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Punishing The Unruly Son Ch. 08

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is about the lewd, provocative and embarrassing punishment a young man gets from his mother and sister because of his bad behavior, and, how the punishment affects all of them. It is not BDSM, although in this chapter, it might appear that way. All the characters are over 18 years of age and members of the same family. Please select another story from the vast Literotica library if this doesn’t interest you.


It was an incredibly touching experience to see the happiness in my mother’s eyes after my little brother’s spanking.

Please don’t get me wrong here….. Mom wasn’t happy she had to spank Bobby. I think what made her happy was the way Bobby took his medicine without one complaint, and, how he accepted the extremely humiliating act of obedience she presented him with.

At first, I thought she was kidding when she began Bobby’s spanking. The little, light slaps on his naked butt cheeks seemed like nothing. But, then they drew on and on. When Bobby’s butt turned pink, she kept it up. After his butt cheeks turned red, she still continued. And, even though the force of her dainty slaps on his bare ass never increased, over time it became a miserable ordeal for Bobby to endure. I knew it had gotten dreadfully painful for him when he started crying and his body lurched and trembled every time Mom’s hand hit his red cheeks.

Mom went to great lengths to speak to him in a gentle voice as his discomfort began to grow. She watched his face for signs of pain and monitored him carefully throughout his ordeal, and, when it appeared he’d had enough, she quickly stopped.

She was ready to console and comfort him when his spanking was over, even to the point of being prepared to take his mind off the intense sting that spread across his butt. She warned him before she even started – telling him his spanking was going to sting like hell. And, she certainly told the truth.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of Bobby’s spanking, though, was the mysterious spray bottle she had. After his spanking was over, she sprayed his butt cheeks with the solution in that bottle, and, almost immediately, the redness vanished and Bobby’s pain subsided. I’m not kidding – just as fast as she sprayed his butt cheeks, the skin returned to a normal color and all his pain was gone. Wow.

Together, the three of us shared a hug, celebrating the end of Bobby’s spanking and the hope of a new beginning in our home. Mom praised Bobby for taking his spanking in such an honorable way, and now, it was time for Bobby’s good behavior reward.

Mom held Bobby’s hand in hers as she led his still naked body up the stairs to his bedroom. She stopped at his doorway and ushered him inside with me following right behind. As I walked by her, she gave me one of her classic “Mommy” smiles – the kind she used to give us when we brought home a good report card, or gave her a hand painted card for Mother’s Day.

“Sweetheart,” Mom said to Bobby, “you go stretch out on your bed for a few minutes while I talk to your sister. We’ll be back shortly to give you your reward.”

As we turned to leave, Bobby was stretching out on his bed and clasping his hands behind his head as it came to rest on top of his pillow. “Don’t fall asleep on us.” Mom said, giggling. “It would be quite a shame to miss your reward, you know.”

Making no attempt to cover his nakedness, Bobby assured her he wouldn’t fall asleep, and with that, Mom pulled me across the hall, into her room and shut the door behind her.

As soon as she closed the door, her hands flew up to her cheeks, her jaw dropped open and she looked at me like she was speechless. “I swear,” she said to me, talking in a hushed voice, “I’m almost ready to call this whole punishment thing off!”

“Why would you do that?” I asked.

“I’m this close,” Mom answered, holding up her thumb and index finger to where they were almost touching, “to wanting to jump my own son’s bones!”

I had to laugh, especially with the look on her face and the urgency in her words.

“I know what you mean.” I said, smiling in front of her. “He’s so innocent, and his body….. is….. well, you’ve seen it…. you know what I mean!”

“Look, Sandra,” Mom said, smiling along with me, “I want you to promise me that from now on, you won’t repeat anything you and I talk about in private to your brother. Or, anyone else, okay?”

“Yeah.” I agreed immediately.

“And that goes double for anything we do to him.” Mom said, sternly. “All this stays just between us…. me, you and him.”

“Of course.” I replied.

Mom turned around and walked to the center of the room, pacing nervously, and then looked up at me. “I’ve had to change my underwear twice already today.” She told me, throwing her arms up in the air. “I’ve been as wet as a horny schoolgirl all day, and I’m soaked again. Every time I’m close to him I just want to grab his penis….. and do things to him. I mean nasty things, pendik escort Sandra….. really nasty things.”

She asked me if I saw how hard his cock was and how much precum he leaked onto the carpet after his spanking – while she was running that skinny dildo in and out of his bottom. When I told her I didn’t even notice he had an erection, she stopped in her tracks and told me there was a three inch wet spot on the carpet underneath him where his cock had dripped.

“That boy is bursting at the seams to ejaculate, Sandra.” Mom said, looking up at me with a concerned look on her face. “When he finally goes, it’s gonna be a real squirter.”

“Okay.” I said to her. “I’m having the same kind of thoughts you are, so let’s get it out in the open, okay? Both of us are ready to fuck the living daylights out of him.”

“Sandra!” Mom exclaimed, softly. “Your language!”

“Well, it’s true and you know it.” I answered. “Maybe the best thing to do is just accept the inevitable. Brother or not….. son or not, you know where this is going to lead.”

“Are you actually suggesting we should have sex with your brother?” She asked. “Like, full penetration? Intercourse?”

“Mom,” I replied, “think about it. We undressed him, fondled him and stroked his cock. We even had our fingers up his butt and we’ve both fucked his ass with a dildo. Don’t you think that’s already pretty close to having sex?”

“I see what you mean,” she relented, “but you’re talking about going all the way to full intercourse now, Sandra. Where would it end?”

“Mother,” I answered, pulling her over to the bed and sitting down next to her, “this isn’t hard to understand. He’s over eighteen years old and the boy is still a virgin. He’s never even touched a girl – he told me that himself. He’s probably never even seen a real female naked. Is it any wonder why he’d take our panties? We’re the only girls in his life and he doesn’t have any prospects. So, given what we’ve already done, I think it’s pretty reasonable to think we’d end up having sex with him before the seven days are over.”

“Besides,” I added, in a confident tone, “I think having sex with him would really demonstrate how much we loved him, and how nice it could be around here if he really changes his behavior. It’s good positive reinforcement for a boy his age.”

Mom sat there thinking about what I said. When she glanced up at me, I finished everything I had to say by adding, “If you can’t do it, I will.”

“You’ll do what?” Mom asked.

“I’ll be his sex teacher.” I said, proudly. “I’m on the pill.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Sandra. Let’s talk this through tonight after we put him to bed.” Mom said, looking at the clock on her dressing table. “I can see your point and I’m tempted to agree, but, we don’t have time to talk about it now.”

Suddenly, Mom’s face perked up and she ran over to Dad’s old closet and pushed her way to the very back of it. Picking up a box and putting it on the bed, she pulled open the flaps of the box and reached inside. I stood up to see what she was doing, and when I got close enough to look down into the box, I saw it was filled with several sex toys.

In the fifteen seconds I had to look down into the box before Mom gave me a glaring look and asked me to step back, I saw several dildos, vibrators, handcuffs and what looked like a strap-on harness. But shortly after she turned her attention back to the box, she smiled and pulled out a leather blindfold, two white scarves and a small plastic container.

Hastily closing the box and leaving it right there on the bed, she held up the small plastic container in front of me and said, “Ear plugs.” Then, smugly, she held up the blindfold and the scarves and said, “Okay, here’s the plan.”

Mother explained she wasn’t prepared yet to do anything overtly sexual with Bobby. However, if we blindfolded him so he couldn’t see, put earplugs in his ears so he couldn’t hear, and tied his hands so he wouldn’t be able to touch us, she felt she could get through it long enough to give him his reward, and then she and I would figure the rest out once he was in bed.

“Sounds good to me.” I said. Then I asked her, “What do you have in mind for a reward?”

“Just follow my lead, Sandra.” She said. “If this works, your brother ought to be completely blown away.”

Mom was as giddy as I’ve ever seen her. Whatever she had in mind was certainly unusual and from the look on her face, I could tell she was incredibly excited.

Mom opened the door and we went back across the hall into Bobby’s room. Mom was holding the items she took from the box behind her back, hiding them from Bobby’s sight so he wouldn’t see them when we walked in. I tried excruciatingly hard to keep a calm, serious look on my face and I was doing a good job of it. But once we were standing next to Bobby’s bed, Mom started giggling, and even though I tried hard not to, it was only a matter of seconds before she and I were both giggling as he maltepe escort looked up at us.

“Sweetheart,” Mom said to Bobby, as she regained her composure, “Your sister and I both agree you deserve an extra special reward for everything you’ve been through today, and the way you behaved yourself. So, we’re prepared to do something incredibly nice for you. But, we’re going to ask you to put up with a little inconvenience so we can reward you properly. Are you going to be okay with that?”

“Yeah, sure.” My brother answered, with an inquisitive look on his face.

Mom broke into a giggling fit again and handed me the scarves, blindfold and earplugs. “Sandra, first, put the blindfold on him and then the earplugs. Then, I want you to tie your brother’s wrists to the headboard so he’s not tempted to try to move while he’s being rewarded.”

Sitting down next to Bobby, Mom patted his chest and assured him he had nothing to worry about, telling him she was sure the reward would be better for him if he wasn’t able to see, hear or move. “Trust me, Sweetheart,” Mom promised him, “you’re gonna love this, and if it’s not as good as I’m promising….. well….. uh….. I’ll let you spank your sister. How’s that?”

“Mom!” I yelled.

“Well, I guess we just better make it good then, huh?” Mom answered, bursting into laughter again and looking up at me while she and Bobby laughed together.

“Now I want his hands restrained lightly, Dear.” Mom said to me. “Don’t make them too tight, but I don’t want him to be able to get loose, either. I have a few more things to gather up, so, you get busy and I’ll be right back.”

Mom practically danced out of Bobby’s room leaving my brother looking up at me, saying this better be one hell of a good reward or he’d be pulling my panties down and smacking my butt pretty soon.

“Shush.” I said, shaking my finger at him and telling him I was sure he was going to like it.

I did as Mom said; putting the blindfold on him first, securing it behind his head and making sure it covered his eyes so he couldn’t see anything. As I was working on the ear plugs, Mom tip-toed in carrying a clean towel and several things stacked on top of it. I casually looked to see what she brought in and was shocked to see the skinny dildo which she slipped into Bobby’s bottom after his spanking, along with a bottle of lubricant. Looking up at her, she grinned at me and walked out of the room again, whispering to me she’d be back in a minute.

Shaking my head from side to side wondering what she was up to, I got his ear plugs in, tied one wrist, and then the other loosely to his headboard and tugged on them to make sure they were secure enough to hold him without being uncomfortable. Taking out one of his earplugs, I asked him sweetly him not to try to get loose. He gave me a devilish grin and said he wouldn’t. I got his earplug back in just in time before Mom came back into Bobby’s bedroom.

When she came in, I about gasped. She had taken off her shorts and sandals and stood there in just her top, bra and panties. Then, walking over to my tied up little brother, she leaned down and pulled out one of his ear plugs.

“Can you see anything?” Mom asked.

He told her he couldn’t see a thing, and after he answered, she sat down on the bed next to him and reached out to grasp his soft penis in her hand.

“So,” she began, “I want you to lie here and try to be still like a good boy, and let us do this for you. Alright?”

Bobby smiled, and nodded his head up and down quickly. She told him not to try to do anything – just relax and let it happen. And afterwards, she told him, we’d take him into the bathroom so he could brush his teeth and go potty if he needed to, then we’d put him in bed. She told him again how proud she was of him and told him we expected him to be just as good tomorrow, too. Bobby promised he would.

“Okay.” Mom said. “Enjoy your reward.”

She put the earplug back in his ear, handed me a pony tail holder and told me to gather my hair back and slip my shorts off. “Just do it.” She said as she stood up. “You’ll see.”

That’s when I noticed she was holding something else – panties.

I almost fainted when I saw my powder blue panties dangling from her fingers along with another pair. “Those were in my hamper.” I said, quietly, pointing to the blue panties in her hand.

“I know, Sandra.” Mom answered. “And these were in mine.” She said, holding up a pair of her own panties.

“Mom” I cautioned her, “you realize I took those off earlier because they were sopping wet, don’t you.”

“Uh huh.” She said, smiling, and holding up hers. “These are ones I took off a little while ago for the same exact reason, Dear. After hearing his confession, can you think of a better way to get this boy started than by rubbing both our panties on his face? You heard what he said, right?”

As we stood there looking at my naked little brother tied to the bed, she said she kartal escort had it all figured out. I’d start out by rubbing our panties all over his face, and letting him indulge himself by sniffing and tasting them if he wasn’t too bashful to do that in front of us.

While I was doing that, she was going to lubricate his bottom and slip the skinny dildo back into his butt since he seemed to enjoy that so much after his spanking

Once she had the dildo snuggly up inside him, she said she’d take over teasing his face with our panties and I could get some experience working the dildo in and out of his lubricated butt.

Mom explained we’d take everything slow and easy, torturing him with the panties for a while. At some point, we’d place the wet crotch panels of our panties into his mouth, and one of us would work the dildo in and out of his bottom while the other one lovingly sucked his cock.

Her plan was to trade off, each of us sucking him for a minute or two at a time, and we’d keep taking turns until one of us made him cum.

Mom eyes lit up with excitement as she looked at me, waiting for me to say something. Personally, I thought the plan was brilliant and I told her so.

“Okay, then,” Mom said, “get your shorts off and start teasing him with the panties.”

“Alright,” I answered, “but why are taking our shorts off?”

“I was thinking we might get the chance to rub ourselves on him a little. You know, maybe he’d get a kick out of that.” Mom added. “Plus, I don’t think it would do any harm for him to see us in our panties when we untied him and took the blindfold off.”

As soon as I had my shorts off, the wet spot in the pink panties I was wearing was very evident to her and I saw her staring at it. “Don’t you dare say anything.” I said to her. “You’re just as wet as I am.” I said, pointing at the wet spot between her legs.

“Believe me, I know.” She said, chuckling again. “He ought to enjoy seeing how wet we are once we take the blindfold off.”

“Oh, one last thing.” Mom said, grabbing my arm and handling me the two pairs of panties. “Boys his age have a hair trigger, and given the amount of erections he’s had today, let’s try not to get him too close until we’re ready to bring him off. When we decide it’s time, I think we should just go for it…… make him ejaculate as soon as we can. He’s waited long enough.”

“Mother,” I answered, smiling back at her, “Don’t you think we deserve a chance to enjoy this, too? I mean…… if he’s gonna be blindfolded and can’t hear anything, isn’t this a good time take advantage of the situation?”

I think Mom probably understood exactly what I meant, but, I also understood my little brother’s urgent need to finally get his release. Either way, I knew it didn’t matter because he could blow at any time. He might erupt the exact instant those panties hit his face, or we might have to work on him for an hour. Deep down, though, I secretly wanted to be the lucky one that brought him off, and if I was, I knew exactly what I’d do when the moment came.

Mom told me she wanted us to start at the same time, thinking it would add an additional confusion factor to Bobby’s tied up condition. I liked that idea a lot, primarily because I thought it might keep him from coming too soon. And as we looked at each other, Mom asked if I was ready. We nodded to each other and both stepped forward at the same time.

I sat down on the edge of Bobby’s bed at the same instant Mom climbed up from the bottom. As I reached forward with my ridiculously wet blue panties in my hand, Mom was reaching for Bobby ankles.

First, I gently drug my blue panties across my little brother’s face three or four times from side to side, letting the crotch linger at his nose for a moment each time. Once he got a whiff of my panties, I knew I had his attention because he immediately moaned and tried to follow the smell by turning his head as I pulled them across his face.

As I did that, Mom had grasped Bobby’s ankles and pushed them up toward his bottom, causing his knees to come up. Once they did, she reached up and pushed his knees out, opening his crotch up to her. She adjusted his feet and knees again until he was lewdly spread open with his cock, balls and anus easily seen, and completely accessible to her.

I swapped panties, setting mine down and dragging my mother’s wet panties across Bobby’s face several times. As I did it, I had a chance to look at her panties in my hand, and they were just as wet and slimy as my blue ones were. It was a little freaky holding another female’s wet panties in my hand, and I was reminded of something Bobby said to us during his panty confession – that our panties smelled different.

A quick glance told me Mom was busy squeezing some lube out on her finger, so I quickly lifted her panties to my face and smelled them. Just as I did it, Mom looked up to see me holding her panties up to my nose, and then turned her attention back to what she was doing. I immediately felt embarrassed, but she glanced up at me again and said, “I already smelled yours…… when I picked them out of your hamper. I was curious, too, and smelled both our panties side by side. And, yes, we do smell a little different.”

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