yet complete.

“Open your mouth,” I directed, stepping right to the edge of the tub. I reached out and shut off the water before it chilled Princess and spoiled this impossible perfect moment.

Princess tilted her head back slightly, arching her neck and back, offering me a fresh and exciting view of how her tits defied gravity. She also opened her jaw wide. I could not help thinking that I was right, my cock would fit perfectly in that mouth. My balls grew taut to my taint, ready to pump out great gobs of goo in appreciation of that thought, but my bladder was not yet ready to relinquish maltepe escort control.

Princess extended her tongue, laying it flat along her lower lip, just the rounded end reaching her skin. Her mouth was wide open, her head tilted perfectly for my stream to flood her throat. I aimed carefully, painting the whole surface of her pink tongue as well as massaging her tonsils. Her throat muscles visibly throbbed, working to swallow the nectar.

Even the best things cannot last forever, and soon my volume started to flag, and I leaned over the tub, my free hand grabbing the shower rod for balance. Princess rose up off her haunches, still kneeling, but her mouth reaching toward me like a baby bird greedily seeking food from its mother. She gulped down my final spurt and then ran her tongue around her glistening lips.

As my abdominals relaxed, my bladder empty, I noticed how hard her nipples had become. She must have noticed my eyes moving, because she rolled her fingers again along those nubs, which were still moist with my urine. She raised each finger to her mouth and slowly licked them clean, sucking them into her cheeks like they were miniature cocks and rolling them with her tongue as if she was licking a lollipop.

Princess grinned up at me as she finished grooming herself, her fingers again falling to lightly fondle her own nipples. I watched her eyes travel from my face downward.

“It’s dripping,” she moaned.

“Normally I shake that off.”

“I want to lick it off.”

We moved together, me leaning forward, Princess raising up, her hand reaching to grasp my shaft, her fingers curling around mine. She lifted my prick until it was a bit more than perpendicular with the floor, gently, not dislodging that droplet. Her breath was warm against my groin. I felt my balls tighten further, ready to assert their need for release now that my bladder was done.

Princess flicked her tongue under my tip, her flesh barely grazing the tender flap of skin that tied helmet to shaft. I felt the lightness as the moisture was licked away. She leaned her head back, but did not release her grip on my cock. Instead, her hand moved slightly, stroking it, but almost like it was instinct or accident, rather than intentional.

“It really IS delicious,” she grinned up at me, her teeth shining with my contribution.

My cock throbbed in her fist, thinking with a mind of its own.

“Oh, poor thing, swelling like that. My boyfriend says it’s unhealthy for a guy to go around with a hard cock without relief.” Princess giggled. I guessed that her normally bitchy personality would reappear to balance against the taboo pleasure we had just shared. “I don’t really believe him. I think it is just an excuse for him to get me to give him a hand job, or a blow job, or even to fuck him. What he doesn’t get is that I really like to do those kartal escort things. I love his cock. Maybe I just love cock.”

Her eyes were dreamy. No bitchiness at all. Her hand continued pumping my organ, as it gradually filled, this time with blood not urine.

“I hate the thought of you having to go jerk off to relieve yourself,” she continued, “knowing that you will be imagining my tits, my ass, my mouth. I bet you’d like to fuck me. I bet you’d love to fuck my tits. I bet you wonder if my ass is virgin.”

Her mouth was again near the tip of my penis. I had to fight a strong urge to just grab her hair and shove my fully engorged member straight deep into her throat. That was a move I had imagined many times, when she had been teasing me.

My restraint was rewarded as her tongue again teased my slit.

“Mmmm – tastes different – a salty sweetness,” she giggled. “Oh, I know- it’s precum! You want to blow a wad right in my mouth.”

Princess shrugged then giggled again. “I guess it would wash the pee taste off my tongue.”

Without another sound, she grinned, opened wide and took my full length deep into her throat in a single forward motion of her head. I had dreamed of this many times, but the reality was a thousand times better. Her mouth was warm, wet, velvety around my cock. Her tongue was talented, toying with the bottom and sides of the shaft as she started bobbing along the length, curling the tip of that tongue around the edge of my helmet as she almost but not quite released me from her hungry lips, only to suck me deep again.

Her mother was an indifferent cocksucker at the best of times, but Princess was the best I had ever experienced. She seemed to never stop the endless variations of tonguing as her fingers first teased, and then fondled and then milked my scrotum. I wish I could say that my maturity allowed me to prolong the moment, but when I look back on it, as I often do, I realize that it now seems longer than it was, because I replay it in my mind in slow motion.

The reality is that Princess, barely 18, was such a skilled cocksucker that I came almost immediately, just like one of her high school conquests, my seed rushing forth out of my balls, surging up my shaft, exploding in a gush out of my slit into her mouth, coating her tongue, painting her perfect teeth. Princess proved to be no shrinking violet after the payoff, either, swallowing the initial spurt and continuing to pump my shaft until she had fully emptied my organ, my deflated balls once again dangling relaxed in their sack.

Princess then leaned her head back, beaming up at me with what seemed an odd mixture of command and desire for a compliment. My sperm gleamed on her teeth, a single strand connecting them to that pendulous lip which had entranced me for so long. Her eyes were dancing. Silently, she bent toward me again, tongue flitting out to capture the final morsel that dangled from the tip of my cock like my urine had moments earlier.

“Mmm, good to the last drop,” she sighed as she released my cock from her hand. “Now, do you think you can pass me a towel like a good boy?”

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