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Rain Games: Suzie’s Torment

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Big Tits

I waited until I heard my husband Roy’s car drive out of the yard before I got up and headed for the bathroom. I’d just given up trying to coax an orgasm into being after about nearly an hour of rubbing my clit and vigorously finger fucking my pussy and my lubricated butt hole (a recently discovered pleasure). Prior to my failed attempt I’d been dreaming of being forcibly fucked by my young and pretty lez neighbour, who had never really made a pass at me but I could tell from her bold, appraising looks, had me on her mind.

It was those fresh images of tribbing and pussy eating playing around in my head that forced me to seek self-fulfillment. But after it became obvious that no amount of self-stimulation was going to get me off I sighed in frustration and reached for the bottle on the bedside cupboard and took a straight swig of rum. I’d been hitting that bottle before going to bed the night before; another recent indulgence.

I’d never had any girl on girl experience other than when a cousin of mine who was also my best friend, made a shocking, pre-dawn move on me following a sleep over at her house after her birthday party. I was awakened by the twin stimulations of her nibbling my nipple through the fabric of my nylon nightie while gently massaging my pussy which was neatly cupped in her palm.

We were both twenty at the time and nothing she’d ever said or done in my presence pointed to her being into girls; she dated guys. Maybe it was just an isolated experiment brought on by the weed we smoked just before going to bed.

So, when I realized what was happening I remained still with my eyes closed for about two minutes, wondering how to deal with the unwanted attention without being hostile or making her feel embarrassed. When her hand went under the nightie hem and pulled aside the panty leg and I felt a finger part my sex lips and her mouth moved from nibbling to wetly sucking on my nipple I decide it was time to act.

I made a little protesting sound while turning onto my side away from her, then immediately sprung up into a sitting position and clutched my chest, causing her to immediately shy away. Pretending to be breathing hard and in a state of fright, I held my chest and whispered nervously that I’d been having a nightmare. I showed no sign of awareness of what she had done and she was obviously relieved when I said a smiling good morning and started up a normal girlie conversation about events of the past night.

Although I’ll admit it did feel good, and had even briefly played with the idea of letting her go a little further, I didn’t really care for that kind of action; I like hard cock period.

Roy, at age fifty had been diagnosed with diabetes five years ago and gradually started having difficulty either having or sustaining an erection. We would often have to settle for him pleasing my pussy with his mouth and fingers, skills he’d always been good at so I didn’t exactly miss the lengthy periods between cock penetration, but the frequent failures worried and embarrassed him causing him to eventually desist from all sex play entirely. I told him penis penetration wasn’t a big deal and that he satisfied me just as well with his mouth and hands, but that had no effect on him; he continued to neglect me. So I haven’t had a cock in my pussy or mouth in two years.

As Roy became progressively ill-tempered and quarrelsome and took to heavy drinking, I soon became just like him, snapping at everything and seeking solace in drink. A year ago he began sleeping in one of the two bedrooms that our two children had used before one got married and the other left to study abroad, where she remained. Without any discussion we both accepted the changes. Now we hardly ever talk or eat together or go out. We keep to our separate rooms most of the time with our liquor and TV.

I usually never drink early in the morning and never before having breakfast so the early swig on an empty belly had me feeling a bit tipsy as I emptied my bladder in the bathroom.

After a cold shower I made myself a light breakfast and then set about doing something unusual; putting on makeup and perfume even though I wasn’t planning on going out. I was feeling sexy and wanted to look sexy. So I made up and then put on a short, sheer, white teddy nightie that barely fell below my crotch. It was split down the front, the two sides held together, sort of, by a red string bow at my cleavage between the two cups. Below it I wore brief red, lace panties.

The nightie was more than three years old, bought at a time when I was less fleshy, so the split didn’t need much, if any movement to reveal my ample crotch. I stood in front of the mirror crushing on my own forty five year old light tan body that was covered in places with fine, dark brown hairs, but not in a gross way. I’d been told by Roy and previous lovers that it was in fact quite sexy.

I used an afro pick to ruffle out the low cut, curly, brown hair. I spotted the rum and putting a fore finger to my black painted lips and making a erotik film izle shhh sign to my image in the mirror got up and took a quick, straight drink from the bottle. I’d lately been feeling a bit concerned that I had progressed to sometimes drinking straight from the bottle, and had been making an effort to stop, but the ginger ale can was empty and I couldn’t be bothered to go get one from the kitchen.

I am a big boned woman, five eleven, two hundred pounds, with big, longish boobs that were still defying gravity. They held large blackish areolas and long nipples that were remarkably bigger at the tips and turned upward. My hips are wide and my ass broad, high and round; a few dimples added to its allure. I giggled at the sight of the hardened, flared nipples poking the sheer cups as if trying to escape. I pulled aside the split of the nightie and spread my legs, baring the big, clean shaven lady bump. I winked lasciviously, smiled and cupped it firmly.

I stood in front of the long mirror holding the throbbing mound in my palm, squeezing and relaxing it gently, only half enjoying the self-stimulation; I was aching for the real thing. It was still a bit dark but I realized that was misleading because Roy always left for work at six thirty because of the distance he had to drive and to avoid the later traffic build up. There had been heavy rain for most of the night and dark clouds still hovered above.

I went into the living room and put on an old soul CD and fixed myself a drink. I began restlessly pacing the floor as I sipped rum and ginger and listened to the soothing early seventies music, occasionally making little dance steps. I felt sexy and daring so I went to a window overlooking the narrow street; pulling aside the blind, I pushed the window wide open, knowing and not caring that my body from waist up was in clear view and that my big boobs with the long stiff nipples could be seen by anyone who chanced to look my way.

I wanted it to happen and was furious when a couple of guys and then a woman passed by without so much as a glance in my direction. A couple of minutes later another guy passed and turned and looked my way but instead of taking a nice long look quickly averted his eyes in an embarrassed manner. I could have thrown my glass at the head of the prudish bastard; I didn’t care for decency and appropriate behavior, I wanted him to look with longing at my sexually charged body.

I dropped my free hand and began stroking the hungry fat cunt, thinking it would be wicked fun to be doing it while saying good morning to some passerby. I remembered that my lez neighbor was usually out in her backyard at this time every morning wetting her vegetable plants. So I hurried to my kitchen and opened the back door wide pretending to be busy in the kitchen, telling myself; any port in a storm.

I was usually very careful when she was about, not wanting to have her think I was inviting her attentions, but today, in the horny state I was, I was prepared to flash her my crotch and boobs, even bend over and let her get an eyeful of ass. I wanted somebody to look at me sexually, anybody. After about ten minutes passed and there was no sign of her it suddenly dawned on me that because of the overnight heavy rain there was no need for her to be out watering the plants; she was probably in her room preparing for work.

I remembered the sexy dream and wondered how a five foot six, slim woman could have dragged me into her room, ripped off my clothes, pin me to the bed and fucked me; strange things happened in dreams.

I went back to the living room and as I paced the lonely floor I was feeling like a bitch in heat, locked away in my kennel, with the only thing on my animal mind being to get out and be fucked by somebody, anybody. I fixed another drink and returned to the window after pulling aside one cup and letting most of the boob and some nipple show. Although it was cloudy I could tell from experience it wouldn’t rain any time soon. A minute after I had that thought, as if just to prove me wrong, the clouds broke and sent a sudden heavy downpour of fat raindrops; So much for my experienced forecast.

“This will certainly catch some folks unprepared,” I thought

It did; I looked up the street and giggled gleefully at the sight of a man and woman walking hurriedly, looking left and right for some shelter. I could have called them in but I didn’t, I pulled in so they didn’t see me. I felt nicely wicked; let the fuckers get wet. Maybe if it was the man alone, or even the woman, given how I was feeling, I would have called out and offered shelter, but the two of them looking like a couple didn’t strike me as a good prospect.

Shortly after, I laughed again at a short male figure coming up the street at a trot. I recognized him as a young man in his early twenties whom I’d grown used to seeing pass by here since he was in his late teens. He was only about five foot five with a wiry, muscled looking body. At the sight of him I felt an instant reaction in my crotch, film izle and like any other sexually drowning person, I clutched at the straw; I shouted at him;

“Hey, young man, come in and get some shelter on the porch. The gate is not locked.”

He quickly pushed the gate open and headed for the porch. It soon occurred to me that due to the direction of the heavy wind, the small canopy wouldn’t offer him much shelter, so I hurried to the door and opened it.

“Come in before you get washed away, I said laughing.

He looked around, smiling broadly, but the smile froze, leaving him open mouthed and wide eyed as he took in the unexpected sight of a near naked buxom woman. His eyes settled on my chest then moved down to my crotch where it spent a few seconds before travelling back up to look steadily at my chest once again.

“You’re coming in or are you going to stand there and get more wet; as if that were possible,” I said, laughing

When he didn’t move nor take his eyes off my bosom I looked down and it was only then I realized that the breast I’d earlier left half exposed had somehow slipped completely out of its cup, just hanging there with its long inviting nipple. I quickly grabbed it and tucked it in.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize …,” I mumbled.

“It’s okay, you weren’t expecting company and you were in a hurry to help.”


Was all I could say, feeling my face glow with embarrassment; it’s one thing feeling sexy and wanting to be seen that way and admired, but to make myself look like a floozy or a cheap whore; that was something I didn’t relish, regardless of how hungry my pussy was.

Requiring obvious effort he managed to tear his eyes away and stepped forward hesitantly, looking down at my carpet.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s due for cleaning.”

He walked past me, the top of his wet head barely in line with my shoulder. I had moved the same time as he and in passing, his shoulder; I think, brushed my breast heavily and dragged along a turgid nipple, sending sparks through my body. He didn’t seem to notice that little intimate touch, but my pussy certainly did and responded with two quick contractions. I was a mess of lusty nerves as I closed the door and moved forward to stand in front of him.

Without any attempt at subtlety or modesty he let his eyes again survey my near nakedness. There was no mistaking the lust growing in him and I loved the way his roaming eyes made my pussy twitch and began to spring dew.

“Two can play the game,” I thought.

I let my eyes unashamedly roam his fine young body. The little bulge at the crotch of his soaked trousers didn’t escape my roving eyes and it sent another thrill through my body.

“This is some situation we’re in, like something from a movie,” I said, surprising myself.

“Yeah, let’s hope it plays out right; and I haven’t stumbled into a horror house,” he quickly and cleverly replied.

He was showing good humor, which I liked and felt emboldened by.

“Do I look like a vampire or something?” I asked.

“More like Dracula’s dream,” he said feasting his eyes.

“Well, I hope you’re not a wandering vamp that got invited in.”

“You can relax, its daylight; a vamp wouldn’t be moving about at this hour,” He said, eyes on my crotch.

My thick legs shook and I felt like I was going to faint.

“What’s the matter with you girl, Suzie, you’re that hungry for cock or just too damn drunk?” I thought.

Then I got an idea.

“From the looks of it this rain isn’t going to cease anytime soon, so while you’re waiting why don’t I throw your clothes in the dryer, I’ll even iron them for you, so you can go to work looking nice and neat as always?”

“That’s nice and thoughtful of you, but no work for me today, I’m calling in sick.”

He reached into his pocket and took out his phone. My heart fell as my clever idea seemed to have been smashed.

“I accept your offer though. I can’t keep on these wet clothes.”

“Good, let me go get a towel for you to wrap up in while the clothes are drying.”

I turned around and slowly walked away, deliberately bouncing my fleshy backside, while trying not to let my feet betray my drunkenness. I thought I heard a click and saw the reflection of a little flash.

“Did he just take a picture of my ass without my permission?” I thought.

I didn’t turn around though; I could deal with that later. For now let me concentrate on setting things up and getting my pussy fucked; god knows I need cock.

After getting a towel I hurried back to the living room where I saw he was already out of his shirt and shoes and was unbuckling his belt. I extended my hand with the towel but he didn’t seem to notice as he proceeded to get out of his trousers. My heart was pounding wildly. He stood in front of me in blue boxer briefs that were clearly soaked and took the towel while handing me the wet clothes.

“You’d better dry your head before you catch a cold.”

As seks filmi izle he dried his head I looked down and saw that his cock was mushrooming right before my pleased eyes. I stood rooted to the ground staring at the growing protrusion voraciously, unable to look away or walk away. When he was finished I said:

“Your briefs are wet, wrap yourself in the towel and take them off, I don’t mind doing them too.”

He didn’t do a good job of concealing his package as he slipped out of his briefs. The towel fell aside a little and I got a brief glimpse of his stiff rod. My heart leapt in my chest and my knees buckled. I took the briefs and managed to walk away on jelly-like legs. I was a mess of weak, fluttering nerves. After putting the clothes in the dryer I started getting cold feet, wondering if I could go through with what I had in mind; I’d never been unfaithful before, never even seriously considered it.

“What the fuck are you doing girl, you’re a grown ass married woman trying to seduce a boy half your age; you crazy?” I talked to myself.

But I heard the other little voice deep inside saying:

“Suzie, don’t be a fool and a coward you’ve come too far to chicken out. You’re dying for cock girl and it’s right there a few yards away; pull yourself together and go get what this rainy morning has brought you. You won’t likely get a better opportunity than this, ever.”

I took a couple of deep breaths, gathered my nerves and went into the kitchen and poured a large shot of rum that I downed in one go. I stood leaning against a cupboard for more than a minute as the rum rushed to my head with a gift of courage. I realized I was truly drunk and hoped I didn’t do anything to embarrass myself. I spoke out loud:

“Fuck you Roy, I’m going to get this neglected pussy fucked today and you can’t blame me; it’s your fault.”

I felt bolder as I walked back to the living room. He was standing, tent proudly pitched as he watched me approach.

“You can sit down, no need to be on guard. Neither I nor the clothes will get away.” I said laughing.

He just smiled and remained standing.

“Would you like a drink; a beer maybe, or some rum, or vodka? It’s that kind of day,” I said.

“Thanks mam, but I don’t drink.”

“Never?” I questioned.

“Never did, never will.”

“Damn, he’s not going to make this easy for me, not going to give me an opening or an excuse to get dirty,” I thought.

In as much as I wanted to; was prepared to fuck, I wanted to be able to blame it on something and for him to feel the same way. What better to blame it on than alcohol?

The little inner voice came to my rescue once more:

“Girl Suzie you a fool or what, what more opening or excuse you looking for; your pussy is dripping and the guy’s dick is in the air and he ain’t even trying to hide it. Girl, go straight for the cock.”

I looked him full in the face, placed my arms on my ample hips and asked:

“Would you like to fuck me?”

He smiled and yet again let his piercing eyes roam my body. He just stood there saying nothing, letting his eyes appraise my body as if trying to decide whether it was worthy of a fuck. I was just starting to get an uneasy feeling when he calmly said:

“Yes mam that is something I do. That’s an offer I will accept.”

I let out the breath I’d been holding, relieved that my offer of pussy was not going to get turned down and without realizing I was talking out loud, said:

“Thank you Jesus.”

This made us both burst out laughing. I wasted no time reaching for the bow on my nightie. When I straightened up from getting out of my tiny, red and wet panties, he was standing about a foot in front of me in splendid nakedness, his cock pointing up to the roof, almost reading six o’ clock. It was so hard that the trails of bulging veins and tightly drawn reddish-brown skin seemed ready to burst. His cock was simply amazing; I’d never seen a cock stand so tall before nor had I ever seen a cock so short. It couldn’t be more than five, maybe five and a half inches.

Apart from what I’d seen in porn movies, the only real erect cock I’d ever seen were my husband’s and those of two boyfriends before him. My husband has a massive ten inch dong with a whole lot of girth. The guy who took my virginity was a good eight inches. The third guy’s was just like my husband; he never got to fuck me. He could have, but the asshole did the foolish thing of trying to get that monster up my ass before even fucking my pussy although he knew I was a virgin. The first push hurt so much I jumped off the bed and gathered my clothes and threatened to scream for rape if he didn’t let me go. I was out of the room and his life like a bullet.

So, this little five inch tool looked strange to me. To its credit though what it lacked in length it made up for in girth, being quite stout. The strangest thing though is that it started out fat at the base and then narrowed down, cone-like, to an almost pointed head. I looked at it and thought that it was just what I needed for my first taste of anal. I’d never been buggered; after the asshole from my virgin days Roy had tried but I didn’t have the guts to go through with it and after the second attempt he gave up.

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