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I come home after a hard day at work to find a candlelit dinner. I sink wearily into a chair, you turn on the lights and rub my shoulders.

“All I want is some sleep,” I say.

“Okay,” you slowly remove my clothing for me.


I drop tired on the bed but find I’m to tense to sleep. You sit beside me and start massaging my back I moan as you hit all the tender spots. Working your magic all the way down my body. You notice I’m still not asleep.

“What’s wrong?” you ask concerned.

I roll over, “Could you do the rest?” I ask. Your eyes glint over at the thought.

“I’m still too tired for that,” I say as I realize what you’re thinking. You gently start with my feet and caress every muscle in my legs, you skip over my loins knowing better and rubbing a little oil on my stomach and breasts, by this time I’ve drifted off to sleep. I wake up before you and decide that you deserve a reward. My hands rove around you and down your chest my breasts pressed against your back. I fondle your penis until it starts to stiffen. I notice you’re still asleep and kiss your neck softly and warmly. I see your eyelids flicker. I know you’re awake now and just pretending to be sleeping. I decide to tease you and push you onto your stomach and rub and gently scratch your back, while sitting on your butt.

I kiss down your spine applying suction to really drive you nutty, but you have committed to your pretend sleep so can’t do anything. I move down my large soft breasts brushing your behind. I see you stiffen slightly trying to control your reaction as much as possible. I work the muscles in your legs and gently turn you over. I work my way back up to your inner thigh. I gently squeeze the sacs but ignore your growing erection. I lay on you and fondle caress and torment you. I can tell you’re biting your lip. I know you can’t take much more sincan escort so I position myself over your erection letting you feel how excited I am. I see you clench your fists from the corner of my eye. I delay though instead placing my breasts around your hard cock, the warm flesh enclosing and jiggle so it rubs, your nostrils flare and I know you’re going to cum. My hands massage your balls, your mouth opens as you finally release warm sweet sticky cum all over me.

You open your eyes and say, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t help myself.”

“Why sorry?”

“I should have waited for you.”

I stroke your penis and lick it cleaning you up, you gasp, “Why?” as I circle it with my fingers and tongue urging it to rise.

“Reward,” I say as I slide you slowly into my wet warm safe pussy. My hard nipples brush your chest.

“You’re going to wait this time?” I coyly ask, pressing with more pressure and eagerness. You rise further into me, joining my rhythm. “I don’t know,” you murmur before we kiss our tongues meeting and duplicating our bodies dance. I feel the stroke hitting my pleasure spot. I moan into your mouth and sensing my eagerness you press with renewed vigor. Everything is erased but the feelings of my skin, every inch seems alert. Suddenly we move faster as we lubricate the extremely wet region.

I say, “If you do so will I,” before capturing your lips again you move quicker as if straining to hold it in and please me, finally you explode and we cum together.

“Wow,” and you try pulling out. I shove down, “Stay there I need you.”

“Even now?”

“Especially now.”

“You’re so sticky.”

“We’ll just have to shower later.”

We relax basking in the warmth of passion well spent. I slowly kiss your chest tickling your nipples with my tongue.

“Keep that up and I’ll be hard again,” you say.

“That’s ankara escort the point,” I feel you begin to swell inside of me and knowing what’s to cum I slide off.

“You’re going to leave me like this” you groan.

“I thought I’d shower, care to wash me?” I ask demurely. You practically leap off the bed and carry me to the bathroom. I start running the shower and you push me in, once in the warm water wipes away all traces of cum from my chest. You caress my breasts, like you were touching them for first or last time.

“Could you wash my hair?” I innocently ask looking downwards. You get the implication and lather up a washcloth. “Your hands will do fine,” I whisper before kissing you the soap already rinsing off your hands.

“Have it your way,” you say turning me around, reaching your talented warm hands around me to play. Your fingers explore rub stroke. I lean back into you as you reach further down reaching the last spot before entering and say, “You are so wet.” You gently play to make me moan. I try to turn around but you hold me still, then I feel that your erection which has been pressing against my back has shifted. Your fingers position it my hips move back as I realize what you’re doing.

You move slowly in and out your fingers rubbing any area they can. I practically die as you continue your slow rhythm forcing me to wait in agony as you pull against me inching your way to going faster and deeper. Your fingers have finally worked their magic and I melt. You notice and smile kissing my neck but continue to stimulate me pushing harder and going faster I barely notice the change of pace until suddenly your throbbing member fills me completely. I keep melting losing track of how many times, knees practically jello, “How was that for a reward?” you ask moving your hands up to tease my rock hard nipples. I turn the shower off.

“The etimegut escort water was almost too much the sensation of every inch of my body being rained on while you, you,” I stop saying anything your eyes twinkling I pull away from you and turn around. You seem to know what I was going to do and start licking my breasts, my mouth refuses to form words as you continue your sweet torment. You open the shower and I grab a towel, and rub you slowly and gently down, trying to regain my wits, drying you off and exciting you as I go. I then switch to myself.

“Let me,” you say. I know that it will be too much and agree, you let the towel drop and start to lick your way down.

“What are you doing?”

“Drying you, with my tongue,” you hit my belly button and I know there’s no escape. I lean against the wall as you kneel in front of me, sliding your hands up my legs parting them. “Help me out here,” you ask seeing it will be difficult to do this while I’m standing. I move lower down and put one leg over your shoulder. You start with that leg and move inward, getting there after what seems like an eternity of waiting, licking the outer lips taunting me. You slip your tongue between them reaching my clit and slowly dragging your tongue along it. I shiver, “Are you cold,” you barely pause to ask a concerned look in your eyes.

“Don’t stop,” I beg. You knows I’m at your mercy and proceed to pleasure me at a speed I can work with after all I’m only human and I wonder if you’re excited. I look down to see that your member is rising. I slide to the floor before I cum and you frown.

“Tired?” you ask.

I push you onto the floor and stroke you, before answering, “I thought you needed some, well encouragement.” Your frown is wiped away as I tempt your erection into existence. I know I’m going to cum any minute from all the attention and slide you into me. I move hard pressing you as deep as possible before I go into yet another orgasm of pleasure you’re surprised I came so quickly but comply with my desire and keep going your body amazed, at how much I can pull out of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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