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Ride or Die Pt. 01

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Hi everyone! It’s Phoenix Cinders. I’ve got another story for you to fap too. A nice college student ends up in a street race. Will he win? Or will he lose his ass to the sexy woman who’s packing heat and a little something extra. This story does contain anal sex, sex with a transgender woman, lots of anal sex, transgender woman topping a male college student. Consensual sex. And a little bit of romance. All people participating in sex or anything lewd is of the legal age of 18 or older. If none of that appeals to you, please move on. If it does, fap away.


“Are you listening?” My father growls at me as we sit in the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in L. A.

“Yeah… yeah, I heard ya. I should be going to Harvard. Blah. Blah. Blah.” I just couldn’t resist. He’ll consider my behavior “disrespectful” and give me a speech on how he’s paying for my entire college expenses and how grateful I should be. Like I said, blah. Blah Blah.

The thing is, I never wanted to go to college. It’s a place where you pay thousands of dollars for an education you can get on youtube for free.

And for what? So I can be an asshole like my father?

No, college is for snakes like him.

I’d rather be driving and working on cars. I still have to learn the latter, but I’ve got the former.

“Listen to me boy, you go around with an attitude like that, you’ll never get anywhere in life,” he says as he looks me dead in the eye with a soul-piercing gaze. “Stop being disrespectful and do what I tell you to. I’m trying to make you succeed in life.”

I grind my teeth and clench my fist as he continues. “I’ve laid out the best path for you. You’ll get your law degree, and practice for a couple of years before running for a seat in the Senate.”

How can he not see that what he wants isn’t what I want? Being a politician is the last thing I want to do. He’s such an asshole. Arguing with him is pointless.

“Fine, whatever.”

“You ungrateful little…”

“Roy, settle down,” my mother says.

My dad sits back and folds his arms in his chest. My mom turns to me. “Honey, we just want what’s best for you.”

No. They want what’s best for them. Having two career politicians as your parents is like swimming with sharks. They can smell weakness.

The worst part is that everything I do is put under a microscope. The fact that I already have a rap sheet as long as Santa’s naughty or list doesn’t help. And it’s all compounded by the fact that I’m now the only child they’ve got left to continue their “legacy.”

“Let’s just enjoy the rest of our meal and we’ll continue this conversation another time,” my mother adds.

And that’s what we did. We ate in an excruciating silence for the rest of the trip. Then we got in my parent’s car as their driver drove us back to campus. We stopped at a red light on the way back, that’s when I saw the most souped-up black Ford Mustang ever. It’s got a modded supercharger coming out of the hood. Real nice ass chrome rims, an extra pair of exhausts coming out in front of the rear wheels.

He slams on the gas as the light turns green. The squeal of tires against pavement pierces along with a revved-up engine my ears as she left us in the smoke of his tires and the smell of burnt rubber.

“God damn deplorables,” my father growls as he zips through the news on holo-phone.

At his dorm in Campus

As we pull into campus, my parents give me a hug goodbye and tell me how proud they are of me. Just kidding. They’re as cold as dry ice.

Like always, my dad literally says to me, and I quote, ”don’t fuck it up!”

My straight-faced mother tells me to “just stick to the plan, honey…”

As I walk to my dorm, my first roommate has arrived and is already unpacking. He’s got on a beanie, tie-dye t-shirt and a pair of tan shorts with the side pockets. He’s your typical stoner…

But it could be worst, it could be an airheaded jock.

He took the bottom bunk underneath the bed I’ve already claimed the top bunk bed of. The dorm room isn’t too cramped. It’s got three rooms and a bathroom. The main room has four desks stacked two high. The room on the right has a bunk bed in it. Same with the room on the left. Each of the side rooms have two small closets.

“Ahh, dude! What’s up,” he says all goofy looking with a smile as wide as his muscles can extend. “I’m Frank, bro. But a lot of people call me Chiefer, The Herbalist, The Herbivore, Space Cowboy, High Flyer, Rasta Man, The Enlightened, Mr. Puffer, Bong Buddy, Air Head, Bush Docter, Spleef Bongtoker, Purple Monkey Balls, Reefer Chiefer, or Smokie McPot. But you can call me Frank or whatever. It’s all good, bro.”

“Nice to meet you, Frank. I’m James.”

“Nice, like James Bond, right? How many James Bond movies are out, anyway?” He scratches his chin while he appears to be thinking. I can’t confirm that though. “There’s got to be, like… A hundred.”

I don’t think any kind of thought process happened at all logical or thereof. He’s kind of funny, though. Made me chuckle.

“Don’t worry, dad. I’ll Kurtköy Esmer Escort be starting before you know it.” The biggest black guy I have ever seen walks into our dorm followed by an even bigger black guy. Great… A jock is my second roommate. Please don’t be brainless. The younger one looks over at the two of us. “You guys must be my new roommates. I’m Jeremiah.”

“Hey, what up man. I’m Frank. But some people call me Chiefer, The Herbalist, The Herbivore, Space Cowboy, High Flyer, Rasta Man, The Enlightened, Mr. Puffer, Bong Buddy, Air Head, Bush Docter, Spleef Bongtoker, Purple Monkey Balls, Reefer Chiefer, or Smokie McPot. You can call me whatever.”

“Nice to meet you, whatever,” Jeremiah says. Ha! His dad shakes his head. Maybe he might not be all that brainless after all. He’s got a good sense of humor.

“Ha, I see what you did there,” Frank says. “I’m going to have to add that to the list.”

“Alright, son. I love you. Stay out of trouble. Remember what’s important, you’re here on a sports scholarship, now you gotta earn it,” his dad says. “And benefit from it. Your education is just as important.”

“I got this, dad. I love you. Drive safe.” They hug and his dad takes off. Jeremiah throws his bag on the bottom bunk of the bed in the other room. Then he walks over to us.

“So I take it you two have already claimed this room?” he asks.

“I was thinking…” Frank says and looks at both of us for almost a minute.

“What are you thinking, Frank?” I ask.

“Oh right! My idea… What if we bring the other bunk bed in here and make this room just the sleeping room? Then we can have a “study room” and a game room with a big TV!” Frank says as his big goofy smile gets even wider. Honestly… It’s not that bad of an idea. Now that I think about it, it’s a great idea.

“That sounds good to me,” Jeremiah says.

I nod my head. “Yeah, I’m down,”

We go to the other room and lug the bunk bed over and put it against the opposite wall of the other bunk bed.

“I wonder who our fourth roommate is?” I ask.

“I hope he’s not a tool,” Jeremiah says. “I really don’t want any drama.”

“Yeah, no doubt,” I agree. Wow, was I wrong about Jeremiah…

I guess not all jocks are brainless.

“I’ve got a good vibe, this year’s going to be gold, silver, and bronze,” Frank says.

“This is the room, mom!” One of the most feminine voices I’ve ever heard says. Suddenly a small kid bursts into the room loaded up like a pack mule.

He sees us and drops his duffle bag, pillow and the rest of his shit on the floor. “Uh… Hi!”

“Hey man, what’s up. I’m Frank. But you can call me Chiefer. Or the Herbalist. I also go by the Herbivore, Space Cowboy, High Flyer, Rasta Man, The Enlightened, Mr. Puffer, Bong Buddy, Air Head, Bush Docter, Spleef Bongtoker, Purple Monkey Balls, Reefer Chiefer, Smokie McPot or whatever.”

Jeremiah turns to me. “Does he always do that when he introduces himself?”

“I have no idea, just met him.”

“Ooh. I just thought you guys were friends or something.”

“Honey, did you remember to pack enough underwear?” A tall blonde walks in with legs that go for days and a bust that you could drown in. All of our jaws just dropped.

“Yes, mom! I packed plenty of underwear!” The boy says. He’s got messy blonde hair similar to his milf of a mom, soft tan skin and bright blue eyes behind a pair of glasses. He’s a skinny little thing, but surprisingly, he’s got fairly wide hips. Those skin tight khakis show off his shapely legs. Could easily mistake him for a girl. In fact, he’s almost a spitting image of his mom, without the breast of course. And she’s a bit taller. But they share the same blue eyes, blonde hair, tan skin, and feminine features. They both have the same face that you could get lost in. I can’t believe I’m having these thoughts about a boy, but his mom on the other hand… The way she wears those short tan booty shorts that hug her shapely ass.

“You must be my little Leo’s roommates!” His mother says. “You take good care of my little boy.”


“Oh, don’t be shy. You always avoid socializing. You boys make sure he gets out and has a little fun. Won’t you? Not too much fun though.”

“Oh, don’t worry, ma’am. We’ll take good care of your little boy,” Jeremiah says. “I’m Jeremiah by the way.”

“And I’m James.”

“I’m going to leave now, honey. You take care and call me later today.” She pulls her little boy into a bear hug, suffocating him in her pillowy breasts, before kissing him goodbye and she takes her leave.

Leo’s face is burning bright red as he stands there, frozen in embarrassment.

“Wow… your mom is a milf!” Frank says.

“Don’t mind him, why don’t you make yourself at home,” Jeremiah says.

Leo quickly picks up his things as he looks around. “We’ve already laid claim to the bunk beds, so it looks like your stuck on the top, sharing a bunk with me,” Jeremiah says. “I hope that’s alright.”

He takes a big gulp. It’s obvious he’s nervous. “Yep! That’s fine.”

This Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort kid’s going to get eaten alive out here.

“So… what do you guys want to do now?” Frank asks. “I’ve got a shit load of weed if you all want to blaze.”

“Go figure,” I mutter.

“Hell yeah,” Jeremiah says. “I’m down.”

“I’ll pass,” I say.

“That’s cool… What about you, my man?” Frank asks Leo.

“Uh… I… uh… I’ve never done that before.”

“If that wasn’t obvious,” I laugh. Leo turns bright red again.

“Don’t feel like you have to, man. I’m just offering.”

“Yeah, I guess I’ll pass this time,” Leo says.

“Alright, we’ll be back in a flash,” Frank says as he and Jeremiah leave.

Leo finishes unpacking. It doesn’t take long before Jeremiah and Frank are back. We kind of just chill for a little bit.

“What do you guys want to do?” Frank asks.

“We should check out the campus. See if there’s anything going on tonight,” I suggest.

“Sounds good to me,” Jeremiah says.

“I don’t know, I really want to get a jump start on my classes,” Leo says.

“Come on, live a little,” I tell him.

“Yeah, college is a time for fun!” Frank says.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” Jeremiah says.

“Uh… There’s a lot of things that could happen. I could get beat up. Fights happen all the time in college. I saw a video online of these kids minding their own business and they just get jumped,” Leo says.

“Dude, come on. No one’s going to fuck with you when you’re chilling with me. I’m black and I’m 6’7” 230 pounds of all muscle,” Jeremiah says.

“Yeah, he’s got a point,” Frank says.

“I guess… We’re not going to drink, are we? I’ve never gotten drunk before.”

“You don’t say…” I couldn’t help myself. This kid just makes it so easy.

“Don’t worry,” Jeremiah says. “We’ll take care of you.”

“Okay, fine,” Leo relents.

Touring Campus

Campus is alive as people walk about, probably doing the same as us, looking for some excitement.

“So, Jeremiah. Your dad said you were here on a sports scholarship?”

“Yeah, for basketball.”

“Nice, let me guess, you’re either the center or power forward?” Frank asks.

“No, he’s definitely a shooting guard. I mean, look at him? 6’7”? He’s definitely not tall enough for those positions,” I laugh.

“Ha, you’ve got jokes,” Jeremiah says.

“Dude, I don’t know… How can you tell he’s a shooting guard?” Frank asks.

“I was being sarcastic.”

“Oooooh. Haha. Nice, man.”

“Wow, there are so many beautiful women here!” Frank gasps. “All of them are in either mini skirts or booty shorts. Some are wearing leggings. God damn. They’re everywhere!”

“Keep it in your pants, man,” I laugh.

“I’ve never seen so many ladies,” he says.

“What are you guys going to school for?” Leo asks.

“Basketball. I plan on making it to the NBA,” Jeremiah says. “But if that doesn’t work out, I also plan on getting a business degree.”

“If it were up to my dad, I’d be getting a law degree, practicing law for a couple of years before running for a seat in the Senate.” I scratch the back of my neck. “But that’s the last thing I want to do.”

“So if not politics, then what?” Jeremiah asks.

“Cars. I would love to learn how to build them and work on them. And above all else, race them,” I admit. “This day in age, though, everything is all electrical. Very few cars actually run on gas anymore.”

“Have you ever raced before?” Leo asks.

“Not professionally.” They all give me a look.

“What about you, Frank?” Leo asks.

“I haven’t thought about it. I heard college was the best years of your life. I guess, I just wanted to figure out what’s so good about it.”

“What about you, Leo?” Jeremiah asks.

“I looked at my options. I really like math, physics, and astronomy. Don’t get me wrong, biology and the other sciences are fun too. I don’t mind working with computers either. I would love to work at Prometheus. I heard they’re doing some pretty cool things with nuclear fusion. And they have a pretty neat space program!”

“Sounds like you’ve been thinking a lot about this,” Jeremiah says.

“Of course! The decisions we make today will affect the rest of our lives!”

“Dude, those girls are handing out flyers,” Frank says. “We should go see what they’re handing out.”

We stroll up to them and as soon as they see us they jump at the chance to talk to us. “You guys should totally come to our 1st of the year party tonight!” A sexy blonde says. She’s got a nice bubble butt that’s barely contained in a pair of athletic booty shorts.

“I don’t know, we’re pretty busy,” I say.

“Are you kidding me? Of course, we’ll come,” Frank says.

The blonde comes up to me and she stares at me with those vivid green eyes. “You look so familiar, have we met?”

“Probably not… I’ve just got that kind of face.” She squints as she concentrates on my face.

“You’ve definitely Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort got the handsome boyish kind of face. I just feel like I’ve seen you somewhere…” She ponders as she starts to tap her foot. Her face lights up. “Oh my god! You’re that kid! Shelly, you remember that boy on the news a few years back? It’s him!”

A redhead with a face full of freckles walks over to us. “Oh my god! You’re that senator’s son who got caught street racing!”

“For the record, I didn’t actually get caught, they didn’t have enough evidence to convict me. Some idiot just uploaded a video to youtube with me winning a race.”

“That’s so cool! You’re like a mini-celebrity. I remember watching that video, it got over a million hits,” the blonde says. “You’re totally welcome to come to our party!”

“Thanks, we’ll think about it.” Gotta play it cool. “It’s nice to meet you both. We’ve got to get going.”

“Wait, we never told you where our sorority house is at. It’s on Hilgard Ave,” the blonde says.

“Awesome, if we’re not busy we’ll check it out.”

We continue our little tour. “Dude, are you crazy? We’ve got to go to that party, man? Those chicks were smoking hot!” Frank says.

“Obviously we’re going,” I tell him.

“Man, he’s just playing with them. He had them eating out of his hand,” Jeremiah says. “Didn’t know you were a mini-celebrity.”

“Neither did I,” I laugh.

“So you weren’t kidding when you said you like to drive cars,” he adds.

“I’ve been in my share of races. Nothing legit though. They’ve all been on the down-low.”

“Wait, you’re Senator Miller’s son, right? The one from Texas?” Leo asks.

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Isn’t he a pretty conservative Republican?” Jeremiah asks.


“Do you share the same views?” he asks.

“I could give two shits about politics,” I admit.

“Aren’t you getting a law degree to become a lawyer and one day take a seat in the Senate?” Leo asks.

“That’s what I tell my dad,” I laugh.

“But… There’s no way in hell I’m doing that. As I said, I’m going to learn everything there is about the mechanics of machines so I can build the cars that I drive. I just have to make my dad believe I’m doing what he wants long enough to get what I want.”

“So I take it he’s paying for everything?” Jeremiah asks.

“Not everything. My dad was pissed when I told him I’m going to UCLA. He said he wasn’t going to pay for it. I got into this school on a full ride academic scholarship. I convinced him that I’ll get my undergrad here and transfer to a school of his choosing for my law degree.”

“So you’re basically hoodwinking your dad,” Jeremiah says.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I hear my stomach growl. “You guys want to get something to eat?”

“Yeah, I’m starving!” Frank says.

The cafeteria was jam-packed full of different places to eat. I just got a salad. Yippie. God, I hate dieting.

As I pick at my pile of leaves, Jeremiah and Frank head on over to the table. Of course, they both have plates full of food. Frank has built a mountain of every deep fried food you could think of. Jeremiah’s got two plates! He must have taken a sample of everything.

Onion rings! They smell so good. A burger with two fat patties of juicy beef stacked under tomatoes and slathered in mayo. Don’t forget the cheese. I see it hiding under that lettuce.

So much food. They can’t possibly eat it all! Could they?

Fuck, even Leo has a full plate of food.

Albeit, it’s all fruits and vegetables.

I hate diets.

“We need to get booze!” Jeremiah suddenly comes to a very loud decision.

“Couldn’t agree more!” Frank says nearly standing up as he leans over the table with his hand raised, looking like an idiot. His face suddenly contorts as if a bunch of gears started spinning before coming to a halting crash. “How do we get booze?”

Jeremiah sets his hand on the table. “Don’t worry, I got a fake I. D.”

“Nice!” Frank says.

Back at the Dorm and to the liquor store

We get back to the dorm. “I just need a ride to the liquor store,” Jeremiah says.

“I don’t have a car,” Leo says.

“Yeah… neither do I,” Frank says.

“Fine, I can give you a ride,” I relent.

“Awesome!” Jeremiah says. “So what do you all want?”

“I’ll take a bottle of fireball!” Frank says.

“I’ve never had alcohol before,” Leo admits.

“We’re not surprised,” I laugh.

“What about you?” Jeremiah asks me.

“I don’t drink anymore,” I admit.

“What? No way!” Frank says.

“Yeah, it’s just a personal thing.”

“Whatever,” Frank sighs.

“Well, I’ll get you a fireball and I’ll just get a half gal of vodka for Leo and me to split,” Jeremiah says.

“Sounds good to me.”

Jeremiah and I head out to the parking lot where my baby’s right where I left her, untouched. As I walk up to her, Jeremiah gives me a look. “That’s your car!”

“Yep, that’s my baby. Eleanor. Ain’t she a beauty? The frame is a 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.”

“How did you get one of these?” he asks.

“My brother found the frame rusting in a junkyard. He managed to get it from the guy for a decent price. But this is no ordinary GT500. It doesn’t run on gasoline. He scraped the old engine and put in something new. Everything about it is completely upgraded.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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