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Replacement Girlfriend

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All over eighteen. Short read. Just a bit of fun.


Replacement Girlfriend

Walter Jennings had a horrific break-up. He was living with a girl, Amber, and her mother, Helen in her Helen’s house. He was extremely brokenhearted by his girlfriend cheating on him. Someone sent him a video of his girlfriend with some guy fucking in a bathroom. It was time stamped and dated from just last week.

She was supposed to be working! The soundtrack was the kiss of death. It was definitely her, “Wow, you feel so much bigger than Walt.” Walter was a big guy, and he had a big thick dick, but apparently she was going to be with an even bigger and better guy. No guy wants to hear that, right or wrong. It is just a bit hurtful.

“Yeah, I heard he had a midget dick!” said the guy in the video.

“That’s not politically correct! He is just size challenged.” She giggled. “It’s a very cute penis. He’s nowhere near as big as you though.” His now ex girlfriend said. The giggle drove a knife into his heart.

“Here, have some more!” He slammed into her with no regard to her pleasure or even her pain. He was just powerfuckin’ her. Smashing into her groin repeatedly until you could see him pull out and spray her face with his cum. He didn’t give a shit about her, just his own pleasure. Amber appeared to really enjoy it. She smiled and scraped the cum off her face into her mouth to eat. Walter saw her behavior and felt totally and completely betrayed. She was very much into this guy, and Walt had been surgically removed from her heart. He was upset that she had forgotten the real love that Walt had for her… And the seemingly endless bullshit from this scuzzy guy, well it really did it for her.

Well too fucking bad. He was not stupid. He saw the truth of the matter. He was worse than dumped. He was dumped and then belittled. His heart had been eviscerated. He did wonder why she thought this guy was bigger than him. From the video, he looked like half the size of Walt’s cock! Well fuck it. It’s not like she had a side by side comparison. It didn’t matter any more. She was toast. He was never going to be with her again.

Walter was getting his things together to leave. He had nowhere to go, as he had given up his apartment when he moved in. He was thinking about a motel room until he could find something more suitable. He got his suitcases ready to go. His emotions got the better of him, and he wept as he packed.

Amber’s mom Helen heard him crying, and came running into the room to console him. She hugged Walter into her bosom, she was blessed with mammoth size tits. They were bigger than football’s with huge nipples and areolas to match. They were definitely great tits, and quite sensitive too.

Helen was wearing a cotton housedress that was semi transparent. She had nothing underneath. Her nipples and areolas were almost plain to see. Walt was looking.

Helen was a lot like her daughter, auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, very curvaceous. She was not skinny at all, but beautifully stacked, racked, and packed. Amber had very large tits, perhaps DDD size, but her mom’s boobs were absolutely enormous. They were bigger than most mellons! Her nipples and five inch areolas were almost visible under the semi transparent blouse. Her nipples were hard and wrinkled in sexual heat. She was a tit man’s dream. Most men got a hard on just looking at her huge magnificent mammaries.

Helen lowered her dress to release her delicious melons, and she put one of her big nipples in his mouth and said, “Suck!” She cradled his head and enjoyed the closeness and the nipple sensations she was receiving. Helen really enjoyed helping, and the sucking part too. She twisted and tweaked the other teat. His hand replaced hers on her other big nip.

For his part, Walt loved suckling on her large and obviously sensitive nipples. Helen was cooing in time with his sucking. His other hand twisted and turned and tweaked her rock hard nipple. He switched tits and sucked lefty, while his left hand tormented her right tit. She was loving it. Her quim was like a waterfall now, she was so wet. She played with her cooter. She thought she might come just from the nipple play!

“PLEASE! You have to fuck me NOW. THIS FUCKING MINUTE! Take me to bed and pound my cunt. I am so fucking excited! I want you so very badly.” Helen was ready to fuck. She was in a bad way to get fucked quickly.

“Absolutely. Your wish is my command.” Walt picked her up and ran up the stairs to the master bedroom. There he shed his clothes in record time. Helen was out of her house dress in a flash. Walt picked her up and threw her on the bed. He then pounced on her like a tiger. His dick was like a steel rod. Helen’s eyes were wide open when she saw what Walt was packing.

He started to eat her steaming pussy, she just grabbed him, “No, not now. I really need your fat fuck stick in me NOW! RIGHT NOW!” Helen was dripping wet with anticipation. Walt roughly spread her legs and she bursa escort guided his dick to her fuck hole. She wanted this young man so bad. Walt shoved it in, in one long stroke. His dick bottomed out in her cooter as he was up against her cervix. Helen felt very stretched out, as his cock was pretty wide.

Helen screamed and shuddered, as she came just from the wonderful penetration. She was fucking him back almost instantly. Her nails drew blood from his back. Walt was unaware of this as he pummeled her with his rock hard member. She was shaking as she neared a second climax. Again Helen tried to wake the dead with her blood curdling scream of orgasm. She was loving it. Walt pulled away just enough to grab her giant tits and he squeezed them as he slammed into her hot cooze repeatedly. Helen was gurgling happily, as she was pounded hard and fast. Walt grunted, signaling his own close release…

“Come in my mouth! I want to taste you!” Helen almost yelled at him. Walt started to shoot in her cunt, and then pulled out, his semen streaming onto her face, as she gobbled up his big dickhead into her hungry mouth. He shot a huge load, as Helen played with her clit with her left hand, and stroked his dick with her right hand. Helen appeared to be sexually ambidextrous! She shuddered hard as she came with him. Her orgasm was very hard. Helen felt so damned good in his tight embrace.

“That was very intense. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!” Walt said.

“No, I really think I enjoyed it more! I mean I came so hard, and so many times. I enjoyed it way more than you!” She giggled. “Wanna suck my tits some more? PLEASE?”

He was happily sucking away. Her nipples were very sensitive at that point. He loved sucking them, and she loved him doing it, although it did make her extremely horny.

He wondered how serious she was about him staying with her and her daughter. He also wondered who had sent the video recording which helped kill his relationship. He thought it might have been her new boyfriend, since the video was so awful to him in very specific ways, or perhaps his now ex girlfriend as she seemed to either hate him outright, or just have lost all love and respect for him. Either way means exactly the same thing as far as he was concerned. The original relationship with Amber was a total bust. Walt did not know why she even bothered to go out with him if she sincerely felt that way.

Ironically, her mother was proving to be a fantastic fuck, with huge delicious tits, and a cunt tighter and more talented than her daughter’s. He would have to thank Amber for the betrayal, as it drove him straight into her mother’s arms. Walt felt real emotion from the older woman as well, but of course that could just be hormones talking. However, it did feel like real emotion to him.

Only time would tell if this ‘older woman, younger man’ relationship would work- but he was happy about it, and grateful for the chance!

For her part, Helen was amazed what her daughter had willingly given up, indeed Amber had driven this young stud away by her actions! Helen had never had such a wonderful lover, and she was determined to make the best of it. Walt had a delightful cock, and Helen was happy to take care of it for him. He really seemed to enjoy her, even apart from the sex. That would be lovely if they could connect with each other on more than just a sexual level. Helen was happy to take care of those needs of his, especially in light of her needs being taken care of so well by Walt! Only time would tell.

“Walter. Would you please fuck me again? I need your big dick in my asshole this time. Please?” Helen liked anal now and then. It was a very intense orgasm, even brutal. She was not really sure if she could actually accommodate Walt’s big dick in her small anus, but she was determined to try!

“Absolutely.” Walter did not waste words. He smiled at her and she saw he was as hard as a rock. She smiled back. He had the analese in his hand. He lubed up his dick, and two lubed up fingers went into Helen’s asshole, lubing up her shithole for his penetration.

He used one hand on her clit and cunt, and fucked her ass digitally with the other. He got lots of lube into her shithole. She was almost ready to climax before his big meat pole entered her forbidden hole.

He was behind her. He had to take charge. Actually, Helen let him think he was taking charge. She had a bit of understanding of the fragile male ego, and could finesse him to do just about anything… But Helen was going to do her best to make him happy, everyday and every way she could. It was a very equitable quid pro quo, and was something that they could build on! But for now she was going to try to accommodate his big dick in her asshole, a daunting task for any woman!

“Put your head down and your ass up. Do it now.” He commanded her. Helen did as she was told.

“Pull your asscheeks apart for me. I’m going to fuck your ass now.” Walt was going to bang her good. bursa escort bayan She pulled her butt cheeks apart and waited. He placed the big head of his dick against her tight little cunt and pushed inwards. He was living up on her vaginal juices before the main event. She came as he gently fucked her. He was still rock hard as he pulled out of her dripping pussy. Helen held her breath as he opened the back door never used for this purpose. He was surprised when he popped into her anus and she gasped and moaned. She had just cum and now she shuddered from her ass being penetrated. She turned her head and kissed Walt.

“Holy fuck, what a huge dick … Walt, I don’t know how I can get this monster fuckstick up my little asshole. Go slow! Gees you are so damned thick! Ohhhhhhh God, it’s so much cock! Aaiieeeyaaa wow I … I’m splitting in two! Come on, it’s in my ass, now buttfuck your slut. I neeeeeed it bad! Do it Walt! Ram that horsecock up my… assssdddamn! Oooohh yes fuck me hard! Coming! Oh!” She squirted as she clamped down on his dick and he could feel her cunt spasm as well as her rectum pulsing with her sex seizures, squeezing his dick doing its job! Walt tried, but he could not hold back.

“Helen, I’m going to… Cum!” He filled her rectum with semen, as stream after stream of hot jism shot into her happy anus! She had come very, very hard. She was still climaxing! Her rectum was spasming. They both fell back asleep as both were happy and sated.

Walt woke up with his cock still jammed up Helen’s shithole, apparently he was in her the whole time they slept. She was writhing and rhythmically squeezing his dick, and moaning. Helen suddenly clamped down on his dick and practically squeezed it off his body!

“Ohmygod I’m coming again Oh fuck yeah Aaahhh fuck my ass you big dick fucker! Ohmygod I’m gonna…YES OH! FUUUCK! YESSSYESFUCK ME GOOD! I’M GOING TO COME!” Walt was a little bit confused as he thought about it. It seemed like a bunch of huge seizures, and he thought that can’t be the truth. Helen was climaxing better than she ever had before. Her rectum locked down on his girth. Walt was going to cum soon and said so. She was far tighter that any woman he had ever been with, including her own daughter. She was convulsing in orgasm again. For her part, Helen thought Walt was fantastic.

He could make her cum like no other man ever could. She lost count of the number of orgasms she had, and some were so hard they were almost like epileptic seizures in their brutal intensity. Helen was incredibly happy. Walt felt like a true gift from above, as he pounded her without mercy and again her body responded in an earth-shattering climax. She wailed with her mouth open and head held back.

“Walt. I love you! COMING again! Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.” Screaming like she was dying. Big grunts timed to the savage thrusting, Walt was fucking like a steel forge into her tight shithole.

“I’m going to cum!” He barely got the words out and she pulled off him and twisted around quickly to take his cock into her mouth! Right out of her shitter! He exploded. He shot a huge load in her hungry mouth and she sucked like a Hoover to keep every drop. She did not care that his big meat had just been in her tight little asshole! Helen happily swallowed his spunk and opened her mouth to show him the cum was down her throat! He kissed her and squeezed her in a big bear hug, making it plain how thankful he was to her. She was sucking his cock again. She couldn’t help it, he was like a drug to her.

“Walt, fuck my face! I want you to make me your cum queen! I want you to fill me up with your seed.”

Walt did what she asked, fucking her face and throat until he erupted into her mouth with another huge spunk load of man cream.

Helen savored the flavor, and swallowed his sperm. She was smiling ear to ear.

“Mom! What the fuck are you doing? Facefucking my boyfriend? I can’t believe the both of you would betray me like this!” Amber, his now ex girlfriend, stood in the door gawking at the young stud and hot cougar naked in each other’s arms.

“You have some brass balls young lady, screaming about betrayal! You broke his heart with the video of you and some guy fucking like rabbits, and saying such awful things about this wonderful man! How can you even show your face here after that? I never thought I’d see you acting like an evil bitch. I didn’t raise you like that. So when I found him weeping over losing your worthless ass, I just had no choice. I gave myself to him. And I have been rewarded with the best sex I ever had, even better that your cheating father! So go on Amber, I have taken over as his new girlfriend, just take your cheating ass out of my bedroom. Why don’t you run back to the creep you were screwing? Amber, I am so very disappointed in you right now.”

“Amber, I just have one question? Why did you even want to be with me if you want that guy so much? I wasted a full year, and was totally in love with you. Now I have to see if I escort bursa can return the ring. Two thousand dollars down the tubes, if they won’t take it back. I feel like such an idiot trusting you like I did, loving you like I did, and you were fucking that guy… Were you bangin him the whole time we were together? What a stupid asshole I was, believing in you, thinking we had a future together. I am so very hurt and disappointed in you. You carved out my heart, and stomped on it. Thank God for your wonderful, sexy, incredible, beautiful mom here. Maybe I don’t have to return the ring after all. But I want a nice courtship for both our sakes, make sure it’s what we both want. In the meantime we will just make do with great sex and lots of kisses.” He gave the older woman a toe curling heartfelt kiss.

Amber lowered her head,

“I apologize. I… He was my ex boyfriend from before the time I met you. I had quite a bit to drink. Not that it matters, but I think he may have put something in my drink. I don’t remember everything that happened, and I don’t want to. I may have said some stupid things that aren’t true to bolster his feelings of… inadequacy. I had no idea that the little fucker was videoing our encounter. I am very sorry. It was just the one time. After it was over, I threw up, I was so sick… And part of that was disgusted at what I had just done. Now, looking back, I was so stupid to fall for his line of bullshit… I hope you both find it in your hearts to forgive me. I’ll go pack and get out of here. I’m so sorry that I hurt you. Thank you for taking care of him for me mom. Bye.” She walked out and closed the door behind her. She was weeping now in the hallway, heading for her room.

“I can’t let her run away. She’s my daughter!” Helen jumped up naked and ran after her daughter.

Walt got up as well. He was a bit confused and very conflicted by his mixed feelings towards Amber. He wanted to forgive her, but he would be damned if that meant giving up her mom, who was ten times better in bed than the little bitch. Maybe he would take BOTH women.

He went into Amber’s bedroom. It had been his bedroom too, until Amber fucked her old boyfriend.

“Amber. I forgive you. But…”

“But what?” She looked through crying eyes.

“Your mother has shown me true love and kindness. I really love you both. But your mom, I trust implicitly. You however, have shown that you are too immature to have a real relationship, and I have a very difficult time trusting you. Who am I kidding, YOU don’t even trust you, do you? Be honest here for a change. I am not giving up Helen. But in the interest of fairness and love, I will be with both of you. If either of you don’t want to, or don’t like it… Just tell me, I will get my stuff and leave. You both know that I am quite capable of satisfying both of you easily. The other thing, this is your last chance. I am being kind here, because I love you. But if I find out that you are still screwing around on me then I will be gone in a New York minute. DON’T give me crap about being with your mom, et cetera. This is a small apartment. Your mom has seen us fuck, now you have seen your mom and me fuck, so let’s cut the crap. I will give you a few minutes to decide. You or your mom can always back out, for that matter so could I. This is strictly for your benefit, so if this doesn’t work… We can call it a day, have a nice life. I will leave you two alone to decide. You both know how I feel. I’ll get packing.”

“Why are you packing?”

“I’m going to Helen’s bedroom, or out the door. I would prefer that we all slept together, but I will need a decision pretty quick. My bags are already halfway packed. Just remember that I love you so much. Both of you. I ache for each of you. So … Let me know what you decide.”

Walt packed up his bags and was ready to go, if need be.

“Walt. Come in here please.”

“Ok…” Walt just waited.

“We agree to your terms. On a temporary basis. If things go south… No recriminations right?” Helen said slowly.

“Of course. No passwords on phones or tablets or computers. Or if you need a security code, we ALL need it. Ok? Come here, both of my Goddesses. Give me some sugar.” They all kissed, a bit awkwardly at first, then very hard and emotionally. He hugged them both. And they hugged him. Amber was sucking his cock as deep as she could as Walt laid back on the bed. He motioned to Helen to get her pussy up in his face, and she did as he wished. He grabbed Helen’s ass cheeks in each hand and forced her wet cunt closer into his waiting tongue.

At the same time his girl-turned-ex-second-chance sat down on his hard cock and screamed as she climaxed from the sudden penetration. She was quite happy now that Walt had taken her back, even if it’s a probationary relationship. She had lubed her anus up and now she pulled off and spread her bubble butt cheeks to take Walt’s cock deep in her tight little ass.

Her mother was coming on Walt’s tongue, and Amber was climaxing like an earthquake with Walt spurting up into her rectum.

“Walter… I want you to get me pregnant. I want you to be the father. I don’t have much time left on my biological clock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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