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Return to Shenavall

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To help with the understanding of this story, it is set in the North West Highlands of Scotland. The places are real and it is wild, remote, mountainous country. Shenavall is a bothy or mountain hut. Once a primitive old farmhouse now maintained as a basic mountain shelter for hikers and climbers. It is extremely isolated; a day’s walk from the nearest road. The story is a sequel to one written a few years earlier which I no longer have a copy of but my princess may. If people like this one I may try and re-write it so apologies for the unorthodox order of events.

Return to Shenavall

She must be mad. . . out of her mind. To have driven the best part of 10 hours only to then walk for a further 4, with a large rucksack on the promise of some vague, half-remembered dream. Yes, she was mad. But the country was still beautiful and even if nothing came of the expedition she would at least draw comfort from the fact that she had remembered. Not only that but she’d committed to that dream and was still true to what it meant. Right at this moment though, she wasn’t entirely sure what it meant but at one time it had been powerful enough to move the mountains that now surrounded her and as she looked up at An Teallach on her right, her mind wandered back to the first time she had seen those majestic slopes.

The descent to the old bothy went on a little and she could feel the weight of her sack driving into her back with the steep descent. At times it followed a small stream, at others it simply plummeted through the peat hags. Both jarred her knees and made her more anxious to arrive at the bothy for a rest if nothing else. It was early evening and it was as if the light was descending with her as she watched the waters of Loch Na Sealga darken with the gloom. The weather wasn’t great. It hadn’t been great then either but none of that had really mattered and it didn’t matter now.

The moment she pushed open the rather fragile looking timber door she knew she wasn’t alone. There was a buzz of conversation from the main room and as she stepped inside she looked eagerly around. It was strangely hard not to feel disappointed by the 4 unknown faces that greeted her. She knew it wasn’t meant to happen like this anyway but somehow she now felt it was even less likely and that the whole undertaking had been a waste of time and emotional effort. It was clear that the 4 ( 2 men and 2 women) knew each other and that they had taken up residence in the backroom. That was good and after saying a cursory hello she immediately headed up the steep ladder stairway to the loft space above the old kitchen. It was empty and that meant, that for now at least, it was all hers. She emptied her sack and spread out her equipment as if laying claim to the space and deterring anyone else from entering. If things were to go right she must be alone.

It was nearly dark outside as she went out to the stream to wash and clean up after the walk in. The midges were as bad now as they had been then and they didn’t encourage one to linger and enjoy the washing experience but the water was pure and clean and cold and it brought some life back into her body and skin. Back inside the bothy the conversation quickly turned to mountain stories and she shared some of her experiences with the other guests for whom it was their first visit to these hills. Although she felt much older now she was still aware of the admiring glances she was attracting from the 2 male members of the party. They must have been in their early twenties but once she was out of her water proofs and the cooking had started in earnest she had rapidly stripped down to her tight fitting base layer, which revealed her slim waist and full, round breasts. One of the lads was finding it very hard to look her in the eye during conversation, especially after her return from the stream with slightly pert nipples. It felt good and she could feel herself blushing slightly with the thought.

However, she was keen to retire early and was soon making her excuses to climb up to the loft. Just then the door was opened in a very noisy fashion and her heart skipped and fluttered. Unfortunately, the excitement faded as quickly as it arrived as the inside door flew bahis siteleri open revealing a further group of 3 men, all rather tired and damp looking, beating midges out of their hair. She really did not want to be sharing the premier sleeping quarters with these 3 and wormed her way between them to guard her ladder. They all smiled politely at her and confidently strode into the other downstairs room. Once again she could feel eyes running up and down her body but at least the loft was still hers and she sprang up the ladder to her bed.

Once in the loft she closed the door behind her and rummaged through her sack. Now she really did feel foolish, pulling out a pair of silk cammie knickers and silky lace bustiere. Of all the places to bring such items this had to be the most bizarre. Trying not giggle with her own stupidity and not a little annoyed that she could have been so stupid to have brought them she changed into the lingerie and then lay back in her sleeping bag to contemplate the ridiculousness of it all. Now I really am mad she thought to herself. She was placing a great deal of faith in this romantic dream but at least no one else could see her and in the morning she would change back into the nylon and gortex with no one any the wiser. . . . . . . . except herself perhaps.

It was late. The conversations downstairs, which had got considerably more raucous after the arrival of the 3 men, had died out some time ago. She didn’t bother putting the torch on to look at her watch. Somehow that would have spoilt things and once again stop it from happening but it must have been the early hours by now. Her excitement, which had originally kept her awake, had faded now into frustration and then weariness. It had always been a forlorn hope perhaps but her strong sense of romance and faith in the past would not have allowed her to just let it go. However, the morning would bring the cold reality of daylight and a 6 hour walk back carrying the weight of a her equipment in her pack and a dead dream in her heart.

She awoke with a start. It was quiet and still completely dark. The only noise being the light patter of drizzle on the skylight above her head. This was not loud enough to have woken her so what had? Straining hard, all she could discern was the gentle breeze blowing through the fir tree outside. Nothing, not a sound from the other occupants, she was alone. Lying back, she realised once more how she was dressed. She smiled to herself. The frustration had gone, as had the expectation. Now she just felt calm and it was still nice lingerie. Her hand passed over the silk knickers, almost frictionless on her skin. She could clearly see what men found attractive about such things. It was working for her right now and her legs parted slightly.

No, that was definitely a noise downstairs now. The outside door had creaked and a body had moved through the passageway. Her whole body was taught and tingly, more so than just through her own gentle stroking. There was another rustle, as if a coat was being removed, and then a very definite tread on the ladder. The climber had taken hold of the chain and was slowly making their way up the short climb to the loft. What if it wasn’t him but another random stranger come to ruin her solitude and dream.

She froze. The emotion was tense excitement, fear, terror and desire. It was an intoxicating combination which rendered her mute and rigid, her breath coming in short pants. The door opened. It made no noise and the darkness was still complete but she felt the air move over her and could hear the quiet breathing of the intruder. A shiver wriggled down her body and she was unable to stop it quivering her sleeping bag. The intruder stopped. Silence. Darkness. The slightly louder drumming of a more steady rain on the roof. It was exactly how it should be.

The intruder moved once more and was clearly orientating them self within the room in relation to her. There was no contact but her sleeping bag was brushed and the person pulled them self up alongside her so that she could hear the steady breaths closer to her face and gradually she became aware of his familiar smell. Still, without words, a hand reached out and stroked her hair canlı bahis siteleri and almost unconsciously she relaxed back into her makeshift pillow. It continued to stroke her hair but each stroke took the hand lower down her neck, tracing out the line of her bare shoulders. In the same slow but unerring way the strokes continued hair, neck, shoulders and then arms, gently pushing the sleeping bag lower, exposing more of her body to the darkness and his touch. She had become so accustomed to the stroking that when he reached down and kissed her on the neck it made her jump. She hadn’t seen it coming and his lips were warm, delivering tiny kisses all over the side of her neck which sent tingles down her back and into her core.

“Don’t worry my princess,” he whispered. “It is me and we have waited an eternity for this dream to come true again.”

With that his hand slowly moved lower and swept smoothly over her silken clad body. His right hand continued to stroke her hair and neck whilst his left hand traced out where the silk began and ended. Round the short bottoms of the knickers on the tops of her smooth thighs, the exposed skin of her stomach before the more structured bustiere. Here he lingered, brushing lightly over the silky material but running his finger more longingly over the exposed skin on the top of her pushed up breasts. This seemed to go on for hours, each touch, each stroke rekindling old memories and feelings. Again, without warning his mouth was on hers, gently pushing at her lips, his tongue tentatively probing with delicate tenderness, almost in slow motion.

Gradually it became clear that his left hand was stroking more and more over the mound in her silk knickers and it wasn’t long before she felt herself moisten to the touch. Involuntarily she arched her back and pushed against his increasingly firm strokes as his fingers slowly probed lower between her legs. The silk did not detract from the sensation at all and his hand was expertly fingering her clitoris, parting her pussy lips and sliding up and down. She could feel the excitement building already and knew that he wanted to bring her quickly to a climax for the first time. Bucking harder and harder against his touch she pushed herself onto his finger, which continued to stimulate her in just the right place. The orgasm came so suddenly she gasped and panted with the explosion of pleasure and quickly reached across to pull him toward her.

Immediately she could feel his tight muscular body through a thin base layer of clothing and a hard bulge in his trousers. Almost as if quenching a hunger she slid her own right hand beneath his trousers and straightened out his hard cock. It was exactly how she remembered it and a smile crossed her face as she released it from his boxer shorts and began to stroke her hand up and down his shaft. The groan this elicited from him gave her great satisfaction and she warmed enthusiastically to the task, wanking his cock with just the right level of grip and tempo to keep him groaning. Wriggling easily out of his trousers he reached out and cupped her right breast through the bustiere as she pumped his dick. Rather more excited now he reached inside and pulled her breast out of the garment and began to stroke the nipple which duly became as swollen and hard as his penis. Both of their breathing was now rapid as they drew closer together.

Just as she was about to pull him inside her, however, he quickly and with some ease spun her over onto all fours. She gasped once more as the knickers were quickly pulled down and instead of his cock she got a finger in her pussy and a sharp slap on her arse cheek. It tingled and was followed by another even sharper slap which she knew would colour her pale skin but the sensation always excited her especially when he then began to tease her wet pussy with the tip of his hard tool. She could feel him press on her and then withdraw, enter her a little and then pull back. The teasing was ecstatic agony, especially when accompanied by a slap on her arse. He had always loved to squeeze and slap her backside and she was pleased that he still appreciated its luscious curves with such relish. Eventually, he shafted her and stayed inside, canlı bahis drilling her hard and deep. From this angle and with this build up it didn’t take her long to come again, this time with a whimper and cry as his hand reached underneath her and fingered her clitoris in time with his thrusts.

This time she wasn’t going to be surprised and she knew how to really please him so she pulled away, pushed him back and quickly sat astride him, pinning his arms to the floor. Now it was her turn to tease him by lowering herself onto to his large cock and gently squirming. She was desperate to ride him energetically but knew it would be better if she could hold on for a while slowly easing herself up and down his beautifully stiff shaft, which was wet from her excitement. However, he couldn’t resist for long and rising up he grabbed her arse and pulled her hard onto him, grinding her wet pussy into his hard body. Now she could ride him properly and she let herself enjoy him as she had always done, bouncing vigorously up and down on him with complete abandon. This was love making at its best and she knew they could keep this going for ever.

The darkness outside was giving way to a dull grey light and he was able to enjoy the sight of her riding him energetically. She was always an incredible shag in this position and he pulled down on the bustiere to free her breasts slightly. They were still pushed up but this just enhanced the look which was now passionate, sexy, erotic and dirty. What a fuck! Her tits were bouncing in time to her thrusts and he was able to suck and chew on her nipples at will. Half the time he watched the delicious bouncing globes and the rest of the time he grabbed at them, caressed them, slapped them gently and squeezed them firmly. There was no doubting it, she had fantastic tits and they were best displayed bouncing in this way with his cock firmly thrust into her perfect pussy.

As her bouncing became more urgent he grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her firmly against him. He knew that a few well placed spanks now would help her toward another orgasm but he still couldn’t resist teasing her a little more, until she was rubbing herself so hard against him that he couldn’t resist her any longer and she came once more with his hands firmly clasped around her tits pulling her down hard onto his still stiff and huge prick.

They were both hot and breathless from their exersions but as was always the case between them love making could go on for a long time and time was something they had now at their disposal. He gently laid her down on the sleeping bag completely naked and for a moment just paused looking down at her until she became a little self-conscious.

“Don’t worry my princess. I was just reminding myself of your awe inspiring beauty and how much I’ve missed it.”

He lay gently on top of her and she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and back. He slid into her so easily she only became aware of him when he slowly began to move. They were touching and kissing each other softly. This time there was no sense of urgency or desperation just familiarity, affection, and something else. It was slow, soft, warm and passionate. Each kiss, each stroke carrying an unspoken meaning. The tempo built more steadily this time and his thrusts became gradually more forceful and deeper. He raised himself high on his arms to look at her once more and change the angle of his penetration. He was able to watch her breasts shift and shudder to his pumping of her pussy which he had been enjoying now for at least an hour. His shaft slid in and out of her and she smiled up at him so sweetly between her gasps that he wanted to cry. He wanted her so badly and couldn’t hold on any longer. She could also feel his tension building and returning his thrusts and caresses they each drew ever nearer to the final orgasm. She grabbed firmly onto his arse cheeks to pull him down into her as deep and as hard as she could take him and this was his cue to really pump her. He fucked her harder and harder, her ripe tits bouncing back and forth on her chest until he thought he would physically explode with desire and they came together, both with a groan and a cry and he shot his load deep inside her, his cock twitching with the sheer rapture of the orgasm.

Neither spoke, neither had words. She simply lay in his arms, her hand on his chest as the day brightened around them and the rain cleared away.

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