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Sascha Illyvich (From Sensualities)

Lisa stood in her black dress at the library with her back turned to him. She was oblivious to him as her job kept her busy enough to ignore the normal distraction of library wanderers. Kevin crept up on her, placed both his arms around her and kissed her neck.

“Fuck,” she turned around, cut off by another kiss this time on her lips.

“Mmm, that’s better.”

She turned around to kiss him full on as their eyes met. Her tongue probed his mouth and he melted, visions of past kisses from her ran through his head.

“Now that seems more like a good afternoon kiss. Care for an afternoon delight?” She ignored him deliberately.

He followed her as she shelved a few more books, admiring her hair now that it had grown out.

His worst fear was that she would not respond to his advances the way he expected her to, as she did two years ago. She kept things interesting by keeping him wondering.

A few minutes passed, he found a book to thumb through, then her hand graced his shoulder, tugged at his ponytail and was gone. He turned his head to follow her; she sashayed along between two rows of books and disappeared. He stood up, a gut feeling telling him what he wanted to feel. His heart felt the pang of rejection and warmth at the same time but it had been a year since they last saw each other, between then bitter phone calls and a bad relationship for them both. Her previous love was merely an immature little punk, not fully capable of understanding her needs or desires.

His last relationship was a farce, a night of lust and an email telling him that she felt they had different desires. Both their hearts broken they kept in touch, he was there for her, yet he showed none of his pain.

He followed her off to a little corner, the fiction section. She pulled a book for him.

“Read this, my shift will be over soon.” She smiled at him as he went to a table.

He opened the cover on the worn out book and found a page marked in familiar handwriting. Determined to waste time until she got off, he thumbed through the pages of the book, feigning interest. There wasn’t much to “Computer Concepts of the 90’s” that he didn’t know, but it would do enough to stall time.

Some time passed and Kevin must have dozed off. He felt a hand run through his hair before his eyes opened and he saw Lisa motioning his exit. She followed after she clocked out.

Kevin stood up lazily, stretching from having sat too long, and headed out the door. He turned the corner to wait. Two minutes later, Lisa came out, greeted by Kevin’s lips.

“Mmm, Kevin, I did always like that.”

“As did I Lisa. How have you been? It’s been awhile.”

“Yes, it’s been about six months and I’m still alive.”

They continued to walk, going nowhere in particular.

“So do you still see John?’ Kevin reached for her hand as he spoke.

“No, and I’m glad the bastard’s not in my life. He didn’t treat me well.”

“I remember how you told me, he hurt you badly.” He’d spent a number of nights up late on the phone with Lisa as she cried on his shoulder.

“Yes, that he did. Asshole. I just don’t understand men sometimes.”

“Lisa, I have some sad news for you, I don’t sometimes either.”

They giggled as they walked. Lisa’s familiar laughter brought back a flood of memories for

Kevin. He swallowed hard, exhaling a sigh of relief from her calming touch.

Lisa headed in the direction of a little restaurant Kevin mentioned an interest in a month before they broke up. He looked around, took in the sights of the island, the salty scent in the air and her perfume. Lisa couldn’t help wonder if Kevin had changed as he said he had. She felt him through his touch but his distance in the last few months had been a mystery. They seemed to drift apart until unexpectedly, etimesgut escort she called him and asked him to come to Galveston.

He finagled his work schedule and left work an hour early to come see her. He practically jumped at the chance when she’d first offered but his heart cautioned him against making such quick decisions. Still, he had to come see Lisa. Kevin couldn’t let go of the past without a fight.

Lisa didn’t tell him things could change, or that she had changed. She hadn’t told Kevin that she’d learned a few hard lessons since having left him once. She’d show him instead.

They walked arm in arm now, in silence. Kevin’s head had been warring with his heart but the pounding had stopped for now. He was boyishly nervous. Lisa sensed Kevin’s state of mind and laughed. She enjoyed keeping him wondering but only to a point. After that point, it became torture on them both because of their past relationship. She couldn’t handle the confusion from his heart at the time. He wanted to love her, he did love her.

Their differences in age pushed them apart.

Still young, she wanted to have fun and get ready for college but Kevin’s serious tone always bored her. She turned 21 before they met but he was still 5 years older. She entered the “what am I going to do after high school” phase and he was working on his career. They were two different generations but they worked well as a couple. When they were together, meeting in the flesh, they were hot. Kevin’s well-placed touches managed to subdue Lisa’s needs even though they never ended up in bed together. Something always came up.

Kevin broke the silence before they stopped, “So where are you taking me Lisa?”

“Right there, ” She pointed to a rustic looking building with a sign that read the name of the restaurant.

“You’re taking me to eat?”

“I know you’re always hungry. So I get to treat you.”

“But I didn’t bring cash and they don’t take credit. My paycheck doesn’t come til-“

“Kevin, hush. You won’t need it this time. I’m working now.”

“Goddamnit.” His tone was rather light-hearted, almost defeated.

“Does that hurt your pride?”

“Yeah, a little.”

“Good. You need to be humbled. Humor me.”

“Yes dear.

Sometimes he had trouble remembering the reason he dated Lisa in the first place. She was mature for her age. He strongly disliked most of her friends who were younger. They showed their age too much for him. They distrusted him because he was older.

She did remind him of the way he acted when he was her age. So close did she resemble his actions, it scared him sometimes, and she was now picking up his mannerisms as well as well as his speech.

They walked into the restaurant and Kevin glanced around. The restaurants’ charm made up for its lack of elegance. They hit the restaurant just before the dinner crowd, were seated right away and Kevin began thumbing through the menu.

“Stop thumbing for it, it’s on the back.”


“Kevin, the wine list is on the back here. It’s not that big either.”

“Oh, well I wasn’t looking for that.”


He leaned forward kissing her lips, “I know.”

She looked at him in disdain for a moment, stuck out her tongue and batted her eyes at him. She was still his little flirt.

“Damn I want you Lisa.” He muttered under his breath.

She either didn’t hear him or she ignored his words as she looked at the menu. Occasionally glancing at Kevin, Lisa noticed the look in his eyes; he had that gleam of lust. It never bothered her, but because of her weight and age, she sometimes questioned why. Outright, Lisa was a Rubenesque woman, tall for her age. Her face still had a childish charm but from judging from her mother, that was a good thing. Kevin always told her she was pretty but the teenage doubt never sincan escort left either of them.

They ordered, ate and had finished dinner in an hour. Kevin excused himself to the restroom while she paid the check. When he returned, they were ready to go. She took his arm in hers and they headed out the door.

“Where are we going now Lisa?”

“You’ll see.” Lisa had a look in her eyes Kevin missed.

“Oh really now.”

She turned toward him, smiled and kissed him, sliding her tongue between parted lips, tasting chardonnay and an Italian seafood dish.

“Mmm, where did THAT come from?”

“It’s all over your face Kevin.”

It was that obvious.


“Don’t worry, we’ll…leave it at that.”

Kevin smiled to himself but still wondered what Lisa was planning. They kept walking; she stroked his palm with her fingers gently.

Several times with his free hand Kevin had to adjust himself, to which Lisa smiled. Lisa felt a tingling sensation within her thighs; he was getting to her.

Lisa pointed to a run down building and Kevin nodded at her.

“What of it Lisa?”

“You’ll see. In there.”

He followed her towards the building; a closer glance Kevin discovered it to be an old warehouse. He opened the door for Lisa; she went in, looking back at him with her devilish smile. He stepped in and was pushed against the wall as the door slammed shut. Lisa’s lips found Kevin’s and locked with them in a passionate kiss that surprised Kevin. His semi erect cock hardened more fully now.

“Lisa, where is thi-” He was cut off again by her tongue parting his lips and her hands wrapped around his body, pulling him to her breasts.

“Kevin you do this to me on a regular basis, you get me all hot and bothered and then leave on me, I have to please myself alone. It pisses me off. So now it’s my turn, only I’m getting what I want. You’re not getting away.” Her voice was thick with determination.

“Do you see me protesting Lisa?” He slid his hands up her sides and down again, brushing against her breasts.

She pressed her lips into him hard, her wanton thoughts radiating throughout her body with lustful rage.

They met for another kiss, his hands slid down the back of her dress, pulling her into him. She could feel his cock strain against her legs even through her dress. He began to pull her dress up, clenching his fingers at her kisses.

She nibbled his neck, just under his ears as he threw his head back for her. She bit his shoulder, his moans now a scream. She continued to kiss her way down to his chest as she removed his shirt and tossed it aside. She stepped back from him for a moment, eyed his nipples and then her lips locked onto one. She sucked it taut played with the other one while she fumbled with his zipper. When she slid the zipper down, the sound echoed throughout the building as his cock sprang free. Kevin knew not to do anything back yet, he remembered how Lisa liked to please and be pleased.

Lisa continued to kiss Kevin’s chest, licking and suckling her way to his jeans, his cock now free in her hands.

“These damn things are so troublesome, Kevin.”

“You look like you’ve managed.”

“Yes, well. Oh, look at your beautiful cock.”

She took his cock in her mouth, full at first and then slowly she slid her mouth out, wrapping her lips tighter around until she reached the head and it popped out. Lisa looked up at him in a hazy lustful manner before she tasted his precum. She licked her lips once more before eyeing his reaction.

“There.” She kneeled now in front of him.


“Don’t be a prick Mr. I have yours in my hands.”

“That you do. What do you intend on doing with it?”

“Whatever I feel like.”

“What do you feel like doing Lisa?”

“I don’t know Kevin. Every time we’ve fooled around, ” she escort etimesgut licked the head of his cock before finishing her sentence, “you pull away. I thought you were not interested in me what so ever.”

“Lisa, that’s not true at all. You just picked all the times to play with me while someone could potentially catch us. Like your father.”

“Yes, well I’ve done it before.” She giggled.

“I’d rather not have your father kill me before I even have a chance to play this out.”

“Play what out Kevin?”

“Lisa, we’ve been over this a number of times. You know how I felt.”

“Yes, well I think before I suck your cock anymore you should tell me how you feel.” Her grip tightened around his cock.

“Oh baby, if you keep that up I’ll come before you get what you-oh Lisa!” Her tongue encircled the head of his prick, snaking its way along the shaft.

“Tell me Kevin. Tell me how you feel. Tell me once again why you feel that way.”

“I love you Lisa. You’re so passionate. I’ve wanted that from you for a long time.” He leaned back against the wall; his legs trembled at her gentle kisses.

“See, now that wasn’t so hard. Now I’m going to tell you what I want.” Lisa stood up to face Kevin, his cock firmly in her hand.

“What do you-” She sealed her lips over his as her tongue split his lips. His cock stood out between her legs, pressing the dress and brushing up against her cunt. Her free hands roamed up the length of his body and back down again, as she gripped his tight ass.

“I want you deep inside me, finally.” She said in between heated kisses. “I want no more teasing, no more pulling back, I want your cock in me and I’m going to have it Kevin,” she spoke in raspy breaths.

His arms slid over her hips, pulling her dress up to expose her hot pussy. Her scent hit Kevin. He smiled as she kissed him, her mouth now biting down on his neck. She reached for his cock with one hand; the other held her dress up. Kevin held her dress up with his hands while as she spread her legs for him. They both stepped closer to each other, his cock now touching her lips.

“Kevin, fuck me now.”

She didn’t wait for Kevin to respond. His cock felt her velvet lips engulf him as he stretched her open and filled her. He felt right inside her, warm and comforted as she had him pinned to the wall by this time. Her thrusting was hard and fast, she really meant it. There was only one rhythm with her. Quick.

“Kevin, oh god honey, deeper, yes, I’ve waited so long for your cock in me.”

He was silent except for low groans. Each thrust felt harder; they were now slamming into each other. Lisa’s moans began to drown out

Kevin’s softness and he just smiled as she moaned.

Kevin neared the brink of losing control while she was neared release. Lisa clenched his ass; a finger probed him his legs shuddered beneath him. Her muscles gripped his cock, milking it as he came inside her. He slid out just enough so his come shot straight on her clitoris, her body shuddered into his; she called his name.

“My baby, Kevin,” Lisa let herself calm down, “We’ll have to do that again.” Lisa smiled, her young face showing her innocent enjoyment.

“Yes Lisa, now I’m a bit more free. I’ve got more time.”

“Please say you’ll come visit more.”

Kevin kissed Lisa quietly, “No more words Lisa.

Be quiet my little angel.”

She closed her eyes and fell into him. He slid down to a sitting position, guiding her down with him. He didn’t care that they were still a mess, his pants undone and off mostly, and her sex soaked with their juices. He was content to remember this moment and cherish it. His fingers caressed her hair while she lay in his lap and fell asleep. When he was certain she was asleep, he whispered sweetly in her ear, “I love you Lisa.”

He was sure she didn’t hear him but she smiled.

She clung to him tighter before drifting deeper into her pleasant slumber. Maybe now they could pursue something of a relationship. Perhaps she’d grown up enough to meet him on his level and help him meet her as well.

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